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This is another interesting Thursday. It’s the day to know more about someone super exciting. You probably have seen Peter around because he’s been very active on blogs in his industry. But today, I’m excited to give you some more information about him.

If you are reading this series for your first time, let me quickly let you know that on Thursdays, I write and publish personal materials about people I interact with. In the past, I have featured a good number of these awesome blogging friends so you can check the list here 

A Thank You video Peter did for me!

One of my biggest ‘wow’ moments a few days ago was when Peter sent me a mail with the link to this video he specifically did to say Thank you to me. I have had praises and appreciations from bloggers and people allover the world but this was unique, so a huge Thank You to you, Peter

Meet Peter Beckenham!

Born in Sydney Australia mid way through the last century, Peter Beckenham has had a common thread of success throughout his very long career.

Peter’s driving passion has always been in helping others to achieve real success.

After graduating in Economics from New England University in Armidale he started out as an enthusiastic high school teacher. Peter taught with a real passion and got spectacular results from his students.

With all these remarkable student successes came rapid promotion with Peter finally qualifying to be one of the youngest ever school principals in history.

However, with this promotion came administration workloads that took Peter away from his real passion – that of helping his students (and other teachers) to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

Administration has never been one of Peter’s strengths or interests.

Looking around for another challenge Peter discovered the world of financial services where he again achieved spectacular success. The first role he was offered was as a trainee sales manager but he pointed out to the company leaders that until he knew what the sales people did, how could he possibly guide and lead them.

Peter knew right from the start that the word “manage” was not part of his make-up as an action taker who loved to “get his feet wet”

So he joined the sales force and in his first 12 months become rookie of the year. He vividly recalls the exciting experiences of his very first year in sales where he earned five times what he was earning previously in his education career.

Once again success brought promotion opportunities but this time Peter accepted the management challenge as it came with huge incentives to train new recruits in his own very unique style of sales.

Starting with a small sales team in Canberra he quickly grew his tribe to become the number one sales team in Australia for 5 consecutive years.  These were exciting times for Peter.

After rejecting many offers of promotion finally Peter was enticed by a completely new challenge.

He accepted a General Managers role of heading up the sales and distribution challenges of 4 Asian Joint Ventures.  This was Peter’s introduction to Asia and he relished all the challenges it presented and this time he was provided with staff to do all the administration functions.

Once again he built highly successful sales teams only to see after 3 years that success lead to a corporate take-over.

The new corporate leaders wanted Peter to return to Australia in a senior management role but Peter was not interested in that sort of challenge and by then he had been captivated by the Asian cultures and by Thailand in particular.

Using Thailand as his base Peter started his own successful sales management training consulting company to hospitality and financial services companies in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

However, after 3 hectic years running this exciting business Peter realized his life had become one of constant travel and was not fair to his family.

That’s when he decided to quit the business world and even the city life of Bangkok.

Peter’s wife was a Thai national and she wanted Peter to slow down and enjoy life more. So they decided to leave the bright lights and “go up country”

This was a complete change of environment and lifestyle with Peter and his family now living in a little Thai village where his wife’s parents reside. The village is not far from both the Cambodian and Laos borders and way off the main tourist track.

But once again Peter needed a challenge and he decided to start a new venture.

For the first time he entered the world of online marketing and started his blogging career along with an affiliate marketing partnership arrangement.

Peter was introduced to the world of blogging and despite some early mishaps and mistakes like all beginner bloggers make, Peter became totally fascinated with the potential of blogging.

As it has been throughout his entire working life Peter still maintains his deep passion of helping others to succeed.

Now known as “The Remote Thai Village Marketer,” the target audience for Peter’s blog is no surprise. His focus is on beginner marketers and he relishes in the idea of being able to share his online business experiences mixed with his extensive sales and marketing skills.

As Peter says his blog is his “welcome mat online” where all beginners will feel welcomed, not pressured and encouraged to join with his “blog tribe” and share in his passion for success.

Some posts on Peter’s blog

Are you just starting with Affiliate Marketing or you not seeing results despite having done it for some months or years? Peter has you covered in a four-series post with enough meat to feed anyone not seeing results doing AM. Click here for details

Connect with Peter

From every indication, Peter is a successful guy to connect with. Connect with him on social media:

And of course, drop a comment below and engage with him right on this blog

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Beckenham

Dear Enstine,
There are some very special times in our lives when someone goes out of their way to show care and support.

And today Enstine you showed once again why so many of us bloggers respect and admire you. Thank you from my heart.

As mentioned in the article I live in a remote little village in Thailand that right now is suffering badly. Enstine and many others via social media today are also aware that our village has been devastated by dengue fever and associated hepatitis C that has sadly caused the deaths of some of our closest friends.

Our normally relaxed little village is living in fear and dread just now.

So when I saw this article today it gave me reason to smile again and to be strong.

Thank you from my heart Ernstine – although we have never met face to face I truly appreciate you my friend

Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    Enstine Muki

    I can feel the terror. I remember when Ebola was causing panic in some African countries. But was shutdown here. A lot of things got delayed and that might be happening to you as well.

    My prayer goes to you and family.

