You are wasting your time doing this thing!

Sometimes I feel it’s old fashioned writing about this topic. The simple reason is that a lot has been written about it and it appears to be the easiest way for any blogger to kick off and grow so quick.

However, each time I go through my comments, I see a strong need to come back to it because blogging is growing and many more people discover and get into it daily.

Blog commenting has worked for so many folks, including me. So many of my readers in my country don’t find it easy to believe I blog from Douala and get the kind of engagement you see on my blog. The good news is, blogging is not affected by any geographical factors. You can blog and succeed anywhere in the world.

But many bloggers are wasting their time doing this thing!

blog commenting

There is this thing that almost every blogger does. Nevertheless, a good number of us are wasting our time on it.

You have read how it’s effective and how blogger X and blogger Y have succeeded with it. Yet, it’s not yielding any fruits for you and you are thinking “… this strategy doesn’t work at all”.

It works!

You probably are not adding a few ingredients to the mix. I’ll help you!


This thing -> Blog commenting, is a powerful growth tool for bloggers. That’s one of the tools (I call it a tool) I use while in Cameroon to get my blog to where it is.

While many bloggers see blog commenting as a traffic exercise, I use it as a networking and engagement tool, and it works like charm.

Here is the point …

If you comment as a way to get referral traffic, chances are that you’ll make a lot of costly mistakes. I see these somewhat stupid mistakes around and I can easily tell from a hundred miles who’s here for a backlink.

Want me to list some of the mistakes that dig a pit right on your pathway?

Ok, here we go…

  • Not reading an article enough to gain some knowledge before dropping your comments
  • Dropping unnecessary links in your comment
  • Making short nonsensical comments
  • Not going personal in comments
  • Not referring to some points on the blog post in your comments
  • Not using a gravatar
  • etc

Truth is, if you do any of these mistakes, for the most part, you are just wasting your time. Your comment will end up in spam or trash bin.

Link-hungry commentators drop a few lines of comments and then look for a way to drop a link. What a waste!

Those who know about the wonderful commentluv plugin simply say some nonsense in the comment box, pull the link on commentluv and hit the submit button. – another waste.

Some who think they are clever enough will go ahead and drop keywords in the comment form name field. Where the hell are you from?

Some actually use forum posts URLs, blog posts URLs, etc in the comment form website field. These are just some crazy things to do to guide your comments straight to trash.

Blog commenting to build relationships!

The best thing to do to help your blog is create relationships with bloggers in your niche. These relationships are simply the best factors that will grow your business.

Once you relate with real bloggers, they come over to your blog and engage. For the most part, they will share your posts, mention and link to your articles from theirs. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some tips not to waste your time commenting!

  • Read blogs in your niche

I don’t recommend reading and dropping comments on just any blog. You’ll have to focus on blogs whose readers and owners will find value on your own blog. The more you locate and interact on blogs in your niche, the more your chances to attract and connect with like-minded bloggers.

  • Don’t skim

I know most people rush over articles today. But if you want to really bundle value in your comments and stand out, you must be able to dedicate a significant amount of time reading those articles you want to comment on.

I recommend a slow but steady and sure growth. Why rush and drop skinny comments on 10+ blogs a day when your chances of getting something out of them are very slim?

Isn’t it better to focus on 5 or less blogs a day, read their posts thoroughly and drop meaningful comments that will not go unnoticed?

Stop the rush! Go slowly, steadily and grow surely.

  • Drop meaningful comments

This is one point that has been said a thousand times. What attracts attention to your comments is the length and then the content. If at a glance, someone notices a lengthy comment, there are chances that people will try to read what’s said.

Take note that long comments don’t automatically mean there is value inside. However, take your time to say something attractive and encourage conversation. Avoid those one-line comments. These for the most part, don’t attract readers and blog owners.

Drop comments that directly relate to the content. Pick one or two points in the post and comment on them. You are free to contradict, affirm or add more to the post. That’s what makes your comments more attractive. Why not comment to give the blog owner an idea for his/her next blog post?

  • Be personal

This is one point that works like charm. Don’t comment like you are some robot. The first thing you should do here is note the name of the post author and talk to him/her personally in the comment.

There is trap in this point. The blog owner is not always the post author. The author could be a guest blogger so don’t make the mistake of referring to the wrong person in your comment. You look stupid if you do this 😉

  • Use gravatar

A gravatar is an inevitable way to create a visual impact on your comment readers. People want to relate with people so not using your real photo on your comments is already hurting one of your legs. I know of bloggers that will not approve comments on their blogs without gravatar picture. Go to and create a free account.

I recommend you check out a post by my friend, Ravi Chahar on What Is Gravatar and the reasons you need it for your online branding.

  • Reply to comment replies and other comments

Chances are that you are going to be commenting on blogs that have received comments from other readers. Pick out one or two other comments on that same blog post and reply to them. And again, be personal and talk directly to the comment author.

Once the blog owner replies to your comment, come back to the blog post and add another reply to it. That keeps the conversation going and creates a bond between you and the blog owner.

  • Be conversational

If you want your comments to really stand out, use conversation triggers in your comments. Make points and ask questions. Once you ask meaningful questions, you are always going to have other readers engaging personally with you on blog comments.

Commenting on a blog for the first time!

Each time I land on a blog and decide to drop my very first comment, I get often fueled with excitement. I know ah! this is a chance to get to hookup with yet another awesome blogger.

