Happy 2nd Anniversary Enstine Muki!

21 August 2012 was the day I started this journey. That was the day the decision to blog was born. It was the day I turned my back to every negative advice & suggestions  and looked ahead to a brighter future.

These have been 2 years of learning and meeting so many awesome bloggers. 2 years of earning and spending. 2 years of reading and writing.

Here is my story!

I have been creating websites for local clients since 2004. Starting off as a PC Technician, I came to love creating websites in Dreamweaver. My first ever site was hosted on Yahoo’s disconnected free hosting called Geocities. I’m sure some of you know this.

In order not to take you into some unnecessary details, let me fast-forward to 2011 when I created EasyRetweet.com (It was from EasyRetweet idea that JustRetweet was born).


I registered the domain EasyRetweet.com on May 04, 2011 and worked so hard to lunch the site a few months after. Initially, I wanted a tool for social media expansion. It however turned out to be the bloggers’ tool for Twitter promotion.

I was overtaken by shock how bloggers loved that tool and wanted features to help push their blogs. I therefore added features for blog promotion and this brought me closer to some awesome bloggers. some of them are;

Brian has been strategic and  I owe him a  lot. I remember publishing an article on BlogEngage even before taking the steps to be a blogger.  Brian proposed partnership between EasyRetweet and BlogEngage. That was the final push that brought me so close to many and many more awesome bloggers.

My first blog was EmFastIncome (Enstine Muki Fast Income) which was sold out in December 2013. I wanted to create a more personal blog.  So I switched to EnstineMuki.com and registered the domain on October 28, 2013 and this first article went live on October 29, 2013.

So as I write this article, EnstineMuki.com is 10 months. Alexa is 21k (No black hat. See this post for details), 158 Posts (excluding this one)  and 6,476 approved Comments.


I just looked in my Paypal and found out this blog has generated $818.48 straight to Paypal in this month of August 2014. That does not include affiliate earnings in different affiliate program accounts that will be paid by the end of the month. This is almost all from sponsored posts on this blog.

Generally, there have been a rough total of  $4500 since creation. Well, this does not count Clickbank earnings that pay straight to my Payoneer.

Well, this post is not an income report so let me end here!

The people I have met

Now, this is one tempting paragraph. I wanted to include names of bloggers that have influenced me so strong but I fear I might leave some names out without knowing.

The list is long so long so I just want to give a shout out to everyone that has promoted me in one way or the other – comment, Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ share, linking to my article, etc

This blog will not be where it is today without it’s readers. You have all created a wonderful community for me. You made exceptional comments. sometimes I just feel so excited and motivated to push on despite the toughness. I know I have you with me.

You are my pride and my value. Thanks for making this blog and making me who I am.

Product creation

I’m experienced PHP developer but since blogging, I have developed more passion for the blogging activity. I develop less and blog more.

However, I have known that the best way to make money online is be a product owner. So some two weeks ago, I create this free WordPress plugin for traffic and engagement. Be sure to grab it.

How does one make money money with a free plugin? 

Trust me I know my way out. I can make money from anything online and still offer real value. I’m making money with that free plugin. I have my strategy 😉

My next big thing!

One of the things bloggers need is targeted traffic. I’ll be having you covered in a few days. I’ll soon lunch a new product that’s a revolution in blogging. I know you are used to klinkk, kingged, blogEngage, bizsugar, etc.

Wait for something that will completely change your mindset. That will be a new way to pull traffic without social media and Search engine. I’m impatient to announce this innovation. Be sure to signup to my list so you don’t miss it.

Join me to celebrate

I know if you were in the same city with me, you will be coming to party with me. Though we are online, we can still celebrate;

  • Leave me a comment
  • Tweet this post
  • Share it on Google+
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  • Mention it in your next article

I will be happy to be celebrated 😉

63 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary Enstine Muki!”

  1. The really wonderful seeing you celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of your site
    Within this short time you have really achieved more than some who has been around for longer time
    Wishing you more success in the coming years

  2. Congo bro for successful journey of 2 years ….. good to see that your journey started with Dreamweaver because my journey was started with the same software its awesome for web designers and again good to see high success in very short time ………. best of luck for your upcoming journey

  3. Hello Enstine,

    First of all Congratulations. Being a blogger for 2 years is not a joke. Most of the newbies fails to do so.

