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    Long-Form Content vs. Short-Form Content: What is a good Blog Post Length?

    You know this never-ending debate? “Long-Form Content vs. Short-Form Content”, It’s forever hot. Guess you have once thought and asked yourself, “What is a good Blog Post Length?”.

    Content writing is more than just punching your keyboard or putting words together. There’s a lot of ‘behind the scene’ activities your readers knew nothing about.

    One of the biggest deal is to come up with an ideal content length. One size does not fit it all, every man for himself. If you are always caught up in this debate, I will like to ease your stress by providing you valuable insights. Continue reading


    Backlink Building: 3 uncommon link building Techniques!

    Is backlink building *really* hard?

    The answer depends on your Strategy, But I have something entirely different for you.

    As one of the highest value components of SEO, link building is a lot more critical than people imagine. The truth is – you can’t enjoy maximum organic traffic without quality backlinks.

    The volume is high enough you can hear: Quality over Quantity, even if you are using powerful tools like SEMrush for SEO and Marketing

    Linking building is hard, and that’s why it’s still a top-ranking factor. One of the greatest blogging mistakes you should avoid is not building backlinks.

    To smooth the way for you, I would show you 3 unique link building techniques you can leverage even if you are a nobody. Continue reading