$115 Blog commenting Contest winners announced!

The second blog commenting contest on this blog sponsored by x – theme just ended and I have the pleasure to announce these winners this moment.

Watch the video how I randomly picked the two winners. I have written a small PHP tool that randomly picks a number between 1 and a given number. This tool is hosted right here on this blog. See it in action;

blog commenting contest winners

First winner following the random selection: Comment number 213
Corresponding commentator: Sam Adeyinka
Prize: $70 Cash

Second winner following the random selection: Comment number 168
Corresponding commentator: Fru Godwill
Prize: $45 cash

NB: Please winners get to me withing 72 hours to pick your prizes


Next (Third) contest is coming up next Wednesday 14th of May 2014. This contest will be sponsored by DepositPhotos. 3 different winners have been picked in 2 contests. I’m sure you will be next.

Just keep commenting. The more you comment, the more your chances of being picked.

Leave a comment just to say congrats to winners and keep reading my blog

Pleasant Surprise

If you finally bought this wonderful x – theme as a result of this contest, please contact me for an undisclosed surprised. 😉

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I’m excited to have been working with many sponsors. I understand the value in your money so I take necessary steps to generate results. Some of the things you get are exposure, traffic, brand recognition and promotion, sales, etc.

If you want to be one of the sponsors for the next contests, please contact me. If you’d rather want a PunchTab contest (for social media benefits), we can have a deal 😉

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25 thoughts on “$115 Blog commenting Contest winners announced!”

  1. hey its a very interesting competition..congrats for the winners a and all the best for competitors….

  2. Hello,

    Congratulations to all the winners. Keep participating in more contest. Good luck for future contest.


  3. Ohh, i miss the chance of getting the price. Recently i know bout this great contest. Enstine please let us know if any other contest is here.

  4. Wooo Hooo Congrats To The Winners!! You Rock Enstine!! Keep up the Great Work My Friend!! Chery :))

  5. Congratulation to all winners and I too want to participate in this great contest . I hope that I will win .

  6. Sam! you did great job and you deserve to win mate, Heartly congratulation to both of you.

    hope to be a lucky winner next time.

    • Thanks so much Mark, really appreciate your kind words. I’m humbled! 🙂 Wish to see you around tomorrow for the next and third “comment contest” here on Enstine’s great blog.

      Till then friend – you should take care of yourself and have a magical day ahead. 😀


  7. Congratulations to all winners. I am happy for you guys. I thought I was going to be among the winners, but unfortunately I didn’t win. I believe I will win next time.

    Thanks Enstine for the contest and for making it a trusted one. I wish everyone of you a great weekend.

  8. wow congratz to both of you friends you truly deserved it. I knew Sam was going good and so you won. congz to Fru too. looking forward to the next contest Enstine bro

    • Hey Agrawal, good to see you here man!

      Thanks so much for your kind words all the way and for your congratulatory message. Really appreciate it. Wish you luck in the next. BTW, I checked your blog and it’s fantastic, just you need to adjust some few things though. Will purchase the theme and we share with you my experience like you asked for. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend good friend!


  9. Wow! I’m so thrilled to have come by name in this one! Not surprise though and I think that’s because I believed I was gonna win and I’m glad my very good friend, Fru Godwill also emerge as winner. BTW, we are all winners because we shared our views and they were valuable to the discussions. I will get the theme as soon as I receive my pay for sure. 🙂 Thanks so much uncle Enstine for this great movement of yours. It’s so wonderful!

  10. Hello,

    I already expected this time the first is surely for “Sam Adeyinka” as he was doing well in commenting 🙂 And congrats to the second winner too.

    Have a great day!

    • I appreciate your kind words Samir, I really do thanks and I hope you will win the next coming one.

  11. Congratulations to those who won. Sadly I could not take part as I was busy with my latest book release. I like the way you announce the winners. I hope to take part in the next contest hosted by you.

    • Thank you so much Mz. Sharma, I really appreciate your congratulatory message. It really is much appreciated. And how I missed seeing you around. BTW, how bout the eBook thing….you done with it yet?

  12. Hi Enstine.
    That is indeed a great win.
    Congrats to the Winners! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Keep it up.
    May you all have a Happy Weekend 🙂

    • Hey Sir Phillip, so good to see you here today after a long time of seeing. BTW, I saw your tweet and hope you saw my reply?

      Thanks for congratulating us brother and I will be looking forward to seeing you around on Wednesday when the commenting contest would again go live. Will you make it a date?

      • Hi Sam,
        What a pleasant surprise!!
        You Got It!!!
        Here comes again our Congrats!
        Yeah, I was away busy with some urgent things as well was with the A to Z Challenge!
        Sure this time I will be around 🙂
        This is really very interesting and the overwhelming response surely give a pat at the back of Enstine 🙂 and I am sure that will surely push him forward with this challenge and offer to his readers.
        Ok then see you on Wednesday 🙂
        Best Regards
        May you have a Happy and blessed weekend 🙂
        ~ Philip

  13. Wow! Way cool Mr. Enstine.. Me & Godwill are friends so i think we sharing the cash together LOL.. Great contest! The winners really did deserve it. Hope to win the next one 😉

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