    Just be careful and respect any rules put in place to avert it. As I do, I’m sure your friends elsewhere are praying for you.

    God will surely answer us

      Peter Beckenham

      Hello Enstine,

      Thank you for your prayers and wishes – so much appreciated.

      Please excuse my spelling of your name incorrectly in my previous comment. Too much emotion running through my system just now with all the lows and then today’s high with your post.

      We are strong and will beat this thing and win.

      Blessings to you Enstine

      Best wishes from Thailand


Raphael Udonna

Hello Einstine,

That’s a very lovely story there. I just read Peter’s comment, i hope him and his family stays safe and free from the outbreak in their remote village, and i hope the outbreak is curbed soon.

This is a very vital part of your blog, connecting with others and showing them that you really care, i love the idea.

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Raphael,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Really meant a a lot to me at this most difficult time for us.

    Its great to find lovely new folks to connect with and for that Enstine I am truly grateful to you.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


Kimberly George

Hey hey heyyy Peter! Its good to see you here on Enstines blog. Loved reading your story and wishing you all the best of luck to you.

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Kimberly,

    So happy you enjyed my little bit of “ancient history” now.

    I always enjoy connecting and sharing with folks and it was so nice of Enstrine to provide me with my 5 minutes of fame!

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village guy



Hey Enstine, what a great guest you have this week. So nice to see Peter being highlighted and a new member of the family.

Peter and I have had the opportunity to meet face to face via Skype and that was definitely a wonderful experience for me. That didn’t last long though due to the connection issues but we had a wonderful conversation just the same.

I wasn’t familiar with your background as much Peter so thanks for sharing that with us. I’m not surprised at all that you excelled so much in everything you ventured into. I know that what you’re doing now online will follow suit.

I saw your comment to Enstine and I’m so very sorry with what is happening with your village right now. I can’t even imagine having that type of outbreak and so many people being affected. My heart and prayers go out to you and your community.

Thank you though for sharing a bit more of you with all of us and I want to wish you the very best moving forward.


    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Adrienne,

    What a nice surprise to see your lovely comment here on Enstine’s post.
    Thank you for always being you Adrienne – one absolutely awesome lady!

    And yes our skype discussion was one of the highlights of my year even though my Thai village internet conections were not kind to us. We still managed to have a great discussion and that meant a lot to me.

    My background now is history but its a great feeling to be able to transfer many of those offline skills to my online blogging journey.

    It always amazes me how much people crave and respond so well to a “personal touch” in our fast moving digital world. This is a major part of my online marketing strategy of showing people my appreciation and support on a truly personal basis – makes life fun and much more real!

    As for our village situation the disease outbreak will hopefully be controlled soon. 400+ villagers have been evacuated to a location about 30 kms away and the goverment is doing everything they can to clear our village of this dreaded disease outbreak. We should be allowed back to our homes by late Saturday if all goes according to plan

    Thanks for your kind thoughts Adrieene – I know you care!

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


Eli Seekins

Wow what a cool story!

I love that there is so much encouragement, support and community in the blogging world.

I’ll have to go check out Peter’s blog!

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Eli,

    I’m with totally you.

    Its really something very special to be able to experience the care, love and support of a community – offline or online.

    The online digital world can sometimes be so cold and completely non-personal but then there are places like Enstine’s blog and other wonderful influencers in the world of blogging that bring to life the real meaning of “relationships”

    We can not only learn from these superbly experienced bloggers but also come to appreciate the simple fact that the more you give the more we will grow our busineses in the most ethical and profitable ways.

    Look forward to having you visit my place Eli

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


Theodore Nwangene

Welcome to Enstine Muki blog Peter,

You have such a fascinating story and if there’s something I should pick from this post, its the fact that nothing can stop a man that really desires to succeed from achieving massive success. You just have to start from somewhere and take it from there.

Your desire to help others succeed will surely take you to places.

Furthermore, blogging has lots of potentials if you follow it rightly.

More strength to your elbows Peter.

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Theodore,
    Many thanks for your warm welcome to Ernstine’s blog

    To be honest I just love helping people to experience success at levels they never thought possible – its my burining inner passion in life.

    And sometimes it drives my family balmy as I’m always on about this!

    But that’s just me being me!

    Blogging has become a great way for me to connect with others as well as to learn so much – and I have so much more I need to know and understand about this bloggng business!

    Thanks again Theodore

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village guy



Hi Enstine and Peter

I always look forward to these series as it always reveals some cool stories of awesome people and Peter is no different.

It great to know how much difference Peter made in the live of students and what he is doing as an online marketer. I also like his thank you video and I say thumbs up Peter.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Ikechi,
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Actually I love creating the simple thank you vidoes as its my way of expressing my gratitude on a personal basis.

    In these days of mass marketing I’m going in the opposite diection. I am much happier to build my little business one customer at a time based on a personal touch.

    It really works and people enjoy this “old fashioned” approach

    Best wishes from Thailand Ikechi


Jasper Oldersom

.Hello Peter,

Great to meet you 🙂

You have quite some success stories on your belt and an overall exciting story of how you got where you are now!

