I now clearly see why and where you failed!

Blogging is a lucrative business but that’s not true for some who have failed. In this post, I’ll tell you the exact reason why many become broke and finally abandon the race.

Most bloggers get into the industry with a huge dose of excitement. Nevertheless, as time goes on, a significant majority gradually pulls out for different reasons.

So many blogs I knew some years back are either not being updated or are completely offline. They have simply failed.

I have read a couple of posts on why bloggers fail. But I think there is one reason that has been identified by most.

If things are totally not working for you as a blogger, I’m cocksure by the time you go through this post, you are going to pick up from a different angle.

Before we get to the most common reason why a handsome number of bloggers fail, let’s quickly list some points:

  • Death
  • A better job
  • Lack of materials
  • Lack of motivation
  • No traffic
  • No money
  • Etc

Most of these reasons stem from one reason. I want us to critically look into it and see how we can move forward.

  |-> I now see why you failed! You have a wrong foundation.

Broken foundation – why you failed!

bloggers failimg src

Any structure built on a broken foundation has no hope. That’s true in any business that expects growth and blogging is no exception. In blogging, I can see a broken foundation at two levels :

A – Wrong topics!

There are many reasons why we blog and the way we start can already determine how far we can go.

Through out my life as a blogger, I have spoken with a good number of bloggers whose blog are either completely dead or are simply trapped in stagnancy.

Most of these inactive blogs have been in the doldrums for years. Their owners keep renewing and paying for the domain names and hosting (some on blogspot or wordpress.com), hoping to make things better one day ahead.

Lack of passion, interest, motivation, materials or what to write about, for the most part is as a result of a poor foundation.

Here is how to choose the wrong topics to blog on!

  • Choose a topic because your friends are in it.
  • Choose a topic because someone is making money in it.
  • Choose a topic because you studied it back in school days.
  • Choose football because your brother is the best footballer in your village.
  • Choose a random topic.
  • Just following the crowd.
  • Blog on seasonal topics (only good for a short period of time).
  • You don’t have a reason to blog. You are just blogging.
  • Etc

The baddest thing to do as a blogger is start wrongly.That’s why you have to pause, take quite some time to decide. A poor start now can simply be a bridge to failure.

If you are facing difficulties bringing your blog to success, you may have to take a break and think over your topics again. You maybe building on a broken foundation.

If you are about to start, don’t be in a hurry. Think and think over what you have decided to blog on. Here are a few questions to ask;

  • Why do you want to blog?
  • Are you passionate about the topic you want to blog on?
  • Do you have enough knowledge?
  • Are you comfortable doing some research on that topic?
  • Are there closely related topics?
  • How much information is available?
  • Is the topic seasonal or evergreen?
  • Is the topic interactive?
  • What if you travel out of your country? Will you still be able to publish on that topic?
  • Do you have local or international audience?
  • How much can you monetize in that topic?
  • Etc

These are just some few questions to help you choose the right topic for a solid blogging foundation.

B – Blogging Platforms – Paid or free

There are many blogging platforms out there but two widely used are WordPress and Blogger. On these two highly recommended blogging platforms, there are both paid and free versions.

With the free editions, you have a lot of limitations. While WordPress.org (self-hosted free script on paid hosting) is the most flexible blogging script, paid blogger and WordPress.com  do still have some shortcomings. I have seen a lot of people moving from Blogspot to WordPress self hosting so as to benefit from the wide range of growth opportunities.

Choosing the wrong blogging platform can be the reason  behind your failure. That’s because the wrong platform does not offer you the right tools to take your business to the next success level.

Here is what I think…

If you have good a reason to blog and you don’t rush over it, if you take your time to make an informed decision and choose the right topics to blog on, chances are that you will succeed.

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Over to you!

I’d like you to add to this post. Give me one reason bloggers fail. Drop your reason in the comment box.

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54 thoughts on “I now clearly see why and where you failed!”

  1. Hi Enstine Muki,

    This is really very great description indeed!
    When I start learning about blogging, I do lots of mistake. but with the passage of time, I learn lots of things from top blogger like you. Now I am happy with my result. and I am thankful to you for teaching us great things.

