X theme review ~ $115 blog Commenting Contest

X Theme review is what we are doing in this contest post today. I want to introduce to you an incredible WordPress responsive theme that has proven to be the most complete WordPress theme in the market today.

While I’ll be picking 2 winners in this X theme review post, I’m highly recommending the theme for your WordPress projects. As you take time to check out the details, you’ll discover amazing features that can only be found here.

I have decided to pick 2 winners in this commenting contest. The first winner will get $70 while the second winner gets $45. These cash prizes will be sent directly to their Paypal accounts. However, if you have problems receiving money with Paypal, I can make payments to your Payoneer MasterCard. See how to get a free Payoneer card here

The x theme review commenting contest!

There are thousands of WordPress Themes out there. Truth be told – some of these are really awesome. However, there is always a king in any community, no matter the number of power members. While most of us are running behind free themes, I vehemently speak against it. I have my reasons. Check out as I explained why free is expensive.

X theme is a bundle of rich features. Now let’s look at some of these characteristics that make it the king of WordPress Themes;

Look and Layout

You can achieve virtually any look and layout from within the one and only X WordPress Theme. With 3 stacks (and more in development), you can choose from multiple, completely unique designs with just the click of a mouse. Here are the three available stacks;

  1. Integrity (Great For Business Sites, Good All-Purpose Design and a Dark Version Included).

  2. Renew (Flat Design,Creative Blog Style and Clean Lines).

  3. Icon (Modern And Minimal,Custom Colors For Post Formats and Unique Layout Options).

X theme review

x Theme Features

I got blown away by the list of this theme features. It is the most feature rich WordPress theme in the market today. Here is a preview of some feaures;

  • Responsive – (desktop, tablet or phone.)
  • Retina Ready – (custome fonts, icon fonts and the latest CSS for other stylistic elements)
  • Typography – (over 600 Google Fonts included)
  • Thumbnails – (Simply select your layout and how wide you want your content area to be in the customizer)
  • Photoshop – (Comes with all available PSD files)
  • Marketing – (access to dozens of HD training videos on affiliate marketing, buying/selling website, WordPress and more)
  • Shortcode
  • Site Layout – (Change from boxed to wide with the tick of a button in the Live Customizer)
  • Clean Code – (only uses the latest features of WordPress)
  • 100% Fluid – (your site will always look spectacular, no matter what the device is)
  • Backgrounds – ( You can set custom background or multiple images that transition on individual pages and posts)
  • Sidebars – (Set custom sidebars and parent/child sidebars with this nifty premium feature)
  • SEO – (built with the latest, semantic HTML5 markup, allows search engines to distinguish where you content starts and ends)
  • Translations – (With WPML compatibility, X allows you
    you to quickly/easily translate your site to one of several languages available)
  • Styling – (There are virtually no boundaries with what you can create with this theme)
  • Revolution – (A $15 value, free when you purchase X. Allows you to add unlimited slides and create animation easily)
  • Icon Fonts – ( No matter the screen and no matter the size, icon fonts look pixel perfect on every device. Chose from 2 sets of nearly 400 individual icons)
  • Social – ( Don’t just settle for the same ol’ social media buttons. Get something more customized)
  • Updates – (Their #1 priority is to keep X on cutting edge of functionality and their team is quick to address bug fixes and adding new features).

These are just some highlights. X theme is amazing in features, trust me.

Full WooCommerce Integration

x theme WooCommerce Integration

If you need a shop, X theme comes with Full WooCommerce Integration and 3 Unique Shop Designs. You don’t need to hire a developer for your shop development. The X team’s support service is there so you can own a complete money making e-chop.

Incredible Shortcodes

In addition to all of the standard shortcodes you expect in a premium WordPress theme, X theme developed some amazing new shortcodes like Responsive Visibility (only show certain things on certain devices) and a Table of Contents, a great way to increase pagev-iews, which is one factor that influences your search engine ranking. Get these plus dozens more in an easy-to-use plugin at no additional cost. View examples of all shortcodes in the demos below.

x theme shortcodes

X theme Demos

The guys at x Theme have created up to 30 example sites to help you get a bigger picture of just how far this theme can take you. There are 10 example sites per stack. I want you to take a look at these demos so you know what a single theme package can bring.

x theme integrityIntegrity Stack: See shop demo -> WooCommerce
Integrity 01 Integrity 02 Integrity 03 Integrity 04 Integrity 05 Integrity 06 Integrity 07 Integrity 08 Integrity 09 Integrity 1

x theme renewRenew Stack: See shop demo -> WooCommerce
Renew 01 Renew 02 Renew 03 Renew 04 Renew 05 Renew 06 Renew 07 Renew 08 Renew 09 Renew 10

x theme iconIcon Stack: See shop demo -> WooCommerce
Icon 01
Icon 02 Icon 03 Icon 04 Icon 05 Icon 06 Icon 07 Icon 08 Icon 09 Icon 10

Layout and Navigation Options

The x theme is a perfect sample of flexibility. You can select your sidebar position (or no sidebar at all), choose a boxed or full-width layout, and set a custom width for your site all with the click of a button.

With the Customizer, you have the option to make each element the perfect size while placing it exactly where you want it. Big static menu at the top or Small fixed menu on the right? There is just no limit – oh sorry! the limit is just your brain 😉

Experts Contributions

One solid force behind this theme that makes it the king of WordPress themes is the diverse source of ideas and propositions. The X development team first sought out the top internet marketing minds to share their expertise on building the ultimate theme. The advice from these experts were taken and built right into the theme and training material.

x theme experts

X Theme membership area

Unlike many premium theme membership area where you go get updates and download themes, the X theme membership zone is a complete training center. Just purchasing this theme for $60 gives you full access to video tutorials, articles, marketing training, member forum, and more.

There really is no other WordPress theme member area on the planet that has the sort of training and support resources that X has.

Step out from just having a blog to being the proud owner of a full blown money making online presence.

Now, this x theme review post has given you a bigger view into what you can achieve with the theme. There is no need still hanging on the fence. Grab your copy now and join more than the 12000 happy buyers of this amazing theme.

–> Click here for more and to purchase

$115 commenting contest instructions

Two winners will be picked in this x theme contest. There are only 3 things I need from you as a contestants;

  1. Read the review posts.
  2. Visit the x theme sales page for more.
  3. Come back to this post and leave a relevant comment.

NB: I will reject comments that are irrelevant or short. Your comment must be related to the theme.

  • First selection (Winner); $70
  • Second selection (Winner); $45

Here is a smart suggestion to increase your winning chances;

Drop one comment and as many replies as possible. The replies are counter too. The more the replies, the more your chances of being picked.

2 different commentators must be selected. That means if you are selected twice, the second selection will be canceled.

How to enter the contest: Just enter a valuable comment and let us know what you think about the X theme.

Good luck to everyone 😉

228 thoughts on “X theme review ~ $115 blog Commenting Contest”

  1. Hey… This contest is amazing and I wish to thank Muki for this amazing xontest.
    Coming to the theme I have tried the trial version of it and it is really exciting and wonderful to use. Amazing features… No wayout of this theme.

    • it has a trial version?? is it free bro Abhishek Jain? i will like to try the demo too

  2. Seems like a wonderful contest and I haven’t heard any contest like blog commenting. I’m really glad that I have a chance to participate in it.

    Now coming to the themes I’m a diehard fan of fancy themes or new themes and I’m gonna surely try them out. But was wondering if there are any offers or discounts are running?

  3. Hi sir, it’s nice to be here again today and to finally be able to leave my own thought. 🙂 I hope you’re doing fine sir?

    Truth is there are quite a number of what I look for in a theme and I’m sure that’s about the same way every professional blogger’s thinking are wired.

    I for one will only purchase a theme that meets my need, I mean my requirements of a reasonable theme.

    And some of the things I look out for are the flexibility, functionality, speed, documentation quality, responsiveness, compatibility with different browsers, code quality, customizability of the theme.

    And I’m so blown out of let me say proportion you know as per the quality of this theme. I must commend the technicalities of the creators and it goes to say they indeed are an experts in their forte and that the Theme is well worth the hype is getting from all angles.

    So I started a multi-niche blog not quite long and I have been looking everywhere for a very good template that will complement what we are and one that will help our conversions and what have you.

    That said. I literally wanted to get a theme that I wouldn’t have to worry no more, even though I know that the human needs is factually insatiable but I hope to get my hands on something I could keep for a while.

