Sponsored Posts ~ How to get paid $500+ per promoted post!

Accepting sponsored posts on your blog is without doubt one of the many ways to make money from your blog. I have written quite interesting materials on this blog aimed at helping my readers generate more and more income from their blogs.

One of these articles I recommend you checkout this moment is this one where I shared 15 ways to make money as a blogger.

A question I get so frequently these days from my readers is how much should they charge per promoted post and how to get paid up to $500 per article on their blogs.

I was invited to a very closed Facebook group where we share tips and tricks of making money with sponsored posts. One of the things I found out is that though most of the group members have more popular blogs, they often settle for less.

Some of them often go away celebrating a piece of $75 per paid article whereas they merited something over $200.

One thing we must know is that advertisers are people like us who want value in return. They want sales and profits and that comes through targeted exposure.

Having 1000 daily readers isn’t just enough to attract $500 per paid post. About 3 days ago, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook. He made me understand that his blog (that receives about 3 times more traffic than mine) was rejected by an advertiser who spent over $400 on my blog few weeks back.

My friend was shocked that despite sharing his Google Analytics data and asking for just $150 from this advertiser, his blog still got no business.

What you must understand!

1000 daily readers does not mean 1000 visitors will read the promoted post a day. These readers are scattered allover your blog. There is no way you can guarantee that a certain percentage of these readers will spend time on your client’s posts.

Now, you just read what I wrote in the blue box above. That’s the foundation of our discussion in this post.

One of the first things to do is to be able to give your advertisers more exposure on your blog. As a matter of fact, there are two things you should focus on;

  1. Give advertisers more space on your blog on different posts.
  2. Give them more time on your blog.

If you set out to package these two points in an offer, you will sell quite well.

Here is the point!

Sponsored Posts may not be enough!

The fact is, some advertisers prefer sponsored posts to banner ads and they are ready to pay you $75 per article. You may simply just say YES and settle for that less. But me I won’t because a single sponsored post may not be enough to fetch me up $500.

Take note: Most advertisers don’t see beyond that single paid post so you have to open their minds and let them know you have more you can offer them. What I mean is that you should add bonuses to your offers and make your clients pay more.

This is just what I’m doing and getting more results. Must of you have asked me what I do to get more interesting amounts. The answer is what I offer in the packages – bonuses! That’s how you can move from $75 to $200+ per post. In one of my recent reviews, I moved from $50 to $600 per campaign. That was a whooping leap forward wasn’t it.

I try to get my clients spread all over my blog. So they know they ain’t just paying for a single post but paying to be positioned on 5 more articles for life. That’s what makes the deal more interesting and pulls out money from their wallet.

Here is sample of what my packages are made of;

  • 1 SEO friendly review article of 800+ words.
  • Bonus 300×250 sidebar banner for 30 days.
  • CashDonator review boxes on 4 more articles for life.
  • Social media promotion.

While the banner bonus is very attractive, the Cashdonator review boxes is the killer. That’s what I use to give more exposure on my blog. I will be shooting a video in the days ahead how to create review boxes with CashDonator and drop them on article bodies. Sign up to my list so you don’t miss this money making video.


So how much is the price per promoted post?

First, I want you to look at this from a campaign perspective. If you let your clients know this is more than just a sponsored article, they will be psychologically positioned to move your price upward. They will be closer to accepting your price or paying something closer to it.

The price of a package is a direct result of its value – what are you offering your clients? In my case, the more the cashdonator boxes, the more the exposure and the more the price.

You also have to note that some clients can pay more than others. That means you have to know who you are dealing with and play your cards well.

Back to the story I told you about my friend. Looking at his Google Analytics he shared with me, I could easily understand why his offer was turned down.

In my free report, I touched this point in some details. Make sure you download the report, follow the steps to improve on your stats.

Adding to this poor stats, he had not added any bonuses to even motivate his client. As a matter of fact, bonuses (additional value) go a long way to help you earn more from sponsored posts.


Whether you are using affiliate or direct links in sponsored posts pointing to promoted product, they should be NOFOLLOW. This is simply to make sure both you and your clients don’t get penalized by Google.

I realized some advertisers don’t even know the dangers of paying for DOFOLLOW links. This gets Google so annoyed and you can face damaging consequences for doing it.

Links on sponsored posts are paid links and if you are current, You should know Google is strongly against dofollow paid links. That means you are being paid to transfer page rank to the linked page. To be on a save side, just add rel=”nofollow” to external links on your sponsored posts.

Now let’s talk…

Do you publish sponsored posts on your blog? Are you comfortable with what you are often paid?  Do you think you can apply these tips and earn more? Let me hear from you in the comment box.

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56 thoughts on “Sponsored Posts ~ How to get paid $500+ per promoted post!”

