5 reasons to invest in Cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency is now the industry that grows tremendously daily and no one is willing to be indifferent. It’s no longer just a digital currency. It’s a huge investment opportunity that attracts attention from Governments, large organisations and big guns worldwide.

On the 12th of June 2016, I signed up to a new cryptocurrency. That simple action marked the beginning of a completely new and exhilarating experience, connecting me with top industry leaders worldwide.

I have spoken face-to-face with folks around me and some are still handful and reticent. Some say cryptoccurency is scam but that’s a big miss. Some investors have been scammed in cryptoccurency but that doesn’t make the industry bad. There are some scam coins out there but the industry is powered by legitimate options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

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What does it mean to invest in cryptocurreny?

The new and experimental industry is large with hundreds of traded coins  and more than 800 listed on Coinmarketcap.com. These are borderless currencies, with no Government regulations. Digital currency is the people’s currency. The coin values are set by market forces, a direct result of human  behavior not an individual or institutional decision.

But everyone belongs to a country. (If you don’t know the  name of yours, ask your kids) and every country owns a currency. But to invest in cryptoccurency is to own digital coins despite having your local currency. Once you buy or mine your digital coins, they are absolutely yours so you decide what to do with them.

There are hundreds of different currencies. It’s up to you to decide where to invest. There are coins that are platform-limited. That means they can only be spent on the platform. For the most part, these are Blockchain powered platforms:

  • Some coins can only be used on blockchain-based video games platforms
  • Some can only be used to purchase Internet data
  • Some can only be used on blockchain-dependent social media platforms
  • Etc

There are other coins that are Passe-partout. These are accepted on all platforms. Most common of these are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many other altcoins can be used on platforms in different industries but watch out for cryptocurrencies that are product-limited.

You can also invest in the industry by buying or hiring mining machines, creating your own cryptocurrency or developing tools that facilitate activities in the industry.

But why do I recommend you invest in cryptocurrency?

There are many reasons to invest in cryptocurrency (Buy/Mine coins and own them) but i’m going to give you just five in this post.

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Here are 5 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency:

1. You will certainly use it in the feature

If you are not using cryptoccurencies today, you are certainly going to use them in the future. The reason is that businesses are getting more and more involved and blockchain startups popping up here and there in different areas of business.

If you are not a video game lover, you are certainly going to buy one medical equipment or subscribe to one insurance policy in the few years to come. These and more are industries where federated and private blockchains are being developed. These blockchain businesses are having their own digital currency units and you will need them. The digital society era is near.

2. Blockchain is here to stay

invest in cryptocurrencyThe technology that powers digital currency is Blockchain. This is a decentralized and distributed database that eliminates any central point of management and makes the work of hackers near impossible.

The Blockchain technology is a digital transformation disrupting businesses worldwide. Its set of advantages positions it as the next big thing that will shape and point businesses to a new direction.

Blockchain implementation facilitates the creation and adoption of new currency units. As this is getting popular by the day, I foresee a blockchain-driven and  digital currency powered economies in years to come. Don’t stay back and run behind the train.

3. People are taking power in their hands

Governments and policy makers have failed the people. Their decisions are motivated by selfish ambitions, living the masses frustrated at their mercies. But the people have found the source of unstoppable power. They can now do without their local currencies. They can now buy things with Bitcoin and get them delivered straight home.

This breathes in new array of hope and strength, and keeps everyone ready to fight for more. We are in a situation where people are ready to do more to gain their freedom.

4. You can quickly and easily become a millionaire 

If you want to quickly and easily leapfrog financial barriers, cryptocurrency is one of the industries to embrace. Stories about Bitcoin millionaires abound. These are investors who came from no where with negligible amounts. Today they are millionaires because they took the risk and invested early.

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Buying coins in cryptocurrency is not an expensive exercise. With less than $10, anyone can invest in an ICO crowdsale and own tokens. SwissCoin for instance gives investors with low budget to start off with as low as 25 euros.

Some interesting reads:

5. You don’t need any degree to start

The new industry has turned many school dropouts millionaires. Anyone with an Internet connection can invest in buykng cryptocoins. No college certificate or university qualification required. If you can identify a legitimate coin, invest some money on time, you are likely to make some good profit.

There may be many more reasons but I end here for now. Do the following things:

1 – Download my free report to continue

2 – Drop a comment below and let me know if you are investing in cryptocurrency

3 – Share this post on social media so friends can discover it. If you link to it from your blog, let me know so I can share.

10 thoughts on “5 reasons to invest in Cryptocurrency!”

  1. I totally agree, Enstine, Crypocurrencies are the way of the future. A decentralized place, a trusted ledger, for people to transact without a middleman? The Financial world has been one of the few industries that haven’t been disrupted by technology yet.
    It’s still not too late to catch the wave and it’s exactly like you say: if people want to still have a chance to capture a piece of this new market.

  2. Thanks for sharing this knowledge on cryptocurrency investment.

    It will be a big minus for anyone not keying into this technology that’s gradually disrupting the banking industry.

    Do you have ideas on reputable companies to invest cryptocurrencies with?

    Good luck in the crypto world.

  3. Thanks for this great piece Enstine.

    I am still scared of investing in crypto though because it is not physical money.

    I need tutoring on cryptocurrency for sure

  4. Cryptocurrencies are the future, we have a positive history yet and it seems good for future too. For me it is worth investing in them. Thanks for nice post.

  5. Hi

    Although Cryptocurrency is risky but the biggest risk is missing out on the opportunities. Thanks for sharing and thumbs up for the ico report.

  6. The cryptocurrency market is growing like wild fire. Thanks to the rapid growth of Bitcoin, people now understand the value of these “virtual currency”.

  7. Awesome post, Enstine. I know there are still a lot of people out there who are still apprehensive about cryptocurrencies. I mean, we’re talking about a currency that one cannot touch or feel? Sounds really weird. I, however prefer to be more open minded about it and decided to find out what all this hullabaloo about bitcoin was, by investing just a little money in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I made a profit of $80. Not a lot but I was just testing. I can see the awesome potential that is in these industry though, what with more altcoins coming up such as Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and more. I concur with you Enstine, that crypto is the future.

    • Hey Sheeroh,
      How are you doing this week?
      This for stopping by and dropping a comment.
      Think of some popular and successful companies like Paypa, Google, Amazon, etc in their different industries. They grabbed the opportunity when things were new. Today they are firmly established.

      Cryptocurrency is new and those investing in it now will be the masters tomorrow. Anyone that’s still on the fence should jump on board before the wagon takes to speed. It may be late.

      Thanks for your engagement and do have a powerful weekend ahead

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