    This review is therefore timely and resourceful to me at this time and I must appreciate your efforts in putting up a great review such as this one.

    Thanks for sharing it and if I should win this contest like I know I will, the first thing I will do will be to go get this amazing Ultimate Theme! 😀

    My regards sir,

  4. Now this is a perfect coincidence for me because recently I am working hard with my partner to build a corporate website for my Dad, related to his business. I begun my search over the Themeforest “Forest” and I shortlisted 3 themes which where “Avada”, “Jupiter” and “X-Theme”. Meanwhile I was searching for some more in-depth reviews regarding all of them when I encountered your post and got a concrete detail regarding this theme.
    The features are different from others not only because of its versatility but also due to perfect compilation of every blend a theme must have through inputs from various developers.
    I loved this theme because of its Marketing, Layout and most importantly Woo-commerce feature. The woo-commerce is going to add value to my dad’s project.
    So, now my decision is more tilted in building my dad’s corporate presentation (his website) through this theme.
    As per the name its actually delivering the “ULTIMATUM” factor.
    Thanks a lot for a useful guide. 🙂


    • Hey Charmie my dearest, how’s you? It’s pretty nice to lay eyes on you here at Sir Enstine’s blog. 🙂

      So you want to build a website for your Dad? A pretty good way to pay the long years of him taken care of you and you know all those other stuffs. I’m glad you thought and decided to…..trust me it’s the way to go.

      In recent times I have stumbled too often on great themes and whenever I traced the blog that uses that theme with my fantastic tool, it always turned out that those themes are products of ThemeForest.

      I know that they have some couple of great themes, such as Sahifa, Avada, Jupiter, Enfold, Salient, BuzzBlog, Metronic and a host of others but my guess is as good as right that X Theme is indeed an ultimate theme just like it’s name infers and I really must commend the experts that came together to creating this beautiful theme.

      I’m glad you could comment here and that I could meet you again and I hope that you will win. Enjoy!

  5. Hey Enstine,

    If you give away money, the comments will come haha!

    This was a nice post. Very detailed. The thing that I look for the most is the reponsive design. I think that is so important now of days. We have desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phone etc all under one roof now of days and this is a must.

    I also love how clean the deigns look. A pet peeve of mine is a cluttered website. These seem to give you the attractiveness you need in a site while still giving you the opportunity to create a landing page that converts.

    I will take this into serious consideration since I am in the market for a new theme. I appreciate the reference as this post came to me at the perfect time!

    I’ll be in touch man!

    • Hey Steve, is it good to shorten your name or should I just pronounce the full name, Steven? Well, it’s so nice to meet you here on Enstine’s great blog and I must confess that you’ve got a nice blog and a very good discussions at your end, again, thanks to Enstine’s commentluv plugin. 🙂

      Like I said in some of my comments here, we all have so many things that tickle our fancies and that could be said also in getting a theme, isn’t it?

      And like you, I would love and will only purchase a theme that’s highly responsive and of course flexible and one that I can easily customize you know what I’m saying?

      And as far as I know this theme has it all and the support also is one other factor that blows out my mind and since I’m like you in the market to get a theme for my new multi-niche blog then I think it would make sense if I purchase this theme.

      Thanks to the creator and thanks to Enstine for sharing the review with us…and of course to you for dropping by. 🙂 You should have a magical Friday yonder, friend.


  6. Nice review Estine. X Theme is really a great wordPress theme with so many features and functionalities. I am also promoting it via direct advertisement. People should know about great product so we should promote these kind of products.

    Anyway, Hope to win this contest. Have a nice week.


    • Hey Ravi, it’s good to see you and I’m guessing you contacted me on Facebook some days ago. Hope I’m right?

      So you’re already advertising the Theme with words of mouth, hmmm….’direct advertising’ as you like to call it. Well, that’s a great move and I guess I too will be doing that soon but not until I get the theme and that have tested and see for myself.

      But in all, I guess the theme is just too great to be sold for that price as it is to great a theme. What say?



  7. Hi

    Thanks again for this latest Contest. Last one i missed it. I hope i will grab a prize this time. Between I have a doubt commenting more than once is it allowed.

    Because if we have more comments we have more chance of winning.

    Please clear my query asap.


    • Good’ole Sampath, how are you? It’s pretty nice to meet you here. 🙂

      So I’m glad you could actually make a comment but I’m sorry you might not be able to win any prize as you’ve not put up a good entry.

      1. Your comment is not germane and it’s not in collaboration with the matter discuss.
      2. It was certain that you didn’t read the instruction neither did you go to the Theme’s Website. Oh I’m not surprise because I’m sure you didn’t even have time to read the post.
      3. You might and might not win because this isn’t a genuine entry.

      Let me help you. Here:

      $115 commenting contest instructions

      Two winners will be picked in this x theme contest. There are only 3 things I need from you as a contestants;

      Read the review posts.
      Visit the x theme sales page for more.
      Come back to this post and leave a relevant comment.

      NB: I will reject comments that are irrelevant or short. Your comment must be related to the theme.

      First selection (Winner); $70
      Second selection (Winner); $45

      Here is a smart suggestion to increase your winning chances;

      Drop one comment and as many replies as possible. The replies are counter too. The more the replies, the more your chances of being picked.

      2 different commentators must be selected. That means if you are selected twice, the second selection will be canceled.

      How to enter the contest: Just enter a valuable comment and let us know what you think about the X theme.

      Good luck to everyone 😉

      So if you do what’s in that instruction, you are gonna be in for a win. Hope you get it now?

      Enjoy the rest of your day, friend!


  8. Enstine this contest has got lot of success and I know that you may be closing down this contest very soon..So are you thinking about having more similar contests? How about making us know about more themes which can be really good for new projects? Enstine Are you going to use X theme at all your blogs?

    • Mohit, you’ve got some good questions here and from what I have noticed thus far, I think Enstine will continue this contest owing to the fact that he’s got sponsors and the good thing is that the sponsors are the ones who owns the products he’s reviewing.

      And I’m not sure Sir Enstine would want to get rid of his current theme for X Theme, irrespective of the quality, cus this theme is great enough to be kept.

      So that’s it!


  9. i just checked the premium themes and from its features, i see its gonna be cool, maybe am gonna get one for ma blog soonest

    • @daayur, nice idea bro, cant wait to see the neww look at earnonlineng.com when you migrate to this theme.

      Wish you the Best Buddy.

    • A pretty nice idea I must say. The Theme is really a mini-exegesis of it’s name and I like it’s marketing and other integrations, such as woocommerce. Great indeed. Just to let you in the hook….I will get it come next week. 🙂

  10. Hello Enstine, this particular theme review contest got an amazing response, isn’t it.
    the review written by you was so awesome that many of my friends say they had no intention to buy the theme but this particular review and the manner you wrote them was so compelling that they now are considering to buy the theme.

    It shows your excellent skill to write a review and the sponsor too has made a great choice to put the contest here at your blog.
    thank you for giving this great opportunity to us.

    • So excited to hear that Swadhin and I’m glad I was able to let them see the richness of this theme. I’m sure they won’t regret buying it

      I have noticed you too being so active on this post so I wish you good luck. I have a sponsor for the next contest coming up next week. There will be one winner for $70. I may adjust this though 😉

      I hope to see you around again 😉

      • Indeed there are a whole lot of richness about this theme, more of the reasons why I like and have decided on purchasing it immediately I receive an alert from you. (Not joking).

        Yeah, Agrawal as been so active on this page and I’m also wishing him all the luck too cus he deserves it I think.

        So I said it in my reply to one of the commenters, i think Mohit where he asked some questions, like “How long will this contest continue?” I was of the opinion that it will stop only when you’ve decided not to do some products review again. Was I right sir?

        And I sure will be participating next week, and I can wait for the upcoming review. I know it’d be fantastic too.


    • Yes i should appreciate you for sure. Because this review has made me to have a look at the theme.

      The theme is really nice and has a professional look in it.

    • Agrawal, you’re going viral on this page and trust me it’s the way to go. I wish you luck. 🙂

      So your friends are already contemplating of buying it after they claim they would not, thanks to Enstine’s review. I think it goes to show his writing and reviewing dexterity.

      A plus for him and us reading his reviews. I must say this review as also convinced me a great deal in getting the theme.

      And after checking the sales page and what others are saying and the good numbers of people that has thus far purchased that theme, I to have now decided to get it. I mean I’m so obsessed about getting it now!

      Good thoughts from your end dear bro.


