Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card for online payments worldwide (2020)

Have you tried out Payoneer Payment Gateway for online payments as a company or solopreneur?

If you are blogger or Internet Marketer not living in areas covered by Paypal, you certainly have gone through some pains receiving money from individual clients, companies or affiliate marketing platforms.

In my personal experience, living in a country where Paypal is not an option, it has always been with tough times and frustration seeing my affiliate earnings in my ClickBank or CJ account and not knowing how to cash out.

I have tried several options like having it paid to a friend’s bank account in Europe before being transferred to me by my friend through Western Union, having the check sent directly to me, etc. As a matter of fact, these are all very costly cash out methods that kept me wondering if it’s worth it doing this online business thing.

However, things have changed with the solution I want to share with you. You can now receive your online earnings or receive money from any Company in the United State of America anywhere in the word, in your local currency.

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Now that’s not all about it!

If you have some online business that recruits affiliates or necessitates mass payments to workers or experts who live in these areas yet to be reached by Paypal, I’m sure you have had some bad experiences in such monetary transactions. I’m fully convinced this solution is a huge relief.

The Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCardยฎ Card

Payoneer was founded in 2005 and is based in New York City. It provides an industry-leading global payout platform that simplifies the world of commerce by removing the limitations that typically surround international business.

Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card

Receiving funds from 2,000 international companies

As a blogger and Internet Marketer living in Cameroon, Payoneer has brought the most accurate solution to my online business.

Payoneer makes it easy to receive funds from more than 2,000 international companies (including Clickbank, CJ, Paypal, Elance, Freelancer, Amazon, Fiverr, SEOclerks, ShareAsale, etc). These companies have partnered with them in order to offer Payoneer’s payout solution as part of their service.

As a matter of fact, from recent development, I can receive payments from any US company through payoneer’s US Payment Service and this is just for 1% fee. So out of every $1000 received, I pay a ridiculous fee of $10

Receiving Payments from Individuals

If you are freelance writer, graphics designer, coder, blogger, etc, Payoneer makes it possible for you to receive direct payments from your clients who can pay with their Credit or Debit Cards. All you have to do is send to them your Payoneer Email address or MasterCard number.

You get the funds in your account instantly. However, this will have to go through a 72hr manual approval process.

From my experience, the amount of money you can receive from individuals (Private Loads) is initially very limited. However, this limit can be adjusted at Payoneer’s discretion.

Do you do Mass Payment?

The Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCardยฎ Card can transform the way you make payouts. Fully supported in more than 200 countries, your payouts will be available for use by the payee within 2 hours! This low cost mass payout allows you to transfer funds within minutes.

Why transferring funds with Payoneer’s Mass Payout Service?

  • The low cost payouts reduce the time and money you spend on transferring funds.
  • It is Quick and easy.
  • Global coverage with support in more than 200 countries, multiple currencies, with no bank account required.
  • Safe and secure

Get the Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card for free

I know one of the questions ringing in your mind this moment is how much does it cost to get the card. It’s absolutely free. All you have to do is click here to apply and get $25 signup bonus.

>> Apply Now forย the free payoneer prepaid debit card and get $25

Payoneer Cameroon

Like Paypal Cameroon, some of my friends have asked if there is anything like Payoneer Cameroon. As a matter of fact, I don’t k now if the company has regional offices in Africa. Well, Paypal offices aren’t not in Cameroon too. I think you should just go to Payoneer website and create a free account.

Given that Cameroon is covered, I believe it gives us a great experience

Let me hear from you …

Do you have the free payoneer prepaid debit card? Do you do mass payout? Are you in one of these countries not covered by PayPal? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box.

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  1. Hi Enstine, thank you very much for this wonderful post. I really like it. I m eComm entrepreneur, resident in Cameroon selling goods around the world, I have some issues about payment gateway, can you recommend me something which I can integrate into my shopify shop? Thanks in advance ,


  2. I also own payoneer account and card.
    This is an excellent article, u did a good research.
    This is not an article but a contribution according to me.
    It should reach to maximum number of target audience.
    Keep it up and best of luck.

