How to recover social share counts after changing domain or protocol!

How to recover lost social share counts after switching domains or protocol!

Have you changed your domain name or moved from http to https ? Have you also changed your permalink structure? Are you worried about your social share counts that have just been completely lost?

You worked so hard to get your content shared and you deserve those counts on your buttons. That’s social proof and we know it’s a business factor. It has a psychological influence on your visitors and that boosts your credibility.

Once readers find out that your articles are being shared, they are more inclined to share too. The more shares you have, the more you will get.

But this will completely be reset the day you decide to switch domains, link structure or add SSL certificate to your site.

The reason is simply because social media track counts against a specific URL and the current network APIs don’t have a way for you to tell them you made some address changes.

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Recently, I moved my blog from Hostgator to Traffic Planet Hosting. They also offer free SSL so that is a big advantage. I activated SSL certificate on this blog and all social share counts pointing to the https:// version of my blog got lost.

Look at this:

This is what I got on one of my articles before the switch:

How to recover social share counts

The same day I switched to https, these are the counts on the same post:

How to recover social share counts

You notice my likes completely disappeared. G+ just got one share and LinkedIn didn’t change. Probably their API functions differently.

How to recover social share counts after moving from http to https

Well, I had an option to recover all my social media share counts by using a plugin. What’s more exciting is that this plugin offers even more.

Take a look at this:

How to recover social share counts

On the same article, I got the exact number of share counts using Social Warfare

How to recover lost social share counts with Social Warfare

Social Warfare is an exciting WordPress Plugin that does a lot for your blog. I will not be going into details about its other functions in this post. I just want to focus on how to use it to recover social share counts.

Social Warfare has an inbuilt tool calledΒ Share Recovery. This will allow you to bring back your share counts permanently if you have done any of the following:

  • Changed connection protocols ( from HTTP to HTTPS)
  • Changed your permalink structures in WordPress
  • Changed your domain prefix (from to
  • Changed to using a subdomain (from to
  • Changed domains entirely (ie. to

To continue, download your copy of Social Warfare here

Once you install and activate your copy, go to Social Warefare -> Share Recovery

How to recover social share counts

Next, select the previous URL.

NB: For any area of your url that has not changed, make sure that the option Unchanged is selected.

For instance, if you just moved from HTTP to HTTPS (like I did), locate the select field for Previous Connection Protocol and select HTTP from the list:

How to recover social share counts

The same thing should be done if you’ve switched other areas of your URL. Make sure you click Save Changes to apply any changes you’ve made. This may take hours for the changes to be complete. If you have any caching plugin, be sure to clear your cache.

How to confirm your share count recovery

You may want to confirm if your new plugin is well setup and your counts are being fetched from the old location. Social Warfare has a debug tool to help.

Simply append the following line to the url or any article in the address bar:


Here is an example:


If the URL showing up above the Social Warfare bar is the one you want to be tracked, everything is working as it should. See my example:

How to recover social share counts

So now you can quickly recover social share counts by using Social Warfare. One thing you should know is that this plugin doesn’t have an impact on your blog load speed.

Adding to this, the inbuilt Frame Buster tool checks if your site is being displayed inside of a frame like Sniply or Start A Fire. If it is being displayed inside of a frame, the plugin will redirect to the page on your own domain, removing third party ads and calls to action.

Click to Tweet with Social Warfare.

One of the exciting tools with Social Warefare the Click To Tweet. There are many different plugins out there that do the same thing but Social Warefare has it covered with different more templates.

How to recover social share counts

Well, like I mentioned above, I’m not doing a complete review of Social Warefare here. Just mentioning some other useful functions that are added to this wonderful plugin.

Beside being able to recover social share counts lost as a result of change in domain, url or protocal, Social Warefare allows you to do a lot more.

That’s it!

Grab the plugin and get back your share counts. If this post is useful, please share on social media and drop a comment.

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  1. Hey Enstine, nice guide! Any idea on recovering social signals apart from Social Warfare plugin, I used Sassy Social share button plugin.

  2. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for the article! I’ve just changed my domain and this plugin is working perfectly to retain the old blog’s share counts. The plugin is definitely money worth well spent!

    Have a great day!
    Welly Mulia

  3. Great Post brother,

    I never thought that it is possible to recovery share counts.

    I experienced it long back but that time I didn’t have way to recovery the counts.