  11. Hey Enstine Muki,

    What a great review and write up on the X theme! Thanks for that, Read your post and wordpress theme collection that was amazing which is helpful for every wordpress users. This X Theme is really a breakthrough in WordPress themes and perfect in this price and it contains many options . Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good them. Just one comment though. I am no developer but this is a little ‘heavy’ theme in terms of CSS files. Just my observation. you shared a informative article about theme. Super highly recommend it!

    I will prefer this to my all friends.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thanks for stopping by and dropping the comment Azza
      Good luck to you here. Just be active in replies to increase your chances of winning 😉

  12. I’m seeing from the past couple of days that X theme is being popular day-by-day whenever I visit any popular blog I always found many of the famous pro bloggers are recommend this theme. The X theme comes with many unique features as you mentioned in review.


    • Virendar, bro you are right, it also has great responds from pro webdevs at themeforest.

      superb theme bro.

      looking forward to geting mine soon

  13. Hi Enstine ,

    I’ve been reading about X themes quite much these days. Looks like it’s filled with Uniqueness and comfort. I think it can be billed as the ‘last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy’. This is what others say 🙂 As far as I’ve heard , it’s know for the vast amount of options for configuration. Everybody loves to customize their theme in their own way and so X theme is the ideal one for creating some uniqueness of their own.

    It’s said first impression is the best impression and so the first thing ( apart from content) to concentrate while doing online business is Web design. I’m X theme can get this worked done so easily and so it is one among the best WP theme to choose from.

    Great reading your lovely input about X Themes. Hope to win this contest and I wish everybody else ‘ All the very best’ .

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Wow, cool thing you’re doing here.

    Looks like this type of theme is doing so much. I have a friend who actually was trying to integrate a sales page on her blog, but it looked terrible with the header and her side bar, of course, but I see one here which seems to have the very feature she would need. I bet they are very expensive too, though 🙂

    • Hey Sylviane,

      Good to see you here! Well, this theme is $60 and I think that’s affordable. Most premium themes out there are far above this limit.

      You may want to send your friend to this article for a closer look 😉

      • I have a friend who said The X theme Looks great But for $60 he’d like to check out the back end before buying. Is there any type of trial of back-end demo anywhere?

        • I don’t think there is any trial
          He can buy but if he feels it’s not worth it, let him ask for a refund. But I can guarantee there is a lot of meat at the back end

  15. Its great to read all the interesting reviews about the X theme here, i can see a lot of people have good things to say about the theme which goes to show how great the theme is. The X theme bring good UI and functionality that can help any site quickly succeed.

    I am planning a project and i have already identified the X theme as the perfect theme for it. @Enstine i hope you have an affiliate link for the theme because i will love to do you some justice for introducing this theme to me.

    I can’t wait to read more reviews about the X theme, i will continue to follow the comments to see what people have to say about it.

    • Nwosu wow you seem to be a very great guy..It is good to know that you are going to buy X theme from Enstine’s affiliate link because he made you know about it…Enstine must be very happy….I hope that your new project will get success and you will be able to build a successful blog using X theme…I love to comment at Enstine’s blog as he is a very nice guy and always helpful…Once I turn out to be a winner here I may also start with new projects and will try to make every friend know about Enstine’s blog….

  16. 181 replies! Awesome buddy, this shows how important it is for everyone to come & drop comments in your blog.

    The very first time I read X theme review in an indian blog I was totally mesmerize with the beauty and the ease they provide to their users. Reading X theme review here, I’m very much convinced to get a copy of it for my future needs.

      • Seriously, its been ages since I’ve stopped reading blogs. I was stuck with some other part. Anyways, the time I read about your update over FB I was like to give this thing a read. 🙂

    • Hi Irfan ,

      Same thing happened here. I was just like ‘ WOW ‘ when I saw their demo for the first time and 181 replies on Enstine’s blog is nothing. It keeps growing every minutes if not in seconds. Above all his content is simply unique enough to grab mass attention .

      Good Luck for the blog commenting contest.

      • Enstine’s blog rocks; no doubt in it! 😉

        Within a very shot time X Theme have got such a huge response that one can read X theme review almost everywhere. I’m soon going to make their one more sale.

  17. Mr. Enstine,
    Again, it is proved that you are the great exposure about the awesome themes by weighting the merits.
    It is a fact, that free themes will lack in some functional conveniences like, many welfare organizations around the world, which distributes verity of free food etc, but the end users get only a little part of that. So, the free themes are on the mercy of the donor. The in-sites of X theme are well explained about it’s futures. It is well impressed that, one should purchase theme and use it’s greater functions for best rightful business development. It is a fine article ! Thanking you.

  18. The X-Theme is just insane! I thought the layouts were amazing, my fave being Renew so I would have lots of options for my other blog (my wordpress blog is for my writing pseudonym). But being able to translate into multiple languages? SEO, sidebar features that I find essential for organization and so many other great features. Even better it just cost $60! Bigstock cost $69 for 5 images a day for a month and X-Theme has this massive amazing programme for just $60! I am beyond blown away and don’t let me get started on the shop feature. This theme is perfect for everyone. Especially businesses and bloggers who are often looking for the best and most affordable way to make themselves more visible to potential customers and readers.

    • Hi Sheena glad to have met you over here and yes this theme is insane providing everything that people dared not ask those 200$ and above theme makers.
      when you have the commitment to write great content or blog or give service to your clients you simply cannot afford to waste your time solving problems caused by those free crappy themes. isn’t it?
      so it is wiser that you buy a great thee and use it instead that has a profeesional on-site look and oss-site support team

  19. Hello Enstine,
    Nice contest. Themes are the thing which had made lost of big time. All the time before, I was searching for a free premium looking theme . I changed my theme every week. but now I focus on content quality rather than blog layout. X themes are great as I read about them in many blogs. Nice review and contest.

  20. Wow, is this fate? 😀 I’m actually looking for a new theme for my book blog, because my current one is a disaster. It can’t even hold a candle to the ones at X.

    The experts behind X sure sound like a dedicated bunch! 🙂

    I checked out the site and it totally grabbed my attention. It’s reassuring to know that the themes are packed with fundamental features. Take portfolios, for instance. As a freelance writer, I have trouble organising my published works. I’m not comfortable with using other platforms like Pinterest (oops).

    I’m a nitwit when it comes to themes and plugins. All I know is this definitely looks promising! 😀

  21. X Theme is definitely one of the best themes. Enstine you have written a very nice review of X Theme. You may be thinking that I didn’t knew this theme but actually I knew X Theme from few months…I saw many bloggers promoting this theme but I never read such a good review of this theme. In future I may definitely buy this theme….

  22. I love all the great comments and it shows how important you are to several people.

    • Hello Marian ,
      thank you for your compliment and it was great that you liked our comments . the response of this contest is so overwhelmingly good that I wish many other sponsors also find Enstine’s way to bring up such great contests in the future too.
      Of course Enstine is important to us because he is a hell of a coder who codes great plugins to add to it he has a great knowledge stored in him that he shares through this blog.
      I too have recently come to this blog and really gained too much from his posts and I suggest you to take a view of this blog

  23. So yet another awesome blog commenting contest!

    And finally I got time to comment on this post. Surprised to see huge number of comments and I guess I’m in for the contest.

    Well I’ve just checked the X themes and I must say the design is really unique when compared to other theme providers.


    • Yes Samir welcome to this blog of Enstine its a great contest thats for sure . additionally its a great example for a marketing skill, advertising skill and a great innovative idea.

      the theme in itself is a marvel and they have come up with tonnes of customizations and options that for you the only limitation is your imagination.
      this excellent contest has given me a chance to meet some more awesome friends of the blogging community and I guess you have a great blog . I am soon going to land on your blog as soon as I complete my writing of this comment

      • Yes agreed with you,

        It has lot of customization options, I thought genesis is the only framework which has such great options and I think I’m gonna be a fan of X themes.


