Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong!

You have been fooled! You were made to believe that driving traffic to your website is the way to break into financial freedom.

You have been brainwashed. Your mindset has been twisted. That’s why you are broke!

Traffic to your blog or website is not what you need. Yes! That’s the truth some gurus are not telling you.

They want you to give them your money by purchasing their so-called magic traffic generator. There is nothing like that!

I have come across bloggers that have 5000 and more blog daily readers, yet they are still very broke.

Some have just 200 daily visitors and are able to bank $5000+ a month. What’s their point? It is certainly not traffic.

You don’t need 1000 daily visitors to make money!

People scramble every day to attract readers. They join 10, 20 and more Facebook groups. You will even find them everywhere on Google plus communities. Yet, they are still unable to pay their web hosting bills – they are still very broke.

I used to be like that! As a matter of fact, I belong to so many of these groups and communities. But that’s not the approach now. I have stopped wasting my time on many of these time-wasting groups and communities. Most of them are totally worthless.

sherman smithSherman Smith shared an important post on what to look for when you want to join social media groups. Check out his post here!

But what is the real thing to do?

I will show you in a moment!

Let me make a statement you probably have not heard or read somewhere – traffic is the result!

trafficThat’s the reverse of what we know. You are taught to seek first the kingdom of traffic. Then money will be added to you. Wrong!

Traffic is a result of the fact that you are doing the right thing. When you figure it out, people will come rushing to your blog. What then is that thing?

Have you ever bothered to ask why people visit websites? Why people read blogs?

Ok, I’m closer to revealing the meat of this post. It is simple!

Solve a problem!

That’s the magic to make money online. That’s the key to succeed even offline.

I want to repeat – going in for traffic first is a wrong approach. Why should I read your blog? why should I waste my time on it?

Your articles are generic, broad, common, etc. They don’t solve any of my problems. Why should I signup to your list? Why should I even follow you on social media?

don purdumDon Purdum in this article explained how he helped Tom, his client, grow his business. In point #2, Don helped Tom identify problems faced by his clients. I think that was the most critical point of Tom’s business.

Have you identified any problems?

Before you write your next blog post, have a moment to think. Ask yourself what problem are you trying to solve in that blog post.

If your article is not solving any problem at all, you may consider just creating and publishing it for fun. Yes, some readers might just love it for entertainment.

If you your blog is known for solving problems, readers will link to it, share your articles, follow you on social media, mention you in their publications, etc.

That will trigger a flood of traffic to your blog. Remember I mentioned earlier that traffic is the result that you are doing the right thing – solving peoples problems.

That’s the kind of traffic that can easily translate to money. 200 readers whose problems are solved are better than 5000 readers who don’t have a problem.

That’s it!

I wanted to share this short post this weekend to help deliver a piece of information I know will help grow your business. Focus on solving problems and you’ll see the traffic and money coming.

Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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