5 Tricks Cheap Web hosting Providers Use To Make You Pay More!

The web hosting market has grown a lot in the past couple of few years. The process of choosing a web hosting service for your website is not that easy because you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Competition on the market is severe, and that makes different companies provide free bonuses so they can attract more customers.

However, not all companies can afford to offer these services and conditions and instead they use some tricks that make the clients believe that they are a great hosting company when in reality they are not.

We all love to get ourselves a good deal that can not only provide us with what we want but does so at a low price – or so it seems to us. Not all of us can afford expensive web hosting services and end up looking for web hosts that are cheap and fulfill your requirements.

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Providers are also aware of this fact, and that is why they use tricks to lure us in without us noticing anything odd. These web hosts appear to perfect from the cost to the services they provide, but do not be fooled, as appearances can be deceiving.

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Here are five tricks that cheap web hosting providers use to make you pay more.

1 – Renewal Prices

Some people are still surprised by this trick despite it being very common. Some providers offer some pretty fantastic deals that may actually seem too good to be true. You need to pay attention to renewal fees that you have to pay once your contract ends. Some hosting providers are very transparent about their pricing on the homepage, including the renewal prices.

Renewal prices mean that this is the real price of hosting while the first time that you sign up, you get a cheap web hosting providersdiscounted price that lasts until the time period lasts. These prices also matter according to the time period you are signing up for, if you are not buying the services for a long time, you might not even get a discounted price.

This is a widespread practice done by a lot of providers, so make sure to know the cost of your preferred time period and take everything into the equation while you choose your host.

2 – Upselling

Upselling can also increase your expenses almost immediately. Cheap hosting plans may lack some useful features and chances are that you will be required to pay extra for those missing services. For example, SSL certificates are a must you want to grow your online business as it encrypts the data sent to you by the user.

This is necessary for the security of your data. Google also ranks the websites with SSL a little higher. If you purchase a plan without SSL or malware scanning, it will cost you money as you will have to pay extra to get these services. Choose a program that already includes them, so you will know what you are actually paying for.

3 – Pay For Something By Mistake

Many times you get tricked into buying things that you do not need. Just like when you are installing something online, and accidentally you end up with additional services that you did not agree upon. What happens is that the providers pre-select some boxes for you, which you fail to notice.

This simple trick ends up costing you a lot of money on a yearly basis just because you did not un-check those boxes. Another method is to rope you in into buying themes during the installation process. These tricks are visual,which is why you need to pay close attention to all the installation steps.

4 – Unneeded Services

Sometimes web hosting services provide plans in which you are offered to pay a certain amount of money, and an expert will do the tasks for you. For example, some WordPress hosting services will give you the option of paying someone $50 to set up the site for you when you can easily do that with the help of a WordPress tutorial.

Steer clear of such web hosts as you can easily do the work yourself.

5 – Set Up Fees

Beware of inappropriate setup fees. If you get a dedicated server only then an associated setup cost is appropriate because someone may have to physically go in order to add hardware components you have ordered.

If you are using managed services, then they set up software and perform other tasks. However, if you are using some other type of web hosting service, then a setup fee is not justifiable.

Hosting providers are only interested in making money just like all the businesses, and sometimes they do find a way to do so without delivering to their clients what they promised.

Hopefully, this article will help you identify such tricks in the future.

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