  24. Hey Enstine, You have reviewed the X theme very well. No doubt X theme is one of the best responsive wordpress themes and it looks very elegant too . I guess $60 is not big deal for such a great theme. Now I am planning to get it soon for one of my new blog. 🙂

    • Helllo Rajat you are right by saying 60$isn’t a great deal for such a awesome theme I have known certain crappy themes that sell above 200$ and yet din’t give great support.

      guess you are from blogger . do you have a WP blog or are willing to shift your blog on Blogger to wordpress.
      If you are willing to migrate then I would suggest you this theme to your new blog. cause I too will do it as soon as I shift my blog to wordpress too

    • hello Rajat Kulshrestha, bro, if truely you have plans of migrating to wordpress, i will suggest you stick to brother Swadhin Agrawal’s advice.

      dont make the mistake some of “US” made by starting out with free themes. they will waste your precious time and you will end up going for a paid one.

      as of now, my eyes are on this x-ultimate theme, so if you are to migrate to wordpress, i will personally recommend this theme as it will still save you from troubles,not only with free themes but from some crappy paid themes

      have a nice time over there bro.
      Nice meeting you 🙂

      • Yes Fru brother you have made a great move by telling our experiences to other people so that they learn beforehand and get aware and about the issues we faced .

        these will help them to take a better decision in life regarding their blog and its branding.
        themes are a great move in branding we have seen great content sites that have poor appearances and navigation that reduces their readership as well.

        so in my opinion sooner or later we have to move to a costlier and better thing (believe me no one will do a better gig in return for no cost) so that we are saved of the headache

  25. It is a really great theme and I have one 😀 but currently facing issue with that website of my loyal client. 100% useful for all purpose.

    • thanks for giving me more reasons to go for it bro.

      but just to ask,whats the problem you are facing??

      • It’s not related to theme, I was using a new web hosting service and some funny SQL Injections in every 2-3 days, going to shift that website to hostgator and will remove some plugins.

        • okay bro,Glad to hear that. was wondering though,you would have been the first person i’ve negative reviews from.

          all of themeforest is recommending this theme 🙂

          superb theme bro

  26. This theme is so good and so cheap based on all you listed about it on this review. I’m surely going to get it for my next project.

    So Enstine, when are you going to start using this theme too?

    • Hi bro,
      I’m going with one blog for now. However, I’ll be creating blogs in the future and of course, a couple of them will run on this theme. The features are irresistible.

      Thanks for taking part in the contest and Good luck

      • Hello Mr Enstine,planning on putting on a cameroonian entertainment blog, with the flexibility of this theme, i sure will get a good look for my upcoming blog by few customizations.

        very cool theme,thanks for the review Mr Enstine.
        Keep up the Great work

        • Yes you are right fru. hope your blog gets a great look through tthis theme .This theme is so much customizable and better that it can fit any theme or type of website.
          wish you a great luck bro for the blog and hope you make it big ith this theme

          • thanks bro, with the promising features of this theme it sure will.

            will poke you when i set up the blog bro..

            nice connecting with you here

    • Hi Adesoji, its a must have bro,with all this features,there is nothing this theme cant do, most of all its super responsive 🙂

      great work by the developer.

  27. Hello Kartik,

    No doubt that themeforest deals in top notch quality wordpress themes. Really this theme is mind blowing. Even I was astonished when I read Enstine’s review and came to know about its ultimate features. Thanks for your views.

    Best of luck.

    • Yes bro nikhil ganotra, it looks really promising, with it being rated by users on themeforest for great support and customization,its a fantastic theme.

      To me the best part of every theme is its support, and from the user ratings and comments at themeforest, this theme is therefore a must go for .

      Hope you one for your future projects too mate.

      Best Regards Godwill

  28. Hello enstine, very good review about X theme. I have no words about X theme,each and every features of X theme is awesome and unique. I too like reading your blog and i enjoy reading your posts. And the point comes to contest, the contest seems to be very tough and interesting. Hope i win..


    • yeah its awesome bro, having been browsing on the demo for like hours now..hoping to get mine soon.

    • i agree with you Kartik Tummawar mr enstine is doing an awesome work over here. definitely a pro blogger.

      so inspiring posts and reviews.

      hope to be like him someday 🙂

    • hello,kartik good to see you here. this is an awesome blog and has an awesome review here. i am learning great points from this and other reviews on this blog to write a great review on my site too.

      hope you do your best for winning the contest over here. But I guess You are on blogger like me? right? I will shift to WP soon anyways.
      X theme is g a great product no doubt but this review has made it look better

  29. Hello Enstine,

    First of all I want to thank you for orgainising such awesome contests. Contest delivers an amazing platform for bloggers to interact with each other and buid a good relationship as blogging survives on the basis if relationships. Right? By seeing your above comments I can proudly say that you are having an awesome blogging community. Keep it up (y).

    The theme you reviewed is really awesome. I was unaware of some of the facts you shared about that theme.

    The best feature of the theme I liked was integerity. According to ” Amit Agarwal” the theme which looks classic and simple drives more traffic. Being Amit Sir’s fan I too like simplicity. A flashy website creates a poor online presence. Being a newbie I can’t afford this template 🙁 . If I won this contest then surely I will go for my Dream “X” Theme.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome review.
    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Nikhil Ganotra you are right, this contest has really connected me with great bloggers, all thanks to Mr Enstine.

      Taking my time to go through all commenters blogs.

      great way to connect .

  30. Enstine,
    Thanks for this wonderful review of X theme. To start with, I was thinking that visitors to the main site would have a way of letting the site owner know they paid a visit – maybe having a comment area or something else.

    From your review and from my findings on customers’ testimonials on the site, this theme looks very promising for bloggers. Some features that sweep one off one’s feet include the integration of the page builder, over 600 Google fonts, customizable layouts, portfolio pages, Ecommerce, icon fonts, PSD files, responsiveness, etc. All these on a single theme for just $60 simply means that the guys are over delivering. But I must say that the Extended License price of $3000 seems to be on the high side.

    Only a few themes can boast of having all the features on X theme. This theme simply has a competitive edge over all others I have come across so far. It would be a wise investment for any blogger any day.

    I would gladly go for this theme the moment I have $60 to get a copy. I can’t afford to miss this.

    I wish you the best with this contest and also wish every participant success. Do have a lovely day.

    • Thanks bro Joseph, its true $3000 for the extended license is pretty high, but am comfortable with the $60 plan for now. thats what am aiming at.

      Have a Great day too sir.

  31. Hi Enstine,

    Well Yes X-Theme looks to be the best right now. They have overcome all themes and now have become the top selling theme.

    I am still running my iftiseo blog on blogger so I cannot use it there, however I am preparing one more tech blog which I will be hosting by myself and I am thinking to purchase this very theme for it.

    They have almost every feature that a good theme must have and the best thing is that it is still affordable. The review is very nicely written and I am sure they will surely get some customers from this review. 🙂

    Thanks and have a great week ahead,

    • yes bro Iftekhar Ahmed, you should comsider going for it, with its awesomeness,it still supports PSDs damn!!

      superb theme @ cheap price

  32. Wp is the biggest user CMS. Its great to read your X-theme review. I think this theme is really professional. I will suggest my client to try this theme.

    • Rifat Rahn bro i do think so too… getting mine soon when i have enough cash. its pretty handy.

      will save all the theme troubles.

  33. @estinemuki
    X-themes also one of the best selling theme on theme forest, This makes it more popular than any other themes.

    • With all these features intergrated in an awesome theme, i bet any theme will get its deserving popularity bro Jagabandhu. “x-ultimate theme”
      is great bro

      Have a nice day sir

      • Not only the features but also they are using best in class marketing strategy which is most important for any business to stand up and mark its profit.

        • i totally agree with you bro, get it for your marketing sites if you can. there is no doubt the fact that eye-catching marketing sites convert more.

          Best of luck with your business sir.

    • Hi there,

      You right bro!! XTheme became popular than any other themes. I have to say that
      out of a bunch of themes that my friends have bought in Themeforest this is definitely
      a winner…Easy to use and delivered a very nice looking website indeed. It is a great
      choice and most rated and selling theme on ThemeForest. So, that’s worth testing it
      with an affordable price.

      warm regards

  34. Hi Enstine,

    Really wonderful post!!!

    I am glad after read the post. The X theme is really a great theme. This is a very helpful and useful for marketing. X-theme is very huge features. Doing great job 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    • Bro from the ratings and comments on themeforest, it appears it can serve any purpose. lots of testimonies .

      you can check out and see.

      Its a great theme no doubt

  35. Already have plan to buy it for my upcoming website,

    Really a nice multi-featured theme with an affordable price.

  36. wish you the best bro…but honestly this theme does has outstanding features.

    will get once i get the cash… cool review

  37. Hello Enstine,

    Really great with this contest first of all as it’s not just a review contest, it is introducing us with interesting products which are really worth to try.
    Now coming to X-Theme, I am already known to the features and popularity of this theme as I can see its banner advertisements, reviews and much more around the blogsphere.

