Affiliate Marketers ~ How to make big commissions with this program!

Are you affiliate marketer who is interested in making big commissions? I have you covered in today’s post.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are not a product creator, you are still able to bank 6 figure income just by promoting others products and earning a commission.

This makes it sweet to make money online. Anyone anywhere in the world can be self employed, making big money enough to pay your bills, buy cars, land and build your own houses.

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There are two big secrets with affiliate marketing and that’s what I want to reveal in this post. If you understand this and work hard towards it, you are soon going to be your boss, making any amount of money you want online. Here are the secrets:

1 – Promote products that pay recurring commissions

That’s the biggest secret of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, most marketers are yet to know this. It’s the biggest way to work hard in the beginning and earn high in the feature. Some marketers have worked for years but continue to live under poverty line.

The main reason is that they didn’t understand this in the beginning. Promoting recurring commission product is like buy shares in someone’s company. As long as that company remains in business, there are chances of getting paid from its income whether you are there to do some work or not.

affiliate marketing

Here is what happens…

You promote a product or service once. Someone buys and you earn a commission from that initial sale. The following month, that same client you brought in pays his/her subscription and you are paid commissions again. As long as this client remains active, paying the monthly fee, you keep getting paid.

That’s the point!

Promote products that take money from its clients every month and share it with you. Here is a crazy example;

If you promote a product that sells at $17 a month and pays you 30% commission, that means you get a commission of $5.1 from each customer you bring. Looks small right? But don’t forget that $17 could mean a beautiful conversion rate (I’ll say more below)

If you get 5 clients per month, that keeps you on $25 per month right?

After 12 months, you’ll be on $300 per month from a single platform. You won’t have to be doing anything anymore. The money just keeps coming in.

That’s just a simple example of about $5 commission per sale. But do you know that with Affiliate Lights you can get paid over $25 per sale? What’s your monthly earnings if you promote this program and get 100 customers? I will talk more about Affiliate Lights in a moment

2 – Promote products that are necessities  or facilitators

This is another point we should not neglect as affiliate marketers each time we want to select a product to promote. In every niche, there are products that users can’t do without.

The more the necessity for the product, the higher your conversion and the more it can keep its members for long. If people signup to a paid program through your affiliate link and soon cancel their accounts, that means the product is not doing well to retain its members. You are therefore loosing money and wasting your time promoting such a product.

I don’t want to get into some details here but let me quickly mention that traffic is a requirement for everyone online. That’s why promoting a traffic generating platform online makes one of the most lucrative products to promote.

Start Promoting BlogEngage today

BlogEngage is a traffic generating and community building tool for bloggers. It’s an excellent place for bloggers to pull traffic to their blogs and find other savvy and like-minded bloggers to connect with. That makes it one of the products you should consider to promote. With over 3000 paying members, there is reason to believe that BlogEngage affiliate program is worth it.

I personally think BlogEngage fully meets the requirements and secrets above. It pays your commissions monthly and of course, it solves a big problem online – traffic.

BlogEngage’s affiliate program is Affiliate Lights. You get £10.00 GBP  just by signing up for free.  Minimum balance required for payout is £50.00 GBP  and you get paid up to %25 on all sales you bring in.

Here’s why Affiliate Lights is even sweeter

The fact that Brian pays out his affiliates in British Pounds makes the whole thing sweeter. It’s like making money behind money. Why? Simply because the pounds are stronger the Dollars.

I got my October commissions paid out in pounds. This brought my earnings from £71.82 GBP to $113.41 USD

Check out this image

blogengage payment

Stop promoting crap !

>>Join Affiliate Lights and start promoting BlogEngage now <<

Let me know what you think about BlogEngage and the Affiliate Program

Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

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Hey Enstine,
This was simple to understand that we can go beyond regular affiliate sites such as ecommerce, will give an try on your suggested ones…

Gary Stein

This is really great. I think that affiliate marketing actually has more strength or power than people think. Thanks for putting this article together!

Ovais Mirza

Thanks a lot Muki for this elaborate article on affiliate marketing. I too believe that affiliate marketing today has lot of significance and also it is better than Google Adsense or similar other programs as you can earn a lot through affiliate commissions rather than pay per click. This is what my experience with affiliate marketing and pay per click programs. Share Yours!



You are right that recurring commissions is the way to go. A thing you forgot to mention though is that when choosing a product, make sure that there’s no free alternative to it with the same or better quality. Also make sure that your potential referral can’t just get everuthing they need from a trial/limited version of whatever you’re promoting.

Sent from my phone, there might be spelling errors.

Shihabudheen K

First of all a big thank you for this article. I have heard of Blog engage earlier but haven’t tried it as i need to pay them for registration.But now I am fully convinced about it and have joined on affiliate lights and got £10. Now I am waiting for my PayPal (verification) to get to ready to join Blogengage Program and I hope i can make some bucks with it 😀


Hi Enstine Muki Bro,

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. People who start affiliate marketing with proper guideline make money within a short period of time. I start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in April, 2014 and got first commission in June, 2014 and receive a good amount per month continuously and i’m happy now. 🙂


hey enstine.. affiliate marketing seems interesting and easy way to earn something but as they are asking for 10 euro initially so i just want to know that is it real or not coz now days there are so many fake site that take money as deposit then they just vanish..pls tell me about this as i want to make money.

