Traffic Planet Hosting for WordPress Bloggers ~ The Change!

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NB: Traffic Planet Hosting is now called WPX Hosting.Check out my WPX Hosting Review Here!

When there is growth, change is inevitable and my most recent change has been the move from HostGator to WPX Hosting, the fastest WordPress Hosting. I wanted to wait for some months before telling you about this change but I think it’s necessary I give you some basic information now.

I know the impact of this move is not huge now. It grows with time. But it’s still important I get you informed now and give you more information as time goes. Check out my new host here.

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This week, my friend Donna Merrill wrote about re-branding your blog. I think she’s come up with some very important point and I like the anecdote she brought up to help your understanding.

If you are experiencing growth like I do on this blog, there is bound to be reasons to change a couple of things. These changes may not be front-end. I know a lot of back-end switches used to happen to enhance user experience.

One of these hidden changes is the recurring move from one host to another. This doesn’t change your blog theme, logo, colors, etc. But for the most part, visitors will feel something is different.

For instance, if you are moving for better performance (Load speed, Uptime, etc), Visitors will notice things like;

  • Your blog now loads faster
  • Bugs have disappeard
  • Your blog is now available 24/7
  • Etc

Now, this is the main reason behind me moving from HostGator to Traffic Planet Hosting. I have used HostGator for years and I can tell you it’s such a great option for startups.  The shared hosting plans are a recommendation if your are on low budget and your blog is within 100 – 500 daily readers.

But if you are hitting 1000+ and above, it means your business is experiencing growth so you should be thinking of a positive change.

Time for a change – The choice of Traffic Planet Hosting!

I was getting so excited with my results. 80% and above of my visitors where coming from search engines and Google being the master, things were really good. I got my contact page busy every day and was thinking of hiring a VA to help respond to the in pouring mails.

Quite frankly, I knew there was going to be need for a hosting change (either upgrading with HostGator or moving to a different service provider).

My search for dedicated WordPress Hosting started a few months ago. Yes it took me months to settle on my current choice.

Moving hosts is difficult so I recommend not rushing over it. You’ll have to take a lot of time doing the required findings in order to avoid committing fatal errors. However, if your case is so bad that you can’t wait for another day, give Traffic Plannet Hosting a try.

A slump in traffic

I had many of my readers on Facebook who reported several errors on my blog. These errors were both in Admin and front-end.

traffic planet hostingThese errors were frequent on any php page (whether admin or not)

And you know 30 seconds waiting is bad enough to completely annihilate any online business. Of course I got to HostGator support a couple of times and the only answer I got was, they were not seeing the errors.  I even asked once to check my account log file but there was still no positive results.

I starting noticing my entries on Google page #1, position #1 shifting down page. My traffic curve was downward. The number of mails per day also dropped.

That’s the worst thing to allow to happen…

Pingdom.com tested my speed over 6 seconds (I didn’t capture an image for this). Alexa’s stats show 8+ seconds:

It took me a long time to work in admin – moderating comments, publishing new posts, etc because I’ll have to click and waaiiitttt.

My traffic dropped to slightly over 500 per day. That was half of it gone and I couldn’t wait any longer. I finally settled for TPH.

Why Traffic Planet Hosting?

I read a lot about Traffic Planet Hosting and found most of the top bloggers around hosting with them. I also spoke with the live support a couple of times, asking relevant questions. One of the things that got me more attracted was this live support service. I’d never have to wait for 20 seconds to get someone to talk with. This is unlike waiting for 20 minutes on HostGator live chat window.

So here is a quick Pingdom report a few hours after I switched:

traffic planet hostingAs speed is a Google ranking factor, the new results are exciting. Your blog should load under 2 seconds and that’s what you get with Traffic Planet Hosting.

Take note of a few things:

  • I just moved to the new host and I’m still tweaking for better performance.
  • I have a couple of plugins to take down and focus on speed.
  • With Pingdom, you need to test 3 or 4 times to get an idea of the real results.

Traffic Planet has a couple of things that most dedicated WordPress don’t have:

traffic planet hosting

Here are a few points…

  • I moved to them and all my emails are in place. I continue with my use of POP3 on desktop and Android
  • The migration was impressive. I’ll tell you more below
  • My blog now runs on SSL for free. Details below.

Migrating to Traffic Planet hosting

One of the main fears of changing host is migration. It’s not enough to buy space on the new server. Your files on the old server have to be moved too.

That’s a big technical challenge but these guys took the load off my shoulders. Note however that I have been in web development for over 10 years, dealing with different platforms. But my current Internet bandwidth won’t allow a smooth transfer of over 2Gb of data.

So here is how migration was done in under 24 hours:

traffic planet hosting

Take note when this migration request was initiated: 19:47:45

traffic planet hosting

And I got a ticket update at 00:07:46 the following day about migration completion. That was under 5 hours.