    Although I have not tried it till, but I am definitely going to give it a try.I can see all the features which we need in a theme in X-theme.This include Responsive design, Thumbnails, Photoshop ,Marketing ,Shortcode, Clean Code , Backgrounds , Sidebars
    and SEO are few to mention.These are some of the main features which everybody looks for,whenever he buy a theme.

    And lastly for which I am quite surprised is its price.It is really worth the money, I would say.
    Thanks again.

    • hello Pramod, yeah you are right, its a must go for theme. if you get it before me, please share your experience.

      thanks 😉

    • hey Pramod, it’s so nice to meet you here again this week and I hope you’ve had a fantastic week? Well, I have. 🙂

      Now, you will agree with me that every great bloggers always watch-out for some specific features while trying to purchase any theme, right?

      Before I get any theme whether freemium or premium I usually look out for features such as, its flexibility and functionality, speed and responsiveness, support and the likes and I am surprise that X Theme has all these needed features and one part, I’m not very surprise as I am in the know that some great people, that is experts made the theme come to being and you can’t but expect a great service when several experts come together and produce a product, isn’t it? That’s the case of X Theme.

      The same thought I have is the same one you have herein shared. I mean I was wondering why a plugin great as this should be sold for that low price. Trust me bro, I think the Theme’s features and fills is worth more than the price. Really great! 🙂

      @Fru Godwill, it’s really a must great and I sure will share my experience of it with you when I purchase and install it next week. You like that?


      • yes don, you wish you the best. hope you like the theme bro..check out the features


      • Swadhin Bro, I wise you the same.

        Looks like everyone here interested for this Giveaway.

        • hey Jagabandhu bro great to see you here. now thats lovely and wish you win tooo.

          Enstine blog was my latest discovery and I am entering this giveaway or contest as we can call it for the first time. I have always said that may the deserving candidate win and will stick to it throughout.

          but it would be better if I win lol and the contest is tough because everyone is interested . X themes are a great themes and I really can,t wait to have it.

      • you sure will bro.just stick around and post enough positive comments and you are good to go

    • Best of luck bro. Hope the deserving one wins.

      Thanks for your views and keep visiting enstinemuki.com.

    • With one single and one liner comment. Dude you suck! Well, I hope your dream comes true. BTW, you should go back and read the post and visit the theme’s website and come back here and start sharing reasonable comments to stand a chance of winning. Okay! And trust me no hard feelings, was just telling you my mind.

  38. Hello Enstine,

    Nice write-up , i will have to agree with you pointing out the fact of free things turning out to be pretty expensive. From my personal experience,it took me six months of continues tweaking to get a free wordpress theme i downloaded to get close to what i really wanted..i however switched to a paid theme when the customized appearance was still not eye-catching to me. Considering my unfulfilled attempts to get the customized look to my pleasing , which finally left me with no other option than going for a paid theme (which is what am “happily” using now), one will be saving lot of time abstaining from free themes. THEY SUCK!!!

    Now looking at the review you got here for this “X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme” , it looks so promising, now I thought maybe only free things suck,but it however seems paid things will suck if you don’t choose wisely, this theme is about the same price as my present, but with this high level of customizability and flexibility,its by far the best theme I have heard of. Adding to the fact of inbuilt premium plugin “ visual composer” , geez! This means one can customize the look flawlessly. A theme one can use for multiple sites without anyone dictating similarities is definitely an Ultimate theme .Its worth the “ULTIMATE” name. It’s a must purchase for me.

    Thanks so much for the review…opened my eyes.

    • Hello Fru, same is here but I am a mile back to you lol . I mean I still use a theme that is free and hope to get a paid theme soon so that I can customize and give my blog a professional look

      • you should consider going for a paid theme… definite this “x-ultimate theme”

        cuz thats where am heading to 😉

        • thanks for your comment yes I will go for a paid thing. Do you know free themes have quite limitations . moreover they are quite crappy and have hidden codes in them that are not good as they pass link juice and rank juice and many other such things to their respective blogs.

          just imagine why would one give someone a a template or theme that they can sell for 100$s easily . they have to get something from it else no one gets to work for free.

          Some developers might want to give their theme to increase traffic or mailing list but major people will do that for the SEO benefits they can suck from your blog. It is therefore wise to use paid themes that are honest and transparent.

          • am happy you things as i do buddy. looking forward to hear good news about your upcoming blog.

            hopefully on this great theme we have here

      • you should consider migrating to a paid theme Swadhin, definitely this “x-ultimate theme”

        cuz thats where am heading to

    • Most free themes are poorly coded with almost no support and no updates. When i started blogging i made same mistake and until i realized it and corrected it, it affected adversely. I always encourage my audience to use premium themes and even plugins if not for any other reason, for the support and upgrades you will get always.

      • hello Desmond, you are absolutely right, i too started my blog with a free theme,it took me months of endless customization to make it look how i wanted.still wasnt satisfied. then i decided to go for a paid theme.

        but with the great overview of x-theme, am definite going for this one.

        cool features

    • Hello Fru,
      I saw the demo of the X theme and read the whole review and found it amazing. My friend is using the X theme and he send me the following message when I asked him about that theme-

      “One thing I noticed about X is that it dumps a ton of CSS into the HTML rather than keeping it isolated in a separate stylesheet. It might be the developer not being familiar with the tools yet, but my local community center is working on a new site using X and there’s nearly 600 lines of CSS bloat on each page.”

      Does the Xtheme really create that problem?


      • really?

        but i have read tons of positive reviews about this them…i definite am going to give it a shot.

        thanks tho for the hint

      • Hmm, it might be that your friend is yet to familiarize himself with the theme or perhaps he’s not yet contacted their team, which if he do will end his miseries about this theme. I still think I will have to try this theme myself.

    • Hey Fru Godwill, it’s a really nice experience for me to have been able to connect with you on here at Enstine’s great empire. 🙂

      See, like you I used to think free things suck but trust me there are some paid themes and plugins and all those premium stuffs that sucks more than even the freemium stuffs.

      I know this because like you I’m also using a paid theme and as you’ve already noted well in one of your replies to me, my theme is just nothing but a crap!

      I like you will get this theme and I’m sure from the next week I will. 🙂


      • Am glad you deciding to implement my advice bro, it will be great seeing you in a new PRADO jeep (x-ultimate theme)
        please let me be the first to view your blog when you are done migrating 🙂

        cheers bro.

  39. Before choosing a WordPress theme there are few basic factors I look out for and these includes the following;
    1. Responsiveness of the theme
    2. Speed of the theme
    3. Layout and Design of the theme including coding
    4. Support
    I consider the responsiveness of a theme because it will address the problem of designing mobile sites for different screen sizes of devices used by my audience.
    X theme meets my choice in this section because it is a responsive theme, with X theme i won’t have to bother designing a mobile site because it will detect and resize to fit any screen size. That way i will meet the need of every visitor to my site. I don’t have to miss out on any traffic because i am using X theme, a theme that meets my need with its responsiveness.
    Another thing I take seriously before choosing a theme for my site is how fast the theme can load, most times people do not know that a poorly designed theme can add load to your server resource and slow down site speed.
    Google considers page speed as one of its ranking factors and as such we must take site speed seriously and that starts by choosing a fast loading theme.
    X theme files included Layered PSD, PHP files, CSS files, JS files and PSD which means that the theme has all it needs right on its install folder, it won’t have to rely on some external resources to work properly and this will help improve its speed.
    I will use and recommend X theme any time anywhere because it is a fast WordPress theme and can as well be easily minified for even faster speed.
    The X theme layout and design is need and uncluttered, starting from the navigation to the sidebar to the general page layout, the X theme has a neat and incredibly nice layout, uncluttered to highlight the main content of the pages.
    With flat design, creative blog style and clean lines, the X theme looks simply amazing. The X theme is modern and minimal with custom colors for post formats and unique layout options that makes is elegant and flashy.
    I will use the X theme for my blog because it will allow my content to take the center stage which is my main aim of blogging, to showcase my content and not use some theme that will hide my content with some useless designs.

    For $60 I will say the X theme is totally worth it, the endless features of this theme make it worth every dime of its price.
    The theme meets all my needs in both design and usability and I have been looking for a theme to give my blog – Netmediablog a facelift, I know at this instant I don’t have to look any further.

    Thanks for sharing this review; I will recommend this theme any time anywhere.

    • Yes Desmond,with all this qualities,this theme seems to be the killer theme. One of its kind. Reasonable price too .

