4 Successful Bitcoin Trading Strategies Shared by Traders

Successful Bitcoin Trading Strategies

I have not written any Cryptocurrency content for a long time now and I’m beginning to think it’s unfair for my crypto readers.

Since my Cryptocurrency certification and the publication of my Cryptocurrency in Cameroon eBook, a lot has happened. While the book is getting more and more popular, my Cryptocurrency coaching program is also getting more Cameroonians educated

Cryptocurrencies are still thriving and Bitcoin trading is continuing unabated and there are no visible signs yet of the crypto market slowing down.

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Currency Talks 101: Cash, Credit and Ethereum Exchange

Ethereum Exchange

Money always makes the world go round as the saying goes. Anyone can interpret this infamous saying in various ways.

One can think of the power of money and how it can influence the world. Another might look at it as having money can actually help you change or even control the world to your whim.

These statements have a lot of truth in them. After all, how can you even see the world without money? If you cannot even reach other parts of the Earth, then your influence is not all that effective. Internet has changed that aspect quite a bit, but still has its own limitations.

Money is still needed in order for you to make a move that can possibly change the world.

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How to buy Premium Web hosting With Cryptocurrencies!

Cryptocurrencies are gaining grounds and we can now buy Premium Web Hosting services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripples, etc, and I think that’s some piece of awesome news for crypto users.

Cryptocurrencies are the people’s money. It’s created and powered by the people and technology with no Government influence.

While buying and holding the coins is in itself a profitable move, being able to give them out for other helpful services is what adds value to the industry.

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ETH/USD – Volatility Declines Following Speculative Price Swings

eth usd volatility

As Ether (ETH) celebrated its third birthday on July 30th, the cryptocurrency was showing signs of growing pains as the ETH/USD pair slipped below its 30-day moving average of $460.

The digital token has been slowly losing strength against the US dollar since shooting past $800 in May.

Together, the safe haven of the global economy and the young cryptocurrency are creating big price swings. Ethereum’s volatility (the rate of a change in price from standard returns) is a dizzying 7.2 — almost 10 points above a market-weighted basket of the top six cryptocurrencies.

While being whipped around by ETH, 30-day volatility in the ETH/USD pair has fallen from over 10 in 2016 to below 5 in 2018.

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The Dangers Of Trading Manually And What Trading Software Like QProfit System Can Do To Help

trading manually

Cryptocurrency Trading will definitely change your life. However, it is uncertain whether the change is for the GOOD or BAD.

When you don’t know how to play your cards right, trading can turn you into a greedy little monster and eat you right up. Trading does not come without risk. However, the same thing goes to almost everything else in life.

Trading crypto is a rising fad not only because of how advanced the technology we’re using for it is. It’s becoming more and more popular because of the way it changes many people’s lives – oftentimes for the better but sometimes for the worse.

Many controversies surround cryptocurrency (read more), especially when it comes to the manner of trading.

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Dtcoin Price – Bitcoin volatility killer with constantly rising coin value!

Dtcoin may be the next Cryptocurrency to create millions as it promises to correct BTC’s volatility. Dtcoin Price is on a constant rise, giving investors reasons to have it on their plate.

Bitcoin is the master of Cryptocurrencies but volatility is its biggest drawback. The bitcoin value can change rapidly and unpredictably. That’s one of the reasons Bitcoin is not considered money by some expects.

One of the characteristics of Money is stability over time.  That means with respect to other currencies, the value of anything that’s considered money must be stable to encourage businesses to invest and accept it in exchange for their good and services.

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While Bitcoin has attracted a huge attention from around the world, businesses are still reticent. The problem is not with Blockchain, the technology backing the crypto giant.

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