Top reasons why you should start blogging to grow your business!

Are you running a business and not using a blog to grow it?

Or you are not familiar with the fact blogging can help you to boost your business?

Well, today I will be giving you some of the top reasons why you should start blogging to grow your business. In some of my recent projects (obviously those were my client’s projects), I used the power of blogging to grow their business activities and provided them leads as well.

There are many reasons your business website should have a blog, but I will provide you the only important ones, and more importantly I will be sharing that through my experience.

Before creating your business blog

Here are few points I want to recommend you pay attention to as these directly impact your business blogging:

  • The domain name of your business blog.
  • Choosing the right hosting company to insure quality services: Uptime, Customer support, server configuration, etc
  • Choosing the most appropriate blogging platform. In this case, I recommend checking this article on top 15 blogging platforms by Roshan Perera
  • Choose an appropriate theme for your business blog.

Why should you start blogging to grow your Business?

Google has changed over the years and this change has a huge impact on SEO. So mainly to meet with the demands of Google, we somehow need a blog to run our business properly. I don’t know what kind of business you are running or want to run. But this is for sure that I will be giving you the best reasons to start a blog to grow your business.

blogging to grow your business

Blog can drive your more traffic:

Everyone wants traffic to their websites and years before it was possible to get loads of traffic because of the less competition. But now even the algorithms of the Google have changed and is tough to get traffic, but marketers are not giving up and somehow are getting the traffic to their websites. Over the years, Google has come up with quality algorithm updates and one has to follow those rules of Google to be on top.  Let me give you an example of the top sites who are having a blog to run their business: SEO by Yoast has their blog, also runs a blog and also invites others to blog for them too, and the third example is kiss metrics.

The above sites which I have mentioned run their online business. SEO by Yoast is Plugin, which provides free as well as paid services, Kissmetrics and Moz offer the same kind of SEO services and whenever you search on Google something about SEO, and then this is for sure that you will find these sites at the First page of the Google.

Moreover, you can write about the products through blogging and sell them; there are many bloggers who are doing affiliate marketing to earn lots of dollars. But you can sell your products instead of doing that.

And Secondly if your company is providing a product, you can blog about the usage of the products, for example SEO by Yoast is doing blogging not only to get better rank on Google but also helps with the usage of their plugin through the Blogging.

Even, the biggest e-commerce website on the Internet has a blog. The name of the Site is, and they are also getting lots of traffic through it. Just type on the Google “Amazon Blog” and the first link that you will find on the Google SERPs will be this

Well, I think that the above reasons for me are enough to get personally a blog for growing any business and Hope these ideas will work same with you.

Other Benefits of Blogging for Business:

  • Using a Blog, you can get authority instantly, Gaining trust in your visitors and building a better relationship with readers of your website. In short, you can say that a blog can help you build community and loyal clientele.
  • A Blog can help you to claim yourself as an expert in your field by providing the quality content about the services regularly.
  • Building a blog means that you are making a healthy and trustable relationship with your readers or visitors.
  • You can count on your blog as a source of extra income. It does not matter what kind of product or services you are providing, but a blog can always find a product to complement what you are offering.
  • A blog can help you create an online identity of your as well as your company’s reputation which you are representing. If you are aiming to build a good business, then you must be using your blog to introduce your business and its products and services.
  • Possibly make an enabled Gravatar image for commenting on others blogs and also use the enabled Gravatar image in your blogging profile.
  • As I mentioned above, that a blog can help you to get tons of traffic, and the same blog can turn that visitors from your blog to the main website page where your offer services or sell your products. And when they learn about your services or products through your blog, the chances are that these visitors may turn into your loyal and reliable customers or clients.
  • Use the Blog as the engine which could help in building a massive email list and then using that list of emails for selling products or offering services.

How Blogging helps Business to stay up to date with SEO?

Google has changed over the years, so as the SEO has changed. Google continuously say that keep your website updated with Fresh content.

Now let me ask you a question:

IF you are selling only ten products on your site, then how will you keep your website updated with fresh content?

The answer is simple, create a blog for your website and start blogging for your business, write content on your product.

Suppose if you are selling beauty products online, then write about those products through your blog. Write, how they can use the products perfectly, what are ingredients used and third thing write testimonials for your products.

Some facts about Blogging:

About 50% to 60% of the world’s marketers are using blogs for the marketing purpose. And they are getting leads for sure by using the blog.

The B2B companies that blog regularly are getting 67% more leads than those B2B companies which are not using blog. And this stat is on the monthly basis.