      Wish you the Best in the contest 😉

      • A properly coded theme can make a big difference in whether you succeed as a blogger or not. It won’t be nice for a theme you used on your blog to be working against you and as such i have reviewed the X theme and found it perfect, the coding it done in HTML5 which is the acceptable standard today.

        • yes you are right bro Nwosu Desmond, that also implies less load time, and user friendly and you can concentrate on blogging without having to worry about other sectors.

          Realy cool theme bro

          • I second you on this thought Fru. You want to know why? Well, newbie bloggers like some of us goes about worrying about our themes each and every time we come across blogs like “Enstinemuki.com”, “NetMediaBlog”, “Aha-Now.com” and a host of other interesting blogs.

            Why that? Very simple. There blogs always look very impressive that sometimes I wish they were mine. You must have think the same, am I right or right?

            The greatest asset a website has is its friendliness and usernaviness, its responsiveness, speed and all those stuffs and a very good thing X-Theme has all this fantastic features.

            Again, I will get it after I might have win this contest. I know I will win. 🙂 “Dream on” you’re saying, right?


          • Sam thumbs up to for that point bro, responsiveness is what most bloggers nowadays fail to consider.

            the whole is gradually turning into a mobile world, and having a site which looks crappy on a mobile is already a break-down, and great loss in traffic and ofcause your earning will drop.

            great point sam .

      • hello Desmond, your comment is very apt as per the situation and i know you must have marked that the X theme make all the points you mentioned. I love responsive themes as they give increased revenue side by side of great reader ux

        • If i am to give the X theme a rating it will definitely be a 5 star rating. The theme was made with the latest technology standards and was last updated on the 24 April 2014, which also goes to show the type of support the theme has.

          • Like you sir, I wouldn’t hesitate nor think twice before I give the x-Theme plugin a 5 star rating. From the many reviews of people, I learned that aside from the customization, style, flexibility and functionality and of course it’s speed and responsiveness, the support is what tickled the fancy of people and that wanted to make them get it or use it for their blog.

            So they just updates the theme and that was some few weeks ago. It shows how cool it is anyways and why we should be using it. BTW, I just learned that over 15, 000 persons have downloaded this theme despite it’s shortness of being.

            That’s owing to its valuability, isn’t it?


        • Responsive themes are what makes a great blog and every sane and good blogger knows and make this available on his or her blog. Tells why they are successful anyways.

          And Desmond is the type that knows the intricacies of all those steps and I’m not surprise at his long and very provocative and yes….germane comments here today. It was lovely and what every great bloggers should watch out for.

          All these just sums up the fact that X-Theme is the best theme in town and what every bloggers that needed success should turn to at this time. 🙂


      • Thanks Enstine for at least acknowledging my review. The X theme is indeed a great theme and am blown away by its multi-browser compatibility. If you code you will understand how difficult it is to get a theme as complex as this to work perfectly with browsers such as IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

    • Hello Nwosu,
      This X Theme is really a breakthrough in WordPress themes, and hopefully the start of a global trend in cutting edge UI and functionality for the backend of WordPress.

      Thanks for your amazing comment. Best of luck 🙂

      • nikhil ganotra, bro you read my thoughts 🙂 . Just thinking of how the Backend User Interface will look like for such great features.

        well will know shortly when i get mine. 🙂

        Nice day sir 🙂

      • A really nice thought dear Nikhil. I see this theme taking over and I see many different wordpress express users migrating to it. Can’t you see all the experts that made up the theme? I don’t expect less you know.

      • The user interface is neat and uncluttered making space for the content of the page to be highlighted and easily noticed. This type of theme will make you use fewer plugins as most of the functionality you may want from plugins are already built into it.

    • A fabulous thoughts and impressive review here brother. Trust me this is a GBAM! It didn’t surprise me anyways as I already know how great a designer and coder you’re and if you say you like a thing owing to some of the features is has that you’ve always watch out for in a theme then I know you know what you’re saying.

      I sure will be getting myself this theme in the coming days and hope I win as it will be my best chance of getting it. 🙂

      Thanks for this long and valuable share sir!


  40. X theme goes by its name since we can customize it in x no. of ways & in this way we’re not buying just one theme but many at price of one & that is what makes it worth buying 🙂

    • Hello Sarvesh,

      I truly agree with Swadhin’s words that you left a great algebraic comment lol ! 😛
      A newbie can easily customize the theme without having any coding knowledge. So amazing. Right?

      BTW best of luck buddy 🙂

      • Now, that’s what I am saying and the more reason why I have today fallen head over hill in love with this great Theme and one that I will use and recommend anytime any day! I can imagine myself getting my hands on this theme trust me. I sure will go viral!!

        • Yes Sam i trust you..i really hope you get one soon, cuz to be honest the only thing i dont like about your blog (bloggingwhiz) is the small fonts…. and the “x-ultimate theme” comes with good google fonts.

          you sure will go viral bro.
          Wish you the Best.

    • Darak, I’m glad at least one person shared my opinion about this plugin.The price is well worth it and even to small as there are various and device ways you can use and tweak this theme for better experience sake. A win-win situation for you and your readers. Your readers are entertained and have a good experience over at your blog while you get all the traffics and the last i checked the higher the traffic to your blog the chances of making money via your blogging efforts. Hope am i right?


    • Sarvesh you are too right. May be it is named as X theme because we can customize it in various different ways. I think that this is the only theme which comes with so many amazing features. I see many new bloggers choosing this theme which is because of the reason that they want their first blog to look the best which is possible if they make use of X theme…

  41. Hello Enstine big bro,
    X-theme is a really good option for the professional look of any online presence , moreover it comes with tonnes of customization options. As far as my point of view is concerned themes that have SEO done and offer you choices of customizations are best and this theme has all.

    I have seen the theme in many blogs advertise area which also indicates why it is famous. as you said FREE is the most Expensive word and I am aware they do no less to take SEO advantage like link juice from you through hidden crappy codes.

    • Hello Swadhin, what i find most awesome about this theme is its inbuilt “visual composer ” , any custom design can therefore be achieved. Great developer. A must Purchase theme.

      • Hello Fru,
        I didn’t get your point. Can you please explain me the meaning of visual composer and what is its use?


        • So Nikhil, in my bid to help you, I have quickly gone into a little research and here’s what I came across about “Visual Composer”.

          So what is Visual Composer, you might want to ask. Here:

          Visual Composer is a fantastic plugin developed by WP Bakery that adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme. We popped it into our Multipurpose WordPress Theme Thunder, but you can also see it in almost every new top seller on Themeforest. It gives you the tools you need to be able to create complex page layouts without needing to touch a single line of code.

          How Visual Composer Works, And What It Can Do.

          Visual Composer Page BuilderIt’s a plugin, so just install and activate to take advantage of all it’s wonderful features. Once activated, Visual Composer gives you control over the layout of your pages. Just add a new page, and click on the blue Visual Composer button to access the builder. From here the possibilities are only limited by your (or your clients’) imagination.

          I don’t what Enstine would think about this link but he should understand as I’m only trying to help a brother to understand something.

          So here: https://vimeo.com/92033601 That’s the link to the video. Just copy and paste it in your browser and you’re good to go.

          Now, hope you enjoyed that and hoe it helps you know about “Visual Composer”. I think it’s just $30 to purchase it.

          Take care of you man!

          • now this is what I call great spirit. Thanks Sam bro for your awesome long comment. Its got real meat and has helped even me to gain something from the above comment.

            Visual editors are a good thing I suppose as you told in the comment . Basically I am a non coder and so this would turn into a gold mmine for my customizations.
            one more request if you are willing to help. Can you please visit my blog and see the layout and theme. It is on blogger and I would like to keep it so even when I shift to wordpress . having a great experience in wordprss can you please tell me if there is a similar theme or if THIS X theme can be customized as such.

        • hello nikhil….vsual composer enables you to place whatever you want wherever you want…its a premium wordpress plugin

          • Indeed a premium plugin and it sounds great I have a link to a site you can get it for free but I am sorry I can’t share it as I have already inscribed one link already and I will be passing my boundary if I try to put another. Hope you guys understand?

      • Godwill, I think you’re darn right about the visual composer part and I must confess it’s one of the things that drew my attention to this theme in the first place anyways. But from the latest I found out about it, it seems you can even use it on any theme of your choice. It will help you greatly if you’re not a baddass coder like Mr. Enstine or Zebida as it’s just a drag and drop tool. Cool, isn’t it?

