Adsense payment – Google Adsense Western Union Payment!

My recent Google Adsense payment (Western Union payment) was a bit embarrassing at the pickup-point.


The Western Union agent asked for a secret Question and Answer attached to the payment, something I had no idea was to be a requirement.

My Payment Receipt had everything (I thought) I needed to grab the payment, including the Billing ID, which after doing some basic findings happened to be part of the puzzle.

But what is the secret question and answer for Google Adsense Western Union Payment?

The answer I got to this question was what embarrassed me the more. It happens the secret question is unique for everyone receiving Western Union payment. However, the answer varies from one account to the other and from one transaction to another.

The hidden Google Adsense Western Union Payment secret question is “What is your Billing ID?” At least, that was what I filled on the counter form and the Answer is the twelve-digit Billing ID on the receipt.

Secret Question and Answer for Google AdsenseSome useful information to collect your money

The payment receipt however gives some information about which personal documents to take along. This basically is your Government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID, etc.).

In my country, it goes well with National ID. Passport and Driver’s License are generally not accepted by local Western Union representatives.

Other Google Adsense payment methods.

Other payment methods available for my country are Wire Transfer and Checks

Taking any of these could mean you have to bear the transaction charges. My Western Union pick-up  was free for me. I think Google paid the charges which is good for publishers.

When should you expect your Adsense earnings Payment?

Like many other Ad networks out there, Google Adsense has a payment threshold you need to hit before you get paid. Currently, mine is €70 which is the minimum.

What this means is that I won’t get paid until I have made minimum earnings of that amount. But this can be adjusted upward for several reasons.

google adsense payment threshold

Basically, payments are made monthly for publishers whose monthly earnings reach their threshold.

Who to contact should there  be any Adsense Payment problems

Though Google has worked on this area of their service to eliminate any possible problems, it is still imperfect and the Adsense customer service is not easily reachable.

However, if you have sites with higher traffic (an agency managing a site with at least 3,000,000 monthly page views or a website owner with over 300,000 monthly page views), this form maybe of help.

But publishers with less busy sites should try their help center here

How to boost your Google Adsense earnings

Google Adsense is a quick way to monetize your website. Years back when I applied for my account, approval was quick. But these days, things are a bit tough because many more marketers have been trying to game the platform.

However, once your application is approved, one of the things you should do is avoid tricking to earn. Focus on driving relevant traffic and optimizing your content with different ad types.

In this article, one of my writers helps you with techniques to boost your earnings

Other ways to make money with Google

There are other ways to make money with Google apart from Adsense. Well I’m not talking about SEO. Google has an affiliate marketing, referral or partnership program attached to G-Suite.

For more about this, check out this post

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about Google Adsense Western Union payment. Was it easy for you to get the secret Question and Answer?

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