There are things I say in the comment that really work for me and I think you should copy them. Here is what I do;

  1. I speak to the blog owner first, telling him or her how I got to his/her blog. If came through a comment on another blog, I mention the name of the owner of that blog.
  2. I then say something that appreciates his blog – logo, design, interaction, etc.
  3. Then I go to the subject of the posts (sometimes, I don’t write much here)
  4. If that blogger offers an interesting free gift, I signup to his/her list to grab a copy. Often, I will mention in the comment that I got the free gift.
  5. To conclude, I make a promise to come back again (And of course, I keep to the promise)
  6. After commenting, I go ahead to share their post on social media.
  7. The last thing I do often before leaving the blog is go to the contact page and shoot a mail. It’s just a simple mail to introduce myself and say one or two things about his/her blog.

Doing this has always worked for me and I end up connecting with so many awesome bloggers. While they get excited that I came around and engaged, most of them jump to my blog, engage and signup to my list.

NB: If you are product author or just promoting some product, avoid doing some sort of promotion in your first steps. This will ruin your attempt to build relationships.

Some recommended posts to read

Here are some few posts by friends to help you succeed in your blog commenting exercise;

  • What Is Your Blog Commenting Strategy? by Sherryl Perry
  • How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar by Harleena Singh
  • How Do Blog Comments Help Your Blog’s SEO? by Lisa and Andy of commentLuv
  • How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting by Ryan Biddulph (ebook)

The end!

I’m excited you went through this post to this end. Kindly share it on social media to give it some more exposure.

Do drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.

78 thoughts on “You are wasting your time doing this thing!”

  1. Enstine,

    Thank you for teaching me points #4 (signing up to receive their free gift mentioning in your comment) and #7 (shooting an email about their blog via the contact page). I have not done either of those things and will look to implement in my repertoire.

    Quality over quantity wins every time. This means that if you only have time to thoroughly read and I mean thoroughly read two blog posts per day and leave two comments so be it. Make it count.

    Being conversational and personal is very important and one way to make sure you’re doing that is to use the blog owner’s name in your comments. Using one’s name often in conversation makes them feel special and what you’re saying to them will resonate better with them.

    One area of commenting that I need to improve on is being consistent in replying to replies of the comments I leave. As a matter of fact that could be a blog post Enstine.

    What do you think Enstine?

    Have a great day


    • Hahaha what a beautiful thing to have you here Kurt and thanks for the awesome comment. I’m glad you’ve learned something from here.

      I have written a couple of articles in the past about commenting strategies and replying to replies. Now it sounds to me like another post idea. Are you writing it on your blog?

      It will be great to read and promote

      • Absolutely! I am going to go ahead and write it. Thank you for writing this post as you’re the one who inspired the idea. Obviously when I write it I will let you know.

        Thanks buddy!


  2. Hello Enstine!
    It’s just now that I went through your post. It’s actually very interesting and it kept me smiling while I was reading. I smiled cuz that’s how I like comments to look like – personal. Unfortunately it doesn’t work always. Me for example, there’s this lady I was following, my comments were always very personal and I felt free to say what I think about her outfits, be them positive or negative remarks (of course in a polite manner). I just realised she stopped following me back. I guess my comments disturbed her. On the other side, there’s this other lady whose comments on my blog and mine on hers are very personal and we’re free to talk about thos negative and positive remarks. So, though I approve 100% what you wrote, there’re still exceptions that we have to deal with and accept those short comments! Have a nice week!

    • O wow! That’s so exciting to have you here, my dear friend.

      It may be interesting for my readers to know that you blog mainly in French and looking at the language of your comment, one is free to place you on a bilingual bench.

      It’s a great thing to be personal but then, what you say on the comment section should be polite as you mentioned. Sometimes, I reserve certain things for private mails. There are things you may mention in the comment and the blog owner goes ahead and modifies the article. That instantly will misplace your comment.

      For instance, if you point out spelling errors or make some really annoying comments about a picture, I may go ahead and make the corrections or even change the picture. The next reader who sees your comment will definitely not see the errors because I corrected them and your comment may look weird.

      Yeah some topics may not require long comments. Some shorts comments are good too especially on picture-filled posts. But after all, if we really take time to say one or two points, we will make a reasonable comment.

      so thanks for stopping by, Wilfried. I hope to hear from you any of these days

  3. Hello Enstine,
    Thanks for wonderful post again. I normally look forward for my interesting keyword whenever I came across any post title.


    This one got me in. I’ve talked much about blog commenting in two different posts. Happy you analyse it more than I do – its concise.

    I look forward to seeing you on my blog soon. Have a nice weekend bro.

    Joseph – blogfulPath

  4. Great post Enstine

    And thanks for reminding people about the how to’s of blog commenting. As someone who is new to the world of blog commenting i admit I did have to adjust my thinking. As you say you cant rush the process. You do need to take the time to read the blog post and then construct a meaningful and valuable comment.

    Since I started doing blog commenting a couple of months ago I have noticed a big increase in the number of comments I get. Previously with my old blog I’d be lucky to get one good comment a month. Now I am getting one a day, sometimes more.

    Even if this activity doesn’t translate to more traffic, the extra credibility these comments give me is priceless. Now when i send someone to my blog I feel kinda proud because visitors can see something valuable happening. They no longer see a bunch of ‘dead’ blog posts with zero engagement. This will help with my conversions to sales and revenue, no doubt.