        • yes bro,with visual composer intergrated into a superb theme like this, its awesome bro.

          i had plans on purchasing visual composer after i watched the review on youtube. now no need, am heading straight for the complete pack “x-ultimate”

          #Glad to know you see the facts with me bro. Thumbsup

          • Man that’s great. I guess I’m subscribed to the same thoughts as yours anyways and that’s pretty great isn’t it?

    • Agrawal my dear brother, hope you’re good? Nice seeing you here. 🙂

      Like you, I love when a theme as some particular features, the likes of inbuilt SEO, Customization, Flexibility and Functionality, Support, Responsiveness, Speed and other of those needed features. And I was glad when I found out through this review these wanted features that I could not stop thinking of it and it’s installation on my blog.

      I’m sure it won’t be long that I too, like every other 13, 117 purchasers of this fantastic plugin. A nice number, right?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and again, I’m glad to meet you here. Enjoy the rest of your day man!


    • Hi Sam, i must agree with you the fact of its super flexibilty, the ability to have different designs with thesame theme is a very handy feature most webdevelopers are going for.

      one purchase,all your sites 🙂

      cool theme

      • You’re right dear Godwill. A Super Theme indeed! I love the fact I can change the look and fill of my site you know what I mean? You and I can be using the same theme but when I can play with my customization and style, it sure will be different from the same thing you have after you might have finished with yours. Get me?

    • Swadhin you are very right X theme provides very professional look. I think people from all the different professions can make blog by making use of X theme…A professional looking blog can give lot of success to any kind of business….

  42. Hi there Enstine,
    Feels good to read another awesome Review by your side!
    Reading/Watching a lot about the X THEME these days. They are working hard on their Marketing.
    And after reading your Review, I got to know exactly. They are offering a hell lot of features man.
    I think this is the perfect theme.
    Be it a Blog/ E-comm/Service page.
    Hoping to get my hands on it 😀


    • could’nt agree more to you Vishesh . they are going and promoting the theme way too much but thats for the great features too. ultimately consumer and the company both are benefitted

      • Yes Swadhin.
        They are Promoting and Marketing it because It is worth it.
        I have not seen any WordPress theme with so many features before!

        • Yes you are right bro. though I am not a wordpress user I love wordpress too much and I am going to migrate to WP soon so I have been following the WP closely including its recent update of 3.9.
          I love this theme so much and I would definitely invest the prize money (If I won lol) in buying a good host and then using it to grow my blogging experience.
          so fingers crossed 😛

          • Hey Agrawal, So I visited your blog just now, although I haven’t yet made any assessment and I promise I will before day’s end.

            You said you ain’t a coder but trust me I really love that template and the look of the blog. Yours is a few blogspot blog I have come across in recent time. Being someone who has well a great deal of experience in many different platforms, I can tell you that your blog is great even though I still think you should move to wp.org as it will help your blogging efforts a great deal.

            And I’m glad that even though you’re not yet a wp.org user, you still are in the know about some things and trends of wordpress, something some wordpress user don’t and never cared to know. Kudos! 😀


    • Hello Vishesh,
      Yeah, No doubt that The X THEME delivers many amazing features. I have never seen such classic retina ready template. So neat and simple.

      Thanks for your views bro. Best of luck 🙂

      • Hi Nikhil,
        Completely agree to you brother.
        It’s really one of the best WordPress theme ever 🙂

        • BTW, Everyone’s trying to Engage a lot here after Enstine gave $10 bonus last time 😀

          • Yes its true bro Vishesh Kachheda that everybody wants the cash, that good, but really such an atmosphere in a Pro-Bloggers home is really warm and engaging.

            Mr Enstine’s Blog is very educative. evrytime i read a post from him, am highly inspired and recieve more anointing in the blogosphere 🙂

            Most Inspiring Blogger for me

          • And that bonus was to one “Sam Adeyinka” – a newbie blogger but one with quality and means! So I feel the secret of winning this thing is in being creative and sharing. I didn’t win that but Sir Enstine was impressed with the ability of turning to a discussion board. Something Godwill is doing so well. Enjoy brother and I wish you success in this great contest!

    • Vishesh my brother from another mother! Hope you’re doing pretty cool today? BEfore you ask, I am too. 😀

      I must confess it’s my first time I’m hearing about this review unlike the other review we both participated in the last time about “The Author Hreveiew”.

      Before I started making my comments, I made sure I read and scrutinize keenly this particular post and rushed on to the X-theme website by virtue of the link Enstine well provided in this post and have come to learn a lot about this theme and a lot of other things of course and I’m so glad I did.

      I sure will be purchasing this theme in the next few weeks and I’d contact you when I do. I’m sure by then you will have gotten yours too.


      • No offense guys.
        You rock.
        Enstine too!
        Thanks for putting up these kinds of Contests 🙂
        Hoping to WIN 😛

      • Hey Sam brother did I hear that you are going to buy these theme? yes you should thisis a awesome theme. One thinfg I would like to request you is can you please share your experience while using this . its only because I would love to find someone who already uses it so that I can ask my doubts whenever I need.

        Will you please let me knowif you can share your experience with me?
        anyway yours is a great blog too. I just dropped in there and found it interesting.

        • Yes next week it is brother! Ah…I’d share for sure once I started to use it, and once I do I’d let you know, okay. How bout that?

          Just hit me up on twitter or preferably facebook anytime of the day and I will be here to help you.

          You know what, I’ll suggest you to stay around here and maybe my blog as it will really help you a lot. You can even register as a user so that you can start submitting your guest posts. It will help you get desired backlinks and high results for sure.


    • yes,its without doubt the best i have heard of..lot of cool features.

      also from comments above i have picked out some guys who use it and they all say its awesome…

      • That’s what you get from “Value”. When a product is highly valuable the chances of virility increases and that’s why people have positive words about them and even some of us that are yet to try them are already in love with their service that we are hoping to getting it. Isn’t that fantastic man?

        • it sure is bro. and you are right, once you work and have VALUE on your product, you are certain of the RESULTS.

  43. I am using X-theme on client website and client really liked the X-theme design and usability. I must Enstine you have done great job here by exploring the keen features of Xthemes. . This X Theme is really a breakthrough in WordPress themes, and hopefully the start of a global trend in cutting edge UI and functionality for the backend of WordPress.
    X theme looks very promising and it is compatible with wordpress plugins. A must recommended theme for wordpress lovers.

    • Hi Jitendra, You are absolutely correct bro. WordPress is the king as far as blogging is considered. I don’t find a single thing that any other CMS or blogging platform has that WP doesn’t. I don’t imply that other platforms are bad but WP is the best.

      It was nice to hear that you have given X theme to your client because the seller that sells quality products to the customers is often celebrated.

    • wow,great to hear positive feedbacks from you already using the theme..thanks bro.

      wish you the best

    • great!!! good to hear your review bro..now i know its as good as it sounds..

      thanks again.

    • Hello Jitendra,
      Yeah I truly agree with your statement that X theme is really a breakthrough the wordpress themes. I think you must also check the Xtheme website. It delivers many more features that you should also know.

      Thanks for your views. Best of luck 🙂

      • truth be told Nikhil, their website as some kinda stuffs on it that makes me wanna just stay on the page and trust me as I am herein talking to you two tabs from their site is still open on my browser after I had closed about 8 of them. The X-Theme Team indeed have provided a great value for money. Which is the way to go!

    • Hey Jitend, how’s you and I want to believe you are doing great today, right? So it’s pretty nice to meet you here on Enstine’s great blog – a place where amazing and never seen before things happen! Welcome. 🙂

      So I like that you already have a kinda experience with this great plugin, even though you’re not using it for your blog but for clients. You client must have been dropping a lot of their testimonials on your blog. Am I right?

      Well, they have to as you’ve succeeded in providing them wonderful wordpress experience, with the ease of the every X-Theme features. So I’m not very surprise you know.

      So I sure will be getting this theme in the coming days and I sure will let you know when I do, okay. 🙂 Take care of you!


      • Happy for you bro,will be getting mine too soon as am ready. this should replace my bulky theme library.

        • Thanks man and yes….you should get it as it will sure help you resolve those “bulky theme” issues. I guess we have the same DNA for perfection and that has made us constantly try many different themes on our blog. Isn’t it?

