The fastest way to make money is … see details for answer!

So many people are looking for the fastest way to make money online. There are many ways to earn money online but if you want to make quick cash, the risk is that you will end up losing money. As a matter of fact, the reason many of us have been scammed is because we went looking for the quick button to click.

You cannot just get up from nowhere and want to make money online quick. It is however possible to figure out the fastest way to make money but you must have walked a long distance before getting there.

As a young blogger online with no community, forget about looking for a quick-jump step to fill your bank account with money – even scammers do walk a long distance to make it.

There is no making money online without going through a learning curve. If you want it quick, there is a possibility though but you will have to start by spending money on traffic.

The fastest way to make money is:

drive quick targeted traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any method you want to use to make money online. Whether you are selling your own products or doing affiliate marketing, you need targeted traffic. If you want to make it fast, you need fast traffic too. There are many ways to quickly drive traffic to any money making page ;


This means Pay Per Click. This is the fastest and most targeted way to drive traffic that generates sales. It is also a quick way to waste money. The beauty with this method though is that it works anytime. Anyone with money in the bank can start off with this.

Google Adword is the most widely used PPC platform. As a matter of fact, that’s what I used to earn my first ever commission online. I promoted a Clickbank Solar Energy DIY product and made my first commission of about $33 πŸ˜‰

fastest way to make money

From a huge list

With a huge list of real subscribers, you can make $10 000 and more just with a single campaign. But the real problem here is that it’s difficult to build a huge list. Some Internet Marketers are even of the opinion that a huge responsive list is the fastest way to make money. The reason is that this list can quickly generate quick targeted traffic to any sales page.

If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers with a conversion rate of 0.97% (by-passing Open Rate and Click through Rate), that means about 485 subscribers will buy from you anytime you send a product promotional mail to the list.

If you promote a product that pays $33 in commission, that means about $16 000 earned per mailing campaign.

We are told that generally, each subscriber on your list makes you $1 every month. Going by this theory, 50,000 subscribers represent $50,000 a month.

Practically, this is not always true. If the list is well built and maintained, it is very possible to double this amount.


If you are not building a list, you are certainly not ready for the easiest ways to make money at all times. Start building your list with [bl id=”3152″]INinbox[/bl]. It’s FREE with all the professional features you will need in a complete email marketing platform;

  • Autoresponders.
  • Professional webform builder.
  • List Segmentation.
  • Campaign scheduling.
  • Free html templates.
  • Excellent support.
  • Etc

See my review here

Make quick money and earn less!

Many of us bloggers want to earn quick money. We have blogs that get some traffic so we think one of the ways to quickly earn some cash is do paid product reviews.

That works fine and I do it too. As a matter of fact, I have written a report on how to position your blog and attract advertisers even if you have low traffic.Β  See details of this free report here.

But with paid reviews, if you don’t conclude a good deal with the product owner, you will be laying no money making foundation for your blog in the feature.Β  Your advertiser pays you $150 once off. You are rejoicing and bragging that you make money.

If you do a good review that attracts good traffic from search engines, in the next few months, the advertiser keeps getting traffic from you and making 1000s of dollars and you having absolutely nothing from those sales. This looks stupid to me because you made quick money in the beginning but earned less from the deal.

So what’s the good deal to strike?

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle Sponsored posting is one of the fastest ways to make money as a blogger but ask your sponsors to allow you sign up to their affiliate programs and use your affiliate links. That’s how to transform your blog to a money making machine for life.

I have done a couple of paid posts on this blog. Some of the advertisers allowed me to use my affiliate links. That means I will keep milking money from those review articles for life. It’s a good deal isn’t it?

If after 1 year of blogging, you have 20 great and Search Engine friendly review posts linking to product pages with your affiliate link, your blog will be doing quite good.

If each of these articles gets just 10 readers per day from search engine, you will be having averagely 200 targeted visitors per day.Β  With a 0.5% conversion rate, your blog will be making 1 sale per day. That’s the least of it.

So don’t publish your next product review without using your affiliate link. If your advertiser refuses to allow you use your affiliate link, raise the price.

Bottom line!

The fastest way to make money online is drive quick targeted traffic to any service or product page you want to promote. Of course, you need to have something to sell online. Once you are able to get quick targeted traffic, you will make money fast.

Let me hear from you. What in your opinion is the fastest way to make money? Share it in the comment box.

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  1. Once again you rocked Enstine sir,

    Everybody want to make money very quickly but very few people know what are the actual way of making money with fastest way. In this article your mentioned some very nice points that are really awesome and lot’s of Bloggers are going to follow these steps.

