(ViralContentBee) How to get massive Social Media Traffic for free!

ViralContentBee is one of the platforms I use for social media and referral traffic. Its authenticity has driven me into writing this post.

As a matter of fact, what makes a platform is not the script. It’s not the server where the script is hosted. It’s the quality of its members.

ViralContentBee (VCB) is a plaform filled with pukka members. Both front-end and back-end users are the attraction of this platform.

I’m particularly excited about the mods making sure no trash is published on the platform. They do manual check of every posted content, rejecting anything that doesn’t meet the kind of quality standard  to attract savvy users.

But What is ViralContentBee and how does it function?

VCB is a social media content exchange platform. Through this platform, you are able to get your content to the social media profiles of other users.

For instance…

If you have 1000 Twitter followers, VCB allows you to reach 100,000 and more followers. But it doesn’t end on Twitter. Other social media platforms covered are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google Plus

ViralContentBee is based on a credit reward system:

  1. You offer credits so that other platform members share your content and earn your credits.
  2. They will now use the credits earned from you to offer to other members who share their content.
  3. You too will have to share others’ content to earn their credits.
  4. If any member doesn’t want to share other members’ content to earn credits, he’ll have to buy from the platform, which is how the platform owner makes the money.

The quantity of credits earned depends on the exposure you bring to the community. I have 11k Twitter followers. So each time I share a tweet, I earn 4 credits. With about 5k friends on Facebook, I earn 5 credits per share.

So you don’t decide how much credits you offer members to share your content. The system automatically handles this, which is something I appraise.

Step-by-step: How to start using ViralContentBuzz

1 – Signup here for free


Once you’ve signed up, go to Settings -> Social Accounts to connect and enable your social backends. Next, go to Settings -> Profile and complete your profile as well. These are important first steps to take to prove you are real .

2 – Add credits to your account

Without credits in your account, you won’t be able to get your content shared. At the moment, there are two ways to add credits to your account:

  1. Buy credits directly
  2. Share others’ content to earn the credits allocated.

Currently, there is just one package to purchase. Maybe the admin will be adding more but you’ll need to have $20 to purchase 200 credits.

To share contents and earn credits, go to Dashboard


It’s quite clear here what to do. The default items are picked based on the categories selected on your profile page. But you still have the list of categories here. Just click to show category items.

Tweet, schedule and buffer

There are three options to share a tweet and earn credits

  1. Instantly tweet
  2. Schedule a tweet
  3. Buffer a tweet

vcb tweeting

The difference between Scheduling and buffering is that the schedule option allows you to set a date and time. The buffer feature simply holds back the tweet for a short while.

I like the fact that I can schedule tweets for the next 48 hours. That keeps my Twitter busy while I earn the credits. But note that it’s a bad practice to push content to Twitter without engagement. So always make time to connect and engage (like, retweet, reply, etc)

3 – Add your own content

You’ve earned some credits from sharing contents or simply buying from the store. Time to add your own content. You need a minimum of 10 credits to proceed.

vcb content

You have to follow instructions on this page to decide the different sharing platforms of your content:

  • Add your content (URL, Tweet and Facebook post).
  • Pick the categories to display your content.
  • Set the budget (Minimum is 10 credits).
  • Select which social platforms you want your content shared.
  • Accept the terms and submit.

Wait for Approval

This is where the platform admins make the community exciting. By manually reviewing and approving content gives no room for spam and trash.

So once your content is submitted, you have to wait for admin to approve/reject.

Does ViralContentBee really work?

My straight answer to this question is YES. The platform is made up of real members. If you post your content in the right category and very attractive titles, you can’t avoid shares:

viralcontentbee shares

Referral traffic from ViralContentBee

This tool was designed with social media traffic in mind. But it happens members are getting referral traffic from the member zone.

Members often click to view the content to be shared. They don’t just share based on the attractiveness of your titles. They click to find out if the destination page has content that’s worth sharing.

My Jetpack stats today tell me I have had some referral traffic from VCB members and that’s awesome:

viralcontentbee jetpack

If your blog is attractive, many of these visitors will end up being subscribers. I’m personally connected with some awesome bloggers thanks to VCB dashboard. While I tried to find out if what I’m about to share is valuable, I discovered the bloggers themselves are worth relating with.

Signing off

If you are not using ViralContentBee right now, you certainly deliberately have decided not to get more traffic from social media.

Go ahead and signup for free. Drop a comment let me know what you think. Share this post on social media.

33 thoughts on “(ViralContentBee) How to get massive Social Media Traffic for free!”

  1. Great VCB review Enstine – I even wrote one myself recently 😉
    Too bad about JustRetweet – I seem to recall they had some sort of
    ‘Save Project’ feature that VCB could profitably employ, to save a bunch of time
    entering projects we’ve entered previously

    Great site for lots of free advertising – one little niggle is that
    I often get URL errors saving Pinterest Pins (and not too many bother
    to make correctly-sized pins which could be bad for Pinterest SEO.)


