Have You Found YOUR Blogging Style?

I place a heavy emphasis on YOUR blogging style because all bloggers possess a different blogging style. You know my drill. I write and publish 600 word guest posts and blog posts heavy on the nuts and bolts of blogging mindset.

I finally figured out; I despise writing long form, in-depth, practical tips laden blog posts focused on stuff like driving traffic and boosting profits. Sure I covered these topics in the past. But I only do so these days in 600-800 words or so

Mostly, I write 600 word posts stressing how to develop a successful blogging mindset because doing so feels good to me. Doing good-feeling stuff to me suggests I am here to do that good-feeling stuff. But finding my blogging style and sticking to it scared me some. How could I succeed if pros advise writing 2000 word, in-depth, Google-friendly posts? Would I fail? I had to face, feel and release these doubts in order to get comfortable blogging how Ryan Biddulph, the Blogging From Paradise guy, blogs.

Ditto for you, if you plan to succeed online.

Get clear on your blogging style. No one knows your style but you. No one figures out your style but you. Write. Blog. The way to find your blogging delivery is writing to see what feels good and clear and what feels bad and heavy.

I figured out years ago how writing 2000 word blog posts heavy on practical blogging tips felt heavy to me. Obviously, I am not here to work a heavy-feeling job because if I was here to work a job, I would quit blogging, work for someone else and get a paycheck.

Thank goodness I have awareness enough to quit doing what feels bad to do what feels good, online and offline.

Follow your fun to see what blogging style works for you. Maybe your blogging style evolves over time into something quite different. Or maybe your style evolves but remains consistent.

Know that your blogging style distances you from all bloggers. Like no two snowflakes are alike, no two blogging styles are identical. But living this truth forces bloggers to face, embrace and release their parroting, mimicking, copy-cat ways.

How many aspiring bloggers want to sound like SEO wizards? How many bloggers want to copy pro bloggers popping up on page 1 of Google? Finding your style means letting go urges to copy pro bloggers because pros have their style and you have your style. No two blogging styles mirror each other, even if similarities exist.

Get comfortable blogging in your own skin to reach the top of your blogging niche. Finding your blogging delivery feels uncomfortable because stepping away from the herd feels scary. But stepping away from the blogging crowd allows you to become more successful than you ever dreamed you can be.

Bloggers gain large, loyal followings not by mimicking pro bloggers but by blazing their own blogging trail. Be yourself. Blog your blogging style. Get comfortable by finding your blogging voice. Guaranteed, being comfortable in your own blogging skin is the simplest way to become highly successful online but doing this requires practicing, being patient, being persistent and sitting with fears related to blogging in your own voice.

Go for it. Get comfortable in your own blogging skin.

Blog in your own style to go pro and to empower fellow bloggers to blog in their genuine, one of a kind, blogging voice, too.


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