    Enstine Muki

    They are real and you actually are GIVEN the money when you join. It’s real so you can give it a try 😉


Thnx enstine for sharing such an informative post for about affliate marketing.. Im new blogger . so, thee is not that much traffic on my website.. so could it possible that i can do affliate marketing on that.


Hi Muki Bro,

Thanks for introducing with Blog Engage and Affiliates Light and I think Affiliates Light will be better for me to earn some extra money. But the problem with PayPal account same as Lawrence Bro, I have no verified PayPal account and face problem to receive payment from several ad networks.

Deborah Tutnauer

You have definitely illuminated the secret Enstine!

Though I primarily coach and mentor entrepreneurs, I also have had great success in the direct sales/network marketing arena. Regardless of the hypey downside of network marketing, the premise is similar to what you’ve discussed here. Market a product that people purchase month after month, either because it is consumable or because they require the product/service for some other reason, and you have accessed the miracle of residual income.

Affiliate marketing is no different. You can spend your efforts helping someone do a one time launch and take your profit, or you can choose to market affiliate products that are subscriptions, memberships or monthly fee products. The dollar amount is less important up front, than the monthly commitment and ability to exponentially increase your income.

You have explained this so well in this post Enstine.
Thank you.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Deborah,
    Good to see you here and thanks for the great comment and contribution. You even make mu point clearer 😉
    It may be negligible to get paid $5 monthly from a single subscription. However, if you work harder and get hundreds of those, then you’ll be up for a big deal 😉

    Thank you for being part of this post Deborah. I wish you a splendid weekend and hope to engage with you on a more serious note in the days ahead


Hi Enstine

This is a great article bro.Many of us join affiliate programs but will not earn more and this article serves useful for us to get started with affiliate marketing.

Keep Going!

Ravi Chahar

Hi Enstine,

People want to make money online and affiliate marketing is an amazing way for that. But there are many things to keep in mind.

People need to build healthy relationships with their readers so that they can turn them into customers later.

Promoting the products which are worthy to provide you commission is necessary.
Know about trends.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Have a wonderful day.:)



Hey Enstine,

I had joined Blogengage, few days ago and it was really great to be a part of an Awesome blogging community.
Affiliate lights is the best recurring commission paying affiliate program for and i am using it from a long recently their is some change in their payments section.

Thanks for sharing

Kailash Chandra

Hey Enstine, You’re becoming my mentor day by day.. I learn a new thing on daily basis because of your attempt here. 🙂 A big thank for you.. Also this affiliate marketing seems like lot of money to be invested first, I heard it from everywhere, is it true? I want to have money first and then invest a part of it.. In other words, I wish to play it safe.. 🙂

Akaahan Terungwa

Hello Enstine,

Affiliate marketing used to be where the bucks was for me – until I started a small niche site that taught Nigerians the act of making money online. I featured 2 eBooks there and within the very first month, my affiliate checks looked like peanuts!

However, Affiliate Lights is worth venturing into…the fact that the GPB is involved makes it all the more alluring!

Make the day great!


Leena Shah

Hey Enstine,
First This is a Great and Wonderful Article Very nice article. I think Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. And thanks for sharing this post. Learning some very nice things from your blog. Really Good Wrk stuff Thanks For Sharing me Keep it Up ,

Leena SHAH

Jackson Nwachukwu

This new sales conversion currency will strengthen the earnings which both Affiliate Lights and its affiliates make. The GBP is no doubt a stronger currency than Dollar and this is really an opportunity for affiliates to key into the game.

I have already received my own bonus of 15GBP by Brian and looking forward to earning a 100% commission as Brian has launched another offer which will last for 24 hours from now!

Thanks bro sharing this too.

Arbaz K

I too came to know that Affiliate Lights will now be paying in Pounds instead of US Dollars. This surely is going to help a lot of affiliate marketers promoting the service because now they are going to make more money without any extra efforts.

Rahul Patel

Hey Enstine,
Very nice article. I think Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. And thanks for sharing this post. Learning some very nice things from your blog.

Ammar Zeb

Awesome man, gonna learn some dashing affiliate markteting techniques straight way and ASAP.


Oloyede Jamiu

Hey Enstine,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice.

I will sign up via your affiliate link.


Adesanmi Adedotun

H Muki,

Making it big with affiliate isn’t an easy task to be frank but there is always a room to start somewhere and I think BlogEngage is a good start up


Have check both out (Blog Engage and Affiliates Light
But my PayPal account is yet to be verified, that really stopped me from getting registered on both site
But anyway, thanks as usual for sharing this wonderful info
Love reading it

    Enstine Muki

    Don’t get limited Lawrence!
    I signed up when my accounts got limited too and accumulated commissions. As soon as I had a cash out option, I started getting my payments.

    You can always speak with Brian for an option. I think you should sign up right now and Brian can provide a suggestion.

    Hey Brian what do you think?


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