How You Can Double Blogging Income through Outsourcing

increase blogging income

You can double your income as a blogger. Yes you can!

But how?

Use creative outsourcing. Because outsourcing itself will do you no good, but when you embark on it with a clear purpose – you’ll smile to the bank. Period.

While traditional blogging is comparatively old, un-sexy and boring, smart bloggers are earning more money as I write this piece.

The funny aspect of it is that these successful bloggers don’t write as much posts as the beginners do.

Here’s a typical scenario: In 2013, I wrote and published close to 500 guest posts. Of course, I generated decent traffic and got several paying clients, but I wasn’t impressed.

You know why?

The reason is because with that amount of content scattered all over the blogosphere, you’d expect higher returns on time investment, but the reverse was the case for me. Does it resonate with you, also? 

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