3 BAD reasons why your business Stinks and Sinks!

It appears failure has located your business address. Everything you do sees no results. Your blog is a complete mess. Nothing seems to work despite the beautiful design, wonderful hosting, great contents, etc.

As a matter of fact, these things don’t bring profit directly -> Hire the best writer, get the best graphics designer, employ the best developer, etc will not still work. You will still be broke!


Yes! These items only help your business grow. If you have not dealt with the 3 points I want to expound in this post, mind my words, you don’t even have a business and that’s where your first problem lies.

You may go ahead and spend your whole day on social media, do a lot of blog commenting and guest posting, etc. At the end of it, your landlord will still be on your neck because of unpaid bills.

Many people have abandoned they ventures thinking it does not work. No! It works. They simply were unable to identify these 3 points and work on them.

A knife is a good tool but if you handle it from the sharp end, it becomes your enemyEnstine Muki

So let’s examine the 3 reasons you have never seen success despite the investments. I’m sure by the end of this post, your are going to rethink your strategies to change your tomorrow. You will see a rise in your dollars. Not as indicated in this image;

bad business

3 BAD reasons you will NEVER succeed in business – They make you sink!

I have been blessed recently to have known a cool and knowledgeable guy in business. Don Purdum is the one guy that has inspired me big time and I dedicate this post to him. These 3 points are the reason for his blog. He teaches you how to work on them and take your profit level to the next step.

Here are the points:

1 –  You don’t really understand the business you are in!

I think that’s the baddest point here. If you don’t understand your business, everything else you do will certainly be on the wrong foundation.

This is almost like not even having a business.  There is no way you can do well in something you don’t understand. You cannot even build on unclear ideas.

My advice is to go back and learn. Study the ins and outs of what you have chosen as a business. Without this required knowledge, you may never see any growth.

NB: In this business encyclopedia, you’ll find everything you need to know about building a successful business.

2 – You don’t understand the problems you are trying to solve!

Every successful business is that which solves problems. You must understand that people don’t spend on things that don’t generate solutions to their problems. If your business doesn’t satisfy a need, there is no hope.

How do you solve a problem you don’t understand? It’s impossible and you know it. You can’t gamble and succeed. You will end up provoking and creating more problems.

Here are things to do to understand the problem you are trying to solve. You MUST try to;

  • First, identify the problem.
  • Know the causes of the problem.
  • Know the different ways it affects its victims.
  • Know how bad or to what extent it can affect it victims.
  • Know how it relates to other problems.
  • Know the consequences of not salvaging the situation.
  • Know the best approach and solution to the problem.
  • Then strive to know every other thing about the problem.

If you have this complete knowledge of the problem you are trying to solve, you will certainly pull the crowed that’s affected by that problem.

3 – You don’t even know the people affected by the problems you try to solve!

In other words, you don’t even know your clients. That’s about the worst ignorance any business person should ever have. Everything we do in business is trying to satisfy a specific people. But if we are unable to locate our target people, how then do we serve them for their money?

That’s like crafting a beautiful business letter and at the end, you don’t know who to send to – no address. Isn’t that bad enough as your letter will just be good for the dustbin ?.

Is your business suffering from these points? Maybe you are already thinking to drop. Do you want to achieve online success? Well, give Don Purdum a try. Contact him here.

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