    Any way thanks Enstine Muki for sharing such great post with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  2. Hey Enstine,

    When I started to reading this post, I knew that a bunched of information to get from it, at finally I got. In this kind of article is more appreciable and remarkable of me and I utilized in future, thanks for shared and getting more knowledge from this article.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Yes, you have explained good points on why bloggers fail. Selecting wrong blog topic is a big mistake for bloggers. One should blog about what they are very interested on do love on it. Every blogger have dream to make some thing good money online. Firstly we need to do work had on making our blog more popular. And making a blog popular we need to produce more useful content for our readers!

    Anyway, very well written article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Happy blogging.

  4. Hi Enstine

    What a captivating topic. I was smiling while reading it.

    It reminded me of the mistakes I have made in blog. Good thing that my blog did not turn to a failure.

    Your points are so true and I love the lists of posts that you have highlighted.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Enstine,

    This is a wonderful post and I think I can picture myself around it. Foundation is the main reason most bloggers fail and fixing right from the start is the best way to make it successfully in the blogosphere.

    When I first started blogging, my blog was built on a bad server as I wasn’t aware of uptime and other technical stuff and this was the crack in the foundation of my first blog.

    So I heard to move on create another blog on a much researched hosting server and I am currently looking for a way to help readers on my blog and to move to the next level.

    Blogging should be full of passion.

    Thank you for this Post Enstine, you probably the best.
    And have a wonderful week.

  6. Hey Enstine,

    I think you’re spot on when it you say it stems from building a strong foundation. I think one thing you can add is Self Branding. You can start branding yourself whether you have a blog or not. How? I great place to start is through commenting on other blogs.

    If you can just get your name out there, then you start to build a reputation. Commenting on other blogs will do the trick. Once you make this a habit, you can connect with these bloggers on social media, forums and different blogging communities. By doing this continuous effort you either build traffic or if you don’t have a blog just yet, you prepare yourself enough for people to anticipate your blog content!

    Great topic Enstine! Have a good one!

  7. Hello Enstine,
    Nice topic herein, I could remember leaving my blog for about 5-6 months because of one of the reasons above. Its not easy at all coping with blogging and life – as a starter.

    I did that to gain more grounds, more informations and more traffic sources. Thank God am back now. All thanks to you all.

    One of the reason that many bloggers fail is not mainly on their sides – believe me.

    “They got snubbed by some top bloggers” – that’s the core reason. There’s no successful businessman without a boss. Some top bloggers are the cause – they refused to help others in one way or the other.

    How can a beginner ask a problogger for one thing; he failed to help. Still yet, telling the beginner that he will make money – writing about making money here and there.

    I don’t want to mention names. I know many of them. I strive my way out myself. I don’t believe any person in blogging. Many others has witnessed what am saying.

    Please, do make out time to blog about beginners vs probloggers interaction. This will help millions of people than most posts on internet.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Hi Enstine,

    This is an interesting topic to discuss.

    I have noticed many bloggers who have left this blogosphere. The reasons you have mentioned above are common.

    The selection of the blog topic is the worst thing they do. Bloggers start a blog with the topic which doesn’t even interest them. I mean how can someone write about anything which is not interesting?

    We all know that WordPress is the best platform to use nowadays. Bloggers should start a blog with this platform only.

    Glad to read this post.

  9. Hi Enstine,
    I too have had my share of ups and downs in blogging. And the number one reason for my “downs” – well maybe my top 2 reasons – are underestimating the work involved, and getting discouraged too soon.
    In blogging you have to be the tortoise and keep your own momentum going – which is hard to do.
    I hope your post will inspire bloggers to stick with it!

  10. Hi Enstine

    Thanks for a very insightful post.

    I have had blogs fail in the past for some of those reasons, and they all really came down to lack of knowledge and unrealistic expectations when I started out. Being “me” I had to learn the hard way!

    Shortly I face the decision whether to pull the plug on two blogs that I put a lot of work into previously, but they’re no longer relevant to what I’m involved with. While I could take my increased knowledge and work harder on them, that would dilute the time available to develop my main blog.

    Wish I’d bumped into you and some other great bloggers then, instead of following what turned out to be false promises.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing – but I learned a lot from my earlier mistakes and have used it to move forward.


  11. Hey Enstine,

    This is a great discussion. I think the reason most bloggers fail in addition to what everyone has mentioned is lack of instant gratification and perception of the internet as easy and not requiring any work to succeed.

    Lack of instant gratification – We live in a world that wants things yesterday, not today. As a result you’re not willing to put the time in to be successful. There is no instant gratification in blogging so I can see why others would quit a few months or soon after starting.