I’m glad you have found the online world and recognized the true potential of blogging. It sure is amazing what blogging can do for you, but also what you can do for others true blogging.

I love it. Have a great weekend,


    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Jasper,

    The world of blogging is still something rather new to me but I just love the potential it provides to create new friends and relationships.

    For some time I struggled to clarify who my target audience was for my blogging and to be honest, its only just recently I have finally found my real passion niche for my blogging – and I’m very excited about the opportunities it offers.

    Thanks for your kind and supportive comment Jasper

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


Nicolas Puegher

I know Peter and he is awesome! I love this post, even learned a few things I did not know before 🙂

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Jasper,

    The world of blogging is still something rather new to me but I just love the potential it provides to create new friends and relationships.

    For some time I struggled to clarify who my target audience was for my blogging and to be honest, its only just recently I have finally found my real passion niche for my blogging – and I’m very excited about the opportunities it offers.

    Thanks for your kind and supportive comment Jasper

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    Peter Beckenham

    Hi Nicholas,

    Great to see you here at Enstine’s place.
    I think you’d agree that this is a very clever and personal way of building your blogging prsence online – Enstine is not just a clever marketer but also a very genuine person who openly shows that he truly cares.

    Best wishes from Thailand Nicholas


Joy Healey

Hi Enstine and Peter

What a lovely idea to send you a thank-you video 🙂

Peter and I have connected on our separate blogs and in Facebook groups so I already know about his work life, but his life-story was new to me. What an interesting journey – in more than one sense of the word.

Enstine, I really enjoy your weekly posts learning more about bloggers from so many different walks of life.

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Joy,
    Always great to connect with you and meeting up here at Enstine’s place was a nice surprise for me.

    I agree with you re Enstine’s weekly updates like this – what a great way to discover and connect with people from everywhere in the blogging world.

    Best wishes as always Joy from Thailand


Kim Willis

Hi Enstine and Peter,

I already know much of Peter’s story because he’s shared it with me on Skype. What I didn’t realise is how successful he was in his former life. This helps explain why he is already standing out in the blogging community – a rising star for sure.

Peter’s approach should be emulated by struggling bloggers. It’s an easy way to do business – attract people by giving without strings.

Success flows to those who go the extra mile. Recording personalised videos for people is a perfect example of this. Another is his diligence in replying to all blog comments, not to mention the high quality of his replies. People notice these things and will tend to gravitate towards the person who is doing them.

The words Law of Attraction is a much-hackneyed phrase. To see it in action simply take a look at what Peter and Enstine do on a daily basis.

Thanks so much Enstine, for featuring Peter on this post. You rock!


    Peter Beckenham

    Hi Kim,
    People may not realize this but Kim like Enstine is another one of my mentors.

    Thank you for your kind words here Kim but really I am simply learning and implementing the very best blogging practices I have learned from folks like you and Enstine.

    Yes I do love to give without strings attached if the people receiving things actually value what I share and then do something with it.

    My target audience is relatively new to the online world of blogging and I enjoy sending them to places like yours where they can learn exactly how to become a successful and ethical marketer – a rare combination in these days of mass marketing and “overnight success”seekers!

    Thanks Kim for your awesome comment mate.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village guy


Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Hi Enstine ,
thank you for introducing Peter to us .
He has an interesting story and It seems
he lives like me in a remote place ,good to be
with nature and be connected with the world
online. Welcome Peter to Enstine club here.

    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Erika,

    Yes I sure do live in a very remote location and its something I cherish very much.

    For many years I lived the “high life” of monthy international travel with high class hotels and all the usual associated add-ons. For a while it was both exciting and as well as lucerative. But enough is enough

    Now I enjoy the absolute opposite lifestyle of working from my home in a quiet little location and building relationships and my online business on a simple formula of giving as much value as I can on a personal basis.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer



Hello Enstine,

I must confess that I have not really known the man Peter Beckenham, but judging by the responses I have read so far herein, I believe Peter has something to offer. I guess I will begin to follow him henceforth because I love success.

Thanks Muki for talking about Peter here.


    Peter Beckenham

    Hello Emebu,

    It will be great to connect with you as I enjoy networking and building new relationships online.

    I look forward to sharing with you as we grow our blogs.

    Best wishes from Thailand


George Michuki

But once again Peter needed a challenge and he decided to start a new venture.

What a nice story: journey. Its good when somebody gets inspired by your thoughts. I am really inspired by this part of Peter’s story:
“For the first time he entered the world of online marketing and started his blogging career along with an affiliate marketing partnership arrangement.

Peter was introduced to the world of blogging and despite some early mishaps and mistakes like all beginner bloggers make, Peter became totally fascinated with the potential of blogging”.

Its good to try new things, learn from our mistakes and grow those ideas into brands.

Maqbool Azam

Hi Enstine,

This is a interview of great blogger who rejected many offers and jobs.
He passed b.a examination with economic and enter in teaching field where he become the principal of the school.Then he Joined a company where he awarded a management which he accepted, and then rejected.
He returned to home there he started blogging. He is very popular in blogging.
I read many his article which were very interesting.
Please also share info about their age and hobby.
Maqbool Azam

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