Affiliate Marketing Training Videos – Market Research and Keywords

If you are serious about making money with Affiliate Marketing, then you need to enroll in a course that’s proven to produce results.

I have written a review of Affiliobluprint, which is an excellent training course to make out of you a complete affiliate marketer capable of making 6 figures a year.

In today’s post, we are looking at what is offered in step 1 of Affilioblueprint, an excellent affiliate marketing video training program.

Remember there are over 85 downloadable videos in the whole course covering every aspect of Affiliate marketing.  In this first section, we have 6 videos that take you through the very necessary beginning of market research and keyword.

Knowing your market and preparing targeted keywords are the key to getting sales, and everything in these 6 videos hinges on this critical step.

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AffilioBlueprint Step 1 – Market Research and Keyword.

Here below are an overview of these 6 videos.

Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

Video 1: Finding Profitable Digital Product Niches.

In this lesson you are taught how to find profitable digital product niches and products on Clickbank.You are also shown some basic niche keyword research to help you determine whether a niche is profitable. This  finishes up with some common questions and homework.

Video 2: Finding Profitable Physical Product Niches.

In this video, you are taught how to find profitable physical product niches and products. This video starts by discussing why you should consider promoting physical products, what physical product affiliate programs there are, and then look at how to find hot niches.  It brings out three solid reasons why you should promote physical products and how to profit from them big time.

Video 3: Finding Profitable CPA Niches.

In this video,  you are taken step-by-step how to find profitable CPA niches. If you are confused as to what CPA is exactly, don’t worry, every detail is explained here.

This video also looks at CPA niches with good longevity, which means there is high potential to profit over time. Finally, you will examine finding CPA offers with Offervault, and some useful tips for getting accepted into CPA networks.

Video 4: Intro to Keywords and Buyer Intent.

In this, and the next few videos, you are going to look at developing your keyword list. Keyword research is crucial for the success of your website. Spending extra time on really understanding how to choose good keywords can be the reason your site does really well.

Video 5: Niche Background Research

In this video you’re going to discover how to do niche background and basic seed keyword research. This is a very important lesson as you’ll be using your seed keywords from this video in the next video to create your final keyword list.

To start, you are taught how to get inside the minds of your future buyers and master niche background research. You’ll also learn how to research seed keywords using a few different techniques, such as forum research, question and answer sites, and the “sales copy technique”.

Video 6: Search Volumes and Competition

In this video you will be looking at finalizing your keyword list by expanding it, and then analyzing search volumes and competition.

Then you’ll be shown how to eliminate duplicates and low volume keywords. Once that’s done, you’ll see how easy it is to analyze search competition. Finally, you will order and sort your keyword list to get ready for creating content.

NB: This is just step one out of 12 steps, 6 videos out of 85+ downloadable videos. A lot has been put in this Affiliate Marketing training videos to give you what it takes to make big money online.

Why you and many others will fail online

The only one reason you will fail only is the fact that you fail to take necessary action. The necessary action here is to focus on something that works.

Stop downloading useless ebooks, moving from site to site and looking for the quick button. It does not exist. You must focus and study how the things are done. This is the right place to start.

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What do you think about taking such an in-depth course? Have you gone through such affiliate marketing video course before?

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