    Perception that the internet is easy – For whatever reason the perception exists to blog on the internet is easy and if you’re desire is to earn an income from your blogging efforts you should slap up a post and money should fall out of the sky. In my opinion this is a bigger problem than most realize. Fact of the matter is blogging is like any other business which takes time and hard hard work to get off the ground. Can you get lucky and succeed right away? Maybe, but chances are you need to work at it.

    Good stuff buddy.

    Have a great day!


    • Those are two solid points you add to the post, Kurt.
      Most of this happens because a majority jump on the scene without proper coaching. I know of a few bloggers who got coached from their very start and they never knew these troubles 😉

      Thanks again for being part of the show today, buddy. I hope you are having a wonderful week

      • Thanks Enstine. Your welcome. Your posts are always chock block full of value and I am glad I can add to it. It’s not always easy as you do a thorough job 🙂

        Speaks to the value of proper coaching from the start once you figure out what you don’t know and then find what you need.

        I hope you have an awesome day Enstine.


  12. Hello Enstine,
    I felt as if you’re talking to me here LOL :). Well, there are so many reasons why bloggers usually fail and the ones you included on this post are not lies.

    Most times, if you chose a wrong topic, you’re bound to fail and in fact, you failed from the very first day. But i think the most common reason why most bloggers fail is because they jumped into it with a very high hope and expectations and when they’ve blogged for awhile and didn’t see anything coming, they assume that its not for them and the best thing now is to take the next road.

    • That’s right bro! People need to be told it’s a business and like any other business, it takes time to build. Rushing into it will only lead to discouragement.

      thanks for being part of the post bro. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  13. Hi Enstine,
    Yes you are right, mostly people re-writing to old posts of famous blogs like quicksprout, shoutmeloud, aha-now , etc.
    Newbie think that if they are driving lot of traffic on thees posts then why they can’t that’s why they start re writing those article and then when they remind that they are dumb in SEO and marketing so get failed.
    and another reason is sometimes they are totally confused in selecting blog niche as like me .

    Btw they i Learnt a lot from this post , thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hahaha that’s correct 😉
      A lot of young bloggers are confused but that’s why they need a coach.

      Re-writing posts from popular blogs is no good idea. You can get the idea and come up with unique content but spinning is totally bad 😉

      Thanks for sharing your experience, man. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  14. Hello Enstine, I found the way you talked about a broken foundation very interesting! the most important thing that I have learned is that we have to take action, without it Nothing Happens.

    Great tips my friend.
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,
      Thanks for adding your voice to the post.

      Action is the only way to achievement. No action, nothing to expect 😉

      hope you are having a wonderful week 😉

  15. Hey Enstine,

    Other than what you’ve mentioned there are still several reasons that they fail.

    1) Lack of motivation
    2) Not taking the time to learn the right way to move forward
    3) Not seeing the results they had hoped and feeling like there’s no hope

    There really can be a very long list and I hate when things like this do happen for so many. I think that a good bit of them probably quit way too soon and had they only remained with it a short while longer could have seen a breakthrough.

    My heart goes out to anyone who comes online though eager to really make something of themselves but finds the wrong information and follows that with no results whatsoever.

    Great share my friend and I hope that anyone who is reading this will stick with it until they figure it all out.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for adding to the list and yes, the list can be very long.

      Most of these other reasons may be based on the fact that a wrong foundation was laid. Choosing the wrong topic can be very negative. And one of the reasons people misfire is when they get the wrong information. That’s why finding a coach like you is the best way to start.

      I know there are some of my readers who have the fear to blog. The good news for them is that you are here to coach them so they don’t start wrongly.

      Thanks again for being part of this post today. Do have a wonderful week ahead.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    This is really a great post! I think one of the biggest reasons bloggers fail is because they didn’t think it through before they jumped in and started. In my new Blogging 101 Series, I teach learning the WHY they want to blog to be most important. Planning ahead can greatly help bloggers succeed IF they know their WHY. Of course, this is truly my opinion but if I would have really thought a couple of my blogs through, maybe I wouldn’t have started over so many times.

    Thanks for making us aware, Enstine. Passing this along.


    • You go the nail on the spot, Branda.
      If people answer the WHY, they certainly will be able to build on a solid foundation.