Now, given that I’m on a CDN, I didn’t have to update my name servers. Again, Traffic Planet Hosting did the settings in my CDN account while I was taking some coffee that early morning.

Free SSL Certificate with Traffic Planet Hosting

Google has announced that SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a light-weight ranking factor. This may not have a huge impact on SEO but the trust you get from your readers is important.

However, as security is increasingly becoming important, SSL on domain names may become more seriously considered in the nearest future.

Initially, I had some worries about what happens to both my internal and incoming links once the https:// changes to https://

But then, the tech guys at Traffic Planet Hosting got it setup by activating on my domain and doing changes in my WP admin that took care of all the 301 SEO redirects needed.

traffic planet hosting

NB: You may not see the green lock if you are using Chrome on windows XP

Traffic Planet Hosting Pricing

traffic planet hosting

I think for most bloggers, $25 hosting 5 blogs on a dedicated WordPress Hosting server is quite a piece of hot cake to grab.

-> Take a look at Traffic Planet WordPress Hosting


Have you tried this host before? Have you head about Traffic Planet Hosting? Where do you currently host your blogs and what’s your experience?

Please drop a comment below!

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur


With my slow Internet connection, I actually noticed how fast your blog loaded as compared to other websites. I think it’s something worth trying when I have a bigger budget. Thanks for the information!

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Derick,
    Thanks for showing up and dropping a comment πŸ˜‰
    Good luck to you bro on the change

aakash patel

Hey, Enstine

You have taken very good decision by moving from Hostgator to traffic planet hosting. Sometimes Hostgator sucks badly and that impact on our blog.

Recently, Bloggerspassion got hacked and anil moved to traffic planet hosting. Traffic planet hosting also has good features than others and I recommend it.

aakash patel recently posted…Find Long Tail Keywords: 18 Fast and Easy Ways RevealedMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Hi bro,
    After reading Matthew Woodward, I also read the post on bloggerspassion. I read many other recommendations and decided to go for it. I think it’s been a good choice.

    Well, let’s see how it goes with time.
    thanks for the input

Donna Merrill

Hi Enstine,

Interesting looking company.

I just did an internal migration of a bunch of my HostGator sites onto their cloud sites plan, so I still have HG, but I’ve also used BlueHost and I like both of them very much.

I agree that the SSL certificates are going to get only more important and probably required over time, so the earlier you switch, the better.

If I had any issues with my hosting, I’d certainly give Traffic Planet a serious look for many of the reasons you’ve outlines here. So thanks for the thorough review. I’m sure there will be many folks signing up for this great service.

Donna Merrill recently posted…Rebranding Your BlogMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Donna,
    Hostgator is still a great host. I have a dedicated server with them for my local webhosting business but I think what TPH offers for WP bloggers is a bit more attractive.

    Yes I think TPH is getting more and more popular and will soon become a major game player.

    Thanks for stepping over to add to this conversation Donna.
    Do have a wonderful weekend
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Skype Web Version ~ How to use Skype on your Web Browser!My Profile

vishal fulwani

HI Enstine,
Recently i’m also move to Digital Ocean cloud hosting and it is awesome, and this good decision to move to hostgator to Traffic Planet Sir. Hostgator is not good to handle too much traffic and also we can’t change some file etc.

I heard Good reviews about Traffic Planet.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Vishal,
    Yes TPH is good but then, I have to be with them for about 1 or 2 years to confirm my judgement.

    So far, popular opinion is that they are up to the task.

    Thanks for being part of us and do have a wonderful weekend

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine,

Gosh I feel your pain – you maybe remember all the problems I had with hosting earlier in the year, and probably for a year or more before that!

You were kind enough to help me out.

I moved from Hostgator well over a year ago to another hosting company (call them XYZ), and still had dreadful problems with hacked sites. I won’t name XYZ because I think the problems may have been dragged from Hostgator’ shared hosting to XYZ. Although I do think XYZ should have done a complete scan before accepting my site onto their servers.

After about 8 months with XYZ my site was still constantly getting security errors, despite having security plugins and doing everything an average to experiences blogger (me!) might think of to do.

In the end I gave up with XYZ and moved to my current company, also Managed WordPress hosting, and I have been delighted. When I moved, they cleaned it for me, and said my site was one of the most badly hacked sites they had ever seen. Turns out my site was full of “back-doors” and needed specialised help to remove them!

For a site like yours I’m sure you need Managed WP hosting, and so I’m delighted you’ve found a new home, and that the site migration was pain-free.

It looks an exceedingly good value package and I wish you many years of stress-free blogging with Traffic Planet Hosting.

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Joy,
    Of course I know what you’ve gone through because you’ve been a good friend to share your moments with me.

