Do You Undervalue Your Blogging Real Estate?

I have never owned a home.

Nor do I have a desire to own a home, as long as I circle the globe as a digital nomad.

The man who designed the concept of duty free shops you see in airports actually comes from the same birth town as me in the United States.

He was worth $5 billion at his wealthiest and never owned a home or car, circling the globe, living with friends and sometimes renting apartments. Even as I make more dough, I see myself living the same way.

Many people believe owning a home is a good investment but this real estate is actually a very slow

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moving, leaden investment that anchors you down. Chief upside: you have somewhere to live, shelter for avoiding heat, cold, rain and snow. Downside: significant financial, time and energy investment for a slow-moving financial return, if that.

I chose to go into blogging real estate. I invested $15 a year in Blogging From Paradise Dot Com, every year, since 2015. I have invested a small amount of money in my hosting, migrating from regular hosting to a VPS over the prior 2 years. True; I cannot live online, through my blog. Virtual investment. Plus the time and energy investment is immense. But the freedom of circling the globe, doing what I want to, when I want to and making money in the process may be the most fun, freeing and fulfilling investment any human being can make.

My return on blogging investment:

  • becoming a pro blogger
  • fun and happiness in serving human beings
  • living in Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Oman, Cyprus, Qatar, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and NYC for months at a time
  • being free to do what I want, when I want to

Sounds like a good return to me, eh?

Blogging Investment and Undervaluing

Arianna Huffington sold her blog for $350 million. Solid return. Could she sell a house for $350 million? Nope.

Some bloggers sell their blogs for $50, $10,000 or $50,000, or, $500,000. Other bloggers keep their blogs, make more and more money and live their dreams through blogging.

Most bloggers horribly undervalue the investment right under their nose; their blogs. Most see their blogs as “just a blog”. Undervaluing their blog, of course they put little energy, effort and money into blogging, which yields terrible results.

Are you undervaluing your blog?

You have a life of fun, freedom and millions of dollars waiting to be mined through this most valuable of cyber real estate.

But you need to make one small and one large investment to see a steadily increasing return on your blog.

Small Financial Investment

Invest a few bucks in a domain.

Invest a little more in hosting.

Invest money in a premium theme.

Blogging requires a small financial investment to emit a trusted image, a branded feel and an overall professional vibe.

Ballpark: $14 for a domain, $120 to $240 a year on hosting, $100 to $200 for a premium theme (or less) and…..there you go.

If you own a house, you pay the mortgage company  $1000 to $2000 to $5000 or more monthly. Plus maintenance fees. Plus monthly utilities.

Hmmm….blogging sounds like a bargain to me.

Large Generosity Investment

This is not hard work. Nope. But it gets uncomfortable sometimes because you need to work for free to make your blogging investment bear fruit.

Being generous means helping people for free to:

  • improve your skills
  • increase your exposure massively

Skilled bloggers with massive exposure see significant financial and freedom returns on investment from their blogs.

I write and submit 5 guest posts daily. Nobody pays me directly for each post. But my skills and exposure increase leads to greater blogging income and greater freedom through blogging. The other day, someone I guest posted for said she is interested in my blogging course. If she does not buy it, no big deal. But if she buys it, I generate $1000 in profits.

Solid return on investment, I’d say.

Plus sponsored post income, eBook income, paperback income, audio book income and various other income flows to me through my blogging generosity investment. Help people for free. Detach from outcomes. Get paid.

But being generous means calmly, cool-ly and chill-ly seizing opportunities to guest post and comment genuinely on blogs daily. It means having fun writing and submitting 30 to 150 to 300 guest posts monthly. If you want millions, help millions. If you want freedom, give millions freedom. The investment-return ratio is incredibly simple and perfect. Give freely, be generous, trust, be uncomfortable sometimes, receive easily.

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