    Thanks a lot keep writing such posts.

  4. Hi enstine,

    This is another great post indeed.first i thank you very much to share this very useful post with us.there you mentioned a Social Warfare plugins it is contain social share counts recover plugin. That a great plugin without this plugin our hardwork go vain and our ranking decreasing.
    thanks to inform us about this plugin.
    Maqbool Azam

  5. Hey Enstine,
    Great post! Addressed sensitive issue that any blogger or SEO could face, especially when they change their posts url for optimization purposes, I personally faced the same scenario before. It was really tough trade-off, but with this tool, no trade-offs, and no need to lose your social signals.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi Enstine,

    Anyway that one can manipulate and include HTTPS (SSL) on custom domains hosted under blogger platform. I’ve searched everywhere, no guide for such as I was told that except we make use of hosted blogger domains.

    Please, if you got any trick on that, do let us know.


    • Hey,
      I’m not used t blogger but there should be a way to apply SSL on your blogger blog. Just do some search on Google and you should come up with a couple of options πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Enstine,

    What of transferring from Blogger to WordPress?

    Good I have this info about Social Warfare. Yet to see how it’s going to be applied in that transfer – Blogger to WordPress.

    Hope it works.

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine.


    • Hey bro,
      If you transfer from blogger to WordPress and still maintain your domain name without adding the SSL certificate, there won’t be any need for this. But is there is a change in url , you will need this plugin to recover your counts.

      Hope that helps πŸ˜‰

    • Where have you been bro?
      Missing those moments we used to work together.
      BTW, we still have a lot to settle

      Meanwhile, be sure to grab this plugin. You’ll need it if you want to recover social share counts for your blog.

      Or do you have an option?

  8. Enstine – Terrific post. Luckily I haven’t changed my domain recently. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about the move to https. It’s something I need to discuss with my webmaster and I’ll check out the Social Warfare plugin.

    • Hi Jeannette,
      What a beautiful weekend to see you here and thanks for the comment.
      I’m sure you are one day going to switch to HTTPS as it’s becoming more and more talked about and maintaining your share counts is crucial.

      Social Warfare is the only plugin I have found now that will sum up your counts on both http and https. That makes it a good option.

      Will be glad to hear what your webmaster thinks about it.

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being part of my community.


  9. This is a very important tutorial, Really these knowledge is very helpful and most beneficial for me. Thanks Enstine Muki for shared grateful knowledge on this blog, I have followed on your different methods and easily get success. Thanks

  10. Love the tutorial, social proof is definitely important need it back when changing a domain name. It’s a great tutorial here learn this great tips and it’s sad to lose all the social proof after changing the domain name.

  11. really when we moved to new domain,the new domain doesnt have any shares shown despite the new one is a name change for old one,so will this work for domain name change also ?

  12. Well, man needed something like this. I tried contacting several web developers if they could develop something like this but to no success. I recently shifted from http to https and I have shares for both the URLs. I am wondering if this plugin can sum up the likes or shares from both versions of a link?

    • Hi bro,
      That’s exactly what the plugin does.
      It sums up your share counts on old url and new url

      So if you had 340 shares on the HTTP and now you have 160 on HTTPS, it will sum and show 500 shares. Nothing is lost.

      Give it a try bro

  13. Hi Enstine,

    Great that you wrote this post. More and more people are switching to HTTPS and there might be some issue you might run into (Like this one) only after you have taken the plunge.

    This experience of your will definitely help others in tackling such issue with ease. Thanks for sharing Enstine!

    • Hey Roy,
      Yes many people are getting this security attached to their domains these days and I guess this is going to be a serious problem. Getting this plugin will surely resolve the issues. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for adding to the post man. Hope you are reading for a great weekend ahead

  14. Ohh Great!
    Is this possible ?
    I never thought about it because once a long time ago i changed my name and i lost my all social signals.
    So Finally here i found informative guide.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Wow am very happy when I saw the headline because I have wanted to change my permalink structure since this days but I am afraid of the pa, da and shares.
    I bought the plugin but am unable to activate it in my dashboard. Don’t really know what’s wrong. Can it also restore da and pa???

  16. Hi Enstine Sir,
    One more excellent article, it is really helpful for who just added SSL certificate to their blog. I am amazed about your research. Really great job.

    Thanks a lot.