  2. Thanks Enstine sir,
    I am definitely sure that i will make money by using this method πŸ™‚ meanwhile I request you to write a post about niche blogging or bulk link building. How can we do it?
    Nitin Singh

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this wonderful article post, i have always trust & learn something new from your blog content and voice.

    Today is also another day and i have something great from this article post. SOMETIMES, TO MAKE MONEY ALSO REQUIRE MONEY INVESTMENT. I agree with this article post that “Driving a targeted traffic to a sales page or product page is the fastest way to make money online”.

    I am currebtly running a facebook Ad to drive traffic to one of my blog page (HIRE US) and the response so far has been great

    Kindly keep up the good writing and have a nice week

    I have ”kingged” this post on where I found it

  4. I have to say it was a funny way to put this information, negative attraction, i like that, however i will first of all say , simple and easy there is no fast or easy way to make money online. there are some easy and fast way to establish an online business.

  5. Hi Enstine,

    Excellent post!!!
    You have highlighted the most important aspect of any blog..Might be it for hobby or for making online money, Traffic is the heart of any blog. If we are able to drive the right amount of traffic, we are definitely on the right track to make money.
    Thanks for sharing this useful post!!!. Your writing style at its best…:)

  6. You’ve said it right, Enstine!

    There are many ways to make money online, but most people want the fastest way of it. Well, as what you’ve said, the risk is there. So, if you’re brave enough to face this challenge, then go! Take the fastest way to make money online and be prepared to lose your money. Haha πŸ˜€ Kidding aside…

    I must agree with you. I also think that the fastest (yet safe) way to make money online is to drive quick targeted traffic.

    How to do that?

    As what I’ve read here, the answer is PPC. As far as I know, PPC campaign has been the quickest way to drive real traffic that generates real sales.

    However, I barely want to remind you that just do this technique β€˜correctly’. Success comes from the right way of doing things. So, please… ponder this. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this epic post!

    P.S. Perfect headline! πŸ™‚


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  7. great post enstine. And I truly agree. The only way to make money is by sending lots of targeted traffic to an offer and you have really shared few great ways to send traffic as well. It’s a bit off topic but I was actually planning to start my first adwords campaign and what do you think if it is easy to get a profitable campaign on adwords because the bid is to high?
    Anyways great share mate

  8. Hey Enstine, I just like your writing style. You managed to present post in an attractive and well formatted structure which is a good factor in making a good readership.

    Further as you mentioned about PPC and large mailing list, I never knew the strategy to get well payed through huge list of subscribers. I just thought it was basically for the sake of more traffic.

    But you have managed to explore the real potential of the subscriber list. Further, I would definitely try that new email marketing service.
    Thanks for sharing the qualitative post here on too.

    • Hey Rao,
      Thanks for your nice words
      yes, with a responsive list, you can make good money. Start creating yours and before you know it, you will be cashing big from it πŸ˜‰

      Good luck and have a wonderful week

  9. All the tips you’ve shared are really unique and I’d say going through these methods will surely get some good out come.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello Enstine,
    As usual This is a great post from you. Yes the ways you stated here are the best ways to make money fastly. I agree with you that emailing your subscribers and trying to sell them certain product performs well and you can earn great revenue.

    Sponsored reviews are also great one to earn huge chunks of money. I am trying to get one but not successful as this is my first time to try for them.

    Thank you for the post! πŸ™‚

    Well, i found this post on and commented on it!

    • Hi Swaraj,
      It’s not always easy to get the first business. However, the thin I advice you do now is do some free reviews. Clients generally will want to see what you’ve done before. So try publish free reviews before pitching clients.

      That will surely help

  11. I have a question to ask , Initial stage of a blog , how to get paid reviews . For an example , I create a video about any product and its owner thinks , I don’t need him , because he is already promoting my product .

    Actually , I run a few software review blogs and whenever I contact to a software company , they say me , we only can provide you some license keys to host a giveaway . Can you guide me ? thanks in advance , dear .

    • It happens often Atif. So many software developers are rather willing to provide free copies of their programs. However, some will give cash. Tell them you are willing to accept money and if they don’t pay in cash, move on to another.

