Backlink Building: 3 uncommon link building Techniques!

Is backlink building *really* hard?

The answer depends on your Strategy, But I have something entirely different for you.

As one of the highest value components of SEO, link building is a lot more critical than people imagine. The truth is – you can’t enjoy maximum organic traffic without quality backlinks.

The volume is high enough you can hear: Quality over Quantity, even if you are using powerful tools like SEMrush for SEO and Marketing

Linking building is hard, and that’s why it’s still a top-ranking factor. One of the greatest blogging mistakes you should avoid is not building backlinks.

To smooth the way for you, I would show you 3 unique link building techniques you can leverage even if you are a nobody.

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Should Bloggers Waste Their Time On SEO?

A lot of bloggers believe that they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT bother with SEO.

Are you one of them?

Do you believe that it is –

  • Too hard
  • Too complicated
  • No longer possible for the small guy?
  • Or, just not worth doing anymore.

SEO is dead, right?


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