Do You Befriend or Badger Pro Bloggers?

What and who you chase, flees.

Befriending people attracts folks to you.

Use blogging honey to attract pro bloggers. Never try to catch bloggers with sticky fly paper.

I recently changed my advertising strategy. After observing how most well-meaning but scared folks badger pros to snag these blogging big fish I established greater clarity, stronger posture and expanded peace of mind. Now I email a link to bloggers with my ad rates page and note to please read it. I caution bloggers to reply only if they will pay my rates and let them know I spam-junk all bartering-bargaining emails. No more badgering. No more budgeting. No more budget excuses.

Saving precious time and energy has been worth letting go buggers to make room for buddies.

Badgering Pro Bloggers

Scared bloggers often:

  • chase
  • stalk
  • run down
  • bug
  • bother

pro bloggers. Fear drives badgering types. Bloggers fear missing opportunities to work with pros. Fear makes bloggers desperate. Desperate bloggers panic. Panicked bloggers scare off generous pros because chasing someone guarantees you repel someone.

Stop chasing pro bloggers. Attract pros. Be generous.

Befriend Pro Bloggers

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I lay out basic steps for befriending pros by attracting successful bloggers to you.

Change your mentality. Build your posture. Increase your confidence.

Help pro bloggers by:

  • commenting genuinely on their blogs
  • promoting them through Twitter
  • promoting them through Facebook
  • promoting them through your blog

Be generous, patient and persistent in applying this approach. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Earn pro blogger trust. Eventually, a growing number of pros who appreciate your generosity befriend you. Powerful blogging buddies open prospering doors for you. Look no further than Enstine. We befriended each other by generously helping each other. No strings attached. No expectations.

Over time, Enstine and I became good buddies. We invited each other to guest post on our blogs. Traffic and profits grew through our guest posts because we befriended each other first. Guest post invites flowed to us organically.

Surround Yourself with Generous Pro Bloggers

Generous pro bloggers remind you to build relationships versus chasing and pitching pros. Surround yourself with these pros to be influenced by their shining, generous example.

Lose bloggers who cold pitch strangers to remove these lower energy influences. Hang out only with high energy bloggers who network the right way.

Attract through Being Generous

The secret to being a connected blogger is to help as many people for free as possible. Observe pro blogger Lisa Sicard. She retweets posts, Shares posts on Facebook, comments genuinely on blogs and genuinely engages pro bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. Why did she become a connected blogger? She connected herself to pro bloggers through her patient, persistent generosity and engagement.

I feel like following Lisa’s social streams seems to be joining a party. She chats friends up, has fun and enjoys helping and befriending people.

Follow her lead. Follow Enstine. Generous professional bloggers teach you how to befriend pros through their example.

Pro Blogging Buddies Accelerate Your Success

Pro blogging buddies open prospering doors for you.

Powerful blogging friends:

  • invite skilled bloggers to guest post on their blogs
  • invite skilled bloggers into exclusive, respected blogging tribes
  • promote skilled bloggers via interviews and mentions
  • promote skilled bloggers through Twitter and Facebook
  • endorse skilled bloggers

Pro blogging buddies increase your credibility, traffic and profits but only if you develop blogging skills through persistent practice. Write daily. Publish 1-2 posts weekly. Give pro blogging buddies a reason to help you with confidence.


Stop chasing and repelling pro bloggers.

Start helping these influencers to befriend powerful pros.

Be generous to lay out sweet, velvety blogging honey to attract pros.

Stop throwing vinegar in their eyes by using sticky fly traps to catch and manipulate seasoned veterans.

Being generous accelerates your blogging success.

20 thoughts on “Do You Befriend or Badger Pro Bloggers?”

  1. very good to read this blog @ryan. Yes we all need of a best friend for the futuristic growth in the field of work. Some bloggers are going good and this is the very good to know.

  2. I noticed you also read Neil Patel’s blogs. I visit his site from time to time to keep up with the latest marketing and SEO strategies. He’s been a great help.

    Jacking is a smart and easy way too. I can see that it works 2 ways; assist with the SEO and also helps you recycle those old blogs for when you get writer’s block. lol

  3. Hey Ryan,
    Awesome article, Thanks for the information,
    i am going to follow all your tips which you mentioned .
    i have been planning few of the strategy which you mentioned for a while, but this article gave me a clear idea.
    i believe it helps in my career. keep up the good work

  4. Hey Ryan,
    Great article, Thanks for the information, i am going to follow all your tips which you mentioned . i have been planning few of the strategy which you mentioned for a while, but this article gave me a clear idea. i believe it helps in my career. keep up the good work

  5. Hi, Ryan

    Your content is helpful, I am a new blogger and I am now learning these things. I am trying to implement some of the points you stated. Thank you for sharing the detailed post.

  6. Hello Ryan,

    Connected and helping generously is very important to get back things in double and there is no doubt in it. You are an ideal person in the blogging world who always loves to help others generously. Thanks for this amazing post

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  7. Hi Ryan,
    It’s good to see you guys helping each other.
    Definitely we should befriend with pro bloggers and support each other in the community. As a beginner, we should not chase pro bloggers, infact, we should follow their strategies that help them grow.
    Thanks Ryan!
    Have a nice week ahead.

  8. Hi Ryan,

    Always great to see you posting here!

    I have noticed that by blogging and being friendly you grow your network, and you truly enjoy yourself. I am of the disposition that we should all be able to grow together.


    – Gale

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Great post!
    Being a friendly blogger will create a big network and everyone will get inspire and tends to help each other. helping others is the way we help ourselves. great content, Ryan.

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Hi Ryan, your blog is a helpful resource, I am a relatively new blogger and learning these small things now. I have been trying to implement some of the points you mentioned. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post.

  11. Hi, Ryan,

    Good read. Networking with the right people is important, but more important is helping other people out genuinely.

    Yes, Lisa is one blogger I have seen that genuinely helps others share their content across her social media followers.

    Thanks, Ryan, good to read from you today.

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