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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, The Huffington Post and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. He can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.


Are You In Blogging Survival Mode?

My most difficult blogging obstacle to overcome was leaving blogging survival mode to move into abundance mode.

I tried to use my blog to:

  • pay bills
  • put food on the table
  • put a roof over my head

I did not blog to thrive. I blogged to survive.

I vibed mainly from an energy of fear, lack and limitation. Life was difficult. I struggled financially. I struggled to gain traffic and profits.



How Do You Deal with Blogging Rejection? (Answered!)

My latest post was published on Positively Positive today.

You can read it here:

How to Gracefully Handle Rejection

Many bloggers believe I am lucky, gifted or talented, the recipient of good fortune. But what if I told you my first blogging course – see the image below – registered 8,000 page views before someone bought it? 8,000 rejections.

What if I told you my first eBook – before I created Blogging From Paradise – sold 4 copies in 4 months? Talk about rejections. I promoted the eBook tirelessly.


1 Surefire Way to Succeed with Blogging

Enstine recently published a fabulous guest post on my blog.

I suggest you read it here:

How I Build Backlinks to My Blog and Boost My SEO

Within the first few hundred words he did 2 things that promote *his* ever-expanding success: he suggested to buy my eBook and he suggested to buy my blogging course.

Wait a second; rewind. How does HE become more successful by referring business to me, another blogger? Enstine mastered the surefire way to succeed with blogging: shine the spotlight on other bloggers.


1 Difficult Idea for Folks to Accept about Happy Successful Bloggers

“Ryan, you always smile!”

Only because I faced, embraced, felt, grieved and cried out severe fear, pain and heartache by facing incredibly tough blogging obstacles.

“I can see why you are so happy Ryan! If I circled the globe and lived in paradises, I’d be happy too.”

I only circled the globe because:

  • I continued blogging after seeing 3 visitors daily stop by my old blog, for months
  • I kept promoting my blogging audio course even though I did not make my first sale until the sales page registered 8,000 page views
  • I decided to write the Blogging From Paradise series of eBooks after a prior, failed eBook I wrote from a different blog sold only 4 copies in 4 months

Do you know how terrible how terrible I felt after these failures? I cried. I punched walls, almost breaking my hand.


Do You Feel Embarrassed or Excited to Share Your Blog with People?

I have a confession to make; I was a former shy blogging guy.

I felt ashamed to share my blog with friends and family. Some friends teased me. Some family members suggested I get a job to pay the bills since my blogging career had not taken off yet.

Feeling shy, ashamed and flat out embarrassed to share that I was a blogger created a horrible sensation in my being. I wanted to hide and I also wanted to hide the fact that I was a blogger.


How to Write a Guest Post that Grows Your Business

Guest posting is hands down one of the best ways to grow your online business.

Bonding with top pros in your niche and leveraging your presence are 2 guest posting related chief business builders not to be ignored.

But you need to guest post intelligently to actually increase your profits through this medium.

Most bloggers never capitalize on guest posting, get frustrated, throw in the towel and quit on this powerful strategy because they don’t know how to grow their venture through this channel.

If you do it right you will become a highly successful and prospering blogger by guest posting on the right blogs in your niche.