How to make money with content !

If you can read and write, you have no excuse to be broke!


Because Content Is Money

Content is information. Content that’s money is information people are willing to pay for. As a matter of fact, information is the driving force of the world.

Everything you can think of is possible thanks to the power of words – written or spoken. That’s information.

From politics to technology, the world needs information to be alive. And if you can produce information and take it to the target audience, you will make money. Period!

There are 3 keywords here:

Content Production and distribution

  1. Content: Information
  2. Production: Gathering, processing and filtering
  3. Distribution: Taking the consumable information to the target audience.

If you can gather information, process it and bring out the useful parts that can solve readers’ problems and change their lives, you will only need one thing to make money:


Remember it is not just any information you distribute. Secondly, you don’t share your information with everyone. You must share with those that need it. That brings the notion of targeting right?

If you’ve got that useful information, there are different ways to carry it to your target audience – people who need it:

  • Create a blog and share the content
  • Share it on social media – join relevant groups and communities
  • Do offline events
  • Create info-products or eBook
  • Create videos

Can you really make money with content?

A quick answer to this question is YES.

Your blog readers, list subscribers, social media followers, video viewers make up your marketplace. The more readers and subscribers you get, the bigger your marketplace and the more money you can make.

There are two categories of visitors you will always get:

1 – Readers

These are people who want the information you share. They just want to read something that’s useful and that can change their lives. In other words, they are the buyers

2 – Sellers

They are those who visit your marketplace looking for an opportunity to grab attention from your readers. These are advertisers who pay you to talk to your readers about them.

They are ready to buy space on your property to place a banner. They want to sponsor content on your blog. They want to advertise on your channels. They want you to mention them on your live videos, etc.

And most often, your advertisers are your readers.

There are four main ways to make money with content from this point:

1 – Sell space to those advertisers: There are many who are willing to pay you directly to expose their products/services to your buyers.

2 – Sell your own services: If you have your own info products (eBooks, software,etc) and or service, you may want to sell them in your marketplace. I know of content experts who do not accept any form of third party advertisements on their blogs. They make a lot of money from selling their own products/services.

3 – Advertise products for a commission: This is generally called Affiliate Marketing and it’s one of the quickest ways to monetize your content.

It’s different from the first point where advertisers pay you upfront a certain amount for exposure. You fix the rate and your income only grows with the number of direct advertisers you get.

But with advertising for commissions, your income grows with how efficient you are in Affiliate Marketing. You may want to grab my book on Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers.

4 – Get paid per click or impressions

As your marketplace grows, you may want to do contextual advertising and get paid by the advertising platform per clicks or impressions. A good example of this is Google Adsense. However, this isn’t something quite good for bloggers in developing countries as clicks from these areas pay way too small.

Yes, Content is money

Can you read and write?

Put on your thinking cap. There are lots of things to write about.

Grab a copy of my book here

Though it targets Cameroon, it can help anyone worldwide. I just have local examples and recommendations. But the knowledge is same so you may want to contact me for a copy.

18 thoughts on “How to make money with content !”

  1. Monsieur Enstine, c’est vrai qu’on peut avoir beaucoup d’argent sur ligne mais c’est pas facile du tout. My French is getting a bit rusty… Pardonnez moi! I’m going to check out your Affiliate marketing course. Since I’m a Nigerian, I’m guessing it would be super useful to me.

  2. Content marketing is the king of all marketing channels and yes, one can make thousands (if not millions) of dollars with content.

    Copyblogger is the best example which has grown into a multi-million dollar online business and they later went on to build a hosting company, Genesis theme framework and so on by laying the foundation with their content.

    Almost every successful blogger you see online is teaching their audience with their content (either using videos, podcasts or articles) and then using that awareness to make money online.

    Excellent post Ensite, keep rocking.

  3. Hello Enstine,

    Congratulations on creating your product. Content is definitely very important to make your blog a big success. You have really made a lot of efforts for creating this awesome ebook. I hope people will definitely going to like this. Happy Blogging 🙂


    • Hey bro,
      Content is Money 😉
      Creating the info product is another way to increase income and it’s doing it

      I will soon be doing some real promotions once it’s translated to French

      Thanks for making blogging awesome bro

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations on your new release – I know it will do well for you.

    Content marketing is a very attractive option to making money online because if you don’t have a lot of spare time you can do bits when you have time, and the effect will be cumulative.

    Sorry to have been absent from your blog for so long but my move from London to Norwich took almost a year (from idea to being settled in) and much stress. Still “work in progress”, but SO happy to have made the transition.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hey Joy,
      So good to see you here and thanks for another comment. Glad to know you’ve finally moved. You see I really hate moving but sometimes, one just has to do it 😉 Hope everything else is good.

      Yes I did this book on content marketing that can be consumed everywhere but I wanted to localize it by using local currency and examples around us for readers in Cameroon to feel spoken to. It’s soon being translated to French. Cameroon is made up of 10 regions. 2 are English speaking and 8 French. So you see where a larger market is 😉

      Are you fully back to online business?

  5. Hey bro! first of all thanks for post but i have some queries regarding content,
    What is more important in blogging in aspects of ranking! Is it quality of content or quantity of content

  6. Hi
    Glad to read this post and congratulations on the launch of your book “Content Is Money”.

    There are plenty of ways a blogger can monetize thier blog. Here, you have mentoined some best and proven ways to monetize a blog. Affiliate marketing is one of thes best ways to earn handsome revenue online if done in a right way.

    Google AdSense is one of the best CPC program and provides good earning to its publishers. The way you have explained this post is awesome.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this. I have been reading your articles for a while and they’re really helpful! It’s an awesome article.

  8. Hi Enstine, congratulations on your book. Are you able to accept Paypal there? You are right about monetizing your content. It took me years but I finally did and quit my day job. I provide services now like social media management, training and and consultations. I LOVE it!
    I never would have known when I first started blogging how far I would go with it. But you must have a passion for it to continue to do for years.
    They say “love what you do and the money will follow.” I believe it!
    Congrats again Enstine and have a great day!

    • Hey Lisa,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the shout out 😉
      Yes I can accept Paypal from here.

      It’s exciting how one can make it big with content and thanks to blogging, we are finding it easier.
      I’m glad you finally broke the “corporate slavery” Now you can do your things and feel the freedom

      Yes, money is on the way with love

  9. Good morning Enstine. Thanks for your well researched post.

    I must admit that your write-ups/posts have always rekindled my desire to make money online.
    I have experimented with affiliate marketing before,
    but had no positive results. May be because I did not do it the right way. With your tutorials, I hope to make money this time around.

    Thank you very much and have a pleasant weekend.Bye.

    • Hey bro,
      Good to hear from you.
      You really should start blogging
      And Affiliate Marketing is hard and easy. If you get the right methods, you will do well.
      People just grab affiliate links and share on social media. It may work to an extend but what I think should be done (Based on experience) is what I have just published here:

      Hope it really helps bro
      Thanks for being part of this post again 😉

  10. Content is king and content play an important role in Digital Marketing as well as Content has become one of the strogest part .

    This article about content is really nice about to make money with content.

  11. All the best with your release buddy! Content is money. Flat out. Few folks get it; help people for free, via your content across multiple channels, then when you appear to be in a million places at once, the money flows in through all those sweet channels you mentioned.

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Folks have made huge figures (and are still banking big) with content. It isn’t that simple but being consistent in producing value will certainly take you up the stairs. You are a good example 😉

      Hope you are having a splendid weekend

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