Even the B2C companies are getting almost 85% lead per month by using the blogs.

By Looking at the above stats, it is clear that blogging has become an important part of the business and online marketing.

There are many affiliate programs, and most of the affiliate marketers are bloggers. Even I do affiliate marketing, and whenever I have to sell a product or some eBooks or something, I switch to blogging and write a post about that products. And you won’t believe that this is not my technique but a technique adopted from some Pro bloggers.

And even the searchers say that about 75% of the clients purchase after reading a review on some blogs.

You can say that blogging is a technique to attract the visitors, or you can say bribe for the readers to buy products.

How often must You Blog?

I know that I must not be sharing this information but writing a little bit about it is not a bad idea.

Many bloggers ask this question that how often they must blog.

Well according to Google it much better if you update your website daily but it’s not the necessity. You can blog daily once a week or twice a week or month but the only thing that you need to do is have consistency in your writing.

Finally, What I want to say:

I was working with the company for three years as an SEO manager, and I have used Blog to get more traffic and lead using the blog. You can say that this is my testimonial about blogging. But I would Love to hear what your thoughts are. Do let us know through your comments.

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  1. Very good tips, I usually blog once per week, As I carry out research then put it all together which takes time meaning I can’t blog every day, But maybe some day I may be able to when I get better at it. Blogging and writing tips are great to share with others as I love to learn then share it with others.

    • Hi Mansoor,
      I am sure that you will be able to blog daily. Although thanks for sharing your feedback.
      Have a good day.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for the informative post. Blogging has indeed become necessary if you want to grow your business online. Blog is a good platform to tell people about your product and also take feedback from the users.

  3. A great post! very well written. Bogging is indeed essential to grow your business.creating good blogs helps to attract more traffic.Search engines love fresh content.

    Firstly, let me welcome you to Enstine’s Blog and our platform where we get useful information to gear us up on how to become successful online.

  4. A great post! very well written. Bogging is indeed essential to grow your business.creating good blogs helps to attract more traffic.Search engines love fresh content. What better way to provide frequent content than with blog posts. By blogging consistently, you give Google and other search engines new content to index and you create opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords to increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

    • Hi Gracie,
      yes, it’s really really important to have blogs and as you said google like the fresh content and blogging helps to get fresh content our sites.
      Although, thanks for the feedback.

  5. Firstly, let me welcome you to Enstine’s Blog and our platform where we get useful information to gear us up on how to become successful online.

    Am freelancer, where i serve as a Social Media Manager but along the line i decided to have second source of income online and i chose blogging. Immediately, created my blog using blogger free blogging platforms ( which you also posted in your blog…12 Awesome Free Blogging Platforms To Start a New Blog) before i now changed it the blogspot to custom domain.

    Then, i now contacted Enstine Muki about my idea of becoming Blogger and he advised with tips to be a successful blogger and told me to blog about my services as freelancer. Which i did immediately and its plus to my business.

    So, definitely its wise to start blogging to grow your business online as all business now moving online.


    • Hi Tola,
      Thanks for sharing your experience of blogging with us. And surely, there is no doubt that Enstine gives an expert advice always.
      And I am also glad that you liked the post.
      Thanks for the kind word also.

  6. i know many people who started with blogging, and now they are a very good businessmen. Also some people who started business and do nothing till then they started their own blog. Now they both are success so yes we can say Blog is really need to be successful in business.

    • Hi Yogesh,
      There is no doubt that blogging can help a business owner to become successful. I have tried my best to write this.
      So, thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

  7. Hii robin,

    Thanks for the share, i won an astrology website, i am not able to generate traffic at it, by reading your post, now am thinking that i should add a blog to my website as well for daily updations, And i hope it will help me generating more traffic.

    • Hi Nawab,
      I am glad you are going to start a blog to promote your website and mainly you are convinced by reading my post.
      I hope that the blog works well for you.
      And thanks for your feedback.

  8. there are so many who started as blogger and now entered into business with help of their blogs.I do believe that if we gain good trust among our readers and we ourself grow as a brand then we can even do business with our blog.

    • Hi dhanunjai ,
      Even I have seen many bloggers turning out to be a great business owner or seen many business owners growing their business with the help of Blogging.
      Although, Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Very good tips, I usually blog once per week, As i carry out research then put it all together which takes time meaning i cant blog everyday, But maybe some day i may be able to when i get better at it. Blogging and writing tips is great to share with others as i love to learn then share it with others.

