Who do men say you are? Here’s what they say I am!

Are you a successful blogger? How long have you been blogging? What do other bloggers say about you? Are you real or fake – Not like these fake bloggers though.

I mean, are you really the bad blogger?

I have been in this industry for 2 years now (Read about my 2nd anniversary here) and I have been so amazed what I read about me on other blogs.

In this post, I want you to see what people say about me and why they say such things.

Yes, my name is Enstine Muki. I’m a cool guy from Cameroon in Africa and I’m 36. This moment, I live in Douala Town. I’m father of 2. My wife is the most pretty woman on earth. Sorry but she is more beautiful than you, your sisters, your own wife ( if you are a married man). No offense! It’s not my fault. I didn’t make her 😉 She’s just my queen and that ends it there.

So here are some few things people and bloggers say about me. I’ll tell you why they say these things in a moment. I’m putting this down in no specific order;

don - enstine

rohan enstineharleena enstinedeborah enstinesupr enstine

mark enstine

harleena enstine againadrienne enstine

carol enstine

nikhil enstineravi enstinearun enstine

nanda enstinejeev enstine

broaded enstine

I made popular bloggers to accept they are FAKE

Are you ready to confess to the whole world that you are fake? Well, I can make you walk down the street telling everyone you meet on the way that you are fake. Want proofs? Check here my own meaning of FAKE

Well, I made some popular bloggers to openly accept on Google+ that they are fake.

fake bloggers enstine

NB: These are just few testimonials I pick from around the internet. A lot has been said about me and I’m speechless. Thank you guys for the positive confessions.

Here is my secret

As a matter of fact, my secret is that I don’t have any. I just try to be smart while working hard. In any case, I must tell you where my strength comes from.

Yes, I get my force from reading. I read many blogs so I just want to list out a few of them. The reason is that I have build a relationship with the owners of these blogs. These are awesome bloggers who will stop at nothing to promote you. I recommend you start reading their blogs today so as to learn a lot;

The list is quite long but I’m ending here. Note also that I have a relationship with these and more bloggers. That’s what counts. It’s not just because your blog is cool. It’s because we are pals and that’s what I love.

So check out those blogs. I’m sure by reading them, you’ll gain knowledge and that will make you awesome too.

So who are they actually saying you are? What do you think I am?

Let me hear you out in the comment box

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