NortonLifeLock And Avira Bundles Antivirus With Cryptocurrency Miner

NortonLifeLock and Avira Bundles Antivirus With Cryptocurrency

Digital cryptocurrency is still standing strong. With the value of cryptos moving in ebbs and flows as the dollar market is unstable, it’s a good time to invest in the digital market.

As volatile as the dollar can become, investors will want to diversify their holdings into the growing crypto markets through apps like OKX. NortonLifeLock and Avira have found a way to put together mining cryptocurrency and antivirus security.

In June 2021, NortonLifeLock announced an opt-in cryptocurrency mining feature with Norton Crypto. Avira followed suit in October of the same year with Avira Crypto. This feature allows NortonLifeLock or Avira antivirus subscribers to opt-in to cryptocurrency mining with the click of a button.

It is important to note that you will be required to have either an AMD or Nvidia dedicated graphics card with a minimum of 6GB of memory. Without a GPU that meets these requirements, the feature is unavailable. For desktop users, you can always remedy this by purchasing a GPU. Just make sure that your desktop rig has the I/O and power supply to support the addition.

If you already find antivirus software to cause your computer to slow down, you may want to avoid using the crypto mining feature when in use. It is resource-intensive like most cryptocurrency miners. That means you won’t be doing hardcore gaming while the miner software is doing its work.

Both Norton Crypto and Avira Crypto are designed to allow their customers access to the safe mining of Ethereum or ETH. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, you may be asking why not Bitcoin? There are a few simple reasons. The first is that Ethereum is an improved version of Bitcoin that adds features to its software ecosystem unavailable in Bitcoin. The second is that Ethereum still has space to grow and gain in value. ETH shows small and consistent growths in value.

If you’re looking to get into mining ETH and want to use either Avira Crypto or Norton Crypto to do so, you should know that both companies take 15% of the crypto generated by their software. This may seem like a lot to new miners, but transaction fees and mining fees are the norms for crypto mining.

Remember, it’s essentially passive income. It’s also an asset with growing value. Norton Crypto and Avira Crypto may be making a slightly greedy stake, but it is an opt-in-only option. If their customers do not wish to have their devices used to mine crypto, they don’t have to. In fact, “opt-in” refers to an optional feature that requires the user to activate the feature in order for it to work at all.


Avira Crypto and Norton Crypto aren’t the best options for mining Ethereum, but they are easier options for the less crypto-savvy to get their foot into the cryptocurrency door.

Between Norton and Avira, it appears that users are, in general, happier with Avira’s software as evidenced by the lack of complaints by its subscribers. If you have a 6GB dedicated GPU, you can give it a shot for free with Avira Free Security.