    I took a closer look at your current host but didn’t like the fact that email service was not an available option (Maybe I was wrong there) πŸ˜‰

    In any case, I think they are doing a good job, given that you’ve not had any ‘back doors’ since moving to them.

    I’m really excited about my new host and hope my traffic will pick up back. They are quite able to handle huge spikes and I’m ready for any of such moments.

    Thanks for being part of the discussion Joy

    I hope you are doing well with the MLM business.

    The weekend is going to be busy bit good for me πŸ˜‰
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Skype Web Version ~ How to use Skype on your Web Browser!My Profile


now my problem will solve. thanks for sharing this i will migrate to this because I heard Good reviews about Traffic Planet thanks for sharing review on this .amazing one


Glad to hear that you have switched to a new web hosting service which provided a faster web hosting for your website.

It seems that the lowest plan of Traffic Planet is starting from $25. Have you tested how many online users that it can handle yet?
Tony recently posted…How To Reduce Image Size Without Losing QualityMy Profile


Hi Enstine,
I am also thinking to move my site from Hostgator India to any other hosting provider. I am happy with Hostgator but want to shift to another host because I want US servers for my site. I am thinking to go with A Small Orange, Let me know which one should I go with.
Thanks in advance

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Kuldeep,
    I have head of A Small Orange but never used them before. I have not studied their packages so I can’t say any further.

    You should however give Traffic Planet a thought too if you care about speed and security.

    Let me know how it goes πŸ˜‰
    Enstine Muki recently posted…PublicityClerks Review ~ The best BuySellAds Alternative 2016My Profile


      Thanks Enstine for quick reply. I’ll try Traffic Planet Hosting and see how good they are.
      Will share the review with you too.

Riya Khurana

Currently, I am using A Small Orange Hosting and I am facing Big Time Issues.

Time to change the dost (Friend), I mean host πŸ™‚

Thanks for the review.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Riya,
    Take a closer look at Traffic Plannet.
    They may have your solution πŸ˜‰
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Skype Web Version ~ How to use Skype on your Web Browser!My Profile

      Riya Khurana

      Thanks Enstine for such a great review πŸ™‚

      I just bought the hosting and migrating my site to traffic planet.

      Hope it will solve all my hosting problems.

      Finger crossed.

Bren Pace

Hi Enstine,

After reading your article about your traffic pattern, I quickly learned how small my potatoes are. I’ve never heard of this company but am intrigued. Maybe when I become big taters like you and have a steady income coming in, I can afford a host like this. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sharing and good luck!


Tola Korede


Nothing is permanent, a times we need change for better experience.

Wish you hitch free at Traffic Planet Hosting for performance.




Yes Change is The Rule of Nature….

I like This Lowest Plan..

I am in confuse with Red Orange..

Can you provide you some knowledge about it?
Bhavsagar recently posted…Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for 1st to 25th & 50th AnniversaryMy Profile

Saifi Rizvi

Hello Enstine

Well, i am using Godaddy hosting plan but never face an issue for the same. Though little bit costly from other hosting plans but fully satisfied with the service.

Ravi Chahar

Hey Enstine,

There are many web hosting companies nowadays. It’s quite hard to decide which one is the best to have. After comparing the prices, people buy the hosting for their blog. But they forget about the service and the downtime.

The web hosting you have mentioned above seems quite promising. I am sure it provides the service at it’s best.
Thanks for letting me know.
Hope you are enjoying your time.
Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Backdate And Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts?My Profile

Francis Quarshie

Hi Enstine,

Business is booming. Congrats. Happy for you bro.

The one I like most about TPH is the free SSL cert. And the speed. These contributes to ranking.

I recently experienced some challenges with your site. But now I firmly believe it’s all over bro.

Beginners you know are always beginners. TPH is good to start with if you want to be serious blogging, but the price.

Congrats again Enstine.


    Enstine Muki

    Hi bro,
    Things are good, thanks to you and my other readers. It won’t be where it is now without your heavy contribution. Thank you

    Yes I’m expecting some improvements in the weeks ahead from the change. Though SSL isn’t yet a strong SEO signal, the speed is very important.

    There are better things tomorrow
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How To Get More Comments on your Blog by Saying ‘Thank You’My Profile

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Enstine,

I’m going through a very rough time with my present host (though I won’t like to disclose the host name here) but is not a good expereince at all at the moment.

I’m seriosuly considering moving to another host if the situation is not help in time. Though we already discuss this through FB chats, good to read Traffic Planet is on the postive side at the moment.

I still have to wait for some time to decied what next to do.

Thank for you for shaing.


I’ve actually never heard of Traffic Planet but it seems like a great deal. I have 4 sites with Digital Ocean, it’s not an easy thing to manage a VPS. I’ll try TPH
Thanks Enstine!