  1. Hay Enstine,

    Great post. I really enjoy and learn a lot form your post. I never thibk about sponser post but i will surly try on my blog 🙂

  2. Sir,
    It was nice reading the post i learnt a lot. traffic does not matter everywhere one you should have a bit marketing skills 🙂

  3. I like the system that you have setup and how clearly you have explained it. I guess I have work to do to get my blog up to speed. 🙂

    • Hey Raphael,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the engagement 😉
      It’s been a wonderful week. We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend. Hope to see you around again and, thanks for the tweet 😉

  4. Hello sir I read whole article but my blog is new should I do sponsored review or not.

    If no so after how many days can I do it.

    • Start as soon as you get business. But note that advertisers want exposure. If your blog is new and not read, you’ll find it difficult to pull on

  5. It takes a hard time convincing advertisers for nofollow links. I lost some deals mainly because of the no dofollow argument. Advertisers are just greedy for PR and that’s what that makes them draw money. Only a few ask about traffic.

  6. Another explosive post, Enstine!

    Sometimes I wonder how on earth you are able to come up with posts such as great as this one. You’re the boss sir. 🙂

    Sponsored post seems to be the in-thing now. I have not started this with my blog yet but I soon will ad when I want to, I sure will contact you and get some tools from you, of course on payment.

    Thanks so much for writing this sir.


  7. Sponsored posts are really great to generate some awesome money from posts and I’ve been getting some amount from my posts.

    The ideas you’ve shared are worth trying!

  8. Hi Enstine,

    Great article as usual. 😀
    As you know, I also publish some sponsored posts on my blog. I am thankful for a given price, but indeed, it’s not the price that could cover my life for several months. So, with my current situation, I can not live with my blog. Looks like I have to work harder to achieve that goal. 🙂

    However, all of my advertisers came to my blog by them self, I did not contact them. What do you think about this, Enstine?

    I’ve never tried to find direct advertisers myself yet, it looks like I have not had the confidence to do that. Can you advise me a little bit?

    Thanks for your answer and the insights Enstine 🙂
    I’m glad to read this post. It’s really helpful, indeed!


    • Hey Nanda,
      I think you are leaving business on the table. Why not take a step forward and contact some advertisers? Out of 5, I’m sure you can seal a deal with one.

      A very simple way to locate advertisers is to visit blogs in your niche, go to their ‘reviews’ category. You will always find interesting products to try your luck.

      You may want to contact those bloggers and find out from them which of the reviews are paid. Generally, bloggers will cooperate and give you what you need as information to contact those advertisers.

      Just give this a try within the next 10 days and I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful story to tell 😉

      • Thanks for your advice. Your words strengthen me.
        It was like I got a new light in doing sponsored posts. 🙂

        Thanks again, Enstine. I wish for your success. 🙂


  9. Enstine I love your thinking on this one as you got me thinking. What a great way to upsell sponsored posts. I will definately try this on my next one. I like giving them more too. I’ve been doing a few and keep upping my price along the way. I just like to be sure the posts are closely related to my blog’s niche and not sway away too far. It must be interesting and an honest review as well. I’d love to know more ways to obtain more of them Enstine. Thanks so much, perfect timing for me on this post!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Hope you are doing great this weekend!

      I’m sure offering a little more will justify a higher price too 😉 While I’m also putting these tips to use, I’ll be grateful if you have some more too to share with us 😉

      Yes! It’s important not to follow money and write on something not interesting. The readers first! then anything else 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend Lisa

  10. Hi Enstine
    In this age of stiff competition simplicity in advertising deals never pays you huge money. This is an era of deal. Buy one get one free is the rule of our times. So we have to think like that if we really want to grab offers.
    We also need to see what is the ultimate benefit of making a deal. If we don’t do we have to be contented for a few bucks. If we make a smart deal we can earn more money and in total we get more than the amount we sell our space separately. That is why package deal is always a good option.
    Thanks for a wonderful post to get sponsored post at higher rates with a little common sense.

    • Hey Mi,
      Thanks for the visit, reading, commenting and contribution. Always a great pleasure to have you around 😉
      Hope you are set for a great weekend ahead

  11. Sure Enstine this is a good way to make money online. It is just a matter of determination, decision making and acting. I like it and looking forward to do it in the near future.

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Certainly you mentioned great point to make $500, but here also traffic is key. If you’re getting huge traffic only then you can expect huge money. So build genuine traffic for your blog and start earning.

    • Of course Pankaj, everything stats with traffic, but then I told a story of a friend who has more traffic than I do yet, he was unable to seal a simple $150 deal

      So there is more to it.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment

  13. Hey Enstine, great post. Adding bonuses to the package seems to really a working formula to get more amount for sponsored posts, but most of the sponsored posts’ advertisers just look to improve their SEO, and they might not really want to add banners or social media promotion to it. What to do in such a situation?

    • Google is hitting hard again paid dofollow links and many users are aware of that. It will be dangerous to sponsor post with dofollow. If advertisers get this understanding, this method will not be very good for SEO

  14. earlier I think it very difficult to make earnings with sponsored post and also less earnings but this post is very helpful in making money with reviews. And also that’s the reason of large number of reviews in well-known blogs. Thanks for letting me know.
    Nice post indeed.