    Looking at you, i realized the importance of SMART WORK. If Smart work is combined with Hard work, you hit the goldmine. And you are practising Smart + Hard work.

    Thanks for creating this wonderful blog for us.

    Have a Nice Day Ahead!

  4. Congratulations bro! You have really achieved more all in a short while. I bet it was your passion for blogging that brought you this far! This is really a success story to keep upcoming bloggers in the right path.

    I am really happy for you, please do keep those fresh and quality content flowing, we are solidily benhind you bro!

    Once again, congrats…


  5. Hi, Congrats on your journey. You have the best experience to share among the bloggers. I am really excited to see what you are about to launch next.

    You are a sign of a determined blogger, who works hard to get what he deserve.

    Many of new bloggers, forget the hard work part and are focused on the easy money making part. Keep going buddy.

  6. Hello enstinemuki
    First of all a heartly congrats to you For your success.I am a regular follower of your blog and learnt a lot also want to learn more .I hope and i am sure that these two years were great for you and all the best for future and explore more and more

  7. Congrats Enstine…
    You are really doing your best.
    I am glad you have chalked this milestone.
    Prepare for more heights.

  8. Congratulations Enstine. I ‘ve really seen your blog grow and evolve over the past 2 years. And you’ve done so many other things as well at the same time. Very impressive and inspiring Enstine! Your passion for blogging and helping other to succeed really shows through. I wish you another great 2 years and will be watching to see what you come up with next.

  9. Hey Enstine.

    Congrats on the two years. You really are an inspiration and a boss. Perhaps I need to consider using some of your tactics to make money on one of my sites.

    It’s interesting to see how far you’ve come and all the things that you’ve done. And given where you were with your background to see what you’re doing now, it’s really spectacular.

    I’m very interested to see what this innovative product will be. Can’t wait.

    But anyway, congrats again on your two years and hopefully you and your awesome blog will be along for many more years to come.

    – Andrew

  10. Hi Enstine Sir,

    Sorry for being late to congratulate you. I got inspired after reading your blogging journey and your work stats are so encouraging. Passion and patience are needed for blogging and you’re showcasing these features on your blog. My heartfelt wishes to reach good blogging success.

    Thanks for sharing your story, enjoyed while reading it 🙂

  11. Congratulations Enstine!

    You’re going great guns, and from your latest avatar, you really look like a smarty Cowboy! 😉

    Yours is really a success story that many money making bloggers would look forward to follow. You’ve worked hard, and worked on your strengths. You’ve great public relations skills, and you always want to know more and connect in more ways to the new people that you meet.

    I wish that you earn more and reach higher ranks and reputation. All the best for your new product that sounds like will be a blockbuster indeed. 😉

    Joining you in your celebration,
    ~ Vinay

  12. Hi Enstine,

    A very hearty congratulations for completing 2 whole blogging years. It must have been quite tough at initial stages, but I’m damn sure that you must have managed the situations skillfully! 🙂

    Your coding knowledge has inspired me. Being the owner of EasyRetweet, CashDonator, ViralBird and now MyCommentAuthors should have made you feel proud of yourself. Well, that’s how you should be!

    Have a nice day!

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Too much achievements in such short time, for your success i’d name product launching as the game changer as EasyRetweet increased your popularity among top bloggers and it was the only one who made you famous as a blogger, isn’t it?

    For you new product, i’d love to see the new thing live as it seems really exciting, i hope that it would bring more popularity to your name.


    • Hey Siraj,
      Thanks for celebrating with me.
      Yes, I’m sure the new thing will be another boost. Thanks for the time you have given to look into it. It will be live in a few days 😉

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations on your second anniversary. 🙂
    I hope you can continue to provide insight to other bloggers.
    I’m also happy for your anniversary, Enstine Muki 😀


    • Thanks for celebrating with me Nanda
      I have no intention to stop now. Besides, my new product will keep me even more active 😉

      I hope you are having a great weekend

  15. Happy Anniversary Enstine!

    Can you believe where you are today? I mean with your background and what you started doing online just always seems to change direction when you’re introduced to something else. Look at you now!

    That’s why I don’t plan too terribly far in advance. I never know what tomorrow will bring let alone next month. I might be introduced to someone who wants to partner with me and we create something together and there ya go. In the meantime I’m doing my thing and making plans but nothing is ever set in stone.

    I appreciate you sharing your background with us although I’ve known a bit of it of course. Your earnings are impressive by the way even though this isn’t an earning report.

