The fastest way to make money is … see details for answer!

So many people are looking for the fastest way to make money online. There are many ways to earn money online but if you want to make quick cash, the risk is that you will end up losing money. As a matter of fact, the reason many of us have been scammed is because we went looking for the quick button to click.

You cannot just get up from nowhere and want to make money online quick. It is however possible to figure out the fastest way to make money but you must have walked a long distance before getting there.

As a young blogger online with no community, forget about looking for a quick-jump step to fill your bank account with money – even scammers do walk a long distance to make it.

There is no making money online without going through a learning curve. If you want it quick, there is a possibility though but you will have to start by spending money on traffic.

The fastest way to make money is:

drive quick targeted traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any method you want to use to make money online. Whether you are selling your own products or doing affiliate marketing, you need targeted traffic. If you want to make it fast, you need fast traffic too. There are many ways to quickly drive traffic to any money making page ;


This means Pay Per Click. This is the fastest and most targeted way to drive traffic that generates sales. It is also a quick way to waste money. The beauty with this method though is that it works anytime. Anyone with money in the bank can start off with this.

Google Adword is the most widely used PPC platform. As a matter of fact, that’s what I used to earn my first ever commission online. I promoted a Clickbank Solar Energy DIY product and made my first commission of about $33 😉

fastest way to make money

From a huge list

With a huge list of real subscribers, you can make $10 000 and more just with a single campaign. But the real problem here is that it’s difficult to build a huge list. Some Internet Marketers are even of the opinion that a huge responsive list is the fastest way to make money. The reason is that this list can quickly generate quick targeted traffic to any sales page.

If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers with a conversion rate of 0.97% (by-passing Open Rate and Click through Rate), that means about 485 subscribers will buy from you anytime you send a product promotional mail to the list.

If you promote a product that pays $33 in commission, that means about $16 000 earned per mailing campaign.

We are told that generally, each subscriber on your list makes you $1 every month. Going by this theory, 50,000 subscribers represent $50,000 a month.

Practically, this is not always true. If the list is well built and maintained, it is very possible to double this amount.


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Make quick money and earn less!

Many of us bloggers want to earn quick money. We have blogs that get some traffic so we think one of the ways to quickly earn some cash is do paid product reviews.

That works fine and I do it too. As a matter of fact, I have written a report on how to position your blog and attract advertisers even if you have low traffic.  See details of this free report here.

But with paid reviews, if you don’t conclude a good deal with the product owner, you will be laying no money making foundation for your blog in the feature.  Your advertiser pays you $150 once off. You are rejoicing and bragging that you make money.

If you do a good review that attracts good traffic from search engines, in the next few months, the advertiser keeps getting traffic from you and making 1000s of dollars and you having absolutely nothing from those sales. This looks stupid to me because you made quick money in the beginning but earned less from the deal.

So what’s the good deal to strike?

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle Sponsored posting is one of the fastest ways to make money as a blogger but ask your sponsors to allow you sign up to their affiliate programs and use your affiliate links. That’s how to transform your blog to a money making machine for life.

I have done a couple of paid posts on this blog. Some of the advertisers allowed me to use my affiliate links. That means I will keep milking money from those review articles for life. It’s a good deal isn’t it?

If after 1 year of blogging, you have 20 great and Search Engine friendly review posts linking to product pages with your affiliate link, your blog will be doing quite good.

If each of these articles gets just 10 readers per day from search engine, you will be having averagely 200 targeted visitors per day.  With a 0.5% conversion rate, your blog will be making 1 sale per day. That’s the least of it.

So don’t publish your next product review without using your affiliate link. If your advertiser refuses to allow you use your affiliate link, raise the price.

Bottom line!

The fastest way to make money online is drive quick targeted traffic to any service or product page you want to promote. Of course, you need to have something to sell online. Once you are able to get quick targeted traffic, you will make money fast.

Let me hear from you. What in your opinion is the fastest way to make money? Share it in the comment box.

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