5 Tips to Cure Online Business Burnout

Online business burnout cripples even the most determined entrepreneur.

If you become exhausted, or sick, you can’t be at your business best.

Follow these tips to address and dissolve burnout so you can dive back into your venture feeling energized, refreshed and raring to go.

1: Take Breaks….or Break

I am writing these words after a long afternoon nap.

Passing out for 30 or 60 minutes each day – for a nap – complements my 6-8 hours of sleep nightly. Unless I take breaks, my body physically breaks, meaning I get sick or run down or simply burn out.

Online entrepreneurs also need to take weekends off, or hourly breaks, or vacations. Nobody can be on, in the zone, 24-7, 365, even if you feel passionate about your work.

I love blogging as much as anybody. But taking breaks recharges my body, refreshes my mind and adds that important element of surrender to your blog, so you can hand off the reins to the process or to a higher power.

2: Trash Your Online Business

This one feels scary.

At first.

But when you look back at trashing a losing venture you want to punch yourself for not doing it earlier.

I spent months working an old blog, brand and cash flow streams that I had long outgrown. I burned out. I even began to crash and burn too, in some areas of my online duties.


I clung to a losing venture I had long outgrown.

If you hate your blog, or online business, for weeks and months, and feel burned out, 99% of the time you need to trash your blog and business to move in a different direction.

Your online journey is not a straight line. Sometimes you need to take a sharp left, a quick right or you may need to stop the trip all together.

I had to trash 3,400 blog posts, a blog, a brand and old cash flow streams to make room for Blogging From Paradise.

That kinda worked out well for me as I felt refreshed, invigorated, and energized, almost like diving into an ice bath wearing nothing but your Speedos.

3: Tweak Your Online Business

Maybe you need not flush your online business down the toilet.

But you do have some tweaking to do.

You may need to let go certain elements of your online business to avoid burning out.

Example; right around the time I created Blogging From Paradise I saw clear and distinct signs that one of my income streams was drying up, due to certain online shifts. If I was being honest with myself, I was sick and tired of working that stream, burning out, being burdened and feeling like it weighed me down, as if I was wearing a 5 ton anchor.

I tweaked my online business by letting go that income stream entirely. Instantly I felt better. Recharged. Invigorated.

4: Exercise Frequently

After I wrap up this post I will run 10 miles.

I run 10 miles (16 kilometers for everybody outside of the USA) every other day.

I also do 20 to 60 minutes of yoga daily.

Exercising is one of the easiest ways to address online burnout.

Burnout is simply an energy block. When you feel crappy, or tired, or exhausted, imagine your body-energy being like a swamp, or stagnant, filthy body of water, like a putrid canal in an urban center.

People who exercise regularly carry a body-energy like roaring rapids, or like the ocean during a hurricane. This freely-flowing, circulating, vibrant energy dissolves any trace elements of online business burnout immediately.

Walk, jog or run regularly. Or engage in whatever form of exercise you enjoy. Just check with your doctor before diving into an exercise campaign.

5: More Mindset Less Laptop

Online business burnout usually roots itself in overworking.

You quickly find that working harder and longer usually ends in diminished results, exhaustion and frustration, if not sickness.

This is because your energy, or mindset, is operating from a place of fear and tension, and when you back your work with fear-energy you will never succeed, no matter how long and hard you work.

Pull back.

Spend less time working. Spend more time meditating, praying, thinking through your blogging campaign, expressing gratitude for your family, friends and possessions and in time, as your energy rises, your work will yield sweeter results and you will dissolve burnout for good.

The eBook

If you feel sick and tired with your online business I wrote an eBook to help you address your exhaustion, so you can build a rocking venture and avoid burnout:

10 Tips to Cure Online Business Burnout

Your Turn

How do you address online business burnout?

What tips can you add to this list?

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