6 Irresistible Lead Magnets Ideas to Win more Email Subscribers

Whether you are a blogger or run an E-commerce store, part of your business lives on email subscribers.

Needless to say, every marketer loves to have a huge email list containing their target audience, but growing the list from scratch might look like a severe hard work (yes, it is!).

This is where lead magnets become handy. They are a must-have marketing tool. Lead magnets are the most potent mechanism to skyrocket your email subscribers.

In case you don’t know what they are, or and how to use them, then read these 5 Irresistible lead magnet ideas to grow your email list. Ready?

What are Lead Magnets?

Lead Magnets are those incentives marketers or content creators offer their target audience/customers in exchange for their contact information (such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.). They are mostly downloadable materials like PDF, Videos, checklist, and so on.

If you just want specific emails and phone numbers, you may want to use a tool like Contactout. It gives you direct access to these contact data of people you want to contact.

6 irresistible lead magnets Ideas

1. Gated Content

Gated Content refers to any content your readers can access only after providing their personal information. It is usually a blog post or a part of a blog post that would be gated.

This is one of the easiest lead magnet ideas because you would be using content you already created.

The idea is making sure the content is top-notch and irresistible; the type of content your readers will be hungry for, so they will be willing to exchange their email address to get full access.

Some marketers use gated content to acquire more social shares and engagement. Instead of asking readers to drop their email addresses to see the full content, they persuade them to share the content. Then the material becomes accessible once they do so.

See how Enstine uses this strategy to boost social engagement of this post, he uses Content Locker to gate the content and give two options to access it. See what a gated content should look like below:

If you want to use gated content for lead generation, there are several plugins to leverage on WordPress. If you already use the contact form 7 plugin, then install the “Contact Form 7 gated plugin”, it’s an extension of the plugin that makes it easy to gate your content.

Alternatively, If you don’t use the contact form 7 plugin, you can use a plugin called “before and after” (Download it free from WordPress). It’s convenient when it comes to gating content. Your readers must pass through the necessary process before they could access the gated content.

2. Report

Reports are not only useful for B2B businesses. They are lead magnets that work well in any industry that loves research, data, or statistics (all industries love research).

First, You would need to put the data together. You could either do this yourself or gather data from different sources. Remember to credit your sources if you prefer the latter.

People love to read reports. It helps them see the direction an industry is moving and understand what’s working at the present time.

A report could also be created to prove a point or show how a particular marketing strategy or content strategy works.

Example – Enstine has this SEO report called Rankish, and that’s the first thing you would see when visiting his blog.

So, Why would anyone want to exchange their email address to download this report?

  • It’s Free to Download
  • It’s promising
  • It doesn’t ask for too much information

It’s appealing, anyone willing to improve their SEO rankings will curiously download the report.

If you are still struggling with growing your site, Rankish SEO report is always FREE, Download it now.

3. Free Coaching Session

If you offer any unique service or you are a coach, you could provide free coaching to boost your email list. You don’t necessarily need to be a coach; being an expert in your niche is alone.

It’s straightforward, make it known that you would be offering free coaching to a minimum number of people, they should all secure their session by registering with their emails.

You would be surprised by the turn-ups. Coaching sessions are usually expensive; most coaches charge per minute. Offering free coaching sessions could even acquire you high-end clients.

And if you are an industry expert, you must be careful using free coaching as a lead magnet. You would get so many turn-ups beyond your capability. Even though It’s obvious that free coaching is a great way to convert more clients, but you must not overdo it.

Imagine Neil Patel or Brian Dean offering free coaching sessions to SEO newbies. The turn-ups won’t work in their favor; they will be too much request.

Take this course now!

4. Case Study

Case Studies are unique; they beat any type of blog post. The internet is so saturated, you can’t possibly create something new, every question has been answered.

To create a piece that would stand out and be treated with full respect, you need to write a Case Study. And you can use it as a solid lead magnet.

Case Study is usually a content written with the intention of showing how success is achieved, mostly, how a difficult task is accomplished in a short while (the total breakdown of the process).

To achieve this, You need to find a severe problem in your industry and find the solution in your own way. Once you are successful, write a comprehensive Case Study, and offer it for free in exchange for email addresses.

Instead of publishing it as a blog post, you would make it a downloadable PDF. Adding all evidence and proofs is a must, that’s the only way readers will agree that your solution works.

5. Giveaway

I think this is pretty straightforward. Everybody loves free stuff, and that is why giveaway is a very potent lead magnet.

However, because everyone loves free stuff doesn’t mean you can not go wrong with giveaways. You should aim at making your giveaways go viral, that’s the best way to get a better ROI.

To make your giveaways super effective, make sure it does two things:

  • It should qualify your leads; It should be an incentive only your target audience would crave, not a random price like a laptop or iPad.
  • It should trigger participants to share (Make sure sharing the giveaway is part of the participation process)

Giveaway is one of those lead magnets majority of content marketing sites capitalizes on, the conversion rate is super high.

If your giveaway hit the right target, you would grow your email list, boost traffic, and possibly convert more clients. Giveaway is one of the most evergreen lead magnets, it’s highly converting.

6. Webinars

Webinars are a hot cake when it comes to generating leads.

And where webinars beat other forms of lead magnet ideas on this list, is it crazy engagement rate.

If you’re able to get someone to enroll for your webinar and also watch the webinar, you can be sure of having a loyal subscriber that is willing to open his wallet.

Absolutely, not true for all webinar attendees. But the engagement rate on webinars is very attractive.

Needless to say, it’s a trend in the marketing industry now.

A lot of businesses have started incorporating webinars into their marketing strategy.

And since the lockdown, webinars has increased greatly.

And what makes it more interesting is that you can run an on-demand webinar that keeps generating more subscribers for you without having to be live.

However, if you’re opportuned to host a live webinar, do it because the result cannot be compared to the engagement on pre-recorded videos.

As bad as it hurts, it has a catch. Webinar platforms can be expensive depending on the level of your business.

While some webinar platforms charge up to $500 per year, some charge below $200 per year.

Although nothing beats live webinars, if you can’t afford the luxury that do come along, you can launch an on-demand webinar.

Email Marketing Tools to Host a Lead Magnet

Obviously you weren’t thinking you’re going to host a lead magnet without a tool.

Absolutely, you need an email marketing tool to host the perfect lead magnet.

And aside from that, there are lead generation tools that are created for that sole purpose.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise that nearly all the email marketing tools in the industry have a lead generation tool built in to help you host a high-converting lead magnet.

And if you run an e-commerce store, you’re not left out.

E-commerce stores can also implement lead magnets on their stores by using email marketing tools for e-commerce.

Yes, there are some tools cut out purposely for eCommerce.

General email marketing tools like Getresponse, ConvertKit, and MailChimp will perfectly do the job for you.

Also, if webinar is your lead magnet of choice, you’ll need a webinar platform to choose from.

There are many webinar platforms in the industry that you can choose from.

And you can also use a freemium platform like Zoom.


Lead generation will continue to be an important process for businesses.

Likewise, email lists still remain where the money lies. And if you’re not growing your email list, you’re putting a lot of money on the table.

So, it’s over to you.

Which of these lead magnet ideas will you capitalize on to grow your email list and traffic?

Or Which of them sounds more comfortable to implement?

If your business does not have a potent way of capturing leads, you are still living in the 80s.

If you find this content valuable, do good to share it.

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