How You Can Double Blogging Income through Outsourcing

You can double your income as a blogger. Yes you can!

But how?

Use creative outsourcing. Because outsourcing itself will do you no good, but when you embark on it with a clear purpose – you’ll smile to the bank. Period.

While traditional blogging is comparatively old, un-sexy and boring, smart bloggers are earning more money as I write this piece.

The funny aspect of it is that these successful bloggers don’t write as much posts as the beginners do.

Here’s a typical scenario: In 2013, I wrote and published close to 500 guest posts. Of course, I generated decent traffic and got several paying clients, but I wasn’t impressed.

You know why?

The reason is because with that amount of content scattered all over the blogosphere, you’d expect higher returns on time investment, but the reverse was the case for me. Does it resonate with you, also? 

Fast forward to 2014, and the game has changed. Yes, I still guest blog, but I do it tactically. In other words, even before I pitch a topic, I’ve already developed a funnel for the leads.

But this post isn’t about guest blogging. It’s about outsourcing.

Outsourcing is powerful

If you’re struggling to increase your income and improve your brand, I know why – you’ve been selfish. You think doing everything all by yourself is the best way to save more money. How pathetic?

On the contrary, you’re losing more money, because the time required to complete a particular task would have been invested into a worthwhile venture.

As a blogger, the to-do list for each day is daunting. Sometimes when I look at all I’ve to do tomorrow, ranging from writing, tweeting, reading & replying emails, building connections, writing email newsletters, replying comments, negotiating a new gig and so on, I’d simply put my PC to sleep and go for a ride.

Consequently, my income will go down. Failure looms!

double blogging income

How much do you earn right now?

Before taking a stance to double your blogging income, you’ve to identify how much you earn at the moment. In the last quarter of 2013, my earnings were fluctuating – it never crossed $3k per month.

In November of the same year when I earned a little above that benchmark, I was excited, but awfully drained because I worked tooth and nail to get there.

Outsourcing can help you double that income. So let’s assume you’re earning $1k currently and wants to get to $2k by next month, without doing any extra work – how can you achieve that?

Well, I’ve mapped out a 2-step plan. Since February of this year when I started experimenting, my blogging income has increased tremendously. Remember that you can apply this outsourcing secret to virtually any kind of business, provided it’s online and it’d work.

The rules are not set on stone. Feel free to innovate and bring out something better and simpler, after all, it’s why you’re called a blogger.

What is outsourcing?

It’s simply the process of contracting/hiring a capable hand to do your job. For example, you can hire a designer to customize your blog theme.

But you will not fold your arms and just watch them. Ideally, you should write useful and indepth posts that will go live the moment your design is ready.

That way, you’d easily persuade people to join your list or buy your product. When you outsource, you free up adequate time to do other essential blogging tasks.

Are you ready to outsource and double your blogging income? Follow this 2-step plan:

Step 1: Network and nurture a team

If you’re a blogger, one of the factors of success is networking with other people who are skilled and reliable.

You can’t succeed in isolation.

Every successful blogger out there has a team – it could be a mastermind or a loyal email list that you resort to whenever in need.

Personally, I wouldn’t outsource any job to strangers or freelancers at oDesk or any of the job sites. I belong to a group and within that group; I know that a handful of the members are striving to attract clients.

Why should you outsource to people in your team? It’s because the people in your team all have one goal at heart. They want to succeed at a particular thing. For instance, I belong to a writers’ club. And useful content is what we believe in.

I’ve outsourced writing and keyword research to 2 persons and they poured their heart into it. I don’t have to explain the importance of the project to them, because already we share the same vision – quality, not quantity.

You see, you’re stuck somewhere because you can’t do a particular job well. Someone in your group/club/team could do it better than you would.

Outsource the job to that person and you’ll reap the rewards.

According to Statistica, global market size for outsourced services crossed $82.9 Billion in 2013 and it’s expected to grow. Why are businesses outsourcing various tasks at a cheaper rate?