      I’m sure if you continue the search, you will find clients with cash rewards. Please check my current post for some details

  12. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for sharing these valuable post
    with lot of tips and connected worth reading links.
    Though it is a tedious business, its
    worth trying πŸ™‚
    But some areas mentioned here is
    still I am unable to digest it LOL πŸ™‚
    Anyways, in some places you need
    to have something to sell!
    Hey if one do not have that how will
    they survive! πŸ™‚
    of course they can search some other
    pastures πŸ™‚
    Thank you much for this indepth detail
    on making quick money LOL πŸ™‚

    Keep informed.
    Hey Enstine, I found this informative piece at and kingged it and posted this comment there.
    Thanks a lot for giving some insight into some of the difficult issues πŸ™‚
    Keep Going
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Philip,
      Good to connect with you and thanks for the comment and kingging πŸ˜‰
      I remember you sent me a mail. I’ll check my inbox and get back to you later on today. Do have a wonderful day

  13. This is what we call destiny, i logged in to kingged to share my article on different ways to make money online, but i must say, your article is very well written and informative.. much more precised. Bookmarked your page… looking forward for more from you Enstine
    I landed here through Kingged

  14. Earning online is not bread and Tea, effort has to be applied as in real effort, a lot of people have had a lot misconceptions about making money online…

    Wanting to make quick money online most of the time leads to scamming…

    You are right about have a responsive list, when one has a responsive list, you are on the pathway to making huge money..

    That is where the effort lies, building a list will take some time to do and that is if value is offered within that time…. With these in mind one can make with a reasonable amount of time.. Thanks for sharing on

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Each of your article about making money always surprise me. There’s nothing I can do besides nodding my head while reading your article. Awesome!

    Your idea was amazing, Enstine. I did a sponsored post currently, but the results are not too much that I can get as you get. I think, I have to build a strong foundation for my blog in the first place, maybe after that I can think everything with pride πŸ™‚

    Now I’m also thinking about building my email list, and it looks like I consider using INinbox as you use. When the time comes, I hope everything will go well πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you made ​​a post about this, Enstine. This is what I need in order to become a professional blogger. Thanks for this as well πŸ™‚


    • Hi Nanda,
      Good to see you around again and thanks for the sweet comment.
      Did you download my free report about getting sponsored post business? I’m sure this will help you in really well.

      Yes, I recommend you give INinbox a try. I have not seen any downside using it. The features you need are there even in the free version

      Hope to see you here again and do have a wonderful week ahead

  16. These days, people jump into the computer and search for money making tips. Yes, Clickbank is a great platform to earn commissions, however, if you are not into online works and content marketing, you might fail.

    It’s never easy, you need a blog, you need huge traffic, before you’ll earn big and earn fast money through PPC.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Very correct when you said it’s never easy πŸ˜‰
      The real point here is to treat blogging like a real business to succeed with it

      Thanks for kingging this post Metz

  17. Hello Enstine,

    I must agree with you completely on this. The lifeblood of any viable blog is simply how targeted it’s traffic is…sadly, many folks refuse to understand that there is a huge difference between raw clicks and targeted traffic.

    Who is most likely to buy your food? A hungry man or a man already fully satisfied? If you ask me, I’d choose the former!

    Do have a great day. Once again, an amazing, thought filled post.


  18. Hey Enstine,

    So I have a question for you. Aren’t these sponsored posts the ones that Google has been penalizing people for? Of course I’ve never done one because that alone makes me nervous but I’ve heard of Google de-indexing people who have links from sponsored posts.

    I’ve also seen some people who have sponsored ads in their sidebar because they say they are I would assume that’s the same thing Google is saying you shouldn’t do? I think that would be my only concern with doing something like this.

    I definitely don’t know it all which is why I did want to ask but overall what you shared sounds darn good to me.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      Google absolutely is not against sponsored posts. What they frown at is when you violate their terms by linking out without the nofollow tag. As long as you don’t pass link juice from your blog to the sponsor’s url, you are fine.

      But the question is why do advertisers keep paying for nofollow articles?

      Initially, they were benefiting from two things:

      1 – Direct traffic from your blog to their linked page
      2 – Link juice transfer which boosts their pr and ranking position.

      But as it goes these days, the link juice transfer is what Google strikes against and it’s gradually being eliminated. Both blogger and sponsor know they are standing a high risk with dofollow links.

      So the real gain for advertisers now is the direct traffic (from your community and search engines, branding and of course a balanced link profile)

      I believe a well written review post will keep pulling traffic from search engines to it. That means the sponsor keeps getting targeted traffic from your blog.

