Business Growth Club Giveaway!

Hey guys, I’m happy to be introducing a buddy of mine by name Dan Ewah to you.

He was active with me in the Blogging space and on this blog in 2014/2015; he has even written a guest post on this blog.

At the time, he was only making Money from Product Reviews, Affiliate Marketing, and Ads; he wanted more because he believed there has to be a better way to leverage his knowledge.

This quest made him leave Blogging.

He got into Cryptocurrency in May 2016, and by November of the same year, he had made $500,000+ by leveraging Digital Marketing and the skills he acquired while Blogging.

He got frustrated when he discovered that most people in his Cryptocurrency community were not making the kind of money he was making, which was when it dawned on him that he wasn’t making money because of Cryptocurrency but rather because he’s leveraging Digital Marketing.

So he decided to get back to Blogging and teach people how to leverage Digital Marketing to launch any business they are interested in profitably.

He is not promoting any business or program; he’s only teaching the skills that will help you launch into any business of your choice.

He’s back to Blogging, and his focus is to teach fellow bloggers and Business Owners how to leverage Digital Marketing as a growth driver to launch their Business.

His specialized skills are;

  • Product Launches
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Sales Funnels

He has just launched a Giveaway campaign where 100 people will get FREE 12-Month access to his Business Growth Club.

His Business Growth Club is a premium community where members are trained and allowed to brainstorm and form strategic partnerships/joint ventures as well as support each other when launching a product, campaign, or post.

It’s one thing to know what to do, but you’ll agree with me that it’s easier when you are part of a community where members are willing to give you a helping hand needed to get off the ground when you launch a campaign/product.

This Giveaway campaign will be over in a matter of days, and I think we can all benefit as members of the Business Growth Club, which is why I’m writing this post.

Being part of the Giveaway is as easy as joining and sharing the Giveaway.

Here’s the link to Join.

2 thoughts on “Business Growth Club Giveaway!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article, I really enjoyed reading after this post. you have written in a very good manner. I had never read out such a post on this topic. you can consider me as a regular viewer on this site. I read another post on your site also that was also good and informative.
    keep it up

  2. Thank you Enstine for posting, I’m so positive that the Business Growth Club will help birth lots of Businesses amongst us as Bloggers and I look forward to it.

    I’ll be right here to answer questions should anybody need more clarification

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