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38 Most Recommended WordPress Hosting Voted by 135 Bloggers

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The WordPress Hosting Business seems to be a profitable deal. As the Content Management System and blogging tool becomes quite popular, the need for dedicated WP hosting services keeps growing.

According to statistics, WordPress is the most used tool that powers online content with over 30% dominance. This content management giant has ceased from being a script.

It’s grown into a huge industry with over 9 profitable business ideas. It allows users to create just any site, from simple presentation sites through blogs to complex eCommerce site. Continue reading


10 Web Hosting Security Best Practices to Follow in 2020

Threats follow trends and thanks to the digital explosion that has spread the world over, hosting a website today has gotten increasingly dangerous.

This is even worse considering that most people who own websites try to monetize them, meaning there is the potential for significant impact.

Even as Google last year warned of an enhanced focus on mobile readiness for websites, 2018 also saw mobile malware attacks doubling. While this specifically may be only loosely related, the general trend of cybersecurity threats following the crowd can be seen. Continue reading


Free .com domain for life (Get a free .com domain in 2020)

free dot come domain for 1 year

Someone asked me the other day Enstine how can I get a free .com domain for life? Well, the truth is you can have a free domain name and hosting these days.

Changes in the domain name business have had a huge impact on buying and selling website domains especially the .com domains that used to be a highly lucrative business.

And getting a free .com domain for your website isn’t any longer a big deal. However, I know folks still find it puzzling.

The truth is no one is just going to throw a free .com domain at you for nothing. Often, you get it as a bonus for purchasing some service, usually a web hosting service.

But it still is a good deal to have 100% free .com domains and don’t get to pay for it for life or for the first year. It’s not just the .com TLD. Usually, you are also going to be offered other extensions like .org, .net, .info, etc.

Quick free domain name update from Hostsoch for Indian bloggers and webmasters

India is fast becoming a huge market for online business. Domain names and webhosting are becoming hot businesses in this country.

Hostsoch is a leading web hosting company with free .com domain names for life. You have other domain  extensions you get for live are .in, .net, .biz, .ca, .us, .me, .org, etc, free for life.

You also have Free Domain Privacy for life. That means the WHOIS data for your domain name will be hidden from the general public. This includes your names, emails, phone numbers, address, etc.

hostsoch free domain for life for indians

Click here to get your instant free .com domain name for life (and many other extensions)

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Fastest WordPress Hosting ~ Why WPX Hosting gets all the vote!

The fastest WordPress Hosting solution I have used since 2005 is WPX Hosting. Period!

I have worked with over 7 different hosting companies as a webmaster and WordPress blogger. My last stop before WPX Hosting was Hostgator.

It went quite well from the start but as my blog grew, I began facing real technical and customer service issues. When site speed became one of Google’s ranking factor, I became even more worried  as my blog was barely faster than a snail. Continue reading


99% WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2019 or 3 Months Free

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WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals are live. As a matter of fact, the best Black Friday discount for 2019 in the web hosting industry is coming from WPX Hosting.

Being the best Managed WordPress Hosting service provider, 99% discount (or 3 months free) is the killer attraction you are ever going to get.

This offer is available for new clients from the 25th of November 2019  to the 4th of December

To apply the discount automatically, click this link

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