The reason is because outsourcing helps them to focus on the most important tasks that will directly affect lead generation, sales and engagement.

increase blogging income

Step 2: Give 80% attention to improving conversion rate

Did you know that improving conversion rate is the most viable way to double your income? Most bloggers waste ample opportunities to earn more, because they’re so engrossed in comments, hits, pageviews and vanity metrics.

The truth of the matter is that those metrics only boost your ego; it doesn’t mean you’re on the right path for your business.

Get someone to reply comments on your blog. Use twitter tools to schedule automatic tweets. If you want to write a list post or send questionnaire to several experts, train someone in your team/list/club to do it and pay them.

While they’re doing that, concentrate on improving the conversion rate, so that you can generate more leads, sell more of your own/affiliate product and get free media publicity.

If you’re a freelance writer, instead of working for 1 or 2 clients, open up the door to 8 – 10 clients per month. Now you can handle all of them efficiently because you’re not the only one doing it.

If you used to earn $100/post, you can easily train somebody who is new to professional writing to do it for $50. All you’ve to do is guide them along the way, answer questions, provide tips and structure.

Now you get to keep $50 without lifting a finger – and you can accept more projects and make more money. Many people strive to stay productive, but you’re productive already. How wonderful?

Outsourcing is for long-term

Once you’ve dipped your toes into outsourcing, you’ll never look back.

I know six figure affiliate marketers, bloggers and personal coaches who have tripled their income in the last six months, because they embraced outsourcing. It’s your turn.

A quick action steps to take right now:

  1. What would happen to you, if suddenly your blog starts to get 1000+ qualified visitors per day? Do you’ve a clear funnel to connect, captivate and convert these people?
  2. If you suddenly earn $3k this month, what specific tasks would outsource in order to free up time to do what you love, thereby making more money in subsequent months?
  3. Would you like to learn how to generate 1000 happy visitors and double your blogging income? Click here.

Your feedback

Please share your comments in the comment box below. What do you think about doubling your blogging income through outsourcing?

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25 thoughts on “How You Can Double Blogging Income through Outsourcing”

  1. Great post Michael. I used to find it difficult to pass work on to outsources but once I got over that I found that it freed up so much time and allowed me to get on with the important things – like running the business!

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Another great contribution! i really enjoyed the full writing and it is much informative. Will be waiting for upcoming topics


  3. Hi,
    This is Rajesh. I really thankful to the post mentioned above. If a business owner is doing outsourcing, it can do wonders for him or her, if executed in a correct and effective way. I really these kinds of posts, which provide a lot of beneficial and important information. I am really happy to read this post as it will prove good for my business.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Shamsudeen. Outsourcing when done correctly can do wonders in your business. Have a great day, too.

  5. Hi Michael,

    Welcome to the money blogger’s blog – Enstine.

    Nice to to read your work here too, outsourcing is a smart way to work big things out in a smaller version. There is no way we can do it alone, blogging consist of many moving parts that runs on a very high wheel, if we want to fix all on our own, then it won’t work out.

    Thanks for the headup, and do have a nice day.

  6. It will not only double its also triples the income. Freelancers can be utilized in a beneficial manner. We can spend the time on producing valuable content and freelancer people can do design related things 🙂

  7. Great post Michael (although considering the subject matter, I hope I’m addressing the right author!) I love blogging, and content creation is definitely my favorite part. However, considering the amount of everyday office tasks and the fact that I’m the go-to for just about everything, your article struck a cord with me. I will definitely promote this to my company, thank you for sharing your expertise!
    I love writing and I’m interested in the writing group you spoke about. Is it area-based or online? I would like to join a writing group so if yours isn’t available, please let me know if you have any recommendations! I’m also looking to freelance blog, any suggestions? Thanks again!


    Andrea Hewett

  8. Great post Michael (although considering the subject matter, I hope I’m addressing the right author!) I love blogging

  9. Hi Micheal,

    Glad to meet you here.

    This is an excellent post and it shows how to work smart instead of hard and make the best use of our time.

    I liked what you said to outsource from within the group which we are already involved with because the people in it are known to us and all have one goal at heart.This is by far the best advice. I will definitely take it to heart and act upon it.