  17. Enstine,
    With the ssl, you are able to see the search terms by which visitors find your site? Also, now that you have an ssl, any increase in ranking?


    • Hi Jeff,
      Moving to HTTPS is a bit tricky but not a real problem though.
      After the switch, I had to do some changes in my GWT accounts so now I see those search terms and pages connected to. So the answer is yes.

      Secondly, it will require time first for search engines to recognize the new location through a 301 redirect. Once my HTTP have been replaced with HTTPS in search engine databases, there should be some improvement. However, the SSL as of now is not a big ranking factor so the changes may not be that big.

      I will be giving more details here about visible changes after about 1 or 2 months.

      Please let’s keep in touch

  18. I am very happy to see this post.I have recovered my all social account
    to follow this post.You have posted a Great ! solution.I will be share this
    post with my friend .They can also recover social account by following
    This method .Well done Muki.

  19. Hey there pal…

    It’s quite a headache to lose all social media shares blog posts. I would have freaked out.

    But finding the solution to the problem helps to make us stronger bloggers and I thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  20. Oh my goodness Enstine….

    This never even occurred to me! I’ve moved hosting companies so many times. I’ll have to look at this more closely.

    I am interested in the Click To Tweet option as well. How do you feel this compares to the one in Thrive?

    Thanks for pointing out yet another pitfall πŸ™‚

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,
      Good to see you around today.
      Did you also switch domains? This is called for only in cases where there is a change in blog location.

      The click to tweet tool in this plugin has more designs than you get with TCB. Adding to that, TCB’s click to tweet can only be used on the TCB editor. I don’t think it’s available when writing with WordPress’ traditional editor.

      Do you know services like Sniply or Start A Fire? These services can be really misused and this plugin protects your blog against such.

      Let me know what you think

      • Hi Enstine,

        Ah, OK, same domain.
        However, on my previous hosting I had https, but not on the new hosting.

        I also went onto Cloudflare on the old hosting, and am still there on the new.

        I have seen Sniply and Start A Fire. Are they a bad idea?

        Joy – Blogging After Dark

        • Hey Joy,
          I think you’ll need this or similar plugin if you decide to add SSL to your blog πŸ˜‰

          The guys behind Sniply and Start A Fire certainly have had genuine reasons behind their platforms but they open up for some sort of abuse.

          Take a look at this sample

          I just created a call to action box at the bottom right of your article. Now, each time I promote this, readers would think Neil is on your blog recommending a product.

          I could use your pictures on the CTA to make it seem like you are the one recommending the product. And you can promote any thing on there, including affiliate links.

          But social WareFare won’t allow this happen.

          Check that link out and let me know what you think.
          I maybe doing a more detailed article on this in the days ahead

  21. Interesting Article! Enstine Sir. Glad to know that this plugin helps website owners whenever they are migrating to SSL or changing permalinks without losing social shares. I Love to be sharing this helpful post!

  22. Hi Enstine,

    I do remember when I made that kind of switch to my blog. Thank goodness the new platform I had is a self hosted company and they did it for me. But my problem was the language. I am so bad at knowing what an SSL means and all that other stuff! All I knew was that when the change was made, all the numbers from my social shares were gone and I freaked out.

    I remember how difficult it was to explain that to the guy who was doing it all for me. He talked about plugins like this and I just said go ahead and do whatever….

    But it is great to read this and know how to do things. Especially knowing the language to convey to someone if they are doing it for you.

    Thanks Enstine…I will share this one around so no one can go through a painful experience.


    • Hi Donna,
      I can feel you here πŸ˜‰
      I have had a couple of cases where clients get it difficult to point out exactly what their problem really is due to lack of that technical language. But I always end up figuring out what they need done.

      This plugin really makes it easy and I hope it will help others too.

      Thanks for sharing and promoting this content Donna.
      Do have a wonderful week ahead

  23. Hi Enstine,
    I think this post is much needed for me because even I am also planning to get an SSL certificate for my URL.
    You have done a great job.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey bro,
      Yes this will be useful to you as well. Make sure to come back here and follow my link to the plugin as I’m affiliate.

      Do have a wonderful week

  24. This plugin will really prove life giver to a blog or a site lost their social signals. I would really recommend this plugin if someone has lost their social shares. It worked for you then also work for others too. Thanks for this useful share budddy.


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