    • Hi Chris,
      Even it was difficult for me to write regularly for blog in the beginning but day by day I got better and Now I am able to write better and more.
      Ok, And also thanks for sharing your opinion.

      • Yeah i hope that I will get better. Everyday I am getting better so thats great, I like your blog great info and read. Keep it up.

  10. Good post, Robin. Making use of blogging as an inbound marketing model helps great in increasing sales and conversions. 90% of the big businesses have blogs now. Having a blog and constantly educating the prospect clients is a should in the near future.

    No businesses can succeed without blogging.


    • Hi Jon,
      yes, It is the world of internet and without blogging, it is really not possible to rank and For sure no business succeed.
      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Hi Robin

    I am So glad someone has pointed out the introspective benefits of blogging. I totally agree with what you wrote. Starting a blog and then growing it is a really great personal development exercise.

    • Hi Saurabh,
      Even I am glad that you read all those points and agreed on the points that I have shared. I think it is really important to have a blog to promote business.
      Thanks for the comment.

  12. Hi Robin,
    Good to see you on Enstine’s page as a Guest author,
    I appreciate you for telling more about blogging and its benefits using in business.
    Yes, these days we can see many companies’s following this method to reach out its clients so easily and at any time. Another advantage is that they can promote and tell about their latest products without spending much on advertisements. So there are many benefits a business org can achieve by running their own blog pages. You brought out a good number of aspects in this regard.
    Thanks Enstine for projecting Robin’s post on your esteemed page.
    Keep up the good work
    Wish both of you a wonderful and profitable week ahead
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Philip sir,
      Yes, it good to stick to the blogging instead of spending money on the advertisements. because blogging is a long run game.
      And , Also thanks for sharing your opinion with us.
      Have a good week ahead.

  13. Hey Robin,
    What an amazing post. I really loved it. I use my blog to grow my business. I offer content writing, link building and blog setup services and My blog myquickidea is the actual source to promote these services. You touched this point very deeply.


    • Hi Nikhil,
      I am glad that you are already using the power of blogging to grow your business. keep it up man.
      Thanks for the comment . And have a good week ahead.

  14. Hi Robin,

    You have listed some nice points and surely having a blog is must nowadays for every business. A business owner can use a blog as a marketing tool to promote his/her product or service.
    The perfect example is Neil, He is using his blogs to get more and more clients.

    Thanks for the great article 🙂

    • Hi Kuldeep,
      Neil Patel is the founder of many websites and there is no doubt that he uses his two blogs to get leads and grow the business.
      And thanks for commenting and have a good week ahead.

  15. Thanks, Robin and Enstine

    Yah – blogs rule!

    But the problem is that many business blogs look more like an afterthought. So, instead of being an add-on, the blog needs to be front and centre.

    When business owners understand the real business-building potential of a blog, many of them will finally embrace it.

    Other than the obvious traffic benefit, I see a blog as a perfect way to greatly expand the narrative for the business. Tell stories about customers, team members and the products (what results do they produce, and how do they make people feel?). Make it personal, make it authentic, make it real.

    Oh yeah. Done right, a blog is the way to go

    Thanks guys


    power of

    • Hi Kim,
      Blogging helps to grow business, there is no doubt but it depends on the kind of website it is and what kind of landing page will be suitable for better promotion ( keeping mind mind about the design of the website). Blog helps to drive organic traffic but I would suggest to keep it aside only. Show the things which they want to sell or promote on the Home page.
      And also thanks for sharing your opinion with us through your comment.
      Have a good week ahead.

  16. Hey Robin and Enstine,

    The points Robin has mentioned above are quite impressive. People should blog to grow their business for sure.

    The traffic may get increased in the number and people would come to know more and more about your business.

    Great post.:)
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Ravi,
      yes, Blogging has always helped to grow business for me and surely many are using the power of blogging to reach a vast audience and sell their products.
      Although, thanks for the kind words.

  17. Hey Robin,

    You have pointed to some very nice ideas and surely having a blog is must nowadays for every business.

    Thanks for the great article 🙂

  18. Hi Robin,

    Great to see you at Enstine’s place.

    Blogging is an effective way to gain trust and grow business. It’s an useful article backed by data and facts. Thanks for the share.

  19. Hi Robin,

    Very useful article about starting a blog. There are many bloggers who have taken blogging as their full time business and its really worth as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.

    • Hi Kinjal,
      Yes, there are many bloggers who earning their living through blogging and are also helping others to earn through their blogging.
      Thanks for commenting.

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