    Thanks Enstine for your super helpful post


  5. Hi Enstine,

    This topic will never get beaten to death as long networking remain an integral part of blog marketing, so keep sharing what you know about effective blog commenting.

    I receive such comment on my blog regularly and the only good thing I help the commenter do is clicking on the trash button.

    Those that get me frown the most are those that input keywords only in the name field, from the word go, is obvious these sets of commenters are nothing but looking for SEO benefits.

    For goodness sake if you don’t have time to read the content you can as well come back later or move onto another blog where they don’t moderate comment.

    Or perhaps, you can take other alternatives to improve your SEO visibility. Thanks Enstine, nice read.

  6. Blog comment can help you boost your websites in many ways, including increase traffic to the websites, build more links to the websites as well as build your brand name.

    But it’s not mean spam a sentence like thank you, a good article or something similar will help you. So if you want to use blog comment do to these things, avoid being spam.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    First of all, you got my imaginations bubbling seeing the signature you use on your newsletters. “A picture with a smile before your personal profile details”; that’s a list building technique I’d love to see you write on how your conversions/CTA fared after implementation.

    Back to the reasons for commenting, the keyword in comment forms and pasting irrelevant link attachments are the worst of them all. I wonder why people waste time doing such. The title of the blog really fits those category of people.

    The tips for first time commenters are insightful. I have never used the “send a simple mail to introduce yourself” feature. It really sounds like the most powerful strategy on that list to keep an open and lively relationship.

    “Some recommended posts to read”; another strategy I’ve learned today in building a relationships with other top bloggers.

    Thanks for these tips and have a great weekend ahead.

    • Thanks man for the beautiful comment and compliment.
      As a matter of fact, I got really got OR and CTR when I switched from Aweber.

      The picture you mentioned makes my mails very personal and real. Many of my readers have commented that strategy and it makes me feel boosted as my subscribers get to really appreciate it.

      I think I’ll write about it as you suggested 😉

      Thanks for commenting on the post. Yes, if you send a friendly mail to a blogger you are just getting to know, it creates a huge impact. Try it and you’ll see the worth 😉

      thanks again for being part of the journey today bro. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  8. Great article Enstine. Being personal, this is what I previously missing and finally I’m going to use a gravatar image.

    The point “Read blogs in your niche”, I think “how start a to blog” niche (like your niche) is a niche where every blogger should comment.

    Another thing, never drop an abusive/slang comment.

  9. Hi Enstine

    Appreciate the super awesome headline that brought me here to serve my curiosity what topic you have covered in this post.

    Very important topic and you actually shared here the basic philosophy of blog commenting. It is just like money blog if one does just for money can never earn and if someone comment just to get backlink in worst case he even fails to get the one.

    It’s example is just someone dives into ocean and just insist to get single drop of water though the ocean is ready of offer whole of its treasure.

    The benefits of blog commenting are more than many if it is done with its true spirit and a back link is just like an appetizer of a very lavish dinner.

    Topic is one of my favorite and I have covered it in my several posts but the way you covered it this time I am dead sure after reading this post no one would have any misconception about this powerful tool; yes I do agree with you it’s a tool.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this super fantastic post.

    Have a great rest of the week

    • Intelligent comment, I must say and this can only come from you, Mi

      Feeling so good to have you again on my blog and thanks for the comment 😉

      Focus on commenting for links and get garbage. Focus on commenting for relationships and get real exposure, links, SEO, business, community growth, etc. The advantages are overwhelming, buddy.

      Isn’t it beautiful to have you here again? thanks for keeping the relationship warm 😉

  10. I felt delighted you replied my comment.
    Concern the Guest posting copied from your post: ‘The blog owner is not always the post author. The author could be a guest blogger so don’t make the mistake of referring to the wrong person in your comment. You look stupid if you do this’ my question is how do i know Guest Blogger (Author)

    About the commentluv question, i dont have it on my blog.

    Yes, i filled the contact form here and request you to kindly visit my blog for your review as i just directed my blogspot to custom domain.


    • It’s easy to recognize the post author. However, that depends on the theme.
      For the most part, the name of the author is directly under the post title. You can also find it under post content at the traditional author Bio spot.

      I have a lot of mails and I’m treating them by order of arrival. I’ll surely get to yours.

      thanks for being part of my community bro

  11. Hi Enstine – I’m back again 🙂

    A lot of what you wrote is pretty much common sense and pretty much agree with everything (how could I not?)… With a couple exceptions I’ll mention below 🙂

    A lot of the mistakes people make when doing all of the things you’ve listed are done because either:
    a) They’re beginners
    b) They were taught to do those specific tactics
    c) They’re desperate
    d) They’re using software to automate the comments

    In the first three areas above, a person can be helped and or taught the right way to do blog commenting IF they want to change. Not everybody does.

    Now you say people should read every word of an article – in theory that would be nice, but human behavior doesn’t work like that. People are natural skimmers which is why you need to break up your content for the way a majority of people read.

    Lastly, in the website field I nearly always link to a post on my blog (and in some cases a related post if I have one) that corresponds to the article I’m posting on.

    I guide people to the content I want them to read rather than sending them to a home page that may or may not have my best content posted.

    When I see a blog using Comment Luv or a similar plugin where it pulls the latest post, then of course I have no choice.

    Good article of course Enstine!