    Thanks Michael for a great share!! Enjoy your week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  10. Outsourcing is definite;ly the way to go for succeeding in blogging. There is only so much you can do in one day and sooner or later you will reach burn out if you try and do everything yourself.

    I have struggled with this in 2014, and I have recently started outsourcing. At the beginning of the year I started my second website but as a result I was able to spend less time on my first. What happened? My first site started loosing visitors becuase I couldn’t keep up the pace.

    What I realised a few months ago was that I now had 2 sites, one that had dropped in ratings and one that I couldn’t get the raings up because I didnt have enough time.

    Enter outsourcing!

    What I decided to do for my first site was develop a team of blog contributors. I now have 4 bloggers who contribute a recipe post to me once per month. This took a LONG time to sort out, as I wanted to set guidelines, find the ‘right’ bloggers and set everything in motion, but now that it’s happening, it is freeing up that time for me to concentrate on other things.

    It is working so well that I am now looking to expand the team further. I don’t pay these bloggers, but what I do give them is exposure on my PR2 site, plus exposure on my social media profiles. It’s a win win for all of us.

    If you want to suceed in blogging, you have to look at the bigger pciture, and outsourcing HAS to be part of that.

    Awesome post!

  11. Hi Einstein,

    WOW! Fantastic post. I’m surprised to know how it’s easy to double your blogging income.
    Without dropping a hat I gonna follow these steps to double my income.

    I gotta say outsourcing is the best way to double your blogging income without wasting too much time.

    Thanks for sharing this tip!


  12. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your helpful post!
    Do you think it is possible to outsource tasks (to a VA) to search for sponsored posts in the blogger niche?
    What do you think is the best way to proceed?

  13. Hey Michael,

    Like the saying goes “the hardest working people are the laziest”.. and yes I can be very lazy because I put myself in an ever ending routine that doesn’t go no where. Working smart is the key, and you gave some valid points on how you can work smarter with your blog.

    From what I see, one must focus more on the conversion rate more and building a great network of people with different talents. With these two in mind, it’ll free up more of your time, you work a lot less, you work smarter, and you’ll reap the rewards from this doing. Thanks for sharing these tips! These are some tips that i really needed!

    Have a great week ahead!

  14. Prodigal…?

    Hahahaha. Could you please explain what you mean by that. In the meantime, thank you so much Emmanuel for reading my post.

  15. Thanks Enstine Muki For This Wonderful Information…..

    Your Article Have Truly Strengthen My Blogging Career

    Thank You

  16. Hello Enstine,

    The prodigal blogger is finally here once more and I guess the fattened calf will be slaughtered for my welcoming. Hahaha!

    There is one thing which you said which really caught my attention has to do with the isolation aspect. No man is island and we all need each other to survive.

  17. very nice article and These tips are useful and I actually wanted to share some different kind of tips and tricks

  18. Awesome sharing and I definitely agree to all of the tips you described above Enstine. Infact attention and hard work is the most important work and you can’t just sit and wait and hope for the best to come out.

    Thanks for sharing, keep writing!

  19. Hello Enstine,
    This post is especially useful for me. I liked the line “You can’t succeed in isolation”. I will keep this in mind. Have to start building a team seriously.
    You can write a detailed post on how to build a team( I mean step by step process) especially for beginners.

  20. Hey Micheal,

    Outsourcing is the way to go if we want to improve conversion rate in our businesses.

    I noticed recently that my monthly income got reduced because i wanted to do everything myself. I didn’t outsource most of the unimportant tasks others can do for me as i used to do.

    I agree with your points.

    Outsourcing would give us the ability to focus on the important things that are going on in our business.

    Thanks for writing and updating us with this.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

  21. I’m so glad that you agreed with my points concerning outsourcing and it’s power. Tell me, have you tried outsourcing before? What was your experience?

  22. Hi Michael,

    I agree with you points, If you really want to increase your income without putting more efforts then outsource less important task so that you can concentrate on important task which helps you to grow your blog or business.

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