1 Important Blogger Trait to Develop Quickly

One of the most important trait for bloggers to develop: finding the mid way point between delusion and dreams..

Most new bloggers begin blogging from a deluded, unrealistic mindset. Newbies foolishly believe:

  • blogging is easy because buying your domain and hosting – aka starting a blog – is easy
  • making money blogging fast is easy
  • bloggers can experience overnight success

Each blogger who believes these lies fails, 100% of the time. I know. I observed these deluded types thousands of times over my decade long blogging career. Heck; I was even one of these unrealistic, fantasy-land, la-la land type bloggers for a while. I wanted to get something for nothing. I believed blogging to be as easy as writing and publishing posts and collecting fat pay checks, fast.

As always, blogging taught me harsh lessons and it did not spare the rod. Blogging humbled me, grounded me and firmly planted my feet smack dab in the middle of reality, truth, and all that…..is.

Finding the mid way point between delusion and dreams feels challenging but you need to take on the challenge to become a thriving pro blogger. The midpoint between delusion and dreams seems to be realism. Deluded bloggers live in fantasy land, arrogantly and foolishly believing blogging to be easy. Step away from that mindset toward realism. But bloggers need dreams to develop a vision, to drive themselves through thick and thin, and to pick a freeing intent goading them forward during periods of facing deep, seemingly overpowering, fears.

Every blogger needs dreams because without dreams, you get stuck in survival mode. Blogging becomes a way to pay bills, to put a roof over your head and to put food on the table. Bad idea. Blogging to survive guarantees you experience just enough success to survive. Blogging income will equal monthly expenses. Not a fun way to live. How can you live your blogging dreams if all of your income goes toward just surviving?

But if you dream big dreams you simply pull yourself halfway from delusion to dreams, to being realistic. Being realistic helps you blog according to truth. Reality-grounded bloggers feel the certainty of living their dreams through blogging but know doing so involves thousands of hours of generous service. In essence, you know your dreams will come true though blogging but only if you blog the right way for thousands of hours, over years of your life.

How to Develop this Trait

Dream big dreams to BE the blogger who puts in the work to succeed, now, and, for thousands of blogging hours. Dreaming big dreams gives you the steps to take to live those big dreams and the motivation, inspiration and intent to act on the steps. Dreaming big dreams energizes you for the long, sometimes challenging, pro blogging journey.

Dreaming big dreams completely distances you from delusion, fantasy-land, and the unrealistic blogging mindset pervading blogging circles living in survival mode. Desperate, greedy, vision-less, non-dreaming folks foolishly want to get something for nothing. Dreamers who hold their vision never fall prey to greed, desperation and delusion.

Pick a fun, freeing driver to blog. Finding the midway point between delusion and dreams gets easy if you see your dreams but know the journey will be long and sometimes uncomfortable, filled with ample blogging service, to allow your dreams to come true.

Everything is on you.


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