How to Become a Magnet to Blogging Opportunity

I am where I am today because I became a magnet to opportunity.

For many years though, this was not the case.

I could never seem to find opportunities anywhere, for guest posting, for commenting on good blogs and for finding customers and clients.

But I eventually turned things around by following these 5 tips.

If you want:

  • more blogging opportunities for growth
  • more traffic
  • more comments
  • more profits

follow these tips and hone your skills in these areas.

1: Get Your Mind Right

Early during my blogging career, my mind was warped. Screwed up.

I was mired in fear.

Opportunities? Why would I want to seize opportunities? Grabbing opportunities meant increased responsibility which meant more work which meant less freedom.

I actually thought this way. Seriously. It was like Ryan Bizarro World back then. Full 180 from where I am now.

But through:

  • meditation
  • reflection
  • prayer
  • honoring my intuition

I saw responsibility as a reward, meaning the work was play, and the play was a gift, because I loved what I did and also served folks through my gift. So when I felt that way about taking on responsibility aka fun, I sought and ate up opportunity like Olive Oil after a 3 year fast.

Get your mind right. Do things more from love, and less from fear. You will frame responsibility and opportunity in a different light. Which helps you multiply blogging opportunities in your life.

2: Dive into Your Fears

I felt allergic to blogging opportunities. For years. Because I allowed my fear of the unknown to dominate my desire to be free, to have fun, and to explore prospering opportunities.

I ain’t gonna lie; I was even a little nervous when Enstine invited me to guest post here. I feared diving in to this opportunity a little bit. Would I be a match for his audience? Would my posts go over well with his readers?

I felt the fear and dove in. Diving into your fears is a simple, direct, powerful way to magnetize yourself to more opportunities.

Sometimes you may not resonate with a blogging opportunity and should let it go. More often you feel terrified to seize a delicious opportunity because you fear:

  • failing
  • wasting your time
  • being criticized

Yeah, me too. I feel those fears.

But I dive in.

You should too.

If you want to attract prospering blogging opportunities.

3: Gobble Up Opportunities Quickly

Today; I woke at 8:38 AM. Meditated for 10 minutes. Then I checked my email, commented on 10 travel blogs, created a Facebook Live and Periscope video, uploaded the FB Live Video to The Huffington Post and now I am writing this guest post.

I am meeting with friends at 11:45 AM for a hang out. Meaning I had about 3 hours to either dawdle around or gobble up opportunities like Pac Man.

I went Pac Man.

I will write a guest post for Blogging Tips after submitting this guest post in a few minutes.


If you seize opportunities, you multiple opportunities.

Bloggers who gobble up opportunities expand their online presence quickly. Which generates more opportunities in their lives.

4: Build Your Friend Network

Most opportunities flowed my way through my blogging buddies.

I have only pitched 5 – or maybe less, now that I think about it – bloggers on guest post ideas. The remaining 1000 plus guest post opportunities flowed my way through invites from blogging friends.

I built blogging friendships by:

  • retweeting other bloggers
  • commenting on other blogger’s posts
  • featuring other bloggers on my blog or via guest posts

I was a friend. I acted like a generous friend. So I made a bunch of blogging friends. Said friends who spread my word for me, in the process creating an avalanche of opportunities for me.

If you want to become a connected blogger, make connections. Generous bloggers surround themselves with large, loyal friend networks. These friends serve up delicious opportunities.

5: Post Persistently to Your Blog

I post twice a week to Blogging From Paradise.

Doing so for the past 3 years magnetized me to opportunity.

Misled bloggers ignore the power of persistence in becoming an opportunity seizing machine. But publishing a few posts persistently, weekly, for years, helped me create a viral online presence.

If folks are traipsing through blogging tips or even travel blogging blogs, they are likely to see me. If they see me, I become familiar. If I become familiar, folks are likely to toss opportunities my way.

Just yesterday a new friend asked to learn more about my blogging course. He heard I was a blogging expert. Wanted to learn more.

Publishing persistently brings such opportunities to you.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list? How are you being a magnet to blogging opportunities?

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