  3. Hi,
    This is nice post for free payoneer prepaid debit card and having right article to see you here. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  4. This is the exact article have been looking for on alternatives to paypalโ€ฆI heard about payoneer from a friend but I was being wary about it but this post has now cleared that for me.

  5. Hi Enstine Muki,
    I haven’t used Payoneer but after reading your’s blog i think that i should try it. great information that you have share, thanks for it

    Surely will be following you.


  6. Hey

    Hi Enstine Thanks for the information was really a delight to know i could still receive the card after all my various attempts

    But wanted to ask if you could provide with any PO BOX u know personally that could be of help even if its the transaction will be remunerated
    Will really help me out

    Thanks once more and wish you best

  7. Nice Article Enstine,
    I much appreciate your hard work & lots of thanks.
    Keep it up & happy blogging forever.

  8. Hi Estine,
    I just tried to create a Payoneer account and I am based in Yaounde. I am not sure of what to write in the Postal/Zip code section. Could i enter my PO Box?

  9. Hi Estine,
    thanks so much for this post.I am a Cameroonian too and I strongly believe Payoneer will solve the various issues that came with PayPal as far as most African countries are concerned. This will greatly promote online business in Cameroon.

  10. thank you very much for this post.i am a young cameroonian who wants to earn money from
    internet marketting.please i did not fully understand how to take the credit card and where to cash the money,please help.

  11. Hello
    I’m a reseller of mass payment platform. I can get you a much better deal than payoneer and paypal without the hidden costs.

    Our platform allows you to register and load cards as you wish from your side. You control exact amount each cardholder receives.

    This card will work in India at any VISA atm or merchant.

    • What is your proposal, I m eComm entrepreneur, resident in Cameroon, looking for a reliable payment gateway system

  12. Hey boss Enstine, it’s good to be here again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is the exact article have been looking for on alternatives to paypal…I heard about payoneer from a friend but I was being wary about it but this post has now cleared that for me.

    I run into many opportunities, but unfortunately they will need to pay me via paypal, which is not available in my country.

    Thanks for sharing this great piece with us, boss. ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Awesome post! Well I haven’t used payooner yet and it’s really sad that I was gonna apply for a debit card and checked some comments and got to know that it’s not available for Indians.


  14. Haha…thanks a lot for this. I’m actually working on a similar post. I’m so thankful there is something like payoneer for people like us in countries where paypal has been snubbing. I’m in Nigeria and I have had my payoneer card set up. Pls permit me to ask how u got clickbank, did u have to change your address?

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for introducing another payment receiving method. As you mentioned payoneer takes 1% fees in US. Can you Tell me How much they will take for transaction in India.?

      • Hello Enstine,

        I checked payoneer but they stopped their services in India because of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) instructed Payoneer to stop there services. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  16. Hi Enstine,

    I get my payments from iStock and 2Checkout put through to Payoneer and it’s been a very reliable payment solution. I wasn’t aware that Payoneer cards were also available for so many others.

    – Cole

    • Hi Cole,
      Good to see you around today
      Yes this card is more widely available and I love that. I used it with 2co in 2011 with

      I have a good experience with it and recommend it if Paypal is a problem where you are

      Thanks for the comment Cole and do have a wonderful weekend

  17. Ernest, it is good you shared this post. One question however. How does payoneer help you to cash out your clickbank commissions?

    • Hi Eyram,
      The Clickbank commissions are paid directly to my Payoneer account through their US Payment Service which provides for me a checking account with Bank of America.

      With the same checking account details, I can receive money from any company in the US

  18. Hi Enstine,

    Nice post!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful option for accepting the payments..
    I suppose this is gonna be very much helpful for the users where credit cards and other payments card are not so poplar..

    Thanks for this wonderful post!!!

  19. I love Payoneer debit card because you can use it to withdraw from different sites like clickbank, amazon, paypal and a lot more….
    And i was quiet happy when someone sent me a message saying he receive free $25!
    If you don’t have one yet, you are missing out. and unfortunately it is no longer available for indian bloggers.

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