    Just a tip: You’ll want to make sure your titles on your blog are camel case (capitalize the first letter of every word except “a” “the” etc…

    • Welcome back Corrisa and I’m glad you created time to read and drop a pretty exciting comment.

      I do very much agree with your exceptions. You know in life, there is no rule without exception.

      Using blog post url in website field, for the most part, some bloggers think it’s link-seeking activity. However, your argument makes sense. I can accept that link if it points to a genuine blog post and must be adding some value to the post. If there is anything that indicates it’s link mongering, I may react negatively to it 😉

      You know, about your point B above, people don’t have to be like machines. We are taught something today and tomorrow, it changes. Back in those days, commenting for links was a huge step. But today a lot has changed. Sadly, some people still use some misleading software that worked back then 😉

      Thanks for raising these points my dear friend. They add a lot of value to the post.

      hope you are doing great this week

  12. I like your blog article mostly like this point in this article
    Commenting on a blog for the first time!
    all point are very useful and important for us.
    and helpful also. thanks for nice sharing.

  13. Enstine, thanks a million times for revisiting this subject again. I actually talked about this issue in some of my blog posts, though using a different subject line. Taking a critical look at the summary of what you have said, one can easily conclude that a lot of people visit other people’s blogs for the purpose of leaving spam comments, which they believe would fetch them some kind of benefits. Unfortunately, such tactics actually end up giving them out as spammers.

    I would rather say that those spammers are the most unintelligent people in the blogosphere, who think others are not wise enough to spot their selfish motives. Come to think of it, why should I approve on my blog a comment that has embedded in it useless links, does not in any way add value to the subject or is totally the opposite of what is being discussed? Why would anyone think I would be elated to see him/her comment without a gravatar? etc.

    My best advice is for bloggers to build relationships. I am here today not because I want links but because I have built a personal relationship with Enstine, up to the point of doing business together. The same could be said of my relationship with a lot of other bloggers. Even though such relationships are not as strong as what I have with Enstine, at least we have some flow. It got to a point when I began to feel I could travel to India, Cameroon, Jamaica, Canada, U.S.A, etc and still feel at home because of the number of bloggers I could easily call to assist me while there. Blogging is not just about getting useless links; it is about building communities, friendship, especially those that would really last.

    Enstine, to be frank with you, one of the reasons I keep coming to your blog is because each time I come here, there is always something to gain. I never leave the same way I come, I leave here better enhanced and I believe a lot of others feel the same way. Please keep it up. I can still recall how our relationship started: after buying some points from your site, the next day you traced me and reminded me that I bought something your site. Not all bloggers or even not all marketers do that. I have a lot of things to learn from you really.

  14. Enstine, thanks a million times for revisiting this subject again. I actually talked about this issue in some of my blog posts, though using a different subject line. Taking a critical look at the summary of what you have said, one can easily conclude that a lot of people visit other people’s blogs for the purpose of leaving spam comments, which they believe would fetch them some kind of benefits. Unfortunately, such tactics actually end up giving them out as spammers.

    I would rather say that those spammers are the most unintelligent people in the blogosphere, who think others are not wise enough to spot their selfish motives. Come to think of it, why should I approve on my blog a comment that has embedded in it useless links, does not in any way add value to the subject or is totally the opposite of what is being discussed? Why should anyone think I would be elated to see him/her comment without a gravatar? etc.

    My best advice is for bloggers to build relationships. I am here today not because I want links but because I have built a personal relationship with Enstine, up to the point of doing business together. The same could be said of my relationship with a lot of other bloggers. Even though such relationships are not as strong as what I have with Enstine, at least we have some flow. It got to a point when I began to feel I could travel to India, Cameroon, Jamaica, Canada, U.S.A, etc and still feel at home because of the number of bloggers I could easily call to assist me while there. Blogging is not just about getting useless links; it is about building communities, friendship, especially those that would really last.

    Enstine, to be frank with you, one of the reasons I keep coming to your blog is because each time I come here, there is always something to gain. I never leave the same way I come, I leave here better enhanced and I believe a lot of others feel the same way. Please keep it up. I can still recall how our relationship started: after buying some points from your site, the next day you traced me and reminded me that I bought something from your site. Not all bloggers or even not all marketers do that. I have a lot of things to learn from you really.

    • Wow wow wow!
      This is a beautiful day! Man I’m excited you are here today.

      Quite frankly, I was thinking of you, to send you a mail because I just got my Eternal International print out from Lagos and found out you are on the list. For the past 3 months, we have been working hard on setting the office here in cameroon and Finally, the Lord has done it and Eternal is fully registered here after my friend and I have worked so hard.

      Here is some info:

      Let’s discuss by mail or fb and let me know how far you’ve gone with them

      Back to the post …

      Sometimes I posted on Facebook that some spammers are stupid. That’s still true because when you look at some spam comments, you wonder how such spammers think that comment would go through. It baffles me how some of them think.

      Commenting for relationship is the most worthy thing to do. Once this relationship is built, everything can just flow.

      Check out Joy’s comment above. We are so hooked that we feel we have met before face to face.

      Coming to talk about you and me, is another strong point. We even have started some other businesses. You move to lagos based on our discussion. I can’t imagine how I will feel should you visit Cameroon and go back without us meeting

      The first time I visited Nigeria, after spending some days in a hotel, I moved and spent some more days with Valentine, a guy I only knew through blogging. Today, Valentine, his family and me and families.