  15. Hi there Enstine,

    Excellent post. Your views on selling ‘a post’ vs selling a ‘marketing package’ makes complete sense. When it comes to marketing advertisers what more for less. I mean for the most part, we all do right?

    This is some valuable information you have shared here .

    Have a good rest of the week Enstine!

    • Hey Steven,
      Good to see yo here and thanks for the comment. The package method has always worked well for me. That’s why I decided to share it with my readers. I’m glad they are loving it too.

      Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  16. I think the side banner ads will attracts all the sponsors.. May be the reason why great sponsors comes behind you.. Anyway perfect action indeed… 🙂

  17. I think the side banner ads will attracts all the sponsors.. May be the reason why great sponsors comes behind you.. Anyway perfect action indeeed… 🙂

  18. Thanks for totally sharing such an insightful article on sponsored posts, you have really cleared a lot of things for me and now i know what i am doing wrongly. I will definitely apply this guide to my future dealings with advertisers.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment and shares bro. I’m glad this post was able to help you with something. Your blog is active and with these tips, you should be killing it 😉

  19. Hey enstine,
    As you said,advertisers don’t show interest unless we offer a special bonus.by giving bonus like ad space,packages etc we can really earn a nice amount and at the same time advertiser will be satisfied.I will definitely add some special offers to my advertise page and hope I earn some more money.thanks for sharing these awesome techniques which reached many things enstine

    • Hey Rahul,
      Adding bonuses to your offers will certainly take you closer to sealing a better deal. It’s just simple and often, it will not cost you anything extra. Just give it a try 😉

  20. Hello Enstine sir,

    You shared very informative information to get high payment from sponsored post, Sir if we give side bar banner to advertiser for 1 month then Google will penalize us?

    • I don’t think you have any issue with Google for offering sidebar banners 😉 Banner links are image links not text. However, if you are not quite sure, use the nofollow tag

  21. Wow these is great idea Enstine Muki,Thanks a lot for sharing with us,your all posts in this blog are very unique and informative.

  22. Oh! sir enstinemuki, if I had read this piece before now, I just collected penny from a client who has submitted a sponsored Post on my blog. thanks I’ll gonna revamp my sponsored Post ideas.

  23. Oh! sir enstinemuki, if had read this piece before now, I just collected penny from a client who has submitted a sponsored Post on my blog. thanks I’ll gonna revamp my sponsored Post ideas.

  24. Hello Enstine Sir,

    Thanks for sharing your strategies with us here. I really appreciate it.

    Now, I got the clear idea why I’m not making so much money with sponsored reviews and banner ads. I was approaching in the wrong way. But not from now.

    I’ll follow your strategies and hope to get more money from my clients.


  25. This is a very good idea again enstine..Even we had a word to start some advertising packages for client in which we are gonna include couple of website remember? what happened to that let make a group where all known blogger will introduce the advertising packages to the client with some extra perks as well. what say?

    • Hey Sadique,
      Welcome again man

      Yes I remember what we discussed. It’s a big idea some bloggers are already making big money with. I have a few things to clear. Then we can come back together and form a solid ground

      Keep in touch bro

  26. Hi Enstine Sir,

    You’ve shared very nice ideas to get more payment from the sponsors. Just now, I spoke with an advertiser for product reviewing and I explained that I’ve good social presence. I have also requested to give Promo code for the product to be reviewed and he accepted for it. But the banner idea seems good and I’ll try it. Yes, I’ve clearly specified that I’ll give “Nofollow” link to him.

    Thanks for this awesome guide to make more money with sponsored post Enstine sir, keep revealing your secrets.

    • Hey Nirmala,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment
      Oh wow! Just love to see Wade on your blog. I’m heading over there right now to checkout that interview 😉

  27. Hey Enstine,

    I can’t stop laughing after reading this article as i’m working on the same pattern, i’m offering my clients more exposure than a single post can give and i try to make my emails attractive so that it can catch clients attention.

    I’m currently talking with a client on email and i was thinking to publish an article after successful deal but you did it before me 😛 Well, i’d like to thank you for mentioning the rel=”nofollow” thing as people don’t realize that they could get penalized by giving away dofollow links.


      • I’m glad that you always read my posts, i think we both have same kind of brain because it’s the second time we had same ideas 😛

  28. wow,

    This is really a brilliant idea. Enstine Sir, you are the master mind of make money blogging. You always try to provide us the extraordinary ideas that people love to read or know.

    The information you shared about Making money via Sponsored Posts are great and i am going to give a try soon. thanks for this mind-blowing share 🙂

    • These are things that have worked for me AMit and I’m just so happy to share them for free with my readers who make my blog what it is. Imagine going for a $50 proposal to $600 deal. I just added irresistible bonuses and the client finally spent that much. The power of this is cashdonator. I’ll shoot the video soon 😉

    • Hi Enstine Sir,

      Now i got to know my fault what Mistake i had done.
      I got one Sponsored review and i approved it for $20 with a side banner ad of 350×250 for 12 days because that was my 1st review and i didn’t know about this i should have asked for more.

      Now i got to know what price should i ask for

      Thanks a lot
      Suprabhat Mondal

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