How to Become a Magnet to Blogging Opportunity

I am where I am today because I became a magnet to opportunity.

For many years though, this was not the case.

I could never seem to find opportunities anywhere, for guest posting, for commenting on good blogs and for finding customers and clients.

But I eventually turned things around by following these 5 tips.

If you want:

  • more blogging opportunities for growth
  • more traffic
  • more comments
  • more profits

follow these tips and hone your skills in these areas.

1: Get Your Mind Right

Early during my blogging career, my mind was warped. Screwed up.

I was mired in fear.

Opportunities? Why would I want to seize opportunities? Grabbing opportunities meant increased responsibility which meant more work which meant less freedom.

I actually thought this way. Seriously. It was like Ryan Bizarro World back then. Full 180 from where I am now.

But through:

  • meditation
  • reflection
  • prayer
  • honoring my intuition

I saw responsibility as a reward, meaning the work was play, and the play was a gift, because I loved what I did and also served folks through my gift. So when I felt that way about taking on responsibility aka fun, I sought and ate up opportunity like Olive Oil after a 3 year fast.

Get your mind right. Do things more from love, and less from fear. You will frame responsibility and opportunity in a different light. Which helps you multiply blogging opportunities in your life.

2: Dive into Your Fears

I felt allergic to blogging opportunities. For years. Because I allowed my fear of the unknown to dominate my desire to be free, to have fun, and to explore prospering opportunities.

I ain’t gonna lie; I was even a little nervous when Enstine invited me to guest post here. I feared diving in to this opportunity a little bit. Would I be a match for his audience? Would my posts go over well with his readers?

I felt the fear and dove in. Diving into your fears is a simple, direct, powerful way to magnetize yourself to more opportunities.

Sometimes you may not resonate with a blogging opportunity and should let it go. More often you feel terrified to seize a delicious opportunity because you fear:

  • failing
  • wasting your time
  • being criticized

Yeah, me too. I feel those fears.

But I dive in.

You should too.

If you want to attract prospering blogging opportunities.

3: Gobble Up Opportunities Quickly

Today; I woke at 8:38 AM. Meditated for 10 minutes. Then I checked my email, commented on 10 travel blogs, created a Facebook Live and Periscope video, uploaded the FB Live Video to The Huffington Post and now I am writing this guest post.

I am meeting with friends at 11:45 AM for a hang out. Meaning I had about 3 hours to either dawdle around or gobble up opportunities like Pac Man.

I went Pac Man.

I will write a guest post for Blogging Tips after submitting this guest post in a few minutes.


If you seize opportunities, you multiple opportunities.

Bloggers who gobble up opportunities expand their online presence quickly. Which generates more opportunities in their lives.

4: Build Your Friend Network

Most opportunities flowed my way through my blogging buddies.

I have only pitched 5 – or maybe less, now that I think about it – bloggers on guest post ideas. The remaining 1000 plus guest post opportunities flowed my way through invites from blogging friends.

I built blogging friendships by:

  • retweeting other bloggers
  • commenting on other blogger’s posts
  • featuring other bloggers on my blog or via guest posts

I was a friend. I acted like a generous friend. So I made a bunch of blogging friends. Said friends who spread my word for me, in the process creating an avalanche of opportunities for me.

If you want to become a connected blogger, make connections. Generous bloggers surround themselves with large, loyal friend networks. These friends serve up delicious opportunities.

5: Post Persistently to Your Blog

I post twice a week to Blogging From Paradise.

Doing so for the past 3 years magnetized me to opportunity.

Misled bloggers ignore the power of persistence in becoming an opportunity seizing machine. But publishing a few posts persistently, weekly, for years, helped me create a viral online presence.

If folks are traipsing through blogging tips or even travel blogging blogs, they are likely to see me. If they see me, I become familiar. If I become familiar, folks are likely to toss opportunities my way.

Just yesterday a new friend asked to learn more about my blogging course. He heard I was a blogging expert. Wanted to learn more.

Publishing persistently brings such opportunities to you.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list? How are you being a magnet to blogging opportunities?

9 thoughts on “How to Become a Magnet to Blogging Opportunity”

  1. Ryan, you are a great inspiration for new bloggers. you are one of the blogger who follows persistence not only in your own blog but also in otherโ€™s blogs like here, bloggingtips etc .thanks for sharing this interesting and amazing post.

  2. Being criticized was my biggest fear. When I started a blog, I know that I will be criticized that this will not work or you are out of your mind. But, I didn’t listen then and will not listen now. I will keep doing whatever it takes to make myself a career in blogging.
    Thanks for yet another great post.:)

  3. Ryan, you are a great inspiration for new bloggers. you are one of the blogger who follows persistence not only in your own blog but also in other’s blogs like here, bloggingtips etc .

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I can say it without holding back that you are indeed a super hero when it comes to creating a viral online presence. None is yet to prove you wrong on that.

    Since I followed your footsteps I have also started magnetizing other blogging opportunities. It’s just so amazing to me.

    Thanks for being helpful to us in this journey.


  5. If you ever need coaching Cori you know where to find me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am huge on feeling the fear as I dive in, but also taking baby steps too. You may consider doing a 30 second video for your first Live offering on Facebook. Or a 1 minute video. Just introduce yourself and break the ice. Awesome way to get the ball rolling.

  6. Hi Enstine and Ryan,

    It’s great to see you still on tour sharing your words of wisdom, Ryan!

    As usual you’ve shared some great tip for helping bloggers seize every opportunity that they (we) can.

    You know me and my fear. I promise I have tried to – even a short video to say hi and introduce my blog post but I freeze. I’m convinced I need coaching to get over this once and for all.

    Thanks again for all your great tips! Hope you both are having a great week!


  7. I see Ryan as a very productive guy. His guest posts are everywhere. He is the first to comment on so many blogs especially copyblogger and he is also very active on social media.

    It is good to discover one of his ways he keeps up with everything from the info he shares in this post.

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