PayPal Money Adder – Free Money to your Paypal Account or SCAM?

PayPal Money Adder  software (or PayPal Money Generator) is a piece of app that adds money straight to your PayPal account absolutely free.

All you do is get the software, run the app (or use the web free PayPal Money app), fill the form and then you receive the money.

That’s something that sounds amazingly incredible. I must say the authors of this Free PayPal Money adder are smart.

They are smart in their own world because no one in a genuine business garment will fall to such madness.

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PayPal Money Adder software scam and fraud

My first piece of advice is you STAY AWAY from anything that promises you free money online. When it comes to PayPal, you have to not even think twice. Quit!

Don’t even give it a try. PayPal Money Adder is a big fraud and I will tell you what the authors are doing in a moment.

PayPal is the biggest and most secured payment processor online today. I do not agree with anyone who things there is a bug in the PayPal platform that allows some malicious application to manipulate their database for such a period of time.

I’m not writing this post to review PayPal. I simply want to let you know PayPal Money Adder that promises to add money to your PayPal account is a massive dead trap. It’s not possible to game PayPal so easily and no one in the world is giving away such free money.

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PayPal Money Generator – Wolfs in sheep’s garments?

Folks are developing different ways to make money online. While the Internet has genuine ways to earn a growing passive income, there are many money making scams you must not fall to.

The PayPal Free Money desktop or web applications have different names:

  1. PayPal Money Generator
  2. PayPal Money Adder

Whatever names it goes by, web or desktop, they are all scam. Here is one of them:

paypal money adder

Why PayPal Money Adder or PayPal Money Generator is dangerous

Generally, these free PayPal money adders will ask for your PayPal email, the amount you want to receive and the currency.

To sound like they are genuine, they will tell you they don’t need your PayPal account password. That gives you some measure of security and pushes you to go ahead and submit your PayPal email address.  By doing that, you just help them earn money. Here are 4 reasons any PayPal money adder is dangerous:

1 – Phishing

This is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as your usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons.

‘Phishers’ do this by  sending you emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce you to reveal your personal and sensitive information.

Phishing emails are so well designed to make you believe it’s coming from a genuine source. By submitting your data to them, you give them express entrance into your accounts.

Though PayPal Money Generators don’t ask for your password, what they do is send you mails as coming from PayPal, requesting you sign in to your PayPal account to authorize them resolve a supposed issue.

Here is a sample of a PayPal Phishing mail

free paypal money adder

You may receive a mail that looks more genuine than this. But here are a couple of things to pay attention to:

  • The From email. Sometimes, it comes from a domain name not owned by PayPal
  • The Reply-to email. Usually not PayPal’s authorized address
  • The content of the mail. There is always something fishy inside
  • The external link the button points to.

Often, the phishing mail may look 100% like coming from PayPal. The page that opens if you click the button in the mail looks a genuine PayPal website. But the domain name will be completely different:

paypal money generator

Now, if you submit your email on those PayPal Money senders, this is what they will do to you any time later. They do this to thousands of PayPal email addresses they have in their database.

2 – They sell your emails to big companies

Some companies are in the business of buying valid email addresses for advertisement. Sometimes you get some adverts straight to your inbox and you are wondering how they got your email address.

There are different ways to get people’s emails without their consent. That’s pure spamming but by the time the companies gain access to hundreds of thousands or millions of these valid addresses, they would have come to the point of making good business.

Once those PayPal Money Adder promoters build a huge list through their fake software, it makes good business for them selling the list for huge sums.

3 – Malicious software download.

Some desktop PayPal Money Adder software may contain some malicious, spy script. If your computer is not running the latest version of a good anti-virus, anti- spyware, you may end up exposing your entire system to the  wickedness of some folks. The best prevention is not to get involved.

4 – They use you to make their business

One of the things you will notice is that to complete the money transfer process, you will sometimes be required to fill a survey form and do some promotion for the so-called free PayPal Money Generator.

paypal money adder software

While you will never end up receiving any funds in your Paypal, you would have submitted your email address and helped them do some more promotion.

5 – You lose money by buying the app

Some PayPal Money Adders are not free at all. While the malicious app is seeking to cause you some harm, their authors are walking away with some cool money from naive Internet users.

Is PayPal Money Adder Legit or Scam?

There is no way anyone can convince me that any PayPal Money Adder software is legitimate for 2 reasons:

  1. Gaming PayPal to transfer funds is practically not possible
  2. Why would someone just give out free money to people? There is something fishy behind.

Any Genuine Way To Receive PayPal Money?

Absolutely yes!

PayPal is the most highly used and recommended Payment processor used by many companies worldwide.

To receive PayPal money consistently, you need to be able to do business and be paid by legitimate companies.

Creating a small business online can be a daunting task. However, I show you in this post how to create a genuine business online and get paid day in day out.

Hope this helps.

Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

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