Are You In Blogging Survival Mode?

My most difficult blogging obstacle to overcome was leaving blogging survival mode to move into abundance mode.

I tried to use my blog to:

  • pay bills
  • put food on the table
  • put a roof over my head

I did not blog to thrive. I blogged to survive.

I vibed mainly from an energy of fear, lack and limitation. Life was difficult. I struggled financially. I struggled to gain traffic and profits.


I was being the person who desperately wanted to make $5 or $10 a day so I could buy food, pay rent and pay bills. I would have nothing left over after covering survival expenses.

Think for one second; if a person is desperate to survive, will this blogger be:

  • generous?
  • patient?
  • persistent?
  • willing to practice blogging?
  • willing to create helpful content?
  • willing to build generous connections by serving other bloggers and expecting nothing?

Of course not!

If you are being a desperate blogger you cannot be a generous, prospering, detached blogger. Impossible. Different energies on the opposite end of the spectrum. Observe how Enstine generously promotes other bloggers via his guest posts. He acts abundantly. He prospers mightily. Just look at his results on Pinterest.

The thing is, Enstine had to maintain this energy and adopt this attitude BEFORE he began to make more and more money blogging. Being precedes becoming.

I had to think, act and be abundant well before I saw greater blogging traffic and profits.

My turning point: shifting from blogging survival mode to blogging abundance mode.

Follow these tips to leave blogging survival mode for good.

1: Feel Fears Fueling Survival Mode

I experienced the fear of losing all of my money a long time ago. I eventually *did* lose all my money.  Sure this experience felt unpleasant, but after making it through, I felt more fearless, clearer and more abundant. Hardship teaches you lessons prosperity could never touch.

After feeling the fear of losing all my money and observing this experience in my life I simply proceeded from a more detached, abundant, generous space.

You will always try to survive if you weigh yourself down with fear and you will thrive if you let go this fear. Feel this fear. Let it go. Proceed from an abundant, loving, fun and detached energy.

2: Focus on Other Bloggers

Do you notice how successful, happy bloggers shine the spotlight on other bloggers? Do that.

Do you notice how fear-filled, unhappy bloggers desperately or greedily shine the spotlight only on themselves, begging other bloggers to click their links, to click their ads and to help them? Stop doing that.

I began thriving and left survival mode for good the moment I placed most of my attention and energy on serving other people. I do not check my stats to see how I am doing. I help other bloggers by mentioning them on my blog, by mentioning them via my guest posts and by promoting other bloggers via social media.

My blogging friend network grew and all my blogging buddies helped me be more successful.

Give freely. Receive easily. Make survival mode a thing of the past.

3: Move Up in Blogging Circles

I noted how successful bloggers like Priya Florence Shah were so quick to help other bloggers. She freely promotes me and asks for nothing in return. No wonder why she is so successful.

But I only observed Priya in action by moving up in blogging circles.

Let go bloggers on page view threads and ad click threads. Release bloggers hellbent on doing link exchanges.

Move higher in blogging circles by creating helpful content regularly and by helping top bloggers without asking for anything. Be generous. Be detached. Learn from pros. Befriend influencers. Big dawg bloggers teach you to be generous, patient and persistent. Sponge up their abundant energy. Let go blogging survival mode by surrounding yourself with folks who blog abundantly.

You can’t open the door to the blogging penthouse if you have your hands out like a beggar, or in your pockets, greedily or desperately trying to hold onto your money.

Leave survival mode behind for good. Blog from an abundant, successful energy.

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