I now clearly see why and where you failed!

Blogging is a lucrative business but that’s not true for some who have failed. In this post, I’ll tell you the exact reason why many become broke and finally abandon the race.

Most bloggers get into the industry with a huge dose of excitement. Nevertheless, as time goes on, a significant majority gradually pulls out for different reasons.

So many blogs I knew some years back are either not being updated or are completely offline. They have simply failed.

I have read a couple of posts on why bloggers fail. But I think there is one reason that has been identified by most.

If things are totally not working for you as a blogger, I’m cocksure by the time you go through this post, you are going to pick up from a different angle.

Before we get to the most common reason why a handsome number of bloggers fail, let’s quickly list some points:

  • Death
  • A better job
  • Lack of materials
  • Lack of motivation
  • No traffic
  • No money
  • Etc

Most of these reasons stem from one reason. I want us to critically look into it and see how we can move forward.

  |-> I now see why you failed! You have a wrong foundation.

Broken foundation – why you failed!

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Any structure built on a broken foundation has no hope. That’s true in any business that expects growth and blogging is no exception. In blogging, I can see a broken foundation at two levels :

A – Wrong topics!

There are many reasons why we blog and the way we start can already determine how far we can go.

Through out my life as a blogger, I have spoken with a good number of bloggers whose blog are either completely dead or are simply trapped in stagnancy.

Most of these inactive blogs have been in the doldrums for years. Their owners keep renewing and paying for the domain names and hosting (some on blogspot or wordpress.com), hoping to make things better one day ahead.

Lack of passion, interest, motivation, materials or what to write about, for the most part is as a result of a poor foundation.

Here is how to choose the wrong topics to blog on!

  • Choose a topic because your friends are in it.
  • Choose a topic because someone is making money in it.
  • Choose a topic because you studied it back in school days.
  • Choose football because your brother is the best footballer in your village.
  • Choose a random topic.
  • Just following the crowd.
  • Blog on seasonal topics (only good for a short period of time).
  • You don’t have a reason to blog. You are just blogging.
  • Etc

The baddest thing to do as a blogger is start wrongly.That’s why you have to pause, take quite some time to decide. A poor start now can simply be a bridge to failure.

If you are facing difficulties bringing your blog to success, you may have to take a break and think over your topics again. You maybe building on a broken foundation.

If you are about to start, don’t be in a hurry. Think and think over what you have decided to blog on. Here are a few questions to ask;

  • Why do you want to blog?
  • Are you passionate about the topic you want to blog on?
  • Do you have enough knowledge?
  • Are you comfortable doing some research on that topic?
  • Are there closely related topics?
  • How much information is available?
  • Is the topic seasonal or evergreen?
  • Is the topic interactive?
  • What if you travel out of your country? Will you still be able to publish on that topic?
  • Do you have local or international audience?
  • How much can you monetize in that topic?
  • Etc

These are just some few questions to help you choose the right topic for a solid blogging foundation.

B – Blogging Platforms – Paid or free

There are many blogging platforms out there but two widely used are WordPress and Blogger. On these two highly recommended blogging platforms, there are both paid and free versions.

With the free editions, you have a lot of limitations. While WordPress.org (self-hosted free script on paid hosting) is the most flexible blogging script, paid blogger and WordPress.com  do still have some shortcomings. I have seen a lot of people moving from Blogspot to WordPress self hosting so as to benefit from the wide range of growth opportunities.

Choosing the wrong blogging platform can be the reason  behind your failure. That’s because the wrong platform does not offer you the right tools to take your business to the next success level.

Here is what I think…

If you have good a reason to blog and you don’t rush over it, if you take your time to make an informed decision and choose the right topics to blog on, chances are that you will succeed.

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Over to you!

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