How Should You Treat Begging Bloggers?

Some bloggers mean well but their fear of loss – and heavy attachment to you – leads to blogging begging.

You know what I mean.

Perhaps a blogger mentions you on their blog. Maybe the blogger interviews you or features you on their blog. Rather than feel good about the kind act, their kindness turns into greed, desperation and a pulsating fear that you need to help them in return because they helped you. This is not kindness. This is a transaction you never agreed to.

I thank every blogger who features me – within reason – but I ignore anybody who begs or bugs me for a mention on my blog, for a Retweet, or for a Facebook Share of the post through which I was featured or mentioned or interview. Why? I ignore fear to live in love and success.

Allow Begging Bloggers to Find the Way to Success

Two bloggers asked me today from a begging vibe to share some content where they featured me.

I allowed each blogger to find the way to success by completely ignoring their messages. Give zero attention and energy to fear to see greater success and to teach the beggars that generosity, not greedy, attached begging, brings you greater freedom, happiness and success.

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Think How Beggars Think to Better Ignore Them

I am nobody. Seriously; I just blog. I am nothing special, even though I believe deeply in myself. For some odd reason, some bloggers believe deeply I am some blogging god whose:

  • retweet
  • Facebook Share
  • mention on Blogging From Paradise

would open the floodgates of success for them. This is not true, though. I can help people but make zero guarantees about my help. My products and services, eBooks and course, support and endorsements only help you as much as you believe:

  • you deserve to succeed
  • you are born to succeed

Begging, desperate bloggers fear deeply that unless I promote them on my blog or through social media that they won’t get the traction they need. On a less deep level, some beggars are a bit greedy, selfish or not too genuine and generous in their giving because they didn’t promote me to help me out and to promote my business; they promoted me to get something from me. This energy disgusts me because I can see someone trying to use me for my name from 1 million miles away. Many bloggers tried it; none succeeded.

However, since I know how they feel, I do the best thing possible: I ignore them.

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Ignore Begging Bloggers

Give no attention and energy to bloggers desperate for shares. Do not feed their fear. Starve their fear. If bloggers follow up 2 or 3 times via email I label the email as spam and allow their future emails to find my spam folder. If someone sends me multiple Messenger messages I ignore every begging message or block them outright because ignoring beggars influences the beggars to:

  • move on
  • learn from their mistakes
  • see a better way to succeed with blogging

Be posturing. Never cower to a fear-filled blogger who begs you for a mention. Do not give in to fear.

You can explain how to network or teach via a clear but polite email if this feels good but I found the quickest and easiest way to release beggars is by completely, 100% of the time, ignoring their begging pleas. Ignoring emails by not responding is the easiest way to send the message; this strategy does not work, so stop doing it.

Fear Teaches a Freeing Lesson

If you are a begging blogger reading this, embrace your fear of not being enough. Hug your deserving issues. Release the fear of not gaining endorsements or promotions from top bloggers. Success is in you, now. Release these deep fears to experience the freeing lesson; only you will make yourself successful and nobody outside of you will make you successful.

Help someone and cut the strings of expectation. Be generous. Mention a top blogger then let go, expecting nothing in return, to raise higher in your blogging niche, into influential circles.

Every top blogger ignores desperation and gravitates toward posture.

Have posture.

Stop begging.

Believe in yourself.

As for more posturing bloggers, give no attention and energy to begging and you soon find more posturing bloggers and greater blogging success finds you.

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