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5 Perils of motivation in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading

motivation in forex

Motivation plays a crucial part in our everyday life as it helps to overcome the fears and the obstacles that are refraining from achieving the ultimate target.

As this is an online industry, there is no way we can physically contact any mentor to solve our problems. Traders are beginning to submerge themselves in the world of motivations.

In this article, we are going to describe some of the downgrades associated with this particular phenomenon. If we open social media, these motivational videos are inspiring us to move the mountains. Continue reading


8 cryptocurrency jobs that will need you to work with Bitcoin and blockchain

cryptocurrency jobs

Businesses ranging from manufacturing and finance to insurance and healthcare will all start using blockchain technology in some form or the other in the future.

This shows how important it is for millennial to understand the working of Bitcoins and blockchain in order to improve their employee salability.

With blockchain, transaction speeds are improving, operational costs are coming down, and there is no further need for intermediaries to conduct financial transfers. In many businesses, the blockchain is providing a much secure way for storing records. Continue reading


4 Successful Bitcoin Trading Strategies Shared by Traders

Successful Bitcoin Trading Strategies

I have not written any Cryptocurrency content for a long time now and I’m beginning to think it’s unfair for my crypto readers.

Since my Cryptocurrency certification and the publication of my Cryptocurrency in Cameroon eBook, a lot has happened. While the book is getting more and more popular, my Cryptocurrency coaching program is also getting more Cameroonians educated

Cryptocurrencies are still thriving and Bitcoin trading is continuing unabated and there are no visible signs yet of the crypto market slowing down. Continue reading

Currency Talks 101: Cash, Credit and Ethereum Exchange

Ethereum Exchange

Money always makes the world go round as the saying goes. Anyone can interpret this infamous saying in various ways.

One can think of the power of money and how it can influence the world. Another might look at it as having money can actually help you change or even control the world to your whim.

These statements have a lot of truth in them. After all, how can you even see the world without money? If you cannot even reach other parts of the Earth, then your influence is not all that effective. Internet has changed that aspect quite a bit, but still has its own limitations.

Money is still needed in order for you to make a move that can possibly change the world. Continue reading

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