    I can’t wait to find out what you have in the works. I’m not too impressed with those other types of sites so will be eager to see what you’re creating for us all.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your special day and not many people make it this far and doing as well as you are so that’s something to be extremely proud of. Congratulations again.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      Thanks for celebrating with me 😉

      You know I mentioned it is hard to list everyone that has positively affected me in this journey. Now in this comment, I can without any iota of doubt sound your drums as one of my pillars. Reading your blog has been a big boost. I can remember when I downloaded and printed your free ebook. Needless to say it’s most recommended for us bloggers because this activity is about building relationships.

      The new platform will be published in a few days from now. I’m doing some final testings and validations. If all goes well, then I think it’s going to be a huge traffic solution for bloggers 😉

      I have been busy on it and that’s why I’m replying late to comments on this post.

      I just featured a very cool lady and I’m sure you know her too well.

      This weekend is still going to be busy for me. I have the platform to work on and more content to write both for my blog and my clients.

      Thanks for your never ending support Adrienne and like I always say, better days lie ahead

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  16. Wonderful Enstien!

    Your blogging story is just full of thrill and worth reading. Its surely going to be a great inspiration for all of the newbie bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing 😉

  17. Hi Enstine and many congratulations!

    Your online journey and accomplishments are an inspiration to all of us who aim to follow in your footsteps.

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned!


    • Hi Joy,
      The story cannot be sweet without you my readers. You make me what I am today

      I thank you particularly for your support – sharing my links, blogging about my product, etc

      I really appreciate your support and will ever remain grateful

      do have a wonderful weekend as I work hard towards releasing the “new big thing”

  18. Hi Enstine

    Big milestone you have achieved with all types of numbers in a slight (yes slight) span of two years of this blog. Big congrats.

    The best part of your success story is that you were aleardy associated with IT field directly or indirectly before you started blogging.

    I remember I also tried my first website at geocities but could not have updated it because at that time no one was an example around me to follow nor me was closely associated formally with IT field.

    You are also so lucky to get so many awesome bloggers in the very beginning of your blogging struggler and that was also because of your PHP expertise. It is rightly said if you get proper guidance so early, you need not to make your mistakes your teacher. 🙂

    Your whole story is quite enviable and still your moving ahead is a huge inspiration for learning bloggers like me.

    Thanks a lot and wish you more success in years to come.

    • Wow! Thanks for celebrating with me Mi
      I love the observations you make. Yes, in the beginning, I got some really cool guys around me. I’m sure that has been a big push for me.

      I admit I have not been around for the past 2 weeks due to the platform I’m working on. I have missed a lot on your blog but I’m sure I’ll soon catch up.

      I’ll send you a mail shortly for some more discussions

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  19. the main things for us to be part of your community is we dont find anything useless over here,u taught us how to earn more with even less traffic also

  20. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I had been to your blog in the past but Donna’s blog brought you back to the forefront. I must say you have my curiosity up about ” That will be a new way to pull traffic without social media and Search engine.”. I have been on the internet since the early nineties so SEO is of great interest.

    • Hey Arleen,
      Even in my dreams, I can remember you 😉
      I’m so grateful Donna’s reconnecting us and I’m excited you are here to celebrate with me.

      The new platform will be live soon and I’m sure you’ll gladly become part of it.

      Stay tuned as I wish you a wonderful weekend

  21. Hey Enstine,

    CONGRATS on your two years! That’s awesome. Enjoy today. You’ve earned it.

    Repeating what Don mentioned above, it’s a remarkable the journey you’ve been through. From PC repairman to entrepreneur. And you’ll keep moving up and up, I’m sure!

    Well, as some who is privy to your next project, I’m looking forward to its launch. I think people are really going to like it. 🙂

    Hope you have a great day, Enstine. Happy anniversary.

    • Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for joining me in the celebration. I’m glad you gave in time to test out the new platform. It’s getting better and I look forward to launching it soon

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  22. Hello Enstine Sir,

    Many many congratulation for this 2nd anniversary of your blog! 🙂

    Your consistency in your hardwork had brought this blog at a place where it is right now. Keep sharing and inspire to all of us.

    Once again congrats! Have a blast on this anniversary. 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  23. Happy Anniversary Enstine!

    Wow, Enstine, you achieved so much from your online activities.
    I am so happy to have you in my circles of friends, as I’ve learned a lot from you.