Thanks for your useful insights, it is tough to keep up with all the technical developments. Just switched to https for both my shops, hope that helps too.
Armande recently posted…Zaken doen in DuitslandMy Profile


This is my first time of hearing about Traffic Planet Hosting, from your review they really mean business.

Meanwhile, am currently hosting my blog on Namecheap.


Actual I have never heard about Traffic Planet hosting before, am just hearing about them now.

I trust they are really good because you don’t promote bad stuffs.
Afrielect recently posted…Tecno Camon C9 Specs, Features And PriceMy Profile


I’m soon moving my blog to a dedicated wp hosting. I was thinking to just upgrade with hostgator but this article is an eye opener.
I knew of traffic planet before but I think now, I just made up my mind to go with them. So thanks for this comprehensive review man.
Have a wonderful week


Hi Enstine,

I am hearing a lot recently about Traffic Planet Hosting, I am glad that you found the right solution for your blog to control the page load time and uptime with this hosting service.

One more thing you gained extra ranking factor with this migration that SSL certificate, thanks for sharing the information with us, in future I will definitely move to this hosting.
siddaiah recently posted…Best Free Chat Rooms To Make New Friends Online EasilyMy Profile


Hi Enstine,

I am also using Hostgator but didn’t faced any issue. Thanks You have shared your experience with Hostgator and also did good job of moving to other hosting server as speed of blog matter when it come to user side. Even second matters.


Katy Perry

Although it is costly but worth to buy it.
going to buy with your affiliate link.
I have one little doubt. Can we install drupal on this server or it is just wordpress hosting?
Thanks for the awesome review.

Aquif Shaikh

Hi Enstine,

Have heard a lot about Traffic Planet in recent times. I guess I must definitely consider it the next time.

By the way, Traffic Planet has mentioned on their page that you get Dedicated RAM with all the plans. I was just wondering how much RAM they allocate to you? And what are the maximum resources your blog can use in the case of any traffic spikes? Any Idea on that?
Aquif Shaikh recently posted…Top 20 YouTube Video Ideas To Make Money Online In 2016My Profile

Stephen Brian

I have personally used 5/6 hosting so far but I am not very much familiar with Traffic Planet hosting. But the pricing seems high. Would like to know more about them before giving a try.

Anirudh Pulikonda

Thanks for suggesting me a good hosting. I was planning to shift my hosting from long time. I’m using a shared hosting plan from Godaddy for one of my Money blog. Recently it’s getting huge traffic . Traffic planet seems good fit for it.
Anirudh Pulikonda recently posted…Find YouTube Rankings of a ChannelMy Profile

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paket pernikahan

I am hearing a lot recently about Traffic Planet Hosting, I am glad that you found the right solution for your blog to control the page load time and uptime with this hosting service.


I’m a fan of TPH myself. I’ve used WP Engine in the past, but when I had tech support needs, the help just wasnt there. TPH have consistently been there with 24 hour support for my needs.


Hi Enstine,

If I am not mistaken WordPress.org recommend these guys at one point?

This type of service promotes the startups. This type of service really appreciable.
Thanks for sharing this information.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Brian,
    Good to hear from you buddy.
    I’m not surprised at all if WP recommends these guys. There are up to it. Are you hosting with them too?


Hi Enstine,
Found your blog from Google search and it loads really fast! I’ve just moved to TPH also and loving it. Cheers πŸ™‚

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Leonardus,
    Thanks for following that search result to my blog and engaging.
    Yes TPH is really a good choice.

    Do you remember the keyword you used to locate my blog? Will be excited to know more about it πŸ˜‰

Sewa Tower Crane

I am hearing a lot recently about Traffic Planet Hosting, I am glad that you found the right solution for your blog to control the page load time and uptime with this hosting service. jasa sondir tanah

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Mansoor Bhanpurawala

I’m a fan of TPH myself. I’ve used WP Engine in the past, but when I had tech support needs, the help just wasn’t there. TPH have consistently been there with 24-hour support for my needs.

Joseph Chikeleze

Hello bro,.glad to hear that Traffic Planet is now WPX hosting. What a change, it will only take them strong advertisements to make people notice them with their new name.

All the same, thanks for the notice and review!

Robert Colon

Hi Enstine,

I have seen many people recommend TPH for medium sized blogs. I think they choose because of website loading speed. I planned to buy TPH for to hosting my blog. Thanks for your recommendation.


divakara ganesh

Hello Enstine,

I am also planning to change the hosting for my WordPress website.
After reading your article i searched for TPH WordPress hosting and i am really impressed by reviews on other blogs. finally i m going to give it a try πŸ˜›

Thanks and Regards
Divakara Ganesh
divakara ganesh recently posted…How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on Your WordPress Website Without losing Data?My Profile



You have taken very good decision by moving from Hostgator to traffic planet hosting. Sometimes Hostgator sucks badly and that impact on our blog.

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