      I know of Jackson too. I will attend his wedding in Nigeria. It all began with blogging and today we are brothers.

      Just some few examples. All of these stemmed from blog commenting. There are more beautiful days ahead. Let’s keep showing love.

      Talk to you soon bro

      • Enstine, we can never overemphasize the importance of building relationships. Imagine you planning to attend a fellow blogger’s wedding in Nigeria! I am really looking forward to the day we will meet face to face; we couldn’t meet last time you came to Nigeria because of my distance from Lagos, but I believe it will be possible someday.

        We can’t quantify the actual gain we derive from building relationship, because along the line, the horizon gets brighter and the opportunities increase. You never can get anything better through spamming. With spamming, one actually closes doors to several opportunities and relationships are tainted.

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Agree with all the points you made. Blog commenting is one of the powerful tool to engage and create a network online. However, most of the people see it just as way to get a backlink and source of traffic for their blog. This is worse for commentluv enabled blog.

    They always search for it and leave a comment in a line or two saying great post, thanks for sharing or useful information. Recently, a visited a blog. It had great content. The mistake author made is that, he enabled automated comment approval system. I saw several single line or even single comments with links on them. Same person has commented daily with several links to his event blog which is for christmas and new year.

    Though the blog has very good content it has many spam links on the contents. Doesn’t it affect the blog? The author should change the comment system.

    Leaving a single comment does not make an impression. People should grow.

    • Hi Umapathy,
      You know we have grown pass that level where we are excited about just any comment. Commentluv is a great plugin I like so much but once people start misusing it, it calls for more stringent control. Anyone who drops that kind of one-line comment should know it hardly would go through.

      Auto comment approval is a bad thing, buddy. I think the owner of that blog should re-consider that strategy 😉

      Thanks for taking the time out of busy schedule to respond to the comment man.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week

  16. Hey Enstine,
    It’s true, Blog Commenting is such way to make relationship, but they’re knowing about different kinds of Plugins available, we just removed.
    Thanks for sharing and great article or may be helpful for Fresher that how to use of Blog Commenting.

  17. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Good post indeed,
    I totally agree with you, If we do not follow all these rules, We are just wasting our time. It’s my own habit, whenever I comment on new blog, first I write about visiting source and then tell about relationship and about blog. These are things that show any blogger ‘s quality.

    Any way thanks for sharing such informative post.

    Areesha Noor!

  18. Hi Estine.
    I can’t really say how I got to your blog, but I sure do know it was via a search for a particular Solution online to use on my little blog. … think it was how to make money /monetise the blog. I have gone through series of designs to make the blog effective. However, the most effulgent part was that you addressed issues relating to blogging etc. I must say a big thank you for the efforts . I cannot of course go without the truth that;I didnt believe that camerounians spoke and wrote this wonderful English – knowing that your country isn’t and English speaking one. …well done!
    I had to take time to read through this feature you wrote about the mistakes bloggers or visitors make while commenting. Truth is ,I hardly would even comment on blogs after reading the contents cos I feel that’s the sole reason for which I got there – that is without Tue knowledge that it establishes good relationships with the authors and/or blog owners. Thank you again. I have changed….which by the way is this great heartpoured comment you see.
    Long comments are always my weakness but I have made a deliberate resolve to always comment using my picture/ gravatar and name . By the way,I didn’t think gravatars increased traffic or were that very important;now I know.

    Selective commenting particularly has been my biggest strength even before reading this today. I usually would go through a blog and pick a particular part that either agrees to my own knowledge about the subject or even ask questions where necessary.
    Having said that,your blog has been the most informative for me since I stumbled on it. I owe some of the things I’ve done or know to your blog. And I must also add that I’m still working on applying totally some of the contents that will improve everything about my blog too. By the way,I’ve been part of your mailing list for years now. Do have a swell time.

    • Hey kwasu,
      You’ve said a lot of beautiful things in this comment so I must underline how excited I am 😉

      Well, Cameroon is one of the few bilingual countries in the world. I’m from the English speaking zone. I however am good in spoken French too 😉

      Thanks for taking time to read through the whole post. That’s actually the foundation of a reasonable comment and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been on my list since this blog went live. I do really appreciate it you staying connected.

      Despite being so busy offline these days, I work hard to maintain the blog so my readers always have something useful to read.

      I hope we keep in touch. There are better days ahead so let’s work towards them 😉

  19. Hi Enstine,
    I saw your post on Facebook,Sherman Smith shared it.
    I know Sherman from the group which is now PAC.
    He always writes comprehensive posts. 🙂
    And I wanted to thank you for the comment author plugin.
    I use it since Monna Ellithorpe told me about, it is a great tool
    to be able to show, I appreciate my comment authors.
    This plugin was a great idea of you.
    I like this post of yours, it gives me good tips and not only me,
    I hope. I see many younger bloggers do not take it seriously enough
    to leave good comments. I am going to share this post with some of them .
    It is very good advice and comment matter.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Erika,
      Thanks for following Sherman’s post to this article. PAC is a wonderful place where I belong too 😉
      Oh yeah I saw you promoting this post on social media so I’m excited and grateful too.

      Keep on with the good work – leaving awesome comments and creating relationships 😉

  20. Howdy Enstine,

    I’m big on blog commenting and I agree with “almost” everything you’ve said about the process. The one thing I disagree with is the recommendation that people only comment on things in their niche.

