Find Your Blogging Specialty – Beware of Jack of All Trades Syndrome!

Successful bloggers find, focus on and cultivate their blogging specialty.

Everybody else tries mastering a wide range of blogging skills. Being a jack of all trades guarantees you master none. Meanwhile, bloggers who find and master one core skill through diligent practice become successful because you make a huge impact by doing one thing incredibly well.

My blogging specialty is writing. I love writing and write fairly well too. Knowing this, I write 4-5 blog posts daily between guest posts and posts on Blogging From Paradise. I give most attention and energy to writing because writing is my talent especial.

Since where your energy goes, grows, my writing expands and success expands because I do what I’m good at to elicit successful blogging results.

Beware of Jack of All Trades Syndrome

Bloggers sometimes feel lost. Being confused, bloggers search for their one blogging specialty to master but try out 5, 10 or even 20 skills.

Never get lost in a skill-testing holding pattern or else you fall prey to jack of all trades syndrome. You become a jack of all trades but master none. Be a podcaster, live broadcaster, guest poster and blogger on your blog.

Divide your day equally among all disciplines. What happens? Struggle and failure follows because you make no impact with each skill. Why? Someone who tries to master more than one skill divides their precious, powerful attention and energy between 2 or more skills, dissipating their powers, doing poor jobs, making no impact and struggling.

Imagine trying to master a skill in 2 hours daily when top bloggers master that skill in 10 hours daily. Top bloggers run circles around you because they have more practice. Let’s say you want to master writing, live broadcasting and podcasting.

Setting aside 3 hours for writing, then live broadcasting, then podcasting, you make a little headway and develop average skills and exposure through each discipline. But the skills and exposure you gain publishing 3 posts daily during your writing time pale in comparison to the 6 posts I write daily over 5 or more hours, as I gain far more skills and exposure with my specializing strategy.

I devote a tiny bit of time to podcasting and live broadcasting but spend most time and energy writing helpful content, because writing is my blogging superpower. Do 1 thing really well by giving it most time and energy to experience blogging success. Toss in a few other skills that steal a tiny bit of time to round out your skill set but master specialization to experience the greatest blogging success.

Energy Issue

Finding your blogging specialty seems to be an energy issue. People have only so much energy to spend. Give most energy to one skill to develop the skill substantially and to tune into the most success.

Do that one thing well. Become known for doing that one thing well. Earn credibility for that blogging skill set. Observe how your credibility increases your traffic and blog profits.

People know me as a writer so folks promote my blog, endorse my blog, buy my stuff and hire me. But people know me as a writer only because I give most attention and energy to writing.

If I tried to master writing and podcasting, splitting my energies results in a poor job with each, nobody knows me for either, I struggle and fail. People love specialists but not generalists.

Add a few sub skills with minimal time and effort to reach different audiences. I podcast and live broadcast because some prefer to listen or watch and I enjoy doing each. But each eats up only 5-10 minutes of my day respectively.

I spend most time and energy writing because writing is my blogging super power. I help the most folks and experience the most success by writing diligently.

Find your blogging specialty to amplify your success.

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