If content is KING, where is the KINGDOM? A must-read post!

The whole idea of blogging and content marketing is like a kingdom and we know the 3 main components of a complete kingdom:

  1. The KING,
  2. The KINGDOM
  3. The RULED or the subjects.

That’s exactly what blogging is. If any of these lacks or has a deficiency, the whole kingdom is sick.

If content is King, where therefore is the kingdom? What about the ruled? In content marketing, we have laid so much emphasis on the content being the king. There can never be in king without a kingdom and the ruled. Let’s look at these parties differently and see how they relate to blogging. 

The King

content is kingSome months ago, I read Sylviane’s post about content being king and other worries. I was so impressed with her thoughts. She linked to Don Purdum’s article where Don tries to answer a somewhat disturbing question from one of his readers, Linda. The question Don is treating in this post is “If Content is King why isn’t Anyone Reading my Blog?

I’m sure most of us blogging have that question to ask. You have spent hours and sometimes money to develop what you may call ‘killer content’ and at the end, you get wholly disappointed that the once thought ‘killer’ content does not seem to have enough traction.

I can understand why this is so – the reason is that your blogging kingdom is incomplete or simply weighing side-ward. What’s the solution?

Balance up!

Yes! For a kingdom to be stable, all the components must be given their different places and you being the god of your kingdom have to mobilize resources to put things up!

The Kingdom

There can’t be a king without a kingdom! If you say you are king, show me your kingdom.

If content is king, then the blog has to be the kingdom where the content reigns.  A lot of things therefore have to be put in place to build an attractive kingdom.

What attracts tourist to our earthly kingdoms are the beauties – natural and artificial. We all have read some history and known of the great ancient Egyptian kingdom and its attractions.

As a matter of fact, the more a kingdom is endowed with attractive beauties, the more it gets known and visited and each visitor seeks to meet the king with precious gifts and wine.

Is your blog attractive enough? You have to position your blog to attract visitors and each time they come to your blog (the kingdom), they should seek to visit and interact with your content (the king) with gifts (engagements).

How do you attract visitors to your blog?

Naturally, the first step is to develop your resources and points of attraction. Secondly, go out there telling people how beautiful your kingdom is. In blogging, that’s simple ;

Syviane and Don in their blog posts mentioned blogging communities to be active on. That’s how to attract visitors to your kingdom (your blog).

I don’t want to repeat what they have already said here. So check out their posts for some recommended active blogging communities.

Think about it! How did you know about the Egyptian kingdom? Most of us reading this post know some of those stories but we have never been there physically. You read about it in documents right? Someone published it there for you to read.

Same thing applies to blogging. You have to get your blog published on those sites for people to discover it.

Search engines are doing their jobs but you can’t rely on them. They are becoming so unreliable. They can change their terms at any time and throw you off the board.

No matter how beautiful your blog (kingdom) is and no matter how powerful your content (king) is, there is need to step out and tell the world about it. This is the only way to attract them.

The subjects

Every king needs a kingdom and in every kingdom, there are the ruled. Kings don’t rule over stones. They rule over people.

If your blog is the kingdom and the content king, then the readers are the subjects.

One common characteristic of kingdoms is the urge to expand on their sphere of influence – they want more space and more people to command.

Isn’t that what we do daily? We want more coverage, more readers, more backlinks, more mentions, more followers, etc.

BTW, Check out this post I did on how to build a very popular blog in just 90 days

If a certain kingdom covers just 3000m3 and doesn’t seek to expand, it will soon be overcome by other growing kingdoms. The next thing is that it will fold up.

You can’t gain more expansion by sitting in and developing content. You must lunch out into the deep and conquer your neighbors. Competition is tough and if you aren’t tough too, watch how you are pushed under.

So what do you think about this whole point of content is king?

If content = King, then

Blog = Kingdom and

Readers = Subjects

Is that correct?

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