      I hope you are doing great this week and thanks for being part of us 😉

  17. Blogging is not something you can just lightly if you really want to succeed as a Successful Blogger listed below your posts, its a must to have PASSION and chose a right TOPIC you are versatile on so that daily you can able to update your blog with contents related to your topic, because blogging on its own is a online business you must take very serious and learn the do’s and dont’s in order to fail.

    Additionally, for example i have current online business ( Website Promotion) am running presently and also i want to go into blogging on “make money tips”as well but my website promotion business is taking most of my time to ensure i meet up duration time and satisfied my customers ( website owners).

    So, blogging needs total focus.

    • That’s right, Tola!
      You have to be focused so as to step up your results. However, blogging can be a wonderful tool to promote your business.

      Are you going to also create a blog for your website promotion business?

  18. Hi Enstine,

    Gotta build that rock solid foundation by blogging on 1 topic and by sticking to that topic. Lesson learned from my current blog. By sticking to blogging tips my readers expect blogging tips each time I publish a post, and my audience steadily grows as I stick to that topic. Don’t be a jack of all trades; master 1. Get really good at tackling 1 topic. Make your blog a go-to resource for 1 niche and you’ll succeed mightily over time. Just like you my man. Thanks Enstine for digging into this root cause of failure.


    • You got the point, Ryan 😉
      Just the exact thing I said to one of my students – make your blog a go-to place for some materials. If your readers know they can always come to your blog and get something they want, you’ll always get them.

      Solid piece of advice, buddy.

      Just wondering if you have the time to write about all your books on my blog. Just giving each book, summaries and order link, all the books on a single blog post 😉

  19. Thanks enstine for mentioning on this post and the biggest reason why most bloggers fail is that they first start thinking of making money rather than growing their blog audience and yes it’s important to earn money to keep the motivation rolling but to reach at that level you have to first build your blog and think how I can my blog will be solving my readers problem once you get the traffic you are going to make the money! Twitted it

  20. Hi Enstine,

    Great post. I think you have covered just about every reason why a blogger would fail. I think the only thing I could add to this would be for someone to believe the hype that just putting up a blog with very little content and an Amazon link will start you on your way to hundreds of dollars per month; that just doesn’t happen.

    Have a great day and thank you again.

    • lol that’s one of the crazy things we believed in the past days of being newbies. Some people use such outrageous statements to sell their crappy products.

      Thank God, we are wise today!

      I hope you are having a wonderful week, Monna

  21. Hi Enstine,

    This is a subject that has fascinated me and the very reason I started UnveiltheWeb.

    I think your assumptions are spot on, but I think the foundation has to be defined.

    I think the truth is that many don’t have clarity about their business. IE:

    * What problems are you passionate about solving?
    * What are the tangible values people experience through your business and how did they feel about the expedience?
    * What specific problems does each tangible value solve?
    * Who do you solve the problems specifically for?
    * How are your products or services a part of a solution?

    Clarity is the friend of business, but a lack of it is destructive. The answers to these questions are the foundation of success for any blog.

    It connects, creates our voice and presents us as unique and different – thus bringing excitement at the engagement levels that come with it as well as attracting those who are able, willing and ready to buy.

    Great post as always Enstine.

    I hope you have a great week my friend!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • That’s a powerful comment Don. How I wish I could mark this as featured 😉
      I take this as a ground on which to build your foundation. No having answers to these questions and moving forward to create any business is like trying to lay a foundation on sanding soil.

      With a clear understanding of your business, your products and the market, it will be a good start to setup the business and create a blog for it.

      It’s a wonderful Monday and I see better days ahead. Let’s keep giving

  22. Hello, Enstine bro
    Agree with You and you touched the most important points. Actually most people fail at blogging because at the very first time they fail to make money blogging.

    Lack of guidance and consistency can make anyone as a failure blogger. After passing 363 days of my blogging i made my first affiliate sale, that time i learned some important things that makes me more than $1000 per month.

    As a blogger my advice for newbies “Don’t quit, because quitter never win”

    • Hi AI,
      Thanks for your visit and for adding your experience.
      Many who enter into blogging because of money will face hard times continuing if they don’t make the money.

      i hope you are having a great week

  23. Hi, Enstine,

    Great info that is so very true. I see a lot of bloggers start a blog because they like to write about that topic and don’t even think about how they can monetize the blog down the road.