    I’ve got two comments on that one.

    The first is that it doesn’t work for all niches. One of my blogs is on leadership and another on financial things. I never get anyone to even respond to my comments when I write one on those types of blogs, let alone come back to visit mine. It works on social media topics but that’s about it; everyone else sees you as a competitor and doesn’t want to give you the time of day.

    The second… you’ll miss a lot of enjoyment in life is you only stick to things in your niche, as well as a lot of people who might enjoy what you have to say based on what you write on their blogs. I’m more apt to comment on whatever interests me than on certain blogs that have commenting systems I dislike.

    That’s all I’ve got… well, that & your CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be working for everyone… including me 🙂

    • Hey Mitch,
      That’s very correct. I agree with you disagreeing on some points 😉
      Some niches get really difficult to attract comments through comments. Beside, my point on commenting on blogs in your niche is about getting traffic and attracting like-minded bloggers.

      For other reasons, (like I do too) you can interact with bloggers in other niches.

      You did great additions to this post man. Thanks for showing up and do have a wonderful week

  21. Hey Enstine,

    As soon as I saw the title I rushed on over to see what you had to say about what we’really wasting our time with. A lot of thoughts was going through my mind but I had to see what you had to say.

    Ah, it was blog commenting and there’s a lot of people wasting their time doing the activity. Out of all the reasons, the one about not having a gravatar resonated with me. When I first started blogging I would’ve accepted any blog comment under the suns.

    Now I got a bit finicky because I’m more focus on branding and building trust. These two factors can also lead to whether you get more comments or not from other people. For me I tend not to go to blogs where the none of the commenters have gravatars. And as if lately I also delete comments with no gravatas whether it’s a short comment or long detail one.

    But yes, if anyone wants to get great results and build rapport with great people then definitely they should follow your advice.

    Great share Enstine! Have a great week!

    • Hey Sherman,
      Good to see you here man and thanks for the great comment

      I was impressed when Kore mentioned in the comment that you helped her set her gravatar up. Did you see that aspect of the comment? Keep it up brother. We have a better day ahead.

      I’m glad you are not wasting your own time like others. You are an icon 😉

  22. Hey Enstine,

    I don’t think this topic will ever grow old because like you stated, there are always new people coming online and new people to your blog that don’t know right from wrong when it comes to blogging.

    When I first started blog commenting I was told to do it for the traffic and the links. The first post I landed on though gave me some valuable information so I was SO appreciative of it that I just commented from the heart. Everything I was told to do went right out the window so I’m really thankful that it did because that helped open the doors for building relationships which of course you know got me to where I am today.

    If only people had more patience and weren’t always out for what they can get now. Like anything else in life this is a process but it’s much easier to make friends online I think so have fun with it. They’ll definitely learn along with way.

    I’m so glad that I had two guests that shared some really awesome information about commenting and thank you for sharing them with your audience. What better way to learn right!

    Awesome post Enstine and thanks again. Have a great week.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      You know we’ve learned a lot from your blog and free ebook on relationship building. A quick look at your blog reveals a lot about your stands on blog commenting.

      Almost all your comment authors make a lot of sense in their comments. They take time to read before dropping comments.

      It’s difficult to find a faceless comment on your blog and those comments, for the most part are in hundreds.

      That shows how much you’ve put in to influence your readers who now know what you want 😉

      It’s good to know that you got the right information as early as the very first blog post you landed on. Most of us went through ups and downs, errors and mistakes before getting to the right piece of information.

      In any case, I’m glad I finally got to learn the right thing, thanks to you a couple others 😉

      Thanks for making it up to the post today. Those guest authors are wonderful friends who do wonders on their blogs and guest articles. It’s a pleasure to let my readers know more about what they shared on your blog.

      So, do have a wonderful week 😉

  23. Firstly, i want to say being in your Mailing List is great opportunity to me and receive this Post Title in my inbox then coming here to read is not waste of my time because i really learn a lot ready from the post. On the issue of i had to rush to the website to registered since i clearly understand the usefulness of it.

    Secondly, blog comments is another easiest way to get wide exposure of your blog or website if done perfectly and i make use of this method occasionally but from guru like bring out the importance of it, i will definitely work more on it.

    Thirdly, how you know Guest Post?

    Lastly, i read your post 6 CommentLuv Dofollow blogs to EASILY build backlinks! and from your Screenshot where you highlighted that it is …recently posted and post title is dofollow, how do i go about that to be additionally advantage to me to get backlink to my blog.

    Inclusion, i sent you an email which i had not got the reply, though i know you got alot of mails daily but i will appreciate it if you reply me.

    Many thanks.


    • Hey Tola,
      Good to see you here and thanks for following up and creating your own gravatar account ;). You now look pro and people will like to hookup with you.

      Guest posting is another topic. If you have any questions about it, please ask 😉

      About the commentluv question, do you have it on your blog? Let me know

      Where did you send the mail? Did you fill the contact form on this blog? Please keep me reminded 😉

  24. Hi Enstine

    It has been said over and over again but blog commenting is one topic that needs to be revisted.

    I see some bloggers do some of the things you mention. They drop a comment with a link ; some go as far as writing strange things and like you said, it is all a waste of time.

    Blog commenting should be used to boost relationship and engagement. Bloggers who work with this mindset always have quality engagement.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a swell week.

    • Very correct, bro!
      Bloggers who blog to create relationships always get positive results. The truth is that the links will finally come from the comments and from the relationships you create.

