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6 Logo design tips for your new logo – Make your Logo memorable

logo design

When you decide to sell your product or service, you want two things:

(1) To succeed and (2) To be recognized as a reputable company. The basics of growing a successful business will tell you the importance of getting branding right. One of the first few crucial steps in beginning the branding process is creating a striking logo design.

Logo design does not have to be difficult or tiring, and I show you how with six easy-to-follow logo design tips: Continue reading


How to Find Legitimate Mentors and Clients Online!

How to Find Legitimate Mentors

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I had a chat on a recent podcast about finding the right people online.

You can check it out here:

How to Connect with the Right People Online

We wanted to help you avoid not only scammers but also nightmare clients, for service-based bloggers.

Since Enstine does such a wonderful job exposing scams and finding legit opportunities I want to share a few tips for finding awesome teachers, customers and clients during your online journey.

Follow these tips to connect with legit mentors and the perfect match clients. Continue reading


5 eCommerce software to create an online marketplace!

ecommerce software to create an online marketplace

Do you want to create an online marketplace? 

You probably see sites like Amazon, Ebay, Alibba, ThemeForest, etc and you think you need to employ Bill Gate to code for you from scratch.

You are wrong!


Because today, we have turn-key eCommerce software that allow you to create full-blown online marketplace without even typing a single code line.

There are many of these software online but I'm going to pick just 5 of them and help you see how they help, what you get from each of them.

Continue reading

How to start a small business online with $68 and no skills!

How to start a small business online with wealthy affiliate unversity

Many people want to know how to start a small business online with $100 or less and having no skills.

The truth is that the Internet has opened new incredible doors nowadays. With just $68, you can start a thriving business online even if you can’t do anything but watch TV.

I will discuss with you in this post how you can start your own profitable business online if you can just get $68 from your mom, dad or friend.

If you have Internet access and are ready to follow simple steps, there is no reason to be broke in the next five months.

There are people who are computer programmers, graphics designers, legal advisers, translators, freelance writers, etc who can simply signup to freelance platforms and be hired. Continue reading


How to Check If Your Website Was Hacked!

How to Check If Your Website Was Hacked

Hackers are very creative in finding the way to attack your website. It’s almost impossible to stay alert 100% of the time, but you definitely want to upgrade security to prevent spam or malware issues. Timing is crucial because the delayed reaction can jeopardize site functioning and completely ruin its reputation among visitors.

In this post, we will show you how to check if your website was hacked. Let’s take a look! Continue reading


{GhostWriting} How to Set Your Business Up As A GhostWriter

Ghost Writing As A Business

Earning through the internet has been a fancy for many. Many people try to become a social media influencer, some try to become a blogger. However, most realize that this dream is harder than it sounds.


It’s just because most people try to copy others and enter into a field that is already over saturated. If you want to earn fast, then you need to dive into a niche that’s relatively narrow and under-saturated.

But the hard thing behind this advice is that most people don’t quite talk about under-saturated niches; and why should they? The thing is not trending. It does not provide any enthusiasm among the writers. Continue reading

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