    Your site “EnstineMuki” grown up so fast and you wrote some very interesting and useful articles.
    I am a satisfied reader of your blog.

    I will end this comment with some words I’ve heard recently from you:
    “better days lie ahead”, or “best is yet to come”!

    My best wishes for keeping up the great success in future.
    Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • Hey Erik,
      Thanks for celebrating with me.
      There is absolutely no way this blog will grow without you my readers and promoters. I have been blessed several times by knowing you. I particularly enjoy Klinkk and nopassiveincome and I’m happy to be part of your community too 😉

      Yes, better days lie ahead and the best is yet to come. That’s the hope and my driving force.

      Do have a wonderful weekend Erik and hope to be around your blog so soon

  24. Happy Anniversary, Enstine! What an accomplishment you can be so very proud of. I know you’re glad you didn’t listen to the naysayers and decided to move forward with your dream!

    Learning, meeting, earning, spending, reading and writing! Cool!

    I had no idea that EasyRetweet.com was the precursor to JustRetweet.com, wow!

    Wow, https://emfastincome.com/ is a nice site (your author bio is still in the footer over there btw) and I like the clean look of it. Easy to navigate too.

    Your site has some very impressive stats for being 10 months old – you’re doing a lot of things the right way, and you’re being rewarded for your hard work.

    I love how you focus in on the point that your blog would not be where it is today without its readers! Well said and very true! That’s true for all of us.

    Oh. My. Word. Your “next big thing” has me completely intrigued and excited. I can’t wait to see what you announce! 🙂

    You have a lot to celebrate, Enstine, and I for one – am so happy that I met you and found your site because I’ve grown by enjoying your content.

    May you have many more years of continued success. Thank you for all you do to put out awesome, high quality content.

    Wishing you all the best.
    – Carol Amato

    • Hey Carol,
      I’m glad you are here celebrating with me 😉 and I love loved every bit of moment I spent on your blog. It’s not been long since I met you but I’m feeling like we have broken calendars together. What an exciting relationship.

      When I created EasyRetweet, I invited the creator of JustRetweet, a very cool guy from Nigeria. Valentine worked with me on EasyRetweet, then moved on to creating JustRetweet with some tips from me. Curiously, we both sold them seperately.

      While Chris has been maintaining JustRetweet (though spamming is growing by the day on it), the new buyer of Easyretweet does not impress many bloggers. Anyway …

      The guy who bought emfastincome is still planning to work on it. It’s no longer my business how he does that though 😉

      I sent you a mail and also got your reply about the new platform. We continue from there 😉

      Thanks for making it a day here and for offering a wonderful gift to me and my readers on the occasion of this anniversary 😉

  25. I can see why you’re thriving, Enstine: you’re “lunching new products” where others are just launching 😉 .. Never mind, this blog has been an inspiration for me ever since I hit on it back in April this year. Not only because you’re very straightforward and very active and hard-working – but, because you do all this from Cameroon, a place that i know many wouldn’t even know where to place! You are living proof to what i always say, but have little to show for to my incredulous friends that Africa, the cradle of humankind, if left well alone and not hindered e.g. by negative subsidies (customs and other market barriers) would make its way just as the “West” once did. in fact, arguably this “West” might not be where it is today were it not for the exploitation of Africa for a head-start. And now that MOOCs, massive online courses that anyone can attend, are coming to “market”, often free of charge, I believe the next generation will, if they find an Internet connection that works, which can still be a challenge in some parts of Africa, I know, may close the gap even in tertiary education … Here’s to many more successful years, Enstine!

    • This comment not only celebrates my 2 years but also makes me want to know more about you Darragh

      I’m going to the linked blog now 😉

      Thanks for the eye opening comment.

      So you’ve been reading this blog from April? That’s wonderful

  26. Congratulations, Enstine! This is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work!

    • I’m more proud of my community Tom
      You are the pillars carrying my growth and I ever remain grateful

      Thanks for celebrating with me 😉

  27. Hi Enstine,

    Congrats at the second anniversary of this awesome blog.:)

    You have worked so hard for this and I am so happy to meet you. Whenever I visit your blog I find an amazing article which can boost my knowledge.

    The plugin you have developed about comment counts is really cool.;) I like it.

    You in the journey of success we all need to devote our time just for our goal. You have done this and we all are here to be there to join you.