      I really hope bloggers get to know this.

      Thanks for being part of the conversation bro

  25. Hey Enstine,

    Blog commenting is an amazing activity to make human bonds with other bloggers in the blogosphere. But like you have mentioned above, many bloggers waste so much time just at blog commenting.

    They may do some work upon their blog instead of commenting at others blog all the time.

    I have seen many bloggers who don’t even read the post. They just to a particular website and drop their comment.

    The bloggers are making many mistakes.

    Thanks for bringing this topic.
    Enjoy your week ahead.

    • Nice Work . Helpful lines.
      Blog Commenting shows ur seriousness about blogging. Spamming is never supported although. and i as an admin approve constructive comments. Comments also improve SEO as well.

    • Not reading the post is a great mistake man and that can make you look very stupid while commenting 😉

      The reason is that you may raise some points that have been treated in the post in more details. So it’s important to really give it some time to read before dropping a comments.

      Thanks, buddy for stopping by

  26. Hi Enstine,

    This is indeed a great post and it is really important for all bloggers that comment is a tool for building relationships.

    In the past I really thought of commenting as the tool to get traffic to my blog but I have already learnt that it is important to build relationships and engage with bloggers and not the other way around.

    I have learnt new things right here in your post and I am going to implement it with mine.

    Thank you,
    Aderemi Dare

    • Hi Aderemi,
      Good to see you here again bro and thanks for the comment.

      That’s right! If you comment rightly to connect with others, you end up getting the traffic. If you do the other way round, you lose both traffic and relationships 😉

      Thanks for making it a deal today bro

  27. Amen Enstine. Make an impact if you’re commenting. I comment not to get links but to build bonds, as you have stressed. As a rule which I rarely break I post 5 to 10 lines for each comment to ensure I’m leaving something helpful. No sense doing otherwise. If I am not making an impact why bother to comment? Why waste your time and my time. Personalize, thank bloggers and make that impact to help both parties.

    Thanks much for sharing.


    • Hey Ryan,
      You’ve cracked the code and your products on blogging and networking are proof 😉 I had to link out to one of them because I’m sure of what’s inside for my readers. I hope they grab it for the price of a cup of tea 😉

  28. Hi Enstine,

    All great points in your post. I think the most important post is to say Hi and as you said, your first visit, let them know how you found them. It’s a great incentive for the blogger and does start both of you on the road to more conversations.

    As always, thank you so much for the great advice.

    • Hey Monna,
      That’s one thing I do that has a lot of positive results.
      Once you do that introduction, bloggers always feel they’ve met with a real person so that triggers and exciting response. And yes, you often talk more and sometimes, you end up doing some real business 😉

      Thanks for making such a wise addition to this post Monna 😉

  29. Enstine! Love it!

    This strategy is probably what has grown my blog the most. I made a lot of those mistakes in the beginning but have fine tuned my methods, for sure!

    Another tip I would like to add is make sure you comment on blogs that are around your same topic. The referral traffic will be more relevant and the link you get from the comment will carry more weight in google.


    • Hey Chris,

      I can remember knowing you through commenting. That was before you moved to your current blog 😉

      It’s been interesting and exciting and I keep loving your sense of design – clean, airy and attractive.

      Thanks for adding that tip which boils down to point #1 I mentioned about – reading and commenting on blogs in your niche. As you mentioned, it brings targeted traffic.

      Do have a wonderful day buddy. Thanks for being part of the excitement

  30. Hello Enstine,
    You made some valid points here and I agree with you totally. Blog commenting can really open doors for anyone who practices it very well following all the tips you shared here.

    Unless you’re just commenting for the sake of commenting, you will have to cool down and read the entire post because if you didn’t read all and rushed to comment, it will definitely show in your comment because you won’t be making any sense.

    But once you are able to read the entire post from beginning till end then, you’ll have a lot to say while commenting.

    But the issue is that we’re usually too fast and quick to comment and that’s why we’re usually in a haste.

    • Hi Theodore,
      That’s one of the biggest mistakes of many bloggers who want to interact with others. They rush over articles and miss the point in their comments.

      It’s sometimes annoying when someone comments and makes a silly point that has been addressed in the post. I see such stupidity so often. So Recommend people take their time, read the post before dropping a comment. once you read the post, you can’t avoid making a reasonable comment.

      Thanks bro for being part of the journey today. hope you are doing great

  31. Hi Enstine,

    When I got your mail and I saw the subject, I couldn’t help but click on the link immediately. Why is that? Because I wanted to know what I could be wasting my precious time on.

    Let me tell you my personal story. When I started commenting on other blogs, I didn’t have a gravatar LOL, so one day I was over at Sherman Smith’s when I dropped a comment and he replied telling me to get a gravatar, how to go about it and why I should get one. Since I didn’t want anyone to disapprove my comment, I went straight to get one.

    There was also a blunder I made when I started out, while commenting on a post, I addressed the author with a different name. When I realized this, it was too late. I felt SO stupid but I learnt the hard way.

    I know the power of blog commenting. I’ve had some people leave interesting comments on my post saying that they stopped by from your blog because of a comment I left on your blog. That’s a proof that blog commenting works.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us.

    And Oh, I love your commenting style. I’ll try it out.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • Hello, Kore

      I’ve been refreshing your blog for the past two weeks just to see if there is a new post.

      Hope you’re doing Good?