    Thanks also for mentioning an article on my blog 🙂

    • Hi Sue,
      I couldn’t have completed this post without linking to yours. As a matter of fact, I found it though Google and I’m glad I did.

      So thanks for stopping by to interact 😉

  24. Enstine! This is definitely a topic worth discussing. If you don’t know what could cause you to fail you can not avoid it.

    One thing I notice about bloggers that are struggling is no engagement. They take the “if you build it, they will come” approach, which in blogging just doesn’t work. After you create something awesome you need to get out there and shout it to the world!

    You also want to reply to all the people that comment on your blog and interact on social media. This is not going to work once your blog is very popular, but it will still be important to interact with your biggest fans.


    • You got the nail on the right spot, Chris!
      If you don’t promote, you end up being the only reader of your blog. What then is the difference between you and someone who doesn’t blog?

      Replying to comment is something everyone must do especially while trying to promote a new blog. Like you mentioned, as the blog gets popular, it may become difficult to respond to all comments. However, try as much as possible to interact with your loyal fans.

      Thanks for stopping by this Monday bro. I hope you are set for a wonderful week ahead

  25. This might hurt someone but yes this is the truth. You said people choose wrong niche because of reasons like following the crowd, you friend is doing it, people are making money in that etc. Absolutely correct, I’ve seen most of newbies around me who started with the niche technology just because they cannot think of any other and mostly people do it without knowing that technology is one of the most competitive niche. Although I too started with the same 😛 but now I am working on different topics as well. In between I started another blog with the topic someone suggested me by saying it is good, do it, no competition at all and yeah those people are unable to make any money out of long term blogs till today, so this is for the readers don’t just follow anybody’s advice blindly.

  26. Enstine, I think many fail blogging because they don’t give it enough time. They quit too soon. Some also change too quickly and don’t focus enough on one blog for long enough time. Others may never change and after years of blogging the same stuff they probably should. I think knowing when to change topics or type of blog is key to blogging succeess.

    I have narrowed my topics down but not sure it is working yet. It’s only been a few months.

    Have a great day Enstine and a new month too!

    • Haha! I got your email, jumped to your blog and as soon as I hit the comment submit button, yours was landing too 😉

      Yeah I noticed you narrowed down. It will require some more time to come up with a clearer conclusion. Meanwhile, your points on why people abandon is correct. I only think if they chose the right topic based on passion and knowledge, chances are that they will carry on a little longer.

      While I appreciate you stopping by and sharing with us, do have a wonderful week ahead

  27. Hi Enstine, many thanks for reminding us to always apply right business ethics for our success in the long run

  28. Hi Enstine,
    I was desperately waiting for your new post after reading your last blatant post “you are wasting your time..”., and today I saw your email with another very amazing title “I See Why You Failed”. I wonder how you come across such untapped topics?

    Great post again, to me lack of motivation and choosing wrong topic for blogging are the most important factors that cause many blogger to fail.

    Thanks, Subha

    • Hi Subha,
      First, thanks for being a faithful subscriber and for being my source of inspiration. Yes, my readers are my source of inspiration 😉
      As long as you keep reading and dropping comments, I keep getting beautiful post ideas and attractive titles.

      That’s why you are awesome, Subha 😉

      Do have a wonderful week, bro

  29. Hi Enstine,

    According to a source, only about 5% of total blogs receive 99% percentage of internet traffic, and makes enough money to live fulltime on their blog business.

    Most blogs like you said are either not functioning or struggling to attract 1,000 visitors per months.

    The reasons you’ve shared in this post are some of the immediate factors that leads to dead blogs.

    I too have written a comprehensive information on this topic in the past, I think it worth mentioning it here.

    Will see to that behind the scene.

    Thanks Enstine.

  30. Hey Enstine,
    When I came to enter blogging, first I selected wrong topic, after spent some times I realised that to go wrong direction and to write interest of area.
    Thanks for shared and much impressive article.

    • Hi Nicole,
      A good number of newbies start with the wrong topics. That’s why I recommend taking quite sometime to work on topics before ever starting.

      thanks for sharing your experience on this post. Hope you are having a wonderful week

    • Same thing happened to me @Entine Muki, i started a blog so far away but haven’t achieved success on that niche, then i realize that one must have a targeted niche to get succeed in blogging. And happily (not too much), today i have a targeted niche blogging and it is doing well.

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