    I hope this year will bring a new success peak to you.:)


    • Hey Ravi,
      You are one active reader on my blog that deserves champagne, seriously

      I love your company and will always like to see you around. thanks for celebrating with me bro

      I hope you are set for a great weekend

  28. Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations and celebrations as you (your blog!) turn 2 today 🙂

    It’s unbelievable to know all that you have achieved in this short time span – commendable would be the word I would say. It certainly isn’t easy, but knowing you, I guess one knew you would.

    Yes, our association has been a long one, ever since we met on your earlier blog EmFastIncome, and then later this one, which perhaps is for keeps. You must be so proud of yourself and your achievements, and so must your family, and all the new plugins and things you are coming up with now add more feathers in your cap dear friend.

    Keep going and excelling in all that you do, that’s a sincere wish from the bottom of my heart 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, in celebration 🙂

    • This journey will not be where it is without your input Harleena. Your multiple shares, tweets, plus, etc have contributed in giving me huge exposure.

      This year started with a big push when you invited me to your home. I created many more contacts and met with so many unique bloggers.

      You followed me from EmFastincome to EnstineMuki.com. Yes, this one is NEVER to be sold 😉 and I continue to enjoy every bit of time you spend here.

      Thanks for celebrating with me. There are better days ahead and we can’t afford to miss them. Keep the relationship warm.

      Have a heavily blessed weekend

  29. A Hearty Congratulation To You, Mr. Enstine………..

    What you have done sir……today you have completed 2 years in blogging, founder of awesome plug-in. And I think many more creative innovation are on their way.
    Your power of expression and knowledge are simply inexplicable. You are truly an inspiration for many newbie bloggers like me. I really appreciate for your efforts.

    All the best to you sir. Hope that you will have a bright future ahead.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Wow! thanks for this comment and for celebrating with me Swpnadip
      It’s always a pleasure to see you around. I enjoy every bit of time you spend here, commenting and sharing

      Thanks for making this blog what it is. Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

  30. Amazing!!! Well deserved!! And a ton of work, I’m sure 🙂 So proud for you, Muki !!!

    Keep sharing cool stuff and best wishes for your future as well 🙂


    • Hey Sachin,
      Thanks for celebrating with me 😉

      Just practice. I’m learning too. We are all learning the language. The more you practice, the more you make it 😉

  31. Congratulations Enstine Muki sir,

    It’s really great to know about your happy 2nd Anniversary. you are doing a great job and inspiring us by sharing your knowledge. Keep it up and stay connected with us 🙂

  32. Wow! That’s passion.. You’re really trying bro Enstine. They’re some folks that do quit before 12months of stress in the blogosphere. Happy blogging bro.. 😀

    • haha! It’s not easy but I’m pushing hard. I understand why some quit befre 2 months. However, while some quit, some keep keeping on 😉

      Thanks for celebrating with me bro

  33. Happy Anniversary Enstine,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so happy to be one of your new followers, friends, and supporters. I can’t believe we’ve only been connected a few months and it seems like forever. I don’t think I can not go a week without reading every single article on your site.

    Your story is amazing!!! I absolutely love the evolution of your business life from PC repair to php developer and on to creating dynamic products sites to blogging and how to make money doing it.

    Your entrepreneurial spirit is encouraging and contagious!!!

    I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us with your next product launch you mentioned. I mean common, you can have told us something and now you leave us hanging in suspension? LOL…. It’s like a commercial break at a pivotal moment…

    Congratulations and happy anniversary again. You’re awesome and you’re doing awesome!

    I hope your day is exceedingly more abundant than you could ever ask, hope, or dream for!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,
      Thanks for celebrating with me.
      It’s like we have even met on a dining table physically after a very short period. I know why – you provide such attractive content that touches your readers emotionally and personally. You are guilty of seducing your readers and the judgement is that you can hide from them. They will fish you out 😉

      I still see a lot of better things to do together ahead. This is just the tip of an iceberg.

      I’ll soon be making the new platform public and will be glad to have your support again.

      I hope you are having a powerful weekend 😉

  34. Congrats bro.

    Two good years with lots of accomplishment.

    More is surely coming your way if you don’t give up 😉

    • Congrats Enstine muki

      Happy Anniversary to you and your blog. I wanted to became like you.
      As i am following you so it is not more away i will reach near you soon any how in future as i also wanted to be a blogger who can help others in making money.

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