    • Hey Justin,
      I read and commented your post. That was awesome.
      Last week, I had over 5 million impressions on Twitter thanks to the tool
      JustRetweet was simply a clone of my product, EasyRetweet. The guy who created it was a member on EasyRetweet and I actually invited him to help promote. He went ahead and rather cloned it. We sorted things out though

      While he later on sold JustRetweet for about $15k, I sold easyRetweet for about $14k

      Twitter is getting rigid on its API terms now. I hope what happened to JRT doesn’t happen to VCB

      • Thanks Enstine! I’ll have to do an update on that VCB post soon, since I wrote that soon after I joined.

        You’re right about Twitter being rigid – they keep ‘Shadow Banning’ me for trying to grow my followers rapidly. They also don’t seem to like me sharing VCB stuff too quickly (I was using a buffer setting of 30 mins there for a couple days and got benched for four days.)

        So yes VCB might be on borrowed time, being so similar to JustRetweet.

  2. Thanks for the post. I have been using VCB for more than a year now. The platform is helpful in keeping my twitter updated while i am busy with other things. Pro members always have tweet chats every Tuesday. Its worth trying .

  3. Hey Enstine,

    I wasn’t aware of VCB. But now I have just connected with VCB and it is a great tool.

    Thanks for sharing great information.

    Kind Regards,
    Mark Anthony

  4. I think I signed up on Viral Content Bee sometimes ago but I have not really tried it yet. So, reading this article has given me the courage to try it out now. Thanks bro

  5. I have been using Viral Content Bee for a long time and I can tell you that the love members have for each is real is vast.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi Enstine,
    I love Viral Content Bee. I’m dismayed that StumbleUpon is folding. I wonder what they’ll do. Take it off the site as a sharing option?
    Thanks for the nice review so others learn about the value of the site.

    • Hey Janice,
      Definitely they are going to take it off the VCB platform. But the tool continues with Twitter, Pin, Facebook and plus. You know they are the same guys behind MyBlogU ?

  7. The concept is similar to that of JustRetweet, which is no longer working these days.

    Thanks for this info!
    I am going to check it out!

    FYI, your CommentLuv is not working for me.

    • Hey Lorraine,
      Yes it’s a similar concept. JustRetweet API was suspended by Twitter and from what I see, it’s the end. But VCB is not Twitter dependent and the community is cleaner than EasyRetweet, which is the first retweet tool I created back in 2011.

      How is the week going?

  8. Hello Enstine,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I have just joined Viralcontentbee and it is really cool. Blogging is all about helping each other and grows together. Thanks for sharing this detailed and informative post.

    Have a Great day 🙂

  9. Hi Enstine,

    Great review about VCB. I am using VCB from a long time and it is a very great place not only for getting social shares but also for meeting like-minded bloggers and read quality posts that you would normally share if you read it on your own.

    As for the referral traffic, this is something I intend to do, I always check the post before I share them, I even leave a comment if I can add value to the discussion and then share the article.

    • Nice tool bro. And yes I have gotten to your blog several times from it.
      Thanks for your comment and for tweeting my content on the platform.
      Let’s keep giving 😉

  10. These social methods are really working. But I Also want to add one thing. Pinterest is a giant social media to get unlimited traffic.. I have seen many bloggers getting millions of traffic only from Pinterest.

  11. Hi Enstine,
    I was not knowing about the Viral bee and some other sources. But now through your post, I have made it.
    Thanks for the great share.
    Have a good day ahead.

  12. Viralcontentbee is a great tool for social media traffic. You explained all the aspects of this tool nicely. Thank You for sharing this worthy tool and useful information with us.

  13. Been freaking living on this site Enstine LOL. With guys like you and Dereco in the comments field; if you just promote folks freely on VCB and worry not about outcomes, tons of folks promote you freely too. Give. Receive. I also received an email testimonial from a VCBer who just bought and enjoyed my eBook; ditto for another prominent user who enjoyed one of my courses and an eBook too. Buying crowd but so many rocking blogging buddies I met there too. Fab post!

    • Hey Ryan,
      I have no doubts you are getting leads from the platform. Your contributions are such that cannot go unnoticed.

      You rock bro so keep it up 😉

  14. What a great and informative post Enstine!

    I’ve been using VCB for a few years now and like yourself, I have connected with a log of awesome people through the platform.

    I always recommend it to people whenever I’m asked about getting more traffic to a website.

    I’ll be sharing this article with my network of people as your article did a great job explaining exactly how VCB works.

    Keep rocking it out, thanks for the share!

    • Hey Dereco,
      Been watching some video testimonials on your site man. Truth is you are a leader and thanks for connecting.
      Feeling excited we are connected and thanks for sharing this post and sending your community over here.
      Hope you are set for a beautiful weekend.

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