      Despite the nofollow link, I have discovered 2 things that still keep advertisers interested in sponsored posting. I’m writing an article on it. Hope to see you around as usual πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for being on my blog. You’ve contributed so much in what this blog is today. Do have a wonderful week ahead.

      • Thank you for explaining that Enstine because I was under the impression that one of the reasons you were being paid for the post was for the link juice and that was my main concern. So knowing that those paying for your review are aware that they will be nofollow links then I can understand why now that they would be okay.

        I appreciate you clearing that up and thank you by the way. That was very nice of you to say! All smiles this morning.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      What is said by Enstine absolutely right and maybe I can add a little bit about sponsored posts..

      Sponsored post is prohibited if it is only for backlinks, it can be seen from the posts that are not appropriate with the topic of your blog. If I have a Technology blog, then suddenly there was a post about loans in my blog, Google also would be suspicious about this πŸ™‚

      If the posting is still related to the topic of our blog, then all will be fine. The point is, we must make our blogs as natural as possible even with sponsored posts in it. πŸ™‚

      That’s my opinion though, correct me if I’m wrong πŸ™‚

      Kind Regards,

      • Thanks Nanda… I would think that would be wrong on any blog myself and I get plenty of people wanting to place ads on my blog that have absolutely nothing to do with what I share. I certainly wouldn’t write a post for something so off topic either.

        I appreciate you adding to that, thanks again.

  19. I’m a fan of your blog but I’ve never really commented till today. I never cease to wonder at the vast amount of information that your blog has. Simply amazing! And like another reader suggested, please come up with a post on Facebook Ads versus Google Ads. You definitely know your stuff and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    • Hey Sheeroh,
      I’m so excited you finally decided to drop a comment today πŸ˜‰
      Yes, I’m working on putting some really good stuff on both platforms – Adwords and Fb ads. It’s going to be hot πŸ˜‰

  20. Hi muki. pardon me. i guess you study accounting when your in your secondary school at your SSCE Level. you share content not as a teacher but as a man of authority in that field. its been quiet a bit i started implementing some techniques i see on this blog to mine and i’m indeed getting positive result. thanks very much. also how can one get these targeted traffic?

    • Good to hear that you are getting positive results following these tips I share here bro.
      lol accounting? Not at all πŸ˜‰ I’m just giving it the way I know people will understand.

      Are you really asking how to get targeted traffic?

      BTW, have you checked my latest post for a powerful method?

  21. Hey! Thanks enstine muki for your awesome tips.I think ,I should start making use of your tips on my blog.
    By the way you are really awesome and your content too.

    Best Regards,
    Abdul Ghani,

  22. Right on point, Enstine. Which is why I have made very little money (just pennies compared to what you’re making, I’m sure) off my blogs. I’ve been blogging for a while (although not exclusively for money) but I have lots to learn to replicate what you’ve already been able to accomplish with your blog. Keep those insightful blog posts coming!

    • Hi Maricel,
      Sorry for replying a little bit late πŸ˜‰ I have had a lot of things to catch up with.

      I’m sure you can do something to increase the money making power of your blog. I just published a post this Wednesday on how you can make SO MUCH money with your blog. Interesting stuff to check out πŸ˜‰

  23. Mr. Enstine,
    I very much like your quote that PPC is the fastest way to get a traffic for the blogs for money earning, as well as it is a quick way to waste money. What a touching truth ? New bloggers should make a note !
    Then your practical approach of affiliate ideas are very fine !

  24. If I get you from the post, you used adwords in acquiring your first affiliate marketing cash? This means you invested in something.
    You used a smaller fish in getting a bigger fish then but this is something many are yet to understand.
    I have tried Facebook ads with one of my affiliate stores and the results were quite impressive and the issue you raised with respect to charging a bit more from advertisers seeking to have a sponsored post was right on point so far as they aren’t going to use your affiliate.
    You have being striking some interesting deals of late on your and that is simply great.

    • Good to see you around bro! How is Ghana today?

      Yes, I spent a little and got over 300% gain. Adword is good if you can have your fingers on the right button πŸ˜‰

      I’m planning to get Facebook under my belt too. will be sharing some tips too on that πŸ˜‰

  25. Nice sharing Enstine Muki. I agreee with you. I have join a lot affiliate product at my country. I’m never use adwords. But when we as a blogger asking to promote affiliate product to certain period of times, only certain people make many sales. The top 3 makes sales is using Google Adwords. And yes, by using targeted traffic, we able to increase sales so fast

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment. PPC isn’t that easy right? and many are losing a fortune on it πŸ˜‰

      BTW, hope to see you around again and have a wonderful weekend

  26. Hi Enstine,
    This is my first visit on you blog and really i am impressed!!! πŸ™‚
    Wonderful post indeed, yep targeted traffic really helpful to make money with a short span of time, Nowadays the demand of PPC is increasing day by day and it is the best way to derive the traffic on your blog and also helpful to earn money in quick way. In your article you mentioned some useful tips that really helpful for us .
    Thanbks for sharing.
    keep posting.