  44. Hey Enstine,

    You just wrote an amazing review of an amazing theme.Its first time I’m seeing a theme with all well I can say cutting edge features.Hat’s off to the team who worked on developing this theme.And the best thing is the way they are marketing the brand X theme.Even according to my knowledge marketing a quality product is easy and one can get good conversions also.Aha! here is the example X themes made big $$$ with their amazingly developed theme.You’ve written each and every part perfectly.Keep blogging

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • yeah bro, with his great review, this x-ultimate theme looks promising

      will consider this for my future projects

    • Yes you are speaking the truth Krishna bro. Marketing is quite essential even for quality products. I just saw its product page in themeforest it has made nearly 15k downloads that is a great response too. What do you think?

        • Yes Krishna bro and they deserve it . they have made a wonderful product. they know how they have to promote it as well. See here they will surely get the winner the contest but they also get a talk in the town for this. people engaged here also will now know the product in detail .

          I know if I am impressed here is the product and I get to buy the theme many others are also going to be impressed . this is a great innovative way of promotion and sales .

          so kudos to the marketing team.

      • yeah you right. great marketing strategy,the theme with its features looks promising though

        and i have heard many positive reviews from users..

        definitely going for it when i can

      • And if you would ask me, 15k downloads is not a joke and that has to do with the value of the theme and that I think is what has birthed this virality and I’m not surprise. I’m sure a lot of webmasters will be rushing into purchasing this theme and uploading it on their blogs. 🙂

    • Hello Krishna,
      I am glad that you liked the X theme’s features. No doubt that this themes delivers amazing features and is best suited for newbies who should give a heavy boost to their new blog by installing this template. Thanks for your views and comments buddy.

      Best of luck 🙂

      • I think you have a great point here friend, cus when a newbie decided and take that initiative and get this theme for his new blogging empire, he will have done himself all the good in the world as this theme will provide a pretty great and wonderful experience and of course would make him go viral in a short period of time. You know what I think? I think this plugin’s benefit is way outstanding than is price.

        • exactly bro,this would have saved me lots of problems if i found such a theme when i was just starting up.

          am happy i found it today tho

          all thanks to mr Enstine

          wish you all a great day #winks

          • Yes it would have but it isn’t too late still and you can still use it and get quick results. And I also believe it’s most times in the skill and consistency of the blogger that brings about suspicious success. What say?

          • yes you right bro, am definitely going for it any of these days. i migrated to a paid months ago,but with he great features in this x-ultimate theme, there is nothing stopping me from getting it. not only for my blog,but for my future projects.

            #Thanks Sam. have a nice day sir

          • I noticed your blog was a premium theme and trust me I remember loving that theme and I myself has gotten me hands on some cool themes both freemium and premium versions, be it “Genesis Framework”, “ThemeJunkie” and a host of other theme services except “Thesis”. But I must say this one literally suits my taste and like you, there’s nothing stopping me and I will be hacking down my account to purchase it next week, even though it turned out that Enstine’s random picker doesn’t pick me as winner.

            That’s to tell you how obsessed I am now about this X theme of a thing. 🙂


    • Hey Krishna, so pleased to see you here today. You know it’s been a pretty lomngwhile and I miss you. Did you?

      Indeed, Enstine wrote and published “an amazing review of an amazing theme”. That’s a pretty great rhymes and words really holds true!

      Like I told Abid up there in the reply to his comments, I used to have this great fanaticism for themes and I must say X theme like you said have provided a cutting edge theme, one that people will come to love and use for a very long time. It’s also pleasing that they will keep on updating it, which I believe is good.

      Nice share brother!


      • Just to add bro Desmond, With all these features,the theme is sold at just $60.

        unlike some buggy themes with bad support sold for over $200

        i really Thank Mr Enstine for the broadcast,without him i would not have known such a great theme is out there.

        Wish you all a great week brotheres

        • Hahahaha…………..you calling “Desmond” LOLZ….I am Sam Adeyinka. Don’t ever make that mistake again man. 😀

          So you’re right brother. I once contacted one of my blogging buddies, even though she doesn’t blog no more. I contacted her about her theme and the prize could send a person to death. Over $200 bucks you know and that theme my brother is nowhere to be found when compared with X-Theme. Now, isn’t that funny?

          This X-Theme prize I must confess is very surprising and I should get it before it increase or what do you think?

          • comment was made for desmond..i think so many comments making this great blog of our master almost confuse.

            #thanks for the call-up SAM 🙂

        • Oh owkay I see now. That’s what happens when things like this happens. Is it not? 🙂

  45. Hi Enstine,

    Awesome Review of X Themes. I recently worked with Theme Co for a direct advertisement on my blog. X Theme is really a cutting edge theme for all purpose. It’s features are really mind blowing. Hope to win this contest and wish you all the best for other partcipants 🙂

    Abid Omar

    • Thanks for the wish Abid bro hope the deserving one wins . And yes great products should be advertised so that the readers come to know of it. When I use a wordpress blog which I am going to have very soon I will surely spend 60$ to buy this as it will help a lot in branding. 🙂

      • Hi Swadhin,

        Wish you all the best Bro. Do reply to every comments and you will surely win. Yeah! It is worthy and useful.

          • hahaha nice saying Swadhin Agrawal, well wishes to you too bro.

            all thanks to Mr Enstine for such “Come-Together”

            feeling the Blogosphere love 🙂

      • Hey Agrawal, it’s nice to meet you hear and those words of yours are cool and I second you. It’s indeed, the well deserving folks that will go home with the price, is it not?

        So I love that you’re like me already considering of purchasing the theme. And I think the theme is too great to be sold for that price as it’s qualities are one of a kind.

        Nice to meet you here again and what a nice contribution you shared here.


        • Hello Sam, thank you so much for your appreciation. And it is really nice to meet you too. X Theme has so much goodness in it just like a cookie.
          Hope our meeting here leads to a good friendship throughout like time.
          And yes I really wish to buy this theme for the prize money.

          • My pleasure sir! Really great goodness indeed…why I liked it and will purchase it come next week.

            Oh like you I hope it does, and I will be visiting your blog soon and will be adding you to my network of friends.

            Enjoy! 🙂


      • Hey dude, I also wish the best and from the look of things, it seems you’re gonna be leaving this contest with a dollar. Just keep it up okay. 🙂

        • Hi sam, just leave a couple more comments and you are on for the day…

          thanks brother,wish you the best tho,hope to connect with you 😉

          • Hahaha…and I will brother but this contest is not about the number of comments but it’s about the person Enstine’s “comment contest plugin” chooses. 🙂 Hope you grab?

    • Hello Abid,
      Yeah really “X” theme’s features are truly mind blowing. Best of luck buddy 🙂
      Keep Visting Enstine’s blog. He has many more deals to share with you.

      Thanks for your views and comments. Best of luck again 🙂

      • Hi, Nikhil its really great to see you here. And you said right Enstine’s blog is really filled with deals what a great idea is this contest too.
        People interact with each other and see I have made many friends over here.
        If it was a regular blogpost we couldn’t have great responses as such.

        • Now, that’s a well thought out point there Agrawal! truth be said, if truly it was regular blog post, the connection and possible relationships would not be possible and this Enstine’s initiation is rather a very great one and I have commended from the very first day.

          And @Godwill, what a word! Making Impossibilities Possible(MIP) That’s a great thought word from you there man.

          It’s why I love this blog and continue to visit……..let’s connect brothers!

          • Q@Sam thanks buddy, we must admit mr Enstine is doing an awesome work over here.

            wish you all the best in the contest.


      • you are definitely right bro Nikhil Ganotra, Mr Enstine is making impossibilities possible here.

        great reviews,unite bloggers, feels good 🙂

        • It really is beyond mind-blowing, Graham. I wish there was a really better word I could qualify X Theme with. Will just have to settle for the word, “awesome” anyways!

          And the low price is actually what drives me crazy the most and I think the benefits are worth more than the price. A really nice buy it will be for the person buying it. 🙂


    • You really are an early bird my brother and I must commend that attitude and trait as they are those of a success person. How’s you?

      So you gave a short and to the point review. That’s great. You know how obsessed I used to be for themes, don’t you? I really cannot recount the themes I have thus far used in my career as a blogger.

      I will changed themes upon themes, even while I yet stood as a wp.com user and I continue to but it seems I have now finally come to the end of that long obsession of themes as the X-Theme is totally what I needed. Like you, I think this themes is mind-blowing.

      It’s nice to meet you here dude!


    • Abid you are very lucky that you got the opportunity to advertise X theme. Your blog must have got lot of popularity after you decided to promote X theme on your blog. I think that the developers are trying their best to promote this theme and make every blogger know the special features which X theme has got….

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