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Bloggers are awesome people. Most of us don’t only write. We’ve found out one of the ways to make money and walk in financial freedom is to create a product.

There are tons of ideas to create your own product. You just have to think and take the bold step to be an author.

I want to help bloggers get exposure. So I will be regularly inviting bloggers who have come up with something to share with us details about their products, giving us discounts and allowing us experience what they have come up with.

To begin with, we are talking with Janice Wald of Janice is an awesome friend who stops at nothing to get the best out. Let hear more from her.

Janice Wald of MostlyBlogging

EM: As a blogger, you’ve come up with a product aimed at helping bloggers make money online. I’d like us to talk about your product but before we get into it, is there a one powerful article on your blog you’d like my readers to discover?

Janice: Yes. There’s an interesting story behind the post.

I frequently use I use Alexa to check my Alexa score and other metrics.

While I was there, Alexa mentioned I had a keyword gap. That means my online competitors were writing about a topic but I wasn’t. That topic was “blog commenting sites.”

For this reason, I wrote a post sharing all I knew about blog comments especially how to avoid spam comments. Spam comments plague bloggers. The post also explained how to boost your SEO by commenting.

For both reasons, the post seriously resonated with readers.

Today the article ranks on Google for a variety of keywords.

Here is the URL to the post if your readers would like to see:

Here is an tutorial if your readers would like to capitalize on Alexa’s information like I did:

EM: How long have you been blogging? Are there any lessons you’ve learned this far?

Janice: I started blogging at the end of 2014. I have learned many lessons in the years I’ve been blogging.

First, keyword research matters.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand SEO. I thought I could have one-word keywords not realizing the blogosphere is so crowded, those keywords would hardly have a chance to rank.

I do have one-word keywords that rank, specifically my tools posts rank for one word. For example, my posts with the keywords “Ubersuggest” and “MozBar” rank, but they are exceptions not the rule.

Also, categories matter when it comes to SEO. Again, when I first started blogging, I would have “Advice” tags and an “Advice” category. Now I know that is ineffective since there can be advice on many topics. We need to narrow our keywords by having longer and more specific keywords and keyword phrases.

Also, now I know the importance of patience. Google rewards older blogs that stand the test of time with visibility. Bloggers need to be patient and not be so quick to abandon their blogs.

EM: Back to your product, what problems are you seeking to resolve and how does your product come in?

Janice: I seek to help bloggers. I offer several ways bloggers can get help through Mostly Blogging.

First, I am a blog coach. I offer one-on-one coaching. 

I offer coaching in the areas of social media, SEO, blogging, and monetization. People seeking an easier and more profitable online journey can access my coaching services here: The more services people use, the more cost-effective the coaching sessions become.

Next, we offer Mostly Blogging Academy.

Peter Nyiri, an internationally renowned SEO expert, designed blogging courses on the following topics:

  • Keyword Research,
  • Video and Webinar for Newbies,
  • Link-Building Simplified,
  • Effective Email Marketing,
  • Sales Funnel Profits,
  • Blogging on the First Page of Google, and
  • Blogging Like a Pro.

With every purchase, we offer a free course explaining how to get people to opt-in to your email list valued at $47. Courses start for less than $8.00.

People wishing to take courses at their convenience can access the Academy of Courses here:

Also, ebooks and a resource are available for purchase.

I have two ebooks, one on blogging and one on Instagram, and I have a monetization resource. All three are available on by clicking this link:, an award-winning blog, offers tips to help bloggers and marketers across online channels. 

In 2019, my blog was nominated for 2019 Best Internet Marketing Blog. I am also a Blogging Judge at the Annual Bloggers Bash held in London.

When you join our community, you get a PDF of 137 free blogging tools and access to a Link Exchange and an exclusive Community Pinterest Board.

You can sign up to receive my blogging tips here:


What do you think of Janice and her products? Have you had any experience with her or her academy/ebook?

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