    • Wow! Welcome Mike and thanks for making a comment on your first visit. I hope to see you around often so we can build a solid relationship to help each other

      Do have a wonderful week ahead πŸ˜‰

  27. Spot on Enstine. Without traffic the whole venture is nothing but a fight against the wind. Personally, I think Google Adword is for professional, Facebook ads is more newbie friendly than adword, if proper care is not taken, a newbie might invest more than he gains on adword. (Was wondering if you can write a blog post about the two ads platform). Also, blogging is an effective way of building traffic towards the product that is being promoted. If the blog niche keys with the product, the profit is almost limitless! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips.

    • Good comment and thanks for the suggestion Augustus. I have taken note and will be trying to gather useful points

      BTW, have you had any success with Facebook ads?

      • Yes, Facebook is easy to setup, and it provides an great targeting option, ranging from age to gender, the option is almost endless. (I know Google is also robust) But Facebook is not complex at all. And Yes! I have great testimonies with Facebook ads, especially when am promoting things that have to do with teens and games.

  28. Very spot-on tips to earn quick money. It can be defined in simpler term as sell bakery products to customers at early in the morning because most of them come out from their home to buy the things for their breakfast. So the secret of earning online is selling the most relevant product to a group of your blog audience.
    But it is not easy to bring fast the targeted traffic at your blog. Either for this you need to wait or to spend money as you pointed out in this post. Here spending money to bring traffic is also an important topic because someone PPC does not bring our targeted traffic while writing a few pillar post with highly searched keywords did miracle for us. This point bloggers need to review from all aspects before going to invest money for bringing traffic.
    Thanks a lot Enstine Muki for writing a wonderful post that cleared the ambiguity regarding why it is so difficult to earn money fast with your blog. A smart strategy can make it possible without much ado.

  29. Hey Enstine,

    Targeted traffic wins the race every time, if you drive a lot of traffic but it’s not targeted then there is no benefit, people will visit your site and will leave it very soon which will directly increase your bounce rate.

    I believe in getting less but targeted traffic, traffic which you can easily convert into customers. I have learnt from your previous sponsored review guides and tried to implement every thing you mentioned.

    I recently did a review but the owner didn’t allow me to put my affiliate URL so i removed it. By the way, raising the review price is a nice tip.

    -Siraj Wahid

    • Thanks for being part of my community bro and I’m glad you learned something from my posts.

      It’s normal that one or two sponsors don’t allow you to use your affiliate link. However, some will do. The advantage is that you will always be motivated to tweak those posts for more traffic in order to make more sales.

      In any case, better days are ahead. Let’s stick on!

  30. Once again you rocked Enstine sir,

    Everybody want to make money very quickly but very few people know what are the actual way of making money with fastest way. In this article your mentioned some very nice points that are really awesome and lot’s of Bloggers are going to follow these steps.

    A special thanks to you sir for this valuable and needed article πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for dropping a comment Amit πŸ˜‰
      Glad to read from you on this comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead and hope to see you around again on the next post πŸ˜‰

  31. Hi Enstine,

    I wish I could say something in money matters πŸ™‚

    I am still on the learning curve and not making much, as you already know, though the planning work is carrying on behind the scene, and perhaps after the little summer break I intend taking shortly, there would be better ways to make money on my agenda.

    But I agree, unless you have something to sell online and have target audience or readers who will buy your product or services, it’s tough to make good money from the other sources, besides reviews ( I liked the idea about having paid reviews with your own aff links – makes sense.) I read your INinbox review and saw the little video by Angela too, and I think it certainly is a better option people must check out.

    Thanks for sharing all of these tips with us. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

    • Hey Harleena,
      Thanks for shooting the first comment on this post.
      I’m sure once you start exploiting the money making capacity of your blog fully, you’re going to see great results.

      Waiting for such moments.

      Thanks for being part of this post today and do have a wonderful week ahead

      • Thanks for saying that Bilal – but I never started the blog to make money, though now I am thinking of doing so, slow and stead. πŸ™‚

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