    • Hi Kore,
      First, thanks for being a loyal subscriber. I feel like sending some bottles of champagne across to you 😉

      Thanks for sharing that personal story. Like Sherman, I have done that to help a couple of bloggers too. Often, I send them emails with instructions how to get the gravatar pic set. I think it’s a wonderful free service to help host our photos 😉

      As a beginner, it’s easy to fall into these little known traps. Sometimes, I get comments that start with things like ‘Hi Admin’. I don’t even read through such. I get them trashed that same minute.

      Oh! Like Saminu said, you may have to get a new post up as soon as possible. A lot of people are refreshing your blog 😉

      • Hi Enstine, Saminu,

        I’ll be away for a while because of some personal reasons but it won’t take too long.

        Thanks to you both for your support. I appreciate.

        Have a splendid day.

  32. Hi Enstine,
    This is actually a very courageous post because saying truth especially a bitter one is always a courageous thing to do.

    Agreed with the part dropping hasty comments without even reading the post and author name is just a waste of time. Unfortunately many bloggers are committing all these mistakes just for the sake of fetching a backlink.

    Very well written post, which can surely make many link hungry commenters to rethink.


    • Hi Subha,
      I think I’ll be coming up with such blatant posts. Sometimes, it’s good to say things straight. This actually helps some readers get on the right track.

      Thanks for being part of this post bro. Hope you are having fun this week

  33. Hi Enstine

    I am totally agree with you on this because putting comment just to get back link is not a professional etiquette and if a blogger is doing so then I don’t think that he/she is able worthy to write quality content.

    In other words, such commenters are finding this as a shortcut of blogging success but they all are wrong and commenting with a misconception.

    I am frequently commenting on your blog and did not get back anything in return but still I am commenting, you know why because still I am a learner and learning a lots of new things from blogs like yours.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and real fact about commenting.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    • Hi Paul,
      You are very correct. Those backlink seekers are often spotted at a distance and most bloggers are beginning to deal with them squarely.

      Yes you are one of my loyal readers and I always feel so boosted seeing you here. BTW, you should be a valued reader who deserves a dofollow commentluv link. Hope you get that 😉

  34. Hi Enstine,

    Anything that offers to save me time blogging will really catch my eye, so here I am!

    I’ve met some wonderful bloggers from blog commenting – especially you, and sometimes I feel we know each other better than local people I interact with, because you have an encouraging knack of making people feel good about themselves.

    However, I’m getting far more selective about the comments I accept these days, especially when It’s obvious that a commenting blogger has just left a comment in the hopes that I’ll go over to their blog and say how nice their Halloween (etc) gifts are!

    I think the funniest (naughtiest) commenting sin I ever saw was on your own blog when your quite rightly pointed out that commenter “B” had just copied what commenter “A” had written, and pasted it in as if it were his own comment. It was so blatant, because commenter “A” had made a decent comment, and “B” had taken a word-for-word copy. Gave me a real laugh – wonder where commenter “B” is now?

    So – being more selective about the comments I accept is saving me time, and giving me a more valuable and enjoyable blogging experience.

    Have a good week, Joy

    • Hey Joy,
      It’s so so exciting to hear this from you. I didn’t know you have that same feeling and I love it when it feels like we’ve had physical interactions before. That means we really succeeded, thanks to blog commenting.

      You know, the more comments you approve, the more the work that comes with replying to those comments 😉

      ah I remember that ugly experience when one guy copied and pasted a comment. I think I’ll make that another time wasting point 😉 Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

      So good again to see you hear dear friend. I hope you are having a wonderful week

  35. Hi Enstine, oh yes dropping comments for links only is usually easy to see through. I rarely approve a comment without a gravatar or someone that addresses me by the wrong name. Those are surefire wsys to know something is not right.
    Thanks for the mention of one my older posts too.
    Hope you have a great day and rest of the week Enstine.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping here and adding to this post.
      That post is old but still having great information so I thought it deserves some more exposure from my end 😉

      hope you are having a wonderful week, Lisa

  36. Hello Enstine,

    Truth to be said, i love you man, you are always on point…That is one thing i love most about you.

    I remember making one of the mistakes you mention above, it was a guest post and i didn’t bother to check for the author which i later realize it was a guest post…believe me, i feel so stupid and wish one can edit comments.

    About the gravatar, it really pisses me off when people don’t use it and some don’t use their real picture, that really sucks and i hope this article will help them wake up from their sleep. Thank you sooo much, Enstine and i must say this before i go….This post deserves and Award for the month of October.

    Do have a nice week ahead!

    • Wow! thanks for such a boosting comment Saminu! I’m feeling so excited about it 😉

      One of the things I care about these days is not to conclude hastily that the blog owner is the author of any blog post. In order to to look stupid, I make sure I check who is behind the post before making my comment.

      I’m glad you found this post useful and thanks for sharing the love 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful week

    • Saminu,
      Yea, a lot of us made one mistake or the other in the past. Having learned the bitter way, I am sure you will be much more careful any time you visit other people’s blogs. I also started the wrong way by believing that links were so important and so, the emphasis on integrity was not there. Google eventually banned my first blog on their Blogger platform. But all that was in the past. Today, I value relationship more than anything else.

      As for Enstine, he is meticulous in his posts; he always thinks about how his post would positively affect the readers of his blog. I don’t joke with his posts – I don’t know about others anyway.

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