How Can You Best Grab an Influencer’s Attention?

Enstine wrote and published a smashing guest post on my blog recently. Read it here:

The Fail-Proof Method to Connect with Top Bloggers (and What Not to Do!)

Any time I read a highly successful blogger like Enstine, a light bulb clicks and I need to share an idea to give new or struggling bloggers clarity. I pondered the thousands upon thousands of hours pros like Enstine and I put into becoming established bloggers.

Visualizing our practice, our creating and our connecting, I quickly observed how we grab influential blogger’s attention spans regularly. How?

We both worked really hard for thousands of hours to become skilled enough to grab the attention span of top bloggers. Bloggers earn the attention of influencers through good old fashioned generous, hard work. No short cuts exist. No hacks exist.

Asking nicely – or desperately – does not grab the attention span of a super duper busy blogger. Like Enstine said; do not think just because you linked to a top blogger from your blog, that you butchered a cow for his family. I deeply appreciate all links pointing to Blogging From Paradise but:

  • I have over 13,000 backlinks; I cannot stop to recognize all links
  • I thank you for the link but worked hard for 10,000 hours to develop skills where links flow to me naturally, organically and freely; I do not act in awe or astounded at any one link because I focus on the process, not outcomes
  • I did not become an established, pro blogger by engaging in link exchanges with unknown, unproven bloggers who are not ready yet to succeed, who have not earned the right to succeed

Influential bloggers earned the right to succeed after spending thousands of hours and years of their lives becoming super skilled at the discipline known as “blogging”.

Nobody can speed up the process of blogging. Even if you have access to a time machine @RyanBiddulph

Nobody becomes influential by skipping thousands of work hours!

Put in Thousands of Hours to Snag A Power Broker’s Attention Span

Top bloggers do not get easily impressed because top bloggers wield serious skills. In order to impress genuine pros, you need to put in as much time and effort as serious pros. If you put in a couple of hundred hours, you cannot impress me because you have not practiced enough and you are not good enough yet.

Humble yourself. Nobody succeeds until paying their dues. Nobody gets regular mentions on influential blogs until earning the right to do so by creating and connecting for thousands of hours.

Asking for a link does not cut it. Retweeting a top blogger and asking for a retweet in return is a poor approach because you have no leveraging power as a new blogger or struggling blogger.

I have almost 50,000 followers. Imagine retweeting my latest blog post to your 300 Twitter followers. Why would I retweet your blog link to my 50,000 followers? Do your writing skills dazzle my followers? Do you yield a massive, powerful, influential friend network? Have you been featured on famous blogs?

I am not running a charity. I am a serious business person with a reputation to uphold. I only endorse other serious bloggers with serious skills. Bloggers with serious skills spend thousands of hours creating and connecting generously to develop those eye-popping skills.

Up Your Wow Factor

Enstine routinely makes a powerful impact through his blog posts and guest posts. He wows readers regularly. He grabs my attention again and again so I link to him again and again as a trusted blogging resource. Enstine has the keys to my blog and guest posts whenever he wants to. I happily write and publish guest posts on his rocking blog to help you awesome readers.

He obviously has spent thousands upon thousands of hours creating helpful content and building meaningful bonds with top bloggers. After paying his dues, influencers link to him left and right, because his skills and huge network force top bloggers to take notice.

Up your wow factor like Enstine. Spend thousands of hours creating content and generously building connections. Put in the time. Practice. Influential bloggers will eventually beat down your cyber door with links, features, interviews and mentions, but only after you’ve paid your dues.


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