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A WordPress Hosting Checklist: Remember Before Choosing a Host.

I understand and agree with you. Selecting a suitable hosting service for a website or a blog is a hectic task. I don’t think you won’t be an exception unless you would have faced issues and learned from it. However, I am about to share the key points to consider or WordPress hosting checklist to check before choosing your best WordPress hosting provider.

Instead of worrying once done everything, it is intellectual to know things before and avoiding mistakes. Hope, this article would be more helpful in such a way saving your time as well as bringing a better outcome. Continue reading


Lifetime.Hosting Review ~ Host your website for life without paying renewal fees!

Lifetime.Hosting Review -> Get premium Web Hosting & Domain name for life without monthly or yearly renewal fees. Check them out here

The web hosting industry has become so competitive with the Internet growing to every part of the globe.

For anyone to have a personal or business website or blog, you need a domain name and hosting. Generally, both cost money and require a monthly/yearly fee.

Apart from the domain name and mere web space, you will need many more elements around your hosting to ensure your website is always available and business not interrupted. These include things like backup services and tools, email services, security tools, etc

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WPX Hosting review ~ Managed WordPress Hosting for high-traffic blogs!


In today’s  WPX Hosting review, we are looking at a premium, Managed WordPress Hosting company that has earned trust from many high traffic blog owners, being the fastest WordPress hosting providing.

Through prompt and qualified always-available customer service, top-notch servers, 24/7 security watch, etc,  WPX Hosting has with ease pulled its customers from surrounding competitors, allowing them yawning.

WPX Hosting was formally known as Traffic Planet Hosting.  According to Terry Kyle, the re-branding took effect from October 3rd, 2016. Terry wants to take the hosting business out to a bigger audience beyond the Traffic Planet forums, which evidently inspired the initial naming of his business.

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Going further, Terry underlines the fact that there is NO ownership change whatsoever, NO support team changes and NO operational changes. Basically, the team is intact.

Check out WPX Hosting! Best Managed WP Hosting
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Hostgator 60% discount code Limited Time Promotion!

Hostgator 60% discount code: Click here to automatically apply the coupon code to your order.

Hostgator has been my preferred Webhosting company since 2008. After having tried out a couple of different web hosting companies in Europe, USA and India, I frankly think the choice of Hostgator has not been an error.

That doesn’t mean they are without defects. As a matter of fact, you are never going to find a perfect company in this world of imperfection.

The difference however is they have a certain minimum guarantee that assures the smooth functioning of any business of any size. Continue reading


Temok Review ~ Premium Webhosting Starting $2.99/mo

In today’s Internet and online business world, premium web hosting services don’t have to hurt your wallet. That’s why in this Temok Review post, we are looking at a cheap premium web hosting institution that packages top web hosting services and resources at  ridiculous prices.

For 10 years of creating and hosting websites (from simple presentation sites to complex ecommerce and heavy database-driven sites), I have had my shared of trouble with web hosting companies in India, USA and UK.

In those early days, I admit I was unable to point out what was my main requirement. But as time went on, I have grown to full knowledge. Now I can tell what are the main attractions when it comes to to choosing the right host. Continue reading