Sue Anne Dunlevie will help you create a very profitable blog!

Want to start a profitable online blog—without the overwhelm?
Want to grow your blog audience—without the guesswork?
Want to get more traffic and more subscribers?

Today, we are meeting Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging. She is here to help you. She works with beginning bloggers who are starting or growing their online businesses—and who don’t want to get caught up in the procrastination trap with their blogs.

Starting Out

Sue Anne DunlevieSue told me she was “that kid” – the kid who sold the most Girl Scout cookies in her troop and who won the bike for selling the most in the school fundraiser.

She always had the gift for sales, but women didn’t go into a sales career back in the 70’s when Sue Anne went to college.

So she became a teacher. But when one of her friends was able to get a job in sales in the early 80’s, she jumped on board the bandwagon. She’s sold linens to hotels, copiers to small business owners and medical equipment to hospitals and wholesalers.

So when it became clear to her that she had a certain talent that didn’t always come naturally to others, she began coaching others on how to get clients and sell their products and services – with integrity, with success and without the pushy, sleazy vibe.

What Bloggers Talk About When No One Else Is Listening

When Sue started coaching beginning bloggers, she heard that they were putting time, blood, sweat and tears into their content, but weren’t seeing the pay-off in dollars.
Sue Anne said “They were asking themselves questions like:

  • Can I make money blogging?
  • How can I sell my own products and services without feeling pushy?
  • How can I persuade someone to work with me?

I wanted to be able to help them solve these frustrations”.

Ways To Make Money Online Without Selling Your Soul

Sue Anne believes that smart bloggers who want to be successful need to be able to communicate, connect, create anticipation andbe able to persuade others to build their business online.

Successful Blogging is just that – a thriving community of entrepreneurs who want to become more successful and more profitable.

Whether you are a coach, a consultant, a freelancer or sell your own information or physical products, you can learn how to communicate and connect repeatedly with your target audience by talking their language, solving their problems and giving them the right solutions.

Free Gifts For You!

Free Infographic: How To Make Money With Your Blog In 5 Easy StepsFree Checklist: 51 Ways To Launch (Or Relaunch) A Hot Blog

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Connect With Sue Anne

Email at

Sue’s book “Stress Management Decoded” is available on Amazon

Time to interact

If you have any questions, ask Sue in the comment box below. She’s surely going to be here to respond. Drop any comment to interact with her.

42 thoughts on “Sue Anne Dunlevie will help you create a very profitable blog!”

  1. “Whether you are a coach, a consultant, a freelancer or sell your own information or physical products, you can learn how to communicate and connect repeatedly with your target audience by talking their language, solving their problems and giving them the right solutions.” She completely captures it all here. Often times, you just feel like you do not have what to offer as a blogger, but when you go over those words again some inspiration will flow that indeed you have got something to offer your readers. This is the motivation I’ve got to resume blogging after many years of being on sabbatical.

  2. Hi, Sue anne dunlevie

    Nice to meet you here. I once again get a new blogger to connect from this blog. I followed you on Twitter. This post was good with informative. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    So happy to see Sue here and I enjoyed reading more about her. I’m not surprised at all that she was interested in sales and eventually made her way there. She just seems to have such a calming approach to things so I just know that her coaching clients are so in love with her. We all are searching for someone to just tell us the truth and help us understand. The work is up to us but the direction definitely needs to come from someone who knows that part of it.

    Loving learning more about Sue’s background and you are definitely picking some wonderful people to highlight here on your blog.

    I just want to say thank you for introducing your readers to the lovely and talented Sue and I do hope they’ll stop by and check out her blog. She has so many goodies to share! 😉

    Hope you both have a wonderful rest of your week now.


    • What a nice compliment and referral, Adrienne! I’m so excited to “meet” you in person for my podcast interview of you this Friday.

      I have been seeing you everywhere lately – and that is exactly what you teach! You are an inspiration to your fellow bloggers.


  4. Hi Enstine,
    Blogging is all about connecting with new people, it?s good you could give your readers a chance to connect with Sue Anne.
    Sue is doing very well on her blog, and I’m pleased to meet her.

    Thanks Enstine
    ~ Larry Frank

  5. Hi Enstine; this series is becoming a helpful one for both your regular visitors and the casual readers. Hi Sue Anne, i’m impressed by your approach to blogging and philosophy about earning income from your blog in an ethical responsible way that doesn’t require sleazy sales tactics. and I plan on subscribing to your blog. i have written an ebook and offer coaching but we can all use more advice and suggestions or additional strategies for making money off of our content. thanks to you both, Max

    • Hi, Max,

      Good to meet again here on Enstine’s fine blog. It sounds like you have a good sales funnel in place but it’s always good to get some new ideas.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Hey Enstine,
    Awesome interview with the awesome lady. She is a inspiration for all the newbies in blogging. Only a straggler in blogging can understand the feelings of other new comers in blogging. If one have those above questions in his/her mind then he/she should read her articles. It will surely helps anyone to earn decent to stand on his feet.
    Thanks for the awesome guide..

  7. Congrats Sue Anne for featuring in Enstine’s blog. Being sucessful as a blogger always a tediuos one and time consuming..Your blog is simply amazing and I have bookmarked your blog too in my list

  8. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for featuring Sue on your blog, my first time to hear the name on the blogosphere as a blogger and is good that is on your blog I did…..that gave some sense that Sue must have merit the space and time.

    Sure, I will check her blog out ot see what she is up there doing.

    Thanks bro, nice reading your blog this morning.

  9. Hello, Enstine –

    What a wonderful interview with Sue Ann Dunlevie! This woman is all quality, and I enjoy her content so much. I love her story – she’s such an inspiration.

    Love the fact that she answers the question about how to make money selling without being pushy or sales (senza hype)…

    It’s so cool that she wrote a book about stress management as she came out of corporate America, and can completely convey the solution to this dilemma with conviction.

    Thanks so much for featuring Sue here, Enstine – will be sharing this post with my friends. 🙂

    Have a good evening.
    – Carol

    Sue – Awesome site, my friend, and I couldn’t be happier for your success.

  10. Thank you Enstine for having Sue on your blog!

    Sue, I sure can relate to what you are doing. There are so many new bloggers coming in every day and they need direction.

    Also many thanks for those freebies you have offered here. I appreciate your work.


  11. Gradually am feeling in love with your approached of introduction successful bloggers to us here..I really admire Sue Anne over the past few months, have stumble upon her site..

  12. Hello Muki Bro,

    Thanks for introducing with Sue Anne. She is really awesome professional blogger. Get big inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing the nice post.

  13. Hi, Shahbaz,

    I used to have a self improvement blog and that’s when I wrote my book on stress management. But, you are right, it would be for bloggers also.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment,

  14. Sue’s book seems interesting. Might help bloggers to get through.

    Thanks for free gift’s.. Loved the info graphic. 🙂

  15. Hi, Suprabhat,

    I have no doubt that you and your blog will also be successful. Stay motivated and work hard to promote your blog – blog commenting is a good way to get your name noticed by other bloggers!


  16. Hi, Mi Muba,

    It’s great to see another familiar face here! You are so kind. And you share all of my posts on social media (I have taken notice of that!)

    You are right – that spark never died in me to get into sales. Dreams do come true if you keep them in your heart.


  17. Hey Sue,

    Congrats on being featured here. As you know I am already on your list for a while now. I love your blog and am so thankful for the things you have taught me already. I learned even more awesome details about your background here today, which gives me an even better connection with you.

    Thanks for sharing Sue’s story with us Enstine.

    • Hi, Nathaniel,

      It’s so nice to see you here! It’s interesting, isn’t it, how this blogosphere isn’t as big as we think it is! I run into a lot of friends when I give an interview or do a guest blog post.

      I’m heading over to Frugal Soldier now to read your latest post,

  18. Hey Sue,

    Good to see you here as a featured blogger before that also Enstine had featured some great personality including Harleena, Kevin, Mi muba and many more.
    I love the way he feature all of them this way reader get to know about other bloggers also who are really working great.
    I hope someday i will also be there along with you.


  19. Hello Enstine,
    Almost after 1 month, I am back on your blog while searching something and started reading this post.. Truly inspiring and motivational. Right now, I am working to redesign my blog with some good new things and those 51 tips really helped me..


  20. Awesome featuring Jack! Although I am hearing of this inspirational business lady for the first time ever in my life but with her achievements and abilities, it looks like something big is gonna happen. 🙂

  21. Hi Enstine

    Very inspirational post and several new info about her how she succeeded in blogging with her dedication and passion.

    It is quite interesting to learn she joined teaching profession as women didn’t to sales career those days. As soon as she got a chance to join it she wasted not time. It proves you can never completely blow out the spark inside you and just a spell of wind is required to fan it and convert into the fire.

    Her gifts for your blog readers are pretty awesome and are quite helpful to teach earning money online and creating a blog professionally.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this quite motivational post.

  22. Hey Enstine, I am regular reader of your blog, one thing I love about you is that you continuously introduce other successful bloggers to us as well, which other bloggers fear to do. I didn’t knew about Sue Anne Dunlevie earlier but the posts there are awesome too.

    Thanks again for these type of posts.

  23. Hey Enstine,

    A Good day to you, i have been to Sue’s blog a few times even subscribe to her mailing list and yes am proud to say she’s all you said she is.

    Am glad you’re giving your readers a chance to connect with her..

    Thanks and have a wonderful day 🙂

  24. Hey Enstine,

    Its good to see you interview Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging.

    Hope to see more of motivational posts like this in the future.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

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