Pro Bloggers Are Never Lucky No Matter What You Think

I remember assuming SO much about pro bloggers as a newbie blogger 10 years ago.

I based my assumptions on my fears. Blogging scared me. I felt excited to blog. But I also feared blogging. Fear made me make silly assumptions about pros because I believed pros had some unfair advantage over lil’ old, beginner blogger me.

I eventually found out luck does not exist. Pro bloggers do not go pro because lady luck blesses pros with traffic and money. Nope.

Pro bloggers are generous, persistent, patient and trusting. Pros embody these characteristics for 1000’s of hours over years before going pro. Successful pros act like pros during their amateur blogger days. This separates permanent amateurs from aspiring professional bloggers who eventually go pro.

Peep these 4 qualities guys. Pro bloggers own these characteristics. Pros help people for free. For a long time. Helping people for free for a long time indicates you are generous, persistent, patient and trusting. Trust springs from trust in self and trust in the blogging process. Knowing. I liken trust to knowing success is yours and knowing your simple, proven blogging system works because you learned how to blog the right way from a professional blogger.

Pros teach you all you need to know to succeed online. Follow their lead. Trust their advice based on their experience. Their experience is proof; follow their lead, create and connect, be generous, persistent, patient and trusting. Pro blogging careers await bloggers embodying these qualities.

I have never gotten lucky. Every opportunity flows to me because I helped people for free. For a long time. Help people for free to see through the insane concept of luck. Do you believe in chance? You are a god, masquerading in a body. Forget seeing yourself as a meat suit. See yourself inhabiting a meat suit for a time.

Chance, luck and random moments seem impossible in a precise universe. No pro blogger gets lucky. No blogger gets lucky. All bloggers either follow successful strategies to succeed or fail by following failing strategies. Luck plays no part. Luck does not exist. Do you believe 15,000 hours of smart work leads to lucky breaks? Success is a precise, perfectly flowing, process, in any venture.

Check your false belief at the door. Pay attention to top bloggers. Every top blogger works generously for a sustained amount of time. Skills, exposure and credibility grows. Traffic and money follows as these three factors grow. But blogging for a time feels challenging. Bloggers crave lucky breaks. Bloggers do not want to put in the time and energy for a long time. Bloggers desire taking shortcuts. Most want to take the blogging elevator but you need to take the blogging stairs to put in the leg work to become a professional blogger.

What if lady luck does not greet you? Do you quit? Don’t. See the blogging journey through. Invest in my time saving eBook for bloggers if you struggle to manage time. Observe pros. Watch how they blog. See how they handle themselves.

Get lost in the blogging process; not in the silly concept of luck. Luck is for the hopeless. Put in the time. Generously serve people. Be about helping folks. Develop skills like being patient, persistent and generous for a bit. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Succeed online. No one pinpoints specific time frames. But pro bloggers go pro eventually by following simple steps generously. Luck has nothing to do with success because luck completely writes off all the smart, generous work all pros put in to go pro. Luck would make all pro blogger advice and experiences complete, utter lies. Does this seem to be the case? I think not!

I know your time will come. Let go the idea of luck because you are empowered, not hopeless. Let go luck seekers too. Surround yourself with generous, helpful, energized bloggers who see the journey through. Follow their lead. Begin guest posting. Broadcast live. Bump up your posting schedule. One post monthly? Ain’t gonna cut it. But posting weekly increases traffic and profit potential.

Luck is fantasy. Luck is for people flocking to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau. The house always wins in the long run. But generously serving people lets you win blogging in the long run. Keep at it. I believe in you. Let go silly ideas like luck and chance. Imagine doing something like blogging for 15,000 hours. If someone visits your blog, do you feel luck played the chief role? 15,000 hours of generous service allowed you to go pro, not some insane concept of chance or randomness.

How about 50,000 backlinks? How about guest posting daily? Perhaps being in 100,000 spots online had something to do with the visit? Maybe blogging for 15,000 hours made the difference?

Think this luck thing through. Easy peasy, success finds generous bloggers. Trash the ridiculous concept of luck to succeed online. Be a pro blogger by thinking like a pro blogger. Trash the idea of luck. Be generous, patient, persistent and trust in self and the blogging process.

Kick ideas like randomness, chance and luck out of your mind for good. You and I live in a precise universe. Put in the work. Put in the time. Go pro by following a simple, proven